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Chapter 470: Comprehends the Secret Cultivation!
There were a myriad of inheritances. There were martial art techniques, internal power techniques, and so on.
Peacock Dragon Hand!
Heavenly Crane Flash!
Three Stars Strength!

The Fist of Primal Chaos!
Yearning God Step!
Ye Xiwen’s gaze fell on these startling heritages… one by one.
Huge stone pillars were erected steeply from the ground in succession. And, they were towering from the ground. Each of them had a unique and imposing presence. Each of these pillars was extremely terrifying, and contained the world’s essence. These world’s essences could easily suppress a powerful sage expert to death.
Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but frown as he saw them. These heritages might not have been left behind by the ancestors of the True Martial University because he could feel that these heritages were extremely extraordinary. No wonder it was said that one might become invincible in the True Martial World if the-said individual was able to comprehend any one of these.
Ye Xiwen continued to look at these heritages as he walked past them. However, he didn’t find any of them to be worthy of comprehension.
Then, he suddenly stopped in front of a monument. He felt as if his ‘Observing Person Scripture’ was getting virtually spurred within his body as soon as he stood in front of this stele. In fact, the small solar system within his body had involuntarily begun to revolve along a mysterious orbit.
It was going to somewhere dark and mysterious… like the real universe itself.
Ye Xiwen was taken aback. He raised his head to see. He was surprised to see chaos above the stele. There was a drawing of an everlasting pattern of stars within the chaos. Moreover, there was a rotating nebula and a rotating universe…
It looked different every time he saw it. Sometimes, it looked like a complete universe. Sometimes, he could only see a star. He felt as if his mind was being torn apart by merely watching such quick transformations taking place.
"Pant, Pant, Pant!" Ye Xiwen was panting heavily. He had seen it for a moment only, and it seemed as if his mind had processed countless years. The entire back of his body had turned wet, "What’s the name of this stele? I choose this!"
He had walked down, and had seen more than 10 heritages by now. However, none of them had been able to resonate with his ‘Observing Person Scripture’. However, this stele had managed it. So, he was convinced with his decision.
"This is called ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist!" Zeng Hexu thought for a second before he explained, "This is an unusual fist technique. It is said that one can grab the stars and seize the moon if this technique is practiced to the peak. One can even explode a star in one punch!"
Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but become speechless in the secrecy of his heart. One could explode a star in one punch? Such strength was impossible to possess before the great sage realm. It was far too powerful.
"However, this fist technique is quite odd. Next to nobody has been able to comprehend it. History says that only the founder of your ‘Hidden Star Peak’ has comprehended it so far!" Zeng Hexu added.
Only the founder of the ‘Hidden Star Peak’ had comprehended it once. There was no mystery to this fact. He had clearly seen his ‘Observing Person Scripture’ being activated in a mysterious manner. So, there had to be some relation between it and something inside this heritage.
Ye Xiwen thought for a while, and he suddenly realized that the feeling he just experienced was quite similar to the one he had gotten at the time he had comprehended the ‘Hidden Star Scripture’ on the the ‘Hidden Star Peak’. Moreover, the ‘Hidden Star Scripture’ was also engraved on a stone wall. Could it be that these were a set of matching techniques?
After all, his ‘Observing Person Scripture’ was inspired by the ‘Hidden Star Scripture’. So, shouldn’t there be some kind of relation on id

