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Chapter 472: Enters the Intermediate Stage of Semi-Sage Realm!
Ye Xiwen had made astonishing progress before everyone’s eyes. Moreover, he had abandoned the moves he had learned. But, his one fist had still unleashed great power.
It could genuinely scare a group of people to death because it wasn’t some primary power technique or intermediate power technique etc… Rather, it was a stunning heritage.
The moves of such top-tier martial arts often contained the power of ‘dao’ within. That’s why each of the moves unleashed great might. These people could easily practice low-level trash martial arts to the extreme and assume formlessness within a minute. However, many among them had been practicing this heritage for centuries, and still hadn’t reached such an extent…
However, they saw that Ye Xiwen had reached such an extent. His moves hadn’t been smooth at first. However, his present moves were terrifying-enough to scare a person to death.
Ye Xiwen obviously didn’t know what these people were thinking. Otherwise, he would have become very depressed. His progress was extremely quick in other people’s opinion. However, he had wasted a lot of mental and physical effort in these three years. And, nobody had seen that happen…
He had to sit motionless for several months during these three years in order to comprehend the ‘fist intention’ of the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’. And, the other moves were easy pickings for him once he had grasped the ‘fist intention’. So, assuming formlessness was only a matter of time. He merely had to polish it a little bit, and he could achieve that stage rather easily thereafter.
It was like… he could solve any mathematical problem within a moment if he had mastered all mathematical formulae. The nature of the mathematical problem wouldn’t make much difference to him…
He had also consumed most of the 20 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in order to comprehend the ‘dao theories’ of this technique. And, he only had about 1 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ left in his stock. It was still an astronomical wealth for a semi-sage expert. However, it was far from enough for him. Moreover, it was important to note that he had consumed almost 20 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in just three years.
However, it was the payback time now. He had comprehended the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ to such an extent in such a short time. One could say that it had happened because of the consumption of these 20 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. And, also because he had practiced like the hardship cultivators in the last three years…
Ye Xiwen shot the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ one after another. The divine senses which had swept over to him had soon lost interest. It had gotten noisy and lively here. So, they had come to check it out for themselves. However, they had seen it now. So, they suddenly lost interest. And, they withdrew their divine senses in quick succession.
Ye Xiwen was the only one left on the spot. He unceasingly shot the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’. And, his moves were gradually becoming more and more profound.
"Bang!" The duration for which Ye Xiwen continued to throw punches in such a chaotic manner was unknown. He shot his fist, and the power of his fist shattered the void. This made the chaos to pour out in torrents. And then, it disappeared rather quickly without a trace.
It seemed as if this punch had broken all the barriers of Ye Xiwen. He had established a connection with his inner realm. And, his aura suddenly surged into the sky!
Ye Xiwen suddenly opened his eyes. An incomparably strong power was boiling in his body. He had finally established the connection that’d lead him to the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. He had prepared for three years for this moment alone. He had put great effort over these past three years just for this moment.
And, he was finally going to reap the harvest now. He had finally started to make the breakthrough into the

intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm.
It seemed as if Ye Xiwen’s principles were getting bound together by an invisible string as he made the breakthrough. Suddenly, his soul added the finishing touch to this entire binding process, and brought it to an end. And, his aura instantaneously became extremely powerful.
He suddenly felt that one punch of his’ would’ve been enough to defeat his enemies of the previous fights. This was the so-called disparity in strength.
The promotion of Ye Xiwen’s aura didn’t stop. On the contrary, it had just begun. And, that was because his principles had begun to condense crazily on top of the foundation of 1000 dao principles.
His principles were condensing much quicker at this time of making the breakthrough than on usual times. He had been stuck at the initial stage of the semi-sage realm. And thus, he had no way to condense more principles. However, he had already made the breakthrough into the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm now. So, his strength had become far more tyrannical. His body strength had also reached a higher level. Therefore, it could hold more principles now.
1001 dao principles!
1002 dao principles!
1099 dao principles!
1100 dao principles!
Ye Xiwen had made a successful breakthrough into the intermediate stage of semi-sage realm. Moreover, his fighting strength had also made a breakthrough to the initial stage of the sage realm. He possessed 1100 dao principles now. And, each of his dao principles was exceptionally thick. In fact, he believed that he would be able to defeat the experts of the initial stage of the sage realm with the help of his present strength.
His accumulation was genuinely very deep. His fighting strength had reached the peak of the semi-sage realm three years ago. However, he hadn’t made a breakthrough in these three years, and had continued to accumulate instead. So, his accumulation must’ve reached an astonishing level. It was going to be world-shaking regardless of whether he’d make a breakthrough or not…
Ye Xiwen’s principles became condensed after a long time passed. His aura had also slowly calmed down. He had fully entered the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm!
