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Chapter 473: An Unforeseen Event in the Great Yue State
More than ten years had passed in a flash. Ye Xiwen wasn’t a teenager anymore. In fact, he would be a bit older than his elder sister if he were placed in his previous life. But, there was nothing he could do about this subject. The martial art warriors used to marry quite late. And, the more powerful experts used to marry even later. In fact, many martial art warriors even chose to live alone throughout their lives.
It was human nature to get married and have children. And, this would give them a constant sense of life. But, the powerful martial art experts used to live for thousand years… perhaps several thousand years. So, such significance hardly existed for them.
"This letter arrived one month ago? The wedding may have ended by now!" Ye Xiwen said in a somewhat depressed tone. There was no difference between day and night when these experts were undergoing closed-door training. So, time would pass within the blink of an eye. It simply meant nothing to them.
However, he still became a bit depressed because he couldn’t attend his sister’s wedding. He looked at that letter which Yang Wen Jun was holding. One glance was enough to tell him that it was his father Ye Kong Ming’s handwriting. His father had faintly inquired about his current life at first. Then, he had briefly described about things that had happened over there. It seemed as if he wasn’t that worried about Ye Xiwen.
However, Ye Xiwen was touched by this. He knew that Ye Kong Ming had such nature. He may be concerned, but he would ask in a very brief manner. He wouldn’t reveal his concern. However, he was genuinely very much concerned about him in reality. This made Ye Xiwen recall his father from his previous life. Wasn’t he also like that?
The passage of ten years’ time hadn’t made memories of his previous life fuzzy. On the contrary, they had become more and more clear. Ye Xiwen knew that this was his mental obsession. Many people would say that mental obsession was bad, and it would be better if one could get rid of it. However, he himself knew that he wouldn’t have reached till here if he didn’t have this mental obsession.
Ye Xiwen had received a letter for the first time in these ten years. Yi Yuan School was located thousands of miles away from here, and it wasn’t easy to send a letter from there. However, it wasn’t impossible either. He knew that his family didn’t wish for him to worry about other things. They didn’t want his mind to get distracted from the way of martial arts.
Ye Xiwen looked at the time on the invitation card. The wedding was scheduled to take place today. He immediately collected the invitation card, and replied, "Thanks a lot Senior Brother and Senior Sister for receiving this letter on my behalf. I won’t say much. I must leave now. The time is limited!"
He didn’t wish to stay here any longer. He had never been a position where he wanted to go back home so desperately. He certainly wouldn’t have been late to reach home if this had happened earlier. However, his strength had increased significantly by now. It could be even compared with the strength of a peak expert of the initial stage of the sage realm. So, things had become very different now. He had only stepped on the ancient road back then. He was still young and immature at that time. However, he had already grown up now, and had become famous everywhere.
"Ok. Young Brother, you must go now. Say hello to uncle and aunt on our behalf!" Deng Shui Xin said. She knew that Ye Xiwen was very eager to go home. So, she didn’t say much.
"En… Then, I will take my leave. We will talk again once I return!" Ye Xiwen finished speaking, and his devil wings suddenly stretched out from his back. It seemed as if two huge clouds were hanging in the sky. The wings then began to flutter. After that, Ye Xiwen transformed into a golden streak of light, and disappeared before their eyes.
"Dammit! Young Brother has become even more ab

normal!" he couldn’t help but exclaim as he saw Ye Xiwen disappear from his line of sight within no time.
"Junior Brother is different from us. He has boundless future prospects. Maybe we can only count on him for handling the big matters of the Hidden Star Peak in the future!" Deng Shui Xin said.
"Well, forget it. I can see that Junior Brother and the Third Brother have become more and more powerful of late. However, it is useless to depend on these people for handling an inheritance. We will have to take this burden on our shoulders. We will have to work hard and endure the hardships!" Yang Wen Jun laughed and concluded.
Deng Shui Xin shot a glance at him. However, she didn’t refute either. After all, the ‘Hidden Star Peak’ would have revived countless times if it had been useful to depend on these so-called powerful people. The ‘Hidden Star Peak’ had given shelter to a very few disciples in the past. However, each of them was an invincible expert. However, the ‘Hidden Star Peak’ had still remained deserted. There was no problem when it came to guarding the inheritance and its resources. However, these powerful people had never really thought about carrying it forward, or reviving it…
The True Martial University became smaller and smaller behind Ye Xiwen. He was flying at an extremely fast speed. However, he faced no obstruction on the way… thanks to his current status. His wings fluttered unceasingly as he flew over the ancient road. Ye Xiwen had experienced life or death for more than a year’s time on this road in the days of the past. And, he had tempered himself until he had arrived at the gate of the True Martial University. This ten years’ time had passed very quickly. And, he once again was flying past those familiar places. So, he couldn’t help but feel nostalgic.
This ancient road didn’t look deserted even though ten years had passed. It had vaguely retained the legends of the people of this generation. And, a new generation would step on this ancient road after this cycle of hundred years would complete. And, they would repeat everything their seniors had done. Everything would happen again in the next cycle.
There was a massive difference between Ye Xiwen’s current martial power and what he possessed in the past. The golden light that was emitting from his body had nearly ripped apart the vast sky. He had already returned to the 10 countries of the South-eastern Region from the True Martial University in half a day’s time. He could clearly see the border between Ming Empire and the ten countries of Southeast Region.
