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Chapter 468: Enters the True Martial Secret Territory!
It seemed as if there wasn’t any harm in joining this organization. There wasn’t any pressure of completing the task. Moreover, he also had the option of completing the tasks and accumulating the points whenever he required extra resources. In short, there was freedom.
However, Ye Xiwen also understood that the opposite party would give exciting offers to incite him into completing the missions if they were daring to pledge such a condition. However, this wasn’t a bad thing either. Giving an alternative option wasn’t a bad thing.
"Moreover, your sworn enemy — the First God — has joined another organization. And, that organization is named the Southern Dipper. He may cause you some trouble in the future!" Qing Xu faintly added.
Ye Xiwen’s pupils suddenly contracted. He had always been very concerned about the First God’s whereabouts. He hadn’t cared about the ‘Army of God’ at first. However, he had understood that there was someone very powerful in the ‘Army of God’ when the Second God had made an appearance. The Second God had also caused a considerable amount of trouble to him. This obviously indicated that the First God must be more powerful since he was above the Second God in ranking. However, Ye Xiwen had never heard any news of him. But, he hadn’t thought that he would get this news from Qing Xu.
What kind of an organization was the Southern Dipper Organization? It must be an extraordinary organization if Qing Xu had mentioned it in such a serious manner. People of the rank of Qing Xu had joined the Northern Dipper Organization. So, this organization was undoubtedly an extremely terrifying one.
"Northern Dipper, and Southern Dipper! Why do they sound so similar?" Ye Xiwen was silent for a while. Then, he suddenly grinned and asked.
"Yes, there is some connection. However, there’s no need for you to know these things at this time. You will slowly get to know these things if you join our organization. I’m asking you again, will you join?" the tall man replied impatiently. It was evident that he didn’t wish to give more explanations to Ye Xiwen.
"Wood Dragon, don’t get too impatient. He will probably become your partner in the future!" Qing Xu laughed and spoke. He seemed quite familiar with Wood Dragon’s nature.
Wood Dragon didn’t say anything. He was just firmly stared at Ye Xiwen in order to see his reaction.
Ye Xiwen frowned. He was silent, and didn’t say anything. He wasn’t worried about his own safety. He had apparently heard some secrets. However, it shouldn’t matter much. These things seemed secretive at first, but such matters didn’t have any secrets to them in reality. He didn’t know anything apart from the name of this organization, Northern Dipper. Not to mention that this was the Hidden Star Peak of the True Martial University. So, these two men had better not provoke any old monster in this vicinity. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even be able to run away from here.
Ye Xiwen raised his head after he had considered the pros and cons. Then, he smiled and spoke, "I’ll join if that’s the scene!"
There were indeed many benefits in joining this organization. And, Ye Xiwen didn’t see any harm either for the time being. He would anyway leave this organization if things didn’t go well.
"Good, I’m glad!" Wood Dragon laughed and said.
Ye Xiwen got to know a bit about the situation within the Northern Dipper Organization once he had agreed to join it. This was an organization that specialized in recruiting only top elites of the younger generation. It didn’t have many full-time members if the bottom level members weren’t taken into count. There were only 14 real members apart from the organization’s Lord. The Lord was titled ‘Big Dipper’. The seven constellations of the ‘Azure Dragon of the East’ constituted seven seats. And, the remaining seven seats belonged to the seven constellations of the ‘Vermillion Bird of the South’. These were their 14 mem

bers, and they still had vacancies.
There weren’t even 20 members in this organization at the moment. Ye Xiwen joined, and became the ‘Golden Dragon of the Neck’, which was one of the seven constellations of the Azure Dragon of the East. This position had been kept for Emperor Chen in the beginning. However, it had now fallen into Ye Xiwen’s hands.
Qing Xu was ‘Moon Deer of the Extended Net’ that was one of the seven constellations of ‘Vermillion Bird of the South’. And, that tall man who was Ye Xiwen’s possible future partner was ‘Wood Dragon of the Horn’. This title was also named after one of the seven constellations of the ‘Azure Dragon of the East’… same as Ye Xiwen’s title.
"I will inform you if there will be any task or matter in the future. You can choose to do the task or not!"
They gave Ye Xiwen a dragon ring and a set of white uniforms once they were done talking. And then, they floated away and departed.
Ye Xiwen was a bit dumbfounded as he saw them float away like a feather. They had said that this organization wasn’t strict. However, that didn’t mean that it was extremely liberal either.
However, Ye Xiwen merely smiled. After all, the organization wouldn’t put any restriction on his freedom. He could go anywhere he would like to whenever he wouldn’t be on an assignment. And, it would depend on him whether he wanted to undertake a task or not. Moreover, there would be no problem even if he didn’t complete a single task throughout his career in this organization.
However, he would obviously have to complete the tasks if he needed additional benefits. Everything depended on his contribution. He wouldn’t be able to enjoy bonuses without contributing any points.
He understood this well. After all, an organization needed lots of resources to grow and get stronger. Only then could it give benefits to its members. This was a common thing required for the growth of an organization or a sect.
The leadership of this organization would end-up getting their heads clamped by the gate if the organization only gave rewards to Ye Xiwen without seeking any returns. In fact, it would’ve appeared like a huge conspiracy if that had been the case. And, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t have joined it in that case.
[Where in the entire world can a person get free meals? One needs to pay something in order to get something. This is the truth of this world.]
Ye Xiwen shook his head and laughed as he thought this. He turned towards the ‘Hidden Star Peak’, and drew a long shadow under the moonlight as he trod forward.
