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Chapter 471: Amazes with his Progress!
Time was passing day by day. Months passed in a flash, and 3 years came to disappear within the blink of an eye.
Ye Xiwen was sitting upright in front of the stele of the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’. He hadn’t moved from this spot in the last one year.
Ye Xiwen’s aura had turned calm and clear. Whatever bit of impatient aura he had in the beginning had become calm by now. He had reached the peak of the initial stage of the semi-sage realm. His cultivation hadn’t made much progress in these three years.
He had suppressed his cultivation since the beginning. He had only practiced the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ in these three years, and had managed to practice it to an extremely profound level. It could be said that he had given the majority of his time to this ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ in these years.
Ye Xiwen had gone to that desolate region — the one which looked like the ‘era of the end of the principles’ — several times in the span of three years. He had given up the advantages of being an expert… just like those hardship cultivators. Plus, he had also added a matrix formation on his body to increase the gravitational force upon himself. And, he had unceasingly tempered his body and spirit to the peak.
However, he hadn’t moved for the past one year. His body looked like a statue. A terrifying aura suddenly emerged out of his body. It formed a pillar of energy, and soared into the sky. It seemed as if Ye Xiwen’s surroundings had transformed into a universe; a universe that was an endless void.
Ye Xiwen was sitting cross-legged in the centre of this universe. He appeared like an ancient God. Countless principles were boiling in the surroundings. They could be seen clearly with the naked eyes. He had forced these principles to come out. These principles had initially been hidden in the void. However, they could be seen with the naked eyes now.
Ye Xiwen’s understanding of the principles and the main dao had advanced by leaps and bounds after he had gone to that desolate region which was devoid of principles.
This obvious progress could be felt almost anywhere and anytime. Ye Xiwen returned to the Water Moon Fairyland after he had practiced in that region for a certain period of time. And, he had realized that his understanding of the principles had progressed at a flying speed after he returned to the Water Moon Fairyland. Moreover, his sensitivity towards the principles had also reached an astonishing degree after he had spent some time in that region that was devoid of principles.
Ye Xiwen was convinced that these hardship cultivators would make astonishing breakthroughs within a short period of time if they came outside that region. In fact, he believed that they wouldn’t face any difficulty in doing so. For example, one could skyrocket to the peak of the great sage realm from the initial stage of the sage realm after cultivating in that desolate region for several hundred or over a thousand years. But, how many people could endure so much suffering for hundreds of years or over a thousand years? And, nobody would complain if one could achieve it somehow, and if their cultivation increased by leaps and bound thereafter. After all, one must pay something in order to obtain something. This is the unalterable law of the world.
Therefore, Ye Xiwen had gone to that region several times to undergo bitter cultivation. He would then return to the Water Moon Fairyland to continue his practice.
Ye Xiwen would soon have to leave this Water Moon Fairyland since the three years were about to come to an end. The other people were still sitting upright in front of the steles. They were as motionless as statues. And, he had no doubt that they would continue to sit motionless for their entire lifetimes if required.
Ye Xiwen’s aura suddenly alarmed many disciples who were undergoing closed-door training. Extremely tyrannical divine senses swept over to check him out. In fa

ct, the most inferior among them was that of a peak expert of the sage realm.
However, Ye Xiwen had no time to attend to other people at this time. He was immersed inside his small universe.
Other people didn’t exist inside his dimension. Only he and his universe were present there. He had constructed this universe in three years. He was the only God of this universe. And, his words were enough to make all living things extinguish inside it.
The ‘Observing Person Scripture’ was frantically operating within his body. The solar system had also begun to revolve around him. He was at the centre of the universe. He was the God. He was the enlightened one.
His aura was rising little by little. He was about to make a breakthrough to the middle stage of the semi-sage realm. However, his fighting strength would then make the breakthrough to the sage realm. So, this was a very crucial test for him.
It was an impossible thing for other people because the biggest difference between the sage realm and the semi-sage realm was that that the principles in the sage realm were scattered but not chaotic. They were condensed together in an ordered fashion… as if all the principles were strung together. Therefore, their might would obviously see a qualitative change in the sage realm.
This required an entirely new level of understanding of the principles. An average person in the initial stage of the semi-sage realm would’ve merely begun to touch the principles. However, only Ye Xiwen had been able to achieve such level. His understanding of the principles had always remained ahead of his peers since the beginning — thanks to his mysterious space. And, he was finally ready to begin to make the breakthrough into the middle stage of the semi-sage realm after three years of preparations. He must also unite all his principles, and establish a connection between them. And, his strength would witness an astonishing change after he had succeeded in doing that.
Ye Xiwen’s 1000 dao principles began to boil. And, they began to revolve around him. It seemed as if Ye Xiwen was going on a rampage, and these 1000 dao principles had also accompanied him in doing so. Yet, these principles formed a piece of the universe.
The ‘Observing Person Scripture’ was operating frantically. It was operating within Ye Xiwen’s body, and was stirring up ‘real elemental energy’ throughout his body. He was gradually making a breakthrough as a result.