"It’s not that far!" Ye Xiwen sighed and said. He couldn’t help but feel homesick because he was returning home. Several people had started the journey along with him back then. However, he was returning alone. Jian Wu Chen was in the True Martial University. The Wolf Cub had returned to the Demon Island. And, Ye Mo was indulged in a deep sleep. Therefore, these people were no longer with him even though only one decade had passed.
The Yi Yuan School was located in Great Yue State, and one could say that it was the only place he could call home in this world. Therefore, he couldn’t help but feel that unavoidable feeling of nostalgia since he was returning home.
However, he was surprised to see the situation as soon as he stepped onto the land of the Great Yue State. It could be said that this situation wasn’t merely far beyond his imagination — rather, it was far more severe than what he could’ve imagined. The entire place was enveloped in the flames of war. There was chaos everywhere.
The Great Yue State had seen a few flames of war in the past. But, it had still maintained its tranquillity. However, he was surprised to find that the entire Great Yue State had apparently sunk into the conflagration of war at this time. The flames had even spread up to the villages, and he could hear the loud screams.
It was evident that the army had attacked the cities and towns, and had wreaked havoc everywhere. Moreover, these weren’t the soldiers of the Great Yue State alone… Soldiers of many neighbouring countries were present as well.
"What’s going on?" Ye Xiwen was somewhat baffled. He had already killed hundreds of rioting-soldiers on his way since they were causing chaos. In fact, some of them had died red-eyed in disbelief when they had seen that Ye Xiwen had dared to attack them.
However, all of them had gotten killed by Ye Xiwen. After all, he wasn’t young and inexperienced like he used to be ten years ago. Moreover, he wasn’t afraid of anyone in the Southeast region.
Suddenly, two figures shot across the sky at a great speed. One figure was that of a man and the other was of a woman. The man was approximately 25 or 26 years old. He was clad in a magnificent robe. He was carrying a noble aura which was quite suppressing. And, that woman was approximately 20 years old. She was also clad in a magnificent robe; just like that man.
However, both of them swiftly swept past Ye Xiwen in panic.
"Disciples of the Drifting Cloud City…?" Ye Xiwen was surprised for a moment. He hadn’t expected that he would see the disciples of the Drifting Cloud City here. The disciples of the Drifting Cloud City and the Royal Clan of the Great Yue State were the closest with respect to the other forces. This was basically because they were the descendants of some noble of the Great Yue State. And, this was also the reason why they dressed up in such luxurious clothes.
However, he couldn’t ponder any further since he got interrupted soon enough…
"Stop!" a loud shout came from above.
Ye Xiwen looked up. And, he was surprised to see a group of experts. They were all clad in silver robes. They were flying high up in the sky. They arrived near him with a whizzing sound, and surrounded those three people.
"Are you the people of the Silver Light Mountain Village?" Ye Xiwen frowned and asked. He had studied about each of the forces of the Southeast region after he had returned from the Demon Island. This Silver Light Mountain Village was a big force of the Great Wu State. And, it was a sworn enemy of the Great Yue State. Its influence and position in the Great Wu State was the same as that of the Yi Yuan School’s in the Great Yue State.
However, these people weren’t allowed to enter the Great Yue State. Otherwise, they would provoke many of the great forces of the Great Yue State. The forces which were its sworn enemies would obviously be provoked even more than the other ones…
However, they were the reason behind the present situation of the Great Yue State. The Great Yue State had been forced into this position because the sworn enemy force had penetrated so deep into its territory.
This was an extremely dangerous situation. The five forces of the Great Yue State harboured secret enmity against each other. And, each of them continually plotted against the other from the shadows. However, their attitude towards foreign forces was unanimously consistent.
"Who are you?" The majority of the experts in this group of Silver Light Mountain Village were at the Truth Realm. Some of them were also legendary experts.
"What the hell is going on here?" Ye Xiwen frowned and shouted coldly.
"How audacious!" a person shouted angrily.
"This man looks like a surviving member of one of the five forces of the Great Yue State. Grab him as well!" a person suggested.
"Surviving member?" Ye Xiwen squinted. His big hand immediately swept out. And, the person who had given that suggestion got grabbed by him. It seemed as if an eagle had grabbed a chick. This peak expert of the Truth Realm was no better than an ant in Ye Xiwen’s grasp. He wasn’t worthy of being Ye Xiwen’s opponent.
"Can someone tell me what is going on here?" Ye Xiwen asked. There wasn’t any problem in the Great Yue State two-three months ago during the time when that letter was sent to him. Otherwise, his father wouldn’t have agreed to his sister’s marriage under these circumstances. So, what had happened within such a short time of 2-3 months?
"Who are you? Do you want to become an enemy of our Silver Light Mountain Village?" a person stepped forward and spoke-up. He looked very afraid of Ye Xiwen. After all, a truth realm expert was trapped within Ye Xiwen’s grasp, and simply had no strength to fight back. He had been casually nabbed by Ye Xiwen!
That man and woman also felt a sense of security. They had hurriedly swept past this man a moment ago. So, they hadn’t seen him properly, and didn’t know who he was. However, he obviously wasn’t an enemy.
"Let him go quickly. Otherwise, you will die! Even the force you belong to shall be destroyed! So, it’s better if you join our Silver Light Mountain Village’s side. And, we will guarantee that you won’t die. Else, we will make you die without a grave to rest inside!" the lead expert of that group threatened.
"Puchi!" that man’s voice had hardly faded away at this time, but Ye Xiwen had already crushed that truth realm expert to death. The blood splashed out.
(To be continued)

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