Ye Xiwen, Qi Feifan, and the whole group celebrated Ye Xiwen’s win that night. And, he left for the Metropolis Martial Peak without disturbing anybody the next morning.
The Metropolis Martial Peak had become the True Martial University’s core place. However, the True Martial Secret Territory’s contribution couldn’t be ignored either. In fact, everyone knew that it was the most dreadful place in the entire True Martial University.
"Brother Ye!" Zeng Hexu’s voice sounded not from afar. He wore a smile on his face as he came over treading the void.
"Hello, Senior Brother Zeng!" Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in obeisance and said.
Zeng Hexu didn’t exchange any further greetings with Ye Xiwen. And, directly came to the point, "Come with me, let’s go to the True Martial Secret Territory!"
Ye Xiwen followed Zeng Hexu to the depths of the Metropolis Martial Peak, and arrived at an open and desolate area.
They had merely landed when an old man arrived limping. Zeng Hexu promptly stepped forward, and saluted the old man. He said, "Hello, Senior. The Supreme Lord has asked me to bring Ye Xiwen to the True Martial Secret Territory!"
The skinny old man looked at Ye Xiwen. He let out a smile and said, "You’re Ye Xiwen? Good, very good!"
It seemed as if he was impressed with Ye Xiwen.
"I’m flattered, Senior!" Ye Xiwen promptly saluted and replied. The way this old man was limping made it seemed as if he would be blown away by the wind the next moment. However, Ye Xiwen didn’t dare to underestimate him. He was the guard of the True Martial Secret Territory. How could he be an ordinary person?
"I must say that there aren’t many people in the younger generation who are as talented as you!" The old man’s eyes flashed. It seemed as if he had seen through Ye Xiwen’s secrets. He had seen through Ye Xiwen’s suave aura in just a glance, and had also noticed the fact that he had condensed 1000 dao principles. Consequently, a trace of amazement had flashed in his eyes.
The old man didn’t say much. He quickly unwounded a seal with his finger. Then, an incredibly large force ripped the void open, and a portal appeared.
The void had been ripped apart into two halves along with the sound of the explosion, and another world had been exposed. Rivers and interconnected mountains were spread everywhere. There were fresh clouds and gentle winds all around. In fact, it almost looked like a microcosm.
Both of them went straight into the True Martial Secret Territory. Ye Xiwen looked as far as he could. However, it seemed unending. The size of the True Martial Secret Territory was simply beyond his imagination. Rich spirit energy blew against his face. It was so strong that he could even see them with naked eyes. It was several times stronger than the spirit energy in the outside world. The underground spirit arteries were boiling. Ye Xiwen even suspected that these might be dragon’s arteries.
Ye Xiwen was seeing dragon’s arteries for the third time in his life. The first one he had seen had already dried up. Only a few chunks of dragon essence were left in them at the time. He had come across a dragon’s arteries for the second time on the planet of the Wind Dragon, but they had been locked-up under the ground by some ancient almighty. However, he wasn’t sure whether the spiritual arteries located here were dragon’s arteries or not. He had merely made a guess. But, he didn’t have any proof. And, he obviously couldn’t confirm it even if he was right. It was a divine item. Therefore, countless experts must be keeping watch over it since it ensured the True Martial University’s prosperity.
The biggest difference between dragon’s arteries and spiritual arteries was that the former could bring luck and prosperity, and could assist a sect or force in its growth and development. It was quite difficult for a sect’s luck energy stock to exhaust if the dragon’s veins weren’t depleted.
Both of them went inside the True Martial Secret Territory. They passed through many different regions. They also saw many powerhouses who had tyrannical strengths and extremely powerful auras. They were submerged deep in their cultivation. Suddenly, an extremely tyrannical divine sense swept over both of them. Then, it shrank back.
"These experts are the genuine elites of our True Martial University. Many of them had become famous a thousand years ago. And, there are also those who had become famous several thousand years ago!" Zheng Hexu gave an introduction.
"These people had once made great contributions to the True Martial University. So, they’ve been allowed to stay here forever in return!" Zheng Hexu explained further. A somewhat desirous look had appeared on his face. To get an opportunity to cultivate here for a year was considered a great fortune. What could only possibly speak of an opportunity to stay here forever…
Ye Xiwen nodded. He had done some research last night. However, the true understanding of the True Martial Secret Territory couldn’t be obtained in one day of research. Even many of the sage experts weren’t allowed to stay here for a year. Let alone staying here forever.
He didn’t know what kind of contribution these people had made towards the True Martial University that they had received such privilege in return.
He couldn’t help but became speechless in the secrecy of his heart.
Water Moon Fairyland was located in the core place of the True Martial Secret Territory. Zheng Hexu’s growth rate wasn’t quick. So, he really wanted to cultivate here. But, Ye Xiwen was the one who had arrived to cultivate here at this time. And, he had merely guided him till here. He couldn’t cultivate here in secrecy. However, it would be great if he could stay here for some more time.
Ye Xiwen didn’t mind that either. So, he also continued to observe the True Martial Secret Territory along the way.
Both of them soon entered an endless desert. It was stretched as far as one could see. There were sandstorms billowing everywhere. In fact, the range of these sandstorms seemed nearly endless. Most importantly, Ye Xiwen almost didn’t feel a bit of spirit energy here. He had been able to feel the world principles very clearly before. However, they were very faintly visible here. In fact, they were almost hard to feel.
(To be continued)

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