Then, Ye Xiwen suddenly stood up and began to throw his fists in succession. They looked simple at first. However, they carried terrifying might. He shot one fist, and the void in front of him shattered into pieces. It wasn’t some gorgeous move. It was merely an ordinary fist. Everything before his eyes gradually vanished as he continued to shoot his fists one after another.
He was only thinking about the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ in his heart.
"Hey, hasn’t he practiced the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’?" the voice of an old senior sounded at this time. He seemed to be a puzzled. It seemed as if he hadn’t opened his mouth for the last thousands of years. So, his voice sounded somewhat rusty at this time.
"Yeah, it’s the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’. Who is this man? Isn’t he a disciple of the ‘Hidden Star Peak’? Otherwise, how could he have practiced ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’? This technique carries infinite might. However, most people are unable to practice it!"
"Indeed, who is this young man? He’s not even 50 years of age, yet he possesses such strength. Is he this term’s heaven’s pride expert?"
"He is a semi-sage expert, yet he has qualified to enter this place. This young man isn’t ordinary."
Many divine senses met in the air and chatted among themselves. These people hadn’t spoken since last several years. An ordinary person simply couldn’t catch their attention. However, Ye Xiwen’s 1000 dao principles had impressed them. 999 dao principles was the limit of the semi-sage realm. But, this young man had surpassed this limit. So, he obviously wasn’t an ordinary person. No wonder he had chosen to practice the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’. He wasn’t like ordinary people. So, he obviously wouldn’t walk on an ordinary road.
Ye Xiwen’s 1000 dao principles leapt up in the air. It seemed as if the world had suddenly lost its color. The world was changing its form violently. This scene attracted the attention of many old fogies who had been undergoing closed-door training since countless years.
Ye Xiwen hadn’t anticipated this reaction. But, he had no time to pay attention to these things right now. He had made the breakthrough into the middle stage of the semi-sage realm without crossing the ‘Heavenly Tribulation’. However, he couldn’t afford to relax. Each of these principles had been condensed by him in person. But, each of them was unruly and untamed. So, it wasn’t easy to establish a connection between them. One mistake… and his hard work would be wasted. His plan of raising his fighting strength to the sage realm would obviously be ruined if he failed in this step.
In fact, he had suppressed his martial power for last three years because his aim was to promote his fighting strength to the sage realm. His aim for the past three years had been to bind these 1000 dao principles together. He couldn’t afford to fail now. He would have to wait until the breakthrough to the late stage of the semi-sage realm for the next probable opportunity if he didn’t succeed at this time.
"Rumble!" Ye Xiwen shot his fist. The unleashed energy twisted on the spot to form a huge star. It fell down in the sky and smashed open a huge hole in the void.
One must know about the present situation here. The space of the True Martial Secret Territory was reinforced… just like it was in the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’. Perhaps, it was a bit more strengthened here than it was at the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’. And, Ye Xiwen had broken the space under such circumstances. One could clearly see how much power Ye Xiwen’s ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ carried even though he had brandished it in a very casual manner.
One could grab the stars and seize the moon if they practiced this technique to the peak. Destroying the Heaven and exterminating the Earth would be a joke.
The divine senses of many old fogies swept back after they had read Ye Xiwen’s status. They all looked somewhat gratified. These people were the senior experts of the True Martial University. So, they would obviously feel exceptionally happy to see someone so incredible in the younger generation of their university.
Ye Xiwen became more and more familiar with ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ with every move he shot. He was a bit unfamiliar with this technique in the beginning. However, he became more and more familiar with it as time passed. He had thoroughly understood this technique in his mind by now. So, he was able to display it freely.
Ye Xiwen had comprehended the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ since last three years. However, he had spent the majority of time in understanding the ‘fist intention’ of the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’. But, he hadn’t gained any practical experience yet.
Therefore, Ye Xiwen’s understanding of the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ skyrocketed as soon as he began to use it. It could be said that he was quite unfamiliar with this technique. However, he was merely unfamiliar with it; nothing more. He had already learned the style of the ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’. So, he gained the rhythm of punches rather quickly. And, he started to become more and more accurate. He soon became familiar with this technique to such an extent that it seemed as if he had been practicing it for several decades – just like an old fogy who had practiced it throughout his life. He was initially following the styles in sequence… from the beginning to the end. However, he surpassed these styles’ limitations very quickly. He then randomly combined these styles together. And, this step had stunned countless people. An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to do it even after he had practiced for several decades. Even an exceptional genius would require several years’ time for doing this. However, Ye Xiwen had progressed so rapidly before their eyes. In fact, he was still progressing with each move he used. His initially rigid style gradually became freer. He was no longer clinging to the established moves, gestures, and styles…
Suddenly, something happened that made them even more surprised. Ye Xiwen abandoned the martial style altogether. He shot his fist and launched a kick, but he didn’t use any martial method. However, his attack still possessed formidable power.
(To be continued)

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