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The Martial Arts Competition between the four forces had come to an end. Ye Xiwen had won this term’s championship amidst the cheers of everyone. The outcome of almost all the previous competitions had been controversial. However, one could hardly raise any question on the outcome of this term’s competition. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the other forces were certainly depressed. However, they didn’t show any objection on the outcome. They had seen the entire competition with their own eyes. They had seen that Ye Xiwen had effortlessly defeated his enemies by relying on his tyrannical strength. Moreover, they had witnessed his transformed appearance in his final battle with Emperor Chen. It’s not that the other people were too weak. Rather, Ye Xiwen was far too strong.

Wouldn’t those who had lost at Ye Xiwen’s hands have lost their faces even further if they had raised questions on him?

Therefore, hardly anyone raised any question once the Martial Arts Competition came to an end. Several people gasped in surprise though. However, the competition had ended anyway. They could no longer change the result. In fact, the people of the major forces had already started to pack their bags in order to return to their respective homes. Three major forces had suffered disastrous losses in this time’s competition.

The Fire Cloud Cave’s only heaven’s pride expert, Chi Tian, had been killed by Ye Xiwen. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had high hopes for Twin Stars Brother. However, they couldn’t even display their true strength in the fight, and had ultimately been defeated by Ye Xiwen. They weren’t able to collaborate and attack together; many people had found that to be a very pitiful fact.

The Muddy Sky Island’s condition was better among those three forces. After all, Sea Demon Jin Wushan was still alive. He had surrendered in front of Emperor Chen since they were acquaintances. Therefore, he hadn’t died.

The True Martial University was this time’s victor. But, even their condition wasn’t good. They had lost Qin Wang. And, Han Bing Wang had been injured seriously, and hadn’t been able to recover as yet. Ye Xiwen had won the championship. But, that was only a modest compensation at most.

This had been a brutal competition. All the participants were outstanding experts. In fact, many people went as far as to say that no matter how powerful these heaven’s pride experts were — they all were merely meant to pave the way for the champion in the end.

The road to invincibility is paved with endless skeletons. And, these people might also end up becoming the bones to pave others’ road to invincibility. Everyone trembled in fear as they thought of this possibility.

Therefore, the number of participants wasn’t too big in comparison to the enormous population of disciple community. Even the lucrative rewards hadn’t helped this fact.

However, this competition had already ended. And, it had left behind countless memories. In fact, it had also left behind an invincible legend. Ye Xiwen’s tyrannical figure had entered into their eyes for the first time. But, it had engraved itself into their souls.

They might never forget that a man named Ye Xiwen had suppressed many outstanding experts fair-and-square to win the championship.

Ye Xiwen’s name had spread throughout the world after this competition. In fact, he had also become famous in the distant Central Region through the word of mouth. People had started to praise Ye Xiwen as an outstanding young expert from the Southern Region. He was undoubtedly on the verge of giving shock to countless young experts. And, there were many who now considered him an eyesore. And, such people desperately wanted to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

However, becoming invincible in the future wasn’t Ye Xiwen’s goal. He had wanted to temper himself through this competition. This was the reason for which he had returned to participate in this Martial Arts Competition, and this had been his greatest harvest as well. There were other rewards as well. And, his wealth had increased considerably after this competition. His stock of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ had surpassed 20 million. Apart from the champion’s reward he got by winning the competition — he also won 3 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ for betting on his own victory. However, the biggest reward had come from the Jade Yang Peak – an amount of 10 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’.

He still remembered the astonished look in the eyes of the expert of the Jade Yang Peak who had arrived to give him the ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. They perhaps hadn’t thought of a possibility wherein he’d become the champion in the end.

The Jade Yang Peak had offered a reward of 10 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in a rage because Emperor Chen had killed Qin Wang. However, they hadn’t believed that Ye Xiwen could kill Emperor Chen.

Ye Xiwen had been famous from the start. He was considered very tyrannical in the younger generation. However, Emperor Chen was extremely powerful. After all, even Qin Wang hadn’t lasted long in front of him, and had been killed rather easily by Emperor Chen. So, how could Ye Xiwen possibly kill Emperor Chen? It could be said that they were overestimating Emperor Chen. It would be better to say that they hadn’t expected that there could be such a big disparity between Ye Xiwen and Qin Wang. Qin Wang had lost in front of Emperor Chen very easily. But, the latter didn’t stand a chance against Ye Xiwen. This was like a mockery on Qin Wang’s memory.

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t care about how astonished that expert of the Jade Yang Peak was. Obtaining this reward of 10 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ was the most important thing for him. He wasn’t even worried that the-said person would refuse to give him the reward. After all, 10 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ was an astronomical wealth for a semi-sage experts. In fact, it wasn’t a small amount for the sage realm experts either. However, this amount wasn’t enough to make such a countless-years-old inheritance like Jade Yang Peak to break their promise to reward Ye Xiwen. After all, it was one among the Top 10 Inheritances.

Now, Ye Xiwen didn’t need to worry about the shortage of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ before he had made a breakthrough into the sage realm since he possessed more than 20 million in his stock. The consumption rate of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ for his cultivation was much higher than that for an ordinary person. However, 20 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ were still enough.