He silently looked at this place. He had stayed here for three years. Then, he immediately returned to the True Martial Secret Territory without looking back. It was a good place indeed. Ye Xiwen had guessed that his fighting strength would reach the sage level in five years. However, it had happened in three years only. One must say that he had obtained great benefits inside this True Martial Secret Territory. It had taken nearly half-the-time he had expected it to take. There was obviously another reason behind this. He didn’t have so many ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ when he had calculated the time it would take for his fighting strength to reach the sage level. In fact, he had gotten the confidence of making the breakthrough because he possessed so many ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ at this time.
Three years had ended. And, Ye Xiwen had no reason to stay here any further. So, he left for the True Martial Secret Territory’s exit. That old man was still limping at the gate of the True Martial Secret Territory. It seemed as if he would breathe his last breath any second now. He still looked the same as he did three years go. However, Ye Xiwen didn’t dare to look down on the old man.
"Good. Very good!" The old man looked at Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if he could see that Ye Xiwen had made the breakthrough since he looked quite pleased. However, it was hard to tell whether he was appreciating Ye Xiwen’s breakthrough… or the depth of his foundation.
Ye Xiwen returned to the ‘Hidden Star Peak’ after he had bid farewell to the old man.
"Junior Brother, you came back!" Ye Xiwen had returned to the ‘Hidden Star Peak’. And, he had deliberately touched the matrix formation to inform Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin about his arrival. They weren’t the youngest experts on the Hidden Star Peak. However, they had to play the role of the gatekeepers of the Hidden Star Peak since Ye Xiwen wasn’t present for three years. Their aptitudes were inferior when compared to that of Bai Jian Song and the others’. And, their heart wasn’t that wild either. However, they never complained about the irresponsible Ye Xiwen, who kept running around all over the place. They also knew that it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to stay put and guard the Hidden Star Peak since he had already gained the attention of the high-level experts of the university. However, they would often complain that a few people must be grabbed in the next term so that they themselves could be liberated from this ‘guarding duty’.
"We haven’t seen each other in three years. However, Senior Brother and Senior Sister still look as graceful as before. Congratulations!" Ye Xiwen exposed a smile. Then, he stepped forward, cupped his hands in obeisance, and spoke. They were referring to each other as junior and senior. However, there wasn’t much difference between the ages of these 3 people. But, they had extremely cordial relations.
"Hey, how are you? Wait, you haven’t reached the sage realm, have you?" Yang Wen Jun greeted in reply, but he got surprised as soon as he saw Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had recently made the breakthrough. So, his aura wasn’t restrained in a proper manner. So, this had been discovered by them.
"No. I haven’t reached the sage realm. I have just made the breakthrough to the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm!"
Ye Xiwen didn’t need to hide anything from these two people.
"There’s no mistake. You are indeed at the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm. But, why do I have a feeling that you don’t seem different than your Senior Sister and me? We would’ve been sad and conflicted if that had been the case!" Yang Wen Jun spoke with a sense of grief in his tone. His face exposed a look of suffering.
Ye Xiwen thoughtlessly laughed out loud. But, he would dare to bet that Yang Wen Jun was pretending at this moment. He had noticed that his abnormal Senior Brother and Senior Sister they were too mediocre. This wasn’t to say that they were weaker than other people. However, they lacked competitive spirit.
Fortunately, these two persons didn’t have big ambitions or intention to compete. Otherwise, they might have died from excess of anger after seeing Ye Xiwen’s progress.
"You’re laughing. Are you making fun of me and your Senior Brother Yang?" Deng Shui Xin put her hands on her waist. She looked bitterly at Ye Xiwen as she said.
"I wouldn’t dare." Ye Xiwen had no choice but to ask for forgiveness when Deng Shui Xin challenged him. He had learnt an important lesson from his both lives — arguing with a woman was the stupidest thing…
"Oh by the way, where is Third Brother? I didn’t see him here," Ye Xiwen promptly changed the topic and asked.
"Third Brother has recently gone out. He has been called by the Master. So, only the two of us are present on the Hidden Star Peak!" Deng Shui Xin pouted and replied somewhat resentfully. [These fellow brothers aren’t reliable at all. They look for an opportunity to run away from the Hidden Star Peak without thinking about it.]
Deng Shui Xin had completely disregarded the Second Sister since she had been undergoing closed-door training on the Hidden Star Peak for years. However, Ye Xiwen also knew that Second Sister had been undergoing training for decades like a madman. In fact, he hadn’t seen her even once. So, there was no difference between her absence and presence.
"By the way, I forgot to tell you!" Yang Wen Jun patted his forehead and said, "Junior Brother, someone from your family sent a letter one month ago. It says that your parents have invited you for the marriage of your elder sister!"
"Marriage…?" Ye Xiwen was left dumbstruck. His brain had seemingly short-circuited. And, he could only utter this one word in bewilderment. Time had become an insignificant word for him ever since he had started to cultivate. Ten years… or even hundred years were nothing for experts who practice martial arts. In fact, even a Xiantian expert had the lifespan of 200 years.
He had been thinking about this issue of time ever since he crossed through to this world ten years ago.
(To be continued)

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