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Chapter 467: Northern Dipper Organization
Zeng Hexu realized that Ye Xiwen had no knowledge on the subject as soon as he saw him. So, he explained to Ye Xiwen.
The True Martial Secret Territory was very huge. And, it was divided into different regions. Each of these regions had different functions. The Water Moon Cave a.k.a Water Moon Fairyland wasn’t a cave in reality. Rather, it was an entire region. The founder of the True Martial University had gained enlightenment inside the Water Moon Cave, and that cave was located in the Water Moon Fairyland. Consequently, he had laid the foundation of the True Martial University.
There were many left-over martial art heritages in this Water Moon Fairyland. Some people said that the ancestors of the True Martial University had created these heritages, and had then left them behind for the later generations. However, some people also said that these startling heritages had pre-existed the era of the ancestors. And, the ancestors of the True Martial University had merely obtained them.
Every influential person in the university knew this fact that the human race of the True Marital World had migrated from other regions. Therefore, this explanation was also quite popular.
In other words, the Supreme Lord had allowed Ye Xiwen to choose one of the heritages for his cultivation. In fact, there were 49 types of heritages in the Water Moon Fairyland. However, one could advance by leaps and bounds to become an extremely ferocious great sage expert as long as one could master any one of these heritages.
Nobody had studied in the entirety of these 49 heritages on a trot so far. Rumours say that nobody had achieved that feat… apart from the founder of the True Martial University.
Each of these 49 stunning heritages possessed great might, and was worth studying diligently for a lifetime. However, one wouldn’t even be able to perfect a single technique if they tried to forcefully study all of these heritages at once. And, their hard work would go in vain as a result.
This was definitely a generous reward for Ye Xiwen regardless of which angle one would consider this from. Therefore, it could be assumed that the upper echelon must’ve been very pleased with him this time.
Ye Xiwen finally felt that the upper echelon was attaching great important to him now. His level promotion had always fallen behind in comparison to the others. So, the top authorities had always been doubtful whether they should focus on nurturing him or not. Moreover, the people of the Law Enforcement Hall had always been hostile towards Ye Xiwen, and didn’t want him to gain the attention of the top authorities. However, it didn’t matter anymore. Nobody could neglect him anymore. After all, he had won the championship!
This had made him excited. Hadn’t he wished for this exact thing to happen?
Ye Xiwen had suddenly become widely famous after he won the championship. Everyone in the younger generation had started to consider him as the strongest person. Some people hadn’t been convinced of this earlier. However, everyone had started to accept the fact that he possessed tyrannical strength after this competition came to an end.
Ye Xiwen returned to the ‘Hidden Star Peak’ after he bid his farewell to Zeng Hexu. He didn’t wish to become the centre of attraction. He would have to wait for a while for everything to turn normal. But, that wouldn’t happen until everyone’s attention had been diverted from the memory of this competition.
Ye Xiwen returned to the Hidden Star Peak. However, he was surprised to see a young Daoist Priest on the peak. And, this Priest was looking at Ye Xiwen with a smiling expression of his face. He was clad in a moon-white robe, and his robe was faintly glowing under the moonlight. He was floating in the air like an immortal. His silhouette looked pure and spotless.
He looked like an ordinary person, and seemed approximately 25 or 26 years old. However, he possessed a str

angely clean and fresh aura which would make people curious.
"Qing Xu!" Ye Xiwen immediately recognized him, and called out his name. He was very surprised to see this person. He had never thought that he would see Qing Xu here. They hadn’t seen each other since a decade. They had met last when they had left the Demon Island.
Ye Xiwen had a profound impression of this Daoist Priest. In fact, it was very similar to the one he had about Emperor Chen. Qing Xu was the only real monk he had seen in both his lives. He hadn’t seen any Daoist Priest in the True Martial World apart from him. And, he had only seen the superficial ones in his previous life since most of them had been depraved overtime. Therefore, he had always felt that the Daoist Priests were rather poor before he had met Qing Xu. However, there had been an enormous change in his point of view ever since he had met Qing Xu.
However, Ye Xiwen hadn’t received any news of Emperor Chen and Qing Xu after he had left the Demon Island. They had neither embarked on the ancient road, nor had they joined the True Martial University. Therefore, he was quite surprised to see Qing Xu in the True Martial University.
"Ye Xiwen, congratulations for winning the championship!" A gentle smile appeared on Qing Xu’s face — same as before. In fact, there wasn’t any fake politeness in his demeanour; unlike the other monks.
Ye Xiwen replied as he looked at him, "We haven’t met in a decade. And, I’m not willing to believe that you’ve come here merely to congratulate me!"
He had spoken in a very blunt manner. However, he had good relations with Qing Xu. The so-called ‘friendship between gentlemen should be as insipid as water’. That was probably the case here.