Ye Xiwen was about to leave for the ‘Hidden Star Peak’ from the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’ when he saw a young man rushing over from some distance. This man had a very fair skin tone.

"Brother Ye, please wait!" that young man saw Ye Xiwen, and immediately asked him to stop.

Ye Xiwen saw his clothes. He seemed like a disciple of the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’. But, he had restrained his aura. Moreover, the principles in his body were condensed together; not scattered. This meant that this man was a sage expert.

"May I know the Senior Brother’s name…?" Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in obeisance and asked.

"My name is Zeng Hexu!" the young man smiled and replied. A smile as bright as the sun appeared on his face. However, it wasn’t as dazzling as Qi Feifan’s smile. His smile looked a bit milder to that of Qi Feifan.

"Nice to meet you, Senior Brother Zeng. What’s the reason behind your visit?" Ye Xiwen asked doubtfully. He had already received the champion’s reward. So, what else it could be?

"Actually, the Supreme Lord has sent me to inform Junior Brother Ye that the Water Moon Cave will be opened for you tomorrow. It is located inside the True Martial Secret Territory. I hope that Young Brother Ye makes preparations since the allotted time is 3 years!" Zeng Hexu replied as he looked at Ye Xiwen; an inexplicable look of envy could be seen flashing in his eyes.

"True Martial Secret Territory?" Ye Xiwen trembled as soon as he heard these four words. [So it’s the True Martial Secret Territory!]

True Martial Secret Territory was extremely famous in the True Martial University. However, not everyone knew where it was located. On the contrary, only a very few people knew about what was inside the True Martial Secret Territory even though it was extremely famous.

And, that’s because the True Martial Secret Territory wasn’t open to ordinary people. It was accessible only to a few core disciples; and that too only to a very few outstanding core disciples. Only the seed disciples that were at the peak of the sage realm got the opportunity to enter True Martial Secret Territory.

A place like the True Martial Secret Territory had left behind endless legends for the experts below the rank of core disciples. And, this was the True Martial University’s core place as per the legends. There were obviously many rumours floating-around in the True Martial University. One such rumour said that several old and monstrous experts had died in a seated posture… or had vanished within True Martial Secret Territory. And, they had become living fossils now. But, these very people had once practiced with full devotion within the True Martial Secret Territory in the hope to make a breakthrough to the next realm.

However, it was still a sacred place for many disciples of the True Martial University. It was said that the founder had once established the True Martial University’s orthodox teaching in the True Martial Secret Territory.

Only a handful of elite true-disciples were allowed to enter the True Martial Secret Territory apart from those highest-level elders. Nobody had ever heard that any disciple below the rank of core disciples had gotten the opportunity to enter this place.

Ye Xiwen was barely hanging to the rank of core disciple since he was still at the semi-sage realm. So, he wasn’t a full-fledged core disciple yet.

Everyone who had gone there had advanced by leaps and bounds in the ensuring years, and had become the True Martial University’s pillars and elites soon after they had come out of that place.

And, that was because only the outstanding core disciples who were at the Sage Great Complete realm would get to go there on normal occasions. So, they would come out as great sage exerts. Therefore, it could be said that this was also a shortcut that led to the great sage realm.

Ye Xiwen had obviously yearned for the True Martial Secret Territory as well. However, he hadn’t really thought about it before when it came to it. That’s because his strength wasn’t enough for it. The rank of a ‘core disciple’ was certainly attached to his name. However, he was far from the standards of a core disciple. The Sage realm was still far away. Let alone the Sage Great Complete realm. The gap between that and his current level was the same as the difference between cloud and mud… or the Heaven and Earth.

In fact, he might not be allowed to enter the True Martial Secret Territory even if he were to reach the Sage Great Complete realm. Only those who had perform a great service to the True Martial University possessed enough accumulated-points to enter this place.

One would gain points every time one would complete a mission for the True Martial University. And, only those who had enough points could enter this place. However, all those points would be exchanged for days they’d get to spend inside the place at the time of their entry. In fact, a year’s time could make a sage expert go bankrupt! Let alone three years…

Three years’ time was quite short for an expert. More so because of the closed-door training sessions… and so on... In fact, it would pass in a split second. However, it mattered a lot when it came to aspect of the location that one was undergoing closed-door training at. And, one could obtain unimaginable benefits in three years of closed-door training inside the True Martial Secret Territory.

"Yes, Young Brother Ye. Your performance was outstanding this time. It has greatly boosted the prestige of our True Martial University. Your outstanding performance has been taken into account, and you will gain access to the Water Moon Cave inside the True Martial Secret Territory for three years as your reward!" Zeng Hexu looked at Ye Xiwen and replied. An exceptionally envious look flashed in his eyes as he said this. Even he could only dream about a place like the True Martial Secret Territory since he didn’t have enough points to enter it. It wasn’t that he didn’t have enough points to enter it for even one day. However, spending one or two days in that place was insignificant. One must at least have enough points for more than one month’s stay to see any significant results.

(To be continued)

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