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These wind and thunder storms had arrived in a huge quantity. They weren’t too powerful. However, the quantity was extremely huge. In fact, they seemed like a torrential downpour. The golden lion’s speed was very high. It appeared like a golden lightning as it moved. However, the problem was that the scope of Ye Xiwen’s stretched devil wings was too broad. In fact, they were like two huge golden clouds. Emperor Chen and the golden lion were unable to get out of its range in such a short period of time as a result. So, they were forced in a somewhat difficult situation. They didn’t sustain severe injuries. However, this had left them extremely depressed.

Suddenly, two golden lights flashed. Ye Xiwen finally opened his eyes. Then, a loud and sharp piercing ‘shua’ sound reverberated out of the blue, and he moved into action. And, he disappeared in front of everyone’s sight as a result.

People suddenly lost sight of Ye Xiwen as soon as this scene blossomed before their eyes. They had to condense their ‘real elemental energy’ in their eyes to enhance their vision. However, they were barely able to see his afterimage even then…

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen pressed down his palm. It pounded upon Emperor Chen, but it seemed as if a mountain was smashing down from the sky.

"Rumble!" Emperor Chen’s movement wasn’t slow either. In fact, he was even quicker than the golden lion. He promptly turned around, and shot his lance upward to face the incoming attack.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s palm and Emperor Chen’s lance collided. The sound of the collision of metals sounded. Everyone was so scared upon witnessing this scene that they almost fell down from their seats.

Everyone knew that Emperor Chen’s lance was a sage tool. In fact, it was strong enough strong to pierce the void. It was exceptionally terrifying. It could even stab a sage expert to death.

However, a sound of collision between iron and gold had resounded when it collided with Ye Xiwen’s palm. This indicated that Ye Xiwen’s body was intrepid to the point of exaggeration. He had failed to break this lance into pieces, but his flesh had still managed to counterbalance the incredible might of this sage tool. Such kind of a body was intrepid beyond any limits.

He possessed such kind of a body. How could anybody be his opponent?!

Speed, strength, and physical toughness — he had perfected these attributes to the peak. It was sufficient to place him at the top among his peers. After all, Emperor Chen was ranked at the top because of his spatial ability.

Moreover, everyone had also witnessed Ye Xiwen’s incredible speed. They could only his see his figure on occasions even though they had enhanced their visions. Moreover, his physical toughness was so tyrannical that it had left them stunned. After all, his body could be compared with a sage tool. He had clashed head-on with a sage tool. Such bodily strength had left everyone in awe.

Moreover, it was of pivotal importance to note that he also possessed insane strength. His attack had barely touched Emperor Chen’s body, but the man’s arm was still left to tremble from the shock. It was evident that this attack had left a decent effect on him. It could be said that Ye Xiwen’s slap would’ve broken all the bones in the body of an average person, and would’ve left the said-person unable to stand up.

Many people realized that Emperor Chen’s body was also extremely tyrannical. They hadn’t realized it earlier. They were only attracted to his spatial ability before. His spatial ability had obscured everything else. However, one couldn’t blame the others since he himself was dazzled by this spatial ability alone. He felt that many of his own characteristics and skills had become insignificant in front of this spatial ability.

Everyone else seemed to think so as well. It wasn’t that they thought that he didn’t possess any other skill. However, his spatial ability was too amazing.

However, his collision with Ye Xiwen had made them realized that his body was also extremely tyrannical. One must keep in mind that Ye Xiwen had defeated the Barbarian God’s Real Body – Chi Tian – at a lightning speed.

This fight had confused them even more. After all, both of the individuals were insanely powerful.

"What kind of magical power is this?" An extreme greedy look flashed in the eyes of the Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall when he saw Ye Xiwen’s huge wings. His high cultivation level had allowed him to read Ye Xiwen’s movements rather clearly. He had surpassed the great sage realm. So, ordinary magical powers and martial art techniques were unlikely to attract his attention. However, Ye Xiwen’s devil wings had made him excited. He could tell that Ye Xiwen’s magical power was truly outstanding. In fact, it had increased Ye Xiwen’s speed to such a terrifying extent that many sage experts couldn’t match his current speed. Fortunately, his opponent was a tyrannical expert like Emperor Chen; he also possessed extremely fast speed. Otherwise, it would have been a child’s play for Ye Xiwen to kill an ordinary person at his current speed.

Therefore, this Lord’s speed would also advance by leaps and bounds if he could get hold of this magical power. Even his strength would increase enormously if that were to happen!

The Lord of the Fire Cloud Cave was keeping a close eye on Ye Xiwen’s body. Several people had been stunned when they had seen how Ye Xiwen had tackled the sage tool. Even an expert like him was no exception — despite the fact that he had surpassed the great sage realm. And, that’s because he had come to realize that Ye Xiwen’s body was probably more tyrannical than the Barbarian God’s Real Body. Moreover, it wasn’t a question of the disparity in martial power. He knew that one couldn’t possibly clash with a sage tool whilst still being at semi-sage realm. In fact, even the most frightening Barbarian God’s Real Body couldn’t achieve this feat. Someone had once tried to break a sage tool with bare hands after they had become a sage expert. However, that had happened a long time ago.

He had always taken that to be a mere legend. However, he had come to realize that there’s always someone out there who’s better. Similarly, Ye Xiwen’s cultivated body was probably more tyrannical than the Barbarian God’s Real Body.