eal terms?
Countless years had flashed through Ye Xiwen’s mind in this moment. However, he smiled the very next moment, and replied, "I understand. I would like to choose this heritage!"
"This one..." Zeng Hexu felt somewhat awkward as he looked at Ye Xiwen, "Next to nobody has ever been able to comprehend this heritage. But, it’s your choice at the end of the day. You don’t need to force yourself if you can’t do it. You can always switch to next the stele whenever you want!"
"Ok!" Ye Xiwen nodded. He wasn’t stupid either. He obviously wouldn’t force himself if he couldn’t comprehend it.
"Okay. So, I will take my leave now. I will wait to hear the good news from Young Brother!" Zeng Hexu was somewhat reluctant to leave. He kept looking at this Water Moon Fairyland. However, he had no choice but to leave in the end.
Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged in front of this ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ once Zeng Hexu had departed.
He raised his head and looked intently at that heritage. ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ was engraved on the front side of the stele. These steles and martial arts secret books were different. Martial arts secret books would explain how to practice a technique in a straightforward manner. Every variation was clearly mentioned and explained to make a person understand. So, one only needed to follow the steps.
However, these incredible heritages often required to be comprehended on one’s own. They were similar to the ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’ which must be comprehended by one-self. Only the essence, energy, and spirit were left behind to guide the practitioner in the right direction. It would’ve been impossible for Ye Xiwen to comprehend the ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’ as per his then-strength and level if he didn’t possess the mysterious space. In fact, it would’ve been impossible for him to break down the ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’, and comprehend it to the pinnacle if he didn’t possess the mysterious space. Thus, he would’ve had to struggle to comprehend it layer-by-layer through constant practice.
There were obviously some techniques he had learnt which had been described in books as well. For example, ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’ was described in a book. In fact, its level was still comparatively higher at that time because the martial arts techniques would become very mysterious after a certain level. Then, one would be able to comprehend them depending on their own experience and level. And, those who couldn’t comprehend would never be able to comprehend even if one would describe it to them personally with their own mouth.
How many secret techniques could one comprehend by depending on their perception and level as per their experience? The same was true for the ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’ and ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’. However, the ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’ was explained in such an easy language that everyone could understand its esoteric concepts by merely reading it. It was obviously different than the ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’. So, it had to be comprehended personally, and the extent of its comprehension depended on one’s own capability.
It didn’t matter whether the founder of these secret techniques and heritages had placed them in terms of relative superiority. Ye Xiwen wouldn’t become disheartened even if the Big Bang Stardust Fist was the most inferior one among them.
This ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ would appear like a star atlas to outsiders. It looked so simple. However, it looked completely different to Ye Xiwen.
It appeared like massive array of revolving stars to his eyes. He felt as if he could almost see through the entire universe by looking at this star atlas. And, this was a profound feeling that had gripped his heart. In fact, he had almost lost himself in that carefree feeling.
This star atlas had revealed the mysteries of the stars. Ye Xiwen could nearly feel the secrets of the stars. It was a mysterious… yet profound feeling. However, he couldn’t see it clearly. That’s why this feeling had made him very depressed.
Countless ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ had begun to burn inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. The released ‘spirit energy’ seemingly formed a long liver, and flowed into the mysterious space.
The mysterious space had been silent until now. However, it began to operate crazily once an endless influx of ‘spirit energies’ poured into it. And, those mysterious and profound insights he couldn’t understand in the beginning had been absorbed by the mysterious space. It then began to analyze them in a frantic manner.
Ye Xiwen had comprehended countless esoteric insights in this split second even though he couldn’t understand them earlier. Those groups of characters which had earlier appeared like nonsense had transformed into simplified language. In fact, they could be easily comprehended by merely looking at them now.
This mass of information was engraved in Ye Xiwen’s mind. This gave him an extremely satisfied feeling. In fact, this feeling of sudden and bright comprehension couldn’t be compared or replaced with another…
Moreover, only Ye Xiwen could have dared to do such a thing. An average person wouldn’t dare to comprehend so much in such a continuous manner. Otherwise, the comprehension of their martial way might’ve gotten affected by it.
After all, the martial technique created by someone would contain its own way. And, this was even more so for a martial technique that needed to be comprehended instead of being followed. After all, such a martial technique contained the majority of the founder’s own perception of the martial way.
Therefore, a person would get immersed into a martial technique while comprehending it. This was very dangerous. One might get stuck inside it if immersed too deep, and might never be able to come out of its maze to revert back to one’s own way. And, this would obviously limit their future prospects…
Therefore, the people who wanted to comprehend such martial techniques must possess strong willpower. And, they must possess formidable mental strength. Otherwise, they might become idiots by the impact.
Even those so-called ‘peerless geniuses’ wouldn’t dare to immerse themselves into a martial technique like Ye Xiwen had… because they might never be able to come out of it. Only he could do this since he had help from his mysterious space.
His innate aptitude may have differed by much from those ‘peerless geniuses’. However, his progress speed wasn’t slow.
Time passed… day by day. And, that star atlas didn’t look like a sea of stars in Ye Xiwen’s eyes as time passed. In fact, it had slowly begun to form galaxies.
It seemed as if Ye Xiwen was sitting cross-legged at the center of a universe while he was sitting in front of the stele. The universe was empty, and there wasn’t a single object in it at first. In fact, there was deathly stillness throughout. However, it had begun to become more and more profound as his comprehension became more and more deep. Stars had also begun to appear inside his body as time had passed…
A giant star had appeared inside Ye Xiwen’s body at first. Then, it had exploded into infinite rays of light, which had then illuminated the entire universe. This was the only source of light in this universe. And, he was the only living creature inside it. He was also the only God of this universe. This universe didn’t exist in real. It only existed in his spiritual world. However, there was no difference between this universe and the real one.
These stars and this universe were born from his idea. And, they would extinguish with one thought his’. Ye Xiwen genuinely felt like a God because of this feeling. The universe had been formed by this thought. And, it could be extinguished by his thought. He was like the legendary Buddha who was mentioned in the fables – the only true god in the universe. It was as if he could see the world in a grain of sand.
Many stars gradually began to appear as his comprehension became more and more deep. Stars began to appear, planets began to appear, satellites began to appear, cosmic dust began to appear, and meteorites began to appear. It looked more and more like a universe, and more and more like the real universe.
Ye Xiwen’s progress was extremely fast. An average person couldn’t match his speed even if they possessed a God-given wisdom and rare talent. However, he could achieve such speed. He had already comprehended this ‘Big Bang Stardust Fist’ to an incredible extent with the assistance of the mysterious space. In addition, his ‘Observing Person Scripture’ had also formed a universe inside his body. So, his speed obviously wouldn’t be lessened since he possessed some prior experience.
(To be continued)

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