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The disciples of the other forces became somewhat speechless. They looked at this disciple of the Muddy Sky Island. Emperor Chen’s superiority wasn’t enough for him because the environment had suddenly become unfavourable for him? The situation was the same for the both of them. Emperor Chen had been restricted. However, it wasn’t as if Ye Xiwen hadn’t been restricted. He too couldn’t attack extravagantly.

However, everyone had no choice but to admit that this situation was too advantageous for Ye Xiwen. The restrictions had been imposed on both of them. But, Emperor Chen’s spatial ability had been restricted. There was also a restriction on Ye Xiwen, but it wasn’t very evident.

This hadn’t been seen as that overwhelming of a change in the beginning. However, nobody had anticipated that Ye Xiwen would possess such terrifying magical power, and that his speed would increase to the pinnacle. And, that too at a time when Emperor Chen’s speed had been restricted to a great degree! Ye Xiwen’s speed had increased significantly. Therefore, the restrictions of this space had turned out to be a good thing for Ye Xiwen.

"Lucky? Is this merely just good luck?" a True Martial University’s disciple spoke-up with disdain, "Didn’t you pay attention to Ye Xiwen’s wisdom in battle? He didn’t give the Twin Stars Brothers any chance to collaborate when he had fought them. And, he eventually stunned everyone by killing them quickly. Therefore, the contest which was supposed to be a bitter struggle transformed into a one-sided battle. And, he has shattered the microcosm this time. Is it a case of ‘Ye Xiwen’s good luck or Emperor Chen’s bad luck’? Is it that simple? Can’t it be possible that Ye Xiwen might have planned to drag him to the Metropolis Martial Peak for the real fight?"

This True Martial University disciple had spoken of another possibility. Everyone held their breath as they heard this. Ye Xiwen’s planning ability had transcended everyone’s imagination if this disciple was correct!

He had thought of a good way to deal with the adverse situation in the midst of this fast-paced battle. He had transformed an unfavourable situation into a favourable one as a result. And, he would be considered dreadful if he had pre-planned this. Who could match such battle wisdom?

Of course, they didn’t know that the restricted space had also affected Ye Xiwen. The principle of flight employed by his devil wings was very different from that of a bird’s principle of flight. He must manipulate the principle of flight, but he must also do the same with the principle of space. The principle of space was also a very important part. He couldn’t possibly manoeuvre-around at such speeds in the air without manipulating the principle of space.

The restriction on the spatial ability had turned out to be a big disaster for Emperor Chen. However, it didn’t cause a small effect on Ye Xiwen either. Ye Xiwen had planned to go all-out while he’d compete against Emperor Chen. The opposite party could teleport-away in a flash, but Ye Xiwen had his plans to deal with him.

However, it suddenly seemed as if his plans weren’t needed. It had become a lot easier to surround and kill Emperor Chen in this scenario. He didn’t care whether it was fair or unfair to Emperor Chen. He didn’t think about these things. Only an idiot would think about fair and unfair things in the middle of a battle.

A lot of things in this world were unfair. For example, Emperor Chen had challenged him to a fight without considering the fact that he had fought against the Twin Stars Brother a moment ago. Emperor Chen had forced him to fight without caring about whether it was fair or unfair. So, he could go to hell if he wanted to complain about the unfairness of the situation!

Ye Xiwen’s eyes were only fixed on Emperor Chen at the moment. He wanted to kill Emperor Chen. He believed that Emperor Chen wouldn’t have let go of a chance such as this to kill him!

"Inverting Ocean Seal!" Ye Xiwen’s shout gave rise to a sonic boom. Suddenly, endless water-drops appeared in the sky behind Emperor Chen. The water droplets condensed into a vast ocean-like blue seal, and pounded towards Emperor Chen.

"Bang!" Emperor Chen didn’t get the time to react. And, this attack pounded on his body. His hands had already become numb after having fought for so long. They weren’t as flexible as before. They had been rendered lifeless by the shocks caused by Ye Xiwen’s attacks during the course of fight.

Emperor Chen’s armor got shattered into small pieces. This water-based attack had seemed feeble at first, but it had condensed to form an extremely mighty attack.

It had broken his armor, and it had also badly injured his body. His flesh had been ruptured, and blood had started to splash out. His bones had also been exposed. In fact, he had nearly been crushed to death by Ye Xiwen.

"What? Emperor Chen has sustained injuries?" Everyone was startled. Emperor Chen had been suppressed and forced into a disadvantageous position by Ye Xiwen. However, being suppressed and sustaining injuries were completely different things. He had merely been suppressed by Ye Xiwen until this moment. However, he still had enough strength to hold his own. But, he had now sustained injuries. Such deep injuries indicated vulnerability… and the beginning of an inevitable defeat!

That’s because these injuries would affect Emperor Chen’s ability to react. The regeneration pace of Ye Xiwen’s ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’ was extremely fast. However, it still required some time to heal the injuries in moments of vulnerability times. Ye Xiwen would inevitably have his weak moments in the future. His ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’ would certainly shorten his vulnerable moments to the minimum. However, that short period of time would be enough for some top-tier expert to give a decisive blow to him. However, Emperor Chen’s secret healing technique wasn’t as good as Ye Xiwen’s.