"Let me explain this, Moon Deer. I will come straight to the point, and without trying to cover things up like a woman!" a hoarse voice suddenly sounded out of nowhere. Then, a tall figure came out from the void.
Ye Xiwen saw this figure with the help of the moonlight’s illumination. And, he saw a young man who was approximately 20 years old. He was almost 2 meter tall, and was clad in a white robe which had blended into the dim moonlight. Therefore, it was quite difficult for a person to spot him.
Ye Xiwen frowned. He suddenly became vigilant in his heart. He hadn’t discovered that someone was hidden in the void. It had happened because he had never been too vigilant on the ‘Hidden Star Peak’. Moreover, this person’s strength was very high.
"What’s this about?" Ye Xiwen asked.
"I’ll tell you!" that tall man looked at Ye Xiwen and replied, "We wish to invite you to join our organization — the ‘Northern Dipper’!"
"The Northern Dipper?" Ye Xiwen asked. He secretly became alert. What type of an organization was this? How come he had never heard about this organization?
"Our organization specializes in recruiting young elites. And, we only recruit the most outstanding young elites!" that tall man answered.
Ye Xiwen had heard of many such organizations. In fact, the ‘Army of God’ had been one such organization. Wasn’t this the characteristic of most organizations? They were many organizations like this. Only, their strengths varied. Some targeted the elites of an entire region. Some targeted only a country, while some only a city…
"Are you also a member of this organization?" Ye Xiwen looked at Qing Xu and asked. He wouldn’t have paid attention to it if this were to be an ordinary organization. He himself could’ve established one such organization anytime and anywhere. However, he didn’t have any interest in that.
Even the formation of the Qianyu faction hadn’t been his planning. He only believed in cultivating unfettered.
However, it would be a different matter if Qing Xu was also a member of this organization. Qing Xu’s strength had always been unfathomable. Ye Xiwen couldn’t see through his cultivation. And, the tall man also possessed the same kind of unfathomable strength. This obviously indicated that the strength of this organization must be very impressive.
"Yes!" Qing Xu nodded. He didn’t deny. Ye Xiwen also noticed that his white robe looked exactly the same as that of the other man’s.
"We had arrived to observe Emperor Chen. However, we found you more appropriate. So, we’ve come to invite you!" the man insipidly said.
Ye Xiwen immediately understood the matter. So, this was the reason. They must’ve seen today’s fight between him and Emperor Chen. They had wanted to invite Emperor Chen. But, he died. So, they came to invite him instead. The fact was that no one wants to favour the dead.
The fame and glory that Emperor Chen had gathered throughout his life had disappeared along with his defeat in the last fight. This was blatant truth. In other words, who would’ve remembered Ye Xiwen if he had been defeated in the last fight?
"Sorry, but I have no interest in joining any organization since I don’t like other people to have control over me!" Ye Xiwen shook his head and replied. This organization’s influence wasn’t meagre. Each of its members possessed great abilities. However, he was very afraid of joining one such organization. And, he particularly didn’t have any interest in being controlled by other people.
"You don’t have to decide in a hurry!" Qing Xu opened his mouth and spoke-up at this time, "Our organization isn’t strict. So, it won’t limit your freedom. They will at most inform you during the time of an assignment. However, they won’t force you to complete the task. You will be free to choose whether you wish to complete a task or not!
"You can’t imagine our organization’s information network and the amount of resources we possess!" Qing Xu continued, "You won’t regret if you join our organization. Moreover, there are no mandatory requirements!"
"Such benefits?" Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t convinced. How could an organization give such nice treatment to its members? However, he didn’t suspect that Qing Xu was fooling him. He knew that this Priest wouldn’t deceive him because there was no need for that. Ye Xiwen would quickly find out the truth once he had joined this organization. Anyway, he genuinely trusted Qing Xu.
[Has incredible resources and information network. However, it isn’t compulsory to complete a task. How has such an organization not gone out of business yet?]
"Of course, not everyone can enjoy such treatment!" the tall man explained, "Only the official members of our organization get such treatment. People at the lower ranks need to complete corresponding tasks every month. Of course, you will also have to contribute corresponding points if you’d like to get additional resources apart from the basic ones. And, you’d only get those points from missions!"
Ye Xiwen understood the matters as he heard this man’s explanation. This organization wouldn’t be far from collapsing if everyone enjoyed such treatment. Most importantly, it wasn’t compulsory to complete a task. However, one must complete the tasks if they wanted additional benefits. They wouldn’t get extra resources if they didn’t contribute points!
It obviously wouldn’t have been a good deal if he were to join as low-level member. However, he would be at much ease if were to become an official member of this organization from the start itself. He would then be free to choose whether he wanted to undertake a task or not.
In other words, this would become another source of information and resources for him. After all, the True Martial University regarded him as ‘shady’ since he had many secrets. His devil wings would be one such example. However, that wouldn’t be an issue in the case of this organization.
(To be continued)

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