He got very excited as he realized this. One must know that these southern barbarian forces had risen to influence by relying on their strong physiques. And, the possession of such an extremely powerful body meant that Ye Xiwen must also possess some kind of a secret body technique. And, this had attracted his attention far more than the devil wings ever could.

He might rise above all others in the ensuing-war among Southern Barbarian Forces if he could obtain such a body!

One needed to pay a huge price to cultivate the Barbarian God’s Real Body. Moreover, one would also require the ‘Flaming Sun Real Water’. But, it seemed like Ye Xiwen must’ve faced far lesser difficulties. After all, it was evident that Ye Xiwen had cultivated his body to such an extent on his own. And, that trace of astonishment on the face of the Supreme Lord of the True Martial University had made this fact overly obvious. This meant that even he didn’t know anything about Ye Xiwen’s physique. Therefore, Ye Xiwen must’ve cultivated this physique one his own.

Ye Xiwen had cultivated such a physique alone. So, this Lord would be able to nurture several people with physiques like Ye Xiwen’s if he were to put the entire resources of the Fire Cloud Cave into cultivating physiques. And, that would easily make-up for the loss of Chi Tian’s talent.

Both these individuals had revealed their hidden abilities in this fight. For example, Emperor Chen’s tyrannical body had unexpectedly got exposed. In addition, Ye Xiwen had never revealed such incredible speed and astonishing magical abilities in the past. Even the people of their own sects didn’t know that they possessed such abilities.

It’s instinctual for people to keep their secret abilities hidden… until they are forced to reveal. Their opponents hadn’t been able to compel them to display their full potential so far. Perhaps it could be said that they didn’t feel the need to use their hidden powers. However, they had unleashed their powers without any hesitation in the face of tyrannical experts like each other.




Ye Xiwen was extremely fast. He appeared like a golden flash to the eyes of the spectators. In fact, his speed would increase beyond unimaginable proportions whenever he’d flap his huge wings.

He continued to attack Emperor Chen in order to kill him. It seemed as if every palm attack of his’ could break the heavens.

Emperor Chen didn’t get the time to breathe in the face of Ye Xiwen’s quick and heavy attacks. In fact, it could be said that he had become tired of running for his life to no end.

It wasn’t that Emperor Chen wasn’t enough tyrannical. Rather, Ye Xiwen was far too powerful. Everyone felt that everything about Ye Xiwen had become tyrannical to an astonishing level… whether it was his strength, speed, or physical toughness. He could kill a heaven’s pride expert in one slap with such tyrannical body. He wouldn’t even need to use his ‘real elemental energy’ for that.

Ye Xiwen’s speed had reached the extreme after he had launched the devil wings. In fact, the speed of lightning wasn’t enough to describe his current speed. An average person couldn’t even see him. In fact, even Emperor Chen could barely see him. He could somehow keep up… but that too with great difficulty.

Emperor Chen was able to react. However, he couldn’t match Ye Xiwen’s speed. Therefore, he had no option but to watch as Ye Xiwen assumed complete the control. He had no way to counter Ye Xiwen’s attacks.

His body wasn’t strong enough to contend against Ye Xiwen head-on. It was only strong enough to prevent itself from getting smashed in a moment’s time.

The spectators with discerning eyes could see that Ye Xiwen would kill Emperor Chen if the fight continued like this.

"Ye Xiwen is extremely ferocious. Who could’ve thought that he would possess such abilities? Whether its speed, strength, or body — it seems that he has grasped all the magical power techniques. And, these techniques are extremely difficult to understand in reality! How can he be so ferocious? How many adventures has he been on!?"

"Yeah! Even I was very optimistic about Emperor Chen earlier. After all, he possesses the spatial ability. However, I didn’t expect that things would turn out like this. Ye Xiwen has completely suppressed him under his attacks. Emperor Chen is no match for him."

Such strength was extremely tyrannical. It was too scary!

Many believed that Emperor Chen’s strength was also extremely tyrannical, and had no limits. In fact, his body and speed were both high-handed. Qin Wang didn’t have any power to fight back when he had faced the repeated offensives, and he had gotten killed in the end. Therefore, Emperor Chen could be ranked at the top of the younger generation.

However, such an expert had been suppressed by Ye Xiwen. In fact, the man didn’t even have the power to fight back.

"That’s quite normal. Emperor Chen possesses tyrannical strength. However, he was mainly depending on his spatial ability. And, that’s the reason why he hadn’t revealed his true strength in the past. It doesn’t matter how tyrannical Ye Xiwen is… he wouldn’t have been able to match Emperor Chen’s speed if Emperor Chen had revealed his spatial ability inside the microcosm. In fact, Emperor Chen wouldn’t have been the one getting suppressed at this moment if that had come to happen. Rather, Ye Xiwen would’ve been the one getting suppressed. And, Ye Xiwen’s tyrannical strength would’ve been of no use if that scenario had unfolded!"

"Damn it! How can this Ye Xiwen be so lucky? This is simply despicable. Ye Xiwen would’ve been like a feather in front of Emperor Chen’s spatial ability if the space of the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’ wasn’t so strongly strengthened!" a disciple of Muddy Sky Island complained in a rather unreconciled manner.

(To be continued)

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