Therefore, this time period was enough for Ye Xiwen to gain an upper hand, and give him a fatal blow.

"Emperor Chen, there is nothing left for you to say. It’s time for your death. I will send you on your way to the afterlife!" Ye Xiwen laughed and spoke. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he saw that his biggest enemy was about to die at his hands. He had burst into laughter because of this strange and carefree feeling. In fact, he was dripping with delight. He suddenly had an illusion… he felt as if he was going to make a breakthrough.

People are often unable to make breakthroughs. This isn’t limited to the fact that the accumulation of energy isn’t enough. Instead, it’s mainly because of the shackles on their spirits. This is the so-called case of the dilemma of the person who has his will shattered by someone. And, this shackles that person’s spirit. These shackles are usually invisible, but they appear when the said-person confronts that ‘someone’ again. And, these invisible shackles strongly bind the-said person when that happens.

Ye Xiwen had been afraid of Emperor Chen since that time on the Demon Island. And, his spirit had been shackled by the invisible shackles of Emperor Chen ever since.

Generally, it’s quite difficult for people to perceive these shackles. However, it is extremely dangerous. It can even evolve into the inner demons within one’s heart, and might also obstruct one’s cultivation thereafter. However, such shackles were also good since having inner demons was considered a good thing… but, only as long as one was capable of eradicating them in the future. One would then have a broad view of the world, but only as long as these shackles had been obliterated. They would get the same feeling that a blindfolded person gets when their blindfold is suddenly removed from over their eyes.

Ye Xiwen perceived the same kind of feeling at this moment. His cultivation hadn’t made a breakthrough for a long time. But, he could faintly feel the signs of making a breakthrough at this moment. It was true that the quickest way to make a breakthrough was during a combat.

Ye Xiwen was laughing loudly, but he had become even more cautious. The closer one reaches to victory… the more one needs to be cautious! He wouldn’t wish to lose the upper hand and suffer an unexpected defeat in the end. Such experience would be too hard to bear.

An ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’ condensed on top of Ye Xiwen’s hand, and swept down towards Emperor Chen and the Golden Lion. It blotted-out the sky and covered the earth as it pounded upon them! It seemed as if this attack would kill Emperor Chen.

Emperor Chen and the Golden Lion were sent flying by the attack. However, they also got the opportunity to get away from Ye Xiwen’s attack-range. They finally got the time to respite as a result.

"Roar!" the golden lion roared loudly. It opened its mouth like a sacrificial bowl. A seemingly endless amount of energy fluctuated inside its mouth. It transformed into a huge golden beam of light, and shot towards Ye Xiwen. Then, it collided with the ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’.

"Rumble!" the collision emitted dazzling rays of light, and formed a ball of energy that exploded into a giant mushroom cloud. This mushroom cloud then rose up from the place of the collision. This collision was like an atomic eruption, and had crushed the surrounding ground into fine powder.

That beam of light had gotten crushed between the ground and Ye Xiwen’s ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’, and had burst into golden rays of light that had filled the entire sky. However, the seal had continued to sweep down from above.

"Rumble!" it pounded on the public square and smashed-open a massive crater. The spectators couldn’t help but gasp. The space on top of the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’ had been strengthened countless times. In other words, everything within the confines of this peak must have been strengthened several times. Moreover, that the public square was made-up of solid jade stone. It had also been protected with top-tier barrier formations. However, Ye Xiwen’s ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’ had opened a huge crater in it. The terrifying might of the ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’ was clearly visible. A person probably wouldn’t survive this attack… even if he were to have nine lives to achieve this feat.

This seal technique was absolutely dreadful. They had never seen such a terrifying seal technique. It seemed as if a god had imparted this technique.

Everyone understood what kind of attack Emperor Chen had just faced. Even a top expert like him didn’t have the power to fight back when faced with Ye Xiwen’s attack since he was battered and exhausted. So, he didn’t have any way out.

It wasn’t that Emperor Chen was too weak. Rather, Ye Xiwen was far too powerful.

"Where’s Emperor Chen!" Smoke and dust had scattered. Sharp sighted people tried, but couldn’t spot Emperor Chen. It seemed as if he had disappeared into thin air. Ye Xiwen’s attack was very terrifying. However, it couldn’t have annihilated Emperor Chen on an atomic level after having struck him. The remains of his body must’ve remained still. However, they couldn’t see any trace of him at the moment. Even his golden lion had disappeared without a trace!

Ye Xiwen felt that his attack hadn’t actually hit Emperor Chen. In fact, he had clear felt a spatial fluctuation, and had felt that Emperor Chen had teleported away.

[How’s this possible? He can use his teleportation ability here as well?!]

Ye Xiwen was kind of terrified in his heart. He didn’t know how Emperor Chen had escaped. Had he been able to use his spatial ability even in this situation?! However, Ye Xiwen had become even more vigilant because Emperor Chen might appear at any place if he could use his spatial ability here. And, this was extremely dangerous for Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen condensed his ‘real elemental energy’ in his eyes, and opened his ‘discernment vision’. He was paying absolute attention to spot any fluctuations in the surrounding space. He had also swept out his ‘divine sense’. So, he was prepared to sense Emperor Chen’s presence anywhere and anytime.

"Ye Xiwen, it’s over now!" an ice-cold and merciless voice resounded.

(To be continued).

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