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Chapter 474: I’ll Wait for Them to Come!
"You tell me what the matter is? Why have these people arrived in the Great Yue State?" Ye Xiwen faintly asked from that man and woman who stood behind him.
These two hadn’t seen Ye Xiwen’s face clearly. However, they thought that he must be an expert of the older generation of their Great Yue State when they heard his question. Moreover, he had also showed an extremely incredible strength when he had effortlessly crushed a Truth Realm expert as if the man had been a piece of trash. It had seemed as easy as blowing off dust for him. Only a senior expert could have such strength in their opinion.
Moreover, this senior expert might not have returned to the Great Yue State for a long time. This was also a normal thing. After all, it was quite difficult for powerful experts to make breakthroughs while staying in the Great Yue State. Moreover, there wasn’t a good place in the entire 10 countries of the Southeast region where they could make breakthroughs. Therefore, they must go outside in order to increase their knowledge and experience. And, they must seek various kinds of adventures and opportunities. This was what the majority of people chose to do. Therefore, meeting such wandering senior experts was also very normal.
"Welcome back senior expert!" that man came over and spoke respectfully.
That man’s explanation informed Ye Xiwen that mind-blowing changes had occurred in the last few months.
A senior expert of the Great Qi State had been travelling outside the nation for a long time. The Great Qi state was also one of the 10 countries of the Southeast region. However, this expert had suddenly returned to his nation. Moreover, he was a sage expert. The Royal Clan of the Great Qi State had one sage expert for keeping watch in the past. But, they suddenly had more than one sage expert now. Consequently, the Great Qi State had become the top country among all.
The True Martial University had many sage experts. However, the True Martial University governed the entire Southern region. And, the 10 countries of the South-eastern region were only a small portion of the Southern region. So, it was equivalent to an isle in the vast ocean.
A sage expert was enough to run amuck in the 10 countries of the Southeast region. They could establish a sect, and could even become the senior ancestor of some force.
This state had become one of the top among the 10 countries since they had a sage expert to keep watch. And, having two such experts was enough to be ranked at the first spot.
Moreover, the most dreadful thing was that this sage level old ancestor had also brought many sage experts along with him. It was said that he had become friends with these experts when he was travelling.
And, all of them had arrived in the Southeast region at this time. This had enormously inflated the Great Qi State’s ambition. And, they had wiped out 5 or 6 countries within a short time. They didn’t exactly eliminate the forces of those countries. Rather, they made them the subordinate forces of the Royal Clan of the Great Qi State. It seemed as if this Silver Light Mountain Village of the Great Wu State had already become their subordinate force as well. Then, the people of the Silver Light Mountain Village had gone on expedition for the Great Qi State to other countries. Consequently, these people had burned-down towns, killed, and looted more and more people. Especially after they had entered the Great Yue State… They hadn’t shrunk from any crime because the Great Yue State and the Great Wu State had harboured mutual grudges since a long time. Therefore, their forces obviously had mutual enmity. Moreover, the forces of the Great Yue State had more grudges amongst themselves as compared to grudges among the forces of the two countries. So, it had become a child’s play for the Great Qi State.
The Great Yue State had nearly collapsed under the attacks of the allied armies of the Great Qi State.

They had been defeated again and again. They had lost a large area of their territory as well. Even the main gate of the Yi Yuan School had been besieged. In fact, it was reckoned that the Yi Yuan School would have surrendered as well if it hadn’t been for the intrepid barrier formation that had been left behind by its ancient founder.
However, there was an imminent danger even so. The Imperial Clan had suffered disastrous loss. Moreover, the Heavenly Wind Hall was one of the 5 big forces, and it had become an ally of the Great Qi State. After that, the Blood Spirit Sect had also become restless, and started to have thoughts of joining the Great Qi State.
In short, the present situations of all the forces of the Great Yue State had become more and more unfavourable. Moreover, it was expected that more and more forces would surrender to the Great Qi State with the passage of time. And, nobody would be able to turn around this hopeless situation at that time.
Many people had become helpless in front of the ambitions of the Great Qi State because they couldn’t stop them. The Great Qi obviously wanted to become an Empire!
Ye Xiwen also came to know that the allied armies of the Great Qi State would once again besiege the True Martial University.
The Drifting Cloud City had merged with the Imperial City because of such a grim situation. And, the two forces had become fiercer after having joined hands.
The Yi Yuan School had already suffered huge losses because of the invasion of the Devil Worship Cult in the past. So, they had become a delicious cake in the eyes of the allied force of the Great Qi State.
The Heavenly Wind Hall had already surrendered among the five big forces of the Great Yue State. And, Blood Spirit Sect wasn’t far from surrendering either. Moreover, the Drifting Cloud City and the Imperial Clan had formed an alliance. So, the Yi Yuan School had become the easy target for the allied armies. Moreover, the allied forced could even deter the Blood Spirit Sect, and could force them to surrender once the Yi Yuan School had been eliminated.
Therefore, the Yi Yuan School was facing its biggest crisis since the invasion of the Devil Worship Cult.
Ye Xiwen didn’t think of staying here for long after he realized this.
Those experts of the Silver Light Mountain Village had seen that Ye Xiwen had crushed that truth expert to death without any hesitation. So, they knew that this matter wouldn’t end well since this man before their eyes was an extremely dreadful person. After all, he had effortlessly crushed a truth expert to death. Something like this was impossible even for a legendary expert.
Such strength had made their leader feel an extremely dangerous aura. He had become extremely bewildered, and had issued a signal for help.
That person felt a bit relieved after he had issued the distress signal. [The reinforcements will come soon enough. And, this person’s tyranny would be futile once that happens. He would regret this even if he were to be a sage expert!]
Sage expert! A feat as magnificent as the slaughter of a sage expert was something he had never been a part of.
However, such brutal thoughts had started to flash through the mind of that chief expert.
A sage expert was a mythical character for the experts of the Southeast region. The Southeast region had limited environment. So, it was quite difficult to make breakthroughs up to sage realm in this territory unless one was an extraordinary person. And, those who could pull it off had become old and frail in the process. They didn’t have potential left as a result.
Therefore, the person with even the slightest of ambitious would often choose to travel outside in order to make the breakthrough into the sage realm. And, they would only return after they had become a sage expert if they had reached their end limit. Otherwise, they would often not come back.
Therefore, the sage realm was often synonymous to God for the people of the Southeast region. And, slaughtering a sage expert was almost like killing a God.
Therefore, this taboo-like feeling had made him a bit excited and oppressive.
Killing a sage expert was an enormous thing for him. And, he perhaps wouldn’t get another opportunity in his entire lifetime.
"Have you informed them?" Ye Xiwen softly asked. However, that man heard it very clearly. And, he thought that Ye Xiwen was afraid when he heard this. His aura had seemed somewhat dispirited and sluggish earlier, but it suddenly grew strong. He arrogantly looked at Ye Xiwen and replied, "So what? I know you’re afraid. It’s still not too late to join us…"
His voice hadn’t faded when a big golden hand fell from the sky. And, it pounded on that group of experts from the Silver Light Mountain Village like a golden cloud. It grabbed them at once, and transformed them into a group of blood fog. All of them had been killed within the grasp of that big hand!
"Who is this man? How can he be so frightening?" The man behind Ye Xiwen was stunned as he saw this. He had never thought that he would see such a terrifying scene. This man was extremely powerful. He could think of only one sentence in his mind – He is a sage expert.
He had crushed a truth expert to death a while ago. However, he had now killed a group of experts at once. Moreover, many legendary experts had been present in that group.
However, they were nothing more than paper-tigers in front of Ye Xiwen.
"Who is this senior? How is he so terrifying? He’s perhaps a sage expert. Such an expert must be very famous. How come we haven’t seen him before!" the woman added.
"Senior!" that man who stood behind Ye Xiwen insolently said to him, "Senior, you must be careful. Those people of the Silver Light Mountain Village aren’t far away from here. There may be an old monster of sage realm among them!"
"It’s fine. I will wait for them to come!" Ye Xiwen grinned and exposed his white teeth. However, the chilling-cold look flourished more and more in his eyes.
"Who are you? How did you dare to kill the people of our Silver Light Mountain Village!" a loud shout came from afar.
Dozens of people came flying from afar. Each of them was a legendary expert. Even a few semi-sage experts were present among them. They had rushed over here like a swarm of bees after they had received the distress signal.
Ye Xiwen looked at these experts of the Silver Light Mountain Village with his ice-cold eyes. The number of legendary experts in the Light Mountain Village wasn’t many in comparison to the Yi Yuan School. There were only a few dozen legendary experts. However, it could be said that they had turned out in full strength in order to help the Qi State’s army expeditions. So, it would be quite pitiful if they died.
"A surviving member of the Yue State has dared to provoke the experts of our Silver Light Mountain Village. Don’t you want to live?" the leading expert of that group shouted. The principles were faintly fluctuating on his body. He was a senior expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. He must be a top-notch expert of the ancestor class. Such kind of person had arrived. So, it was clearly visible how positive the Silver Light Mountain Village was on this matter.
"Surviving member? The Yue State hasn’t extinguished yet! In fact, you look like the surviving members of the Wu State to my eyes!" Ye Xiwen coldly laughed. "No, you are merely acting like other people’s dog at this time. You’re like a mad dog that bites people everywhere!"
Ye Xiwen’s words had pierced the hearts of these people of the Silver Light Mountain Village. These people could be considered as the people of a subjugated nation. They had certainly surrendered to the Qi State. However, they could still feel the humiliation in their hearts. Everyone was initially free in their nation. However, they had suddenly become other people’s slave after their surrender. They were pretending to be treated equally on the surface. However, everyone knew that it was impossible.
And, Ye Xiwen’s words had exposed the scars that these people had deliberately ignored. This was a huge insult to them!
"You little bastard! How dare you be so insolent?!" that old ancestor of the late stage of the semi-sage realm clenched his teeth, "I would like to show you that you can’t even overcome this slave from a subjugated nation!"
His cold and gloomy vision could pierce people’s hearts!
(To be continued)

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