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The aftermath of the fight between these two individuals was too frightening. The entire microcosm had collapsed.

The space has the ability to restore automatically. Many legendary level experts could also rip the space apart. However, the torn-space would automatically restore itself the very next second. It was impossible for them to damage it to such an extent that it couldn’t self-recover. Not to mention, the bigger the world… the harder it is to destroy it.

This was merely a microcosm. But, these two had exploded it into small pieces. The fight between Ye Xiwen and Emperor Chen had reached a terrifying extent. Both of them possessed extremely tyrannical strength.

Those two came out of the collapsing microcosm, and landed in an arena that was located on top of the Metropolis Martial Peak.

"Rumble!" the terrifying explosion set-off a series of storms. The impact made a huge crater on that stage even though it was made of strong jade.

Everyone was dumbstruck when they saw this scene. They hadn’t anticipated that the fight between these two individuals would be so incredible.

The Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers had also broken the microcosm. However, they hadn’t been able to shatter it in its entirety. The microcosm had restored itself soon-enough in that case.

However, these two individuals had shattered the microcosm into pieces. This microcosm was less than 100 Km in range. However, it was still a world in its own. It wasn’t that big, and was only like a fragment of a world. But, this microcosm had been shattered so thoroughly that it had failed to restore itself. Everyone was left in awe because of this. It could be said that they had nearly been scared to death.

The experts of the younger generation had especially become even more frightened and apprehensive. After all, these experts and these two individuals belonged to the same generation. Therefore, they were very concerned about the strength of these two individuals.

In fact, they had a premonition that the winner of this fight would mark the beginning of a new era. And, these disciples might have to live under the shadow of the winner of this battle for a very long time.

They secretly compared themselves with these two individuals. However, they realized that they wouldn’t stand a chance if they were to exchange places with any one of these two.

These two reached to the top of the public square of the Metropolis Martial Peak while fighting. The space on top of the Metropolis Martial Peak had been strengthened. Therefore, it was quite difficult for them to break-open the space even if they would attack with the entirety of their strength. In fact, only small cracks would appear even if they succeeded in breaking the space.

However, the attacks of both of these individuals had still reached an intense and marvellous degree. None of the two was holding back one bit.

"This is not fair!" a disciple of Muddy Sky Island yelled. "The space above this Metropolis Martial Peak is restricted. So, it’s not that easy to shuttle back and forth in this space. It has imposed an enormous restriction on Emperor Chen’s spatial ability!"

He had barely made this remark when the disciples of the True Martial University suddenly looked at him bitterly. [Dammit! This bastard is too shameless. Emperor Chen possesses spatial ability. Is that any fair? Then, how’s this unfair? He’s talking such nonsense!]

"Die!" Emperor Chen roared, and the released-sonic-boom dissipated in all directions. His aura condensed into a pillar of energy. It then soared into the sky as it reached an extremely dreadful point. His golden lion let out a long and loud roar. It brandished its sharp claws, and grabbed the air surrounding itself. An explosion occurred, and a vacuum region was consequently formed.

The golden lion moved in a flash. It then suddenly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen to attack. Ye Xiwen’s eyes flashed as soon as he realized that the movement of the golden lion had been much slower this time than it had been moment ago. It hadn’t used its ‘instant teleportation’ ability a moment ago, but there was no doubt that it had used a certain portion of its ‘spatial ability’.

Its speed had reached a terrifying level… thanks to its natural affinity for space. It was as fast as the lightning. Therefore, it was impossible for an average person to respond because the golden lion was moving too fast. Fortunately, it was Ye Xiwen… and, he was able to react in time.

"Whoosh!" Suddenly, a pair of golden wings stretched-open behind Ye Xiwen. What kind of wings were these? They had spread far and wide, and had blotted out the sky… like golden clouds.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this scene. In fact, most people’s first reaction was – Ye Xiwen is a devil.

It was impossible for someone to bring out such terrifying wings. Only the devil race could do this. Many human experts could fly. But, flying was one thing, and using wings to fly was another…

However, several people also noticed it was some kind of magical power. This pair of wings wasn’t made of flesh. Rather, it was made-up of energy. Moreover, this energy was rather intrepid, and could scare a person to death.

"What kind of magical ability is this? How can it be so frightening!?"

These wings were sweeping out waves of golden divinities each time they flapped. And, those golden waves blotted-out the sky, and covered the earth as they swept across.

Moreover, wind and thunder erupted every time these huge wings flapped. It was like a precursor of a rainstorm’s arrival. Ye Xiwen had already practiced his devil wings to an extremely profound level. Moreover, he had also touched upon the principle of flight since he had entered the semi-sage realm.

An ordinary legendary expert couldn’t contend against a semi-sage expert. It was impossible. And, the reason was that a semi-sage expert had touched upon the principles… and the principle of flight was also one of them! The agility skill of semi-sage realm was also at a very high level. Semi-sage experts could tread on the flight principle. So, a legendary expert simply couldn’t match their speed. Ye Xiwen had managed to catch up with the speed of a semi-sage expert when he used to be in legendary realm… thanks to his devil wings. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible to pull that off…

He had also touched upon this principle after he had entered the semi-sage realm. His understanding of this flight principle had climbed-up by a level some time later. He had then come to realize what a terrifying magical ability these ‘devil wings’ were in reality.

Just like ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’ — the ‘devil wings’ was also a magical technique that hadn’t reached an advanced stage yet. It would be considered as an extremely powerful technique once it would be in its true form; it’d be genuinely difficult to deal with thereafter. In fact, Ye Xiwen had been able to use it quite easily and freely even when he used to be weak.

The only difference between now-and-then was in the magnitude of its might. Consequently, the devil wings would become more and more terrifying as his understanding of the principles deepened.

Moreover, it had risen sharply. Ye Xiwen’s understanding of principles had burst forth significantly when he had entered the semi-sage realm after having condensed 1000 dao principles. And, this change had also reflected in his devil wings. Initially, his wings could only help him accelerate while he’d fly. However, his wings had also wielded the power of wind and thunder at this stage. His wings could even split an ordinary semi-sage expert into two halves as a result. This was the result of the understanding of ‘wind and thunder’. And, he had gained this understanding after having crossed the heavenly tribulation several times. He had then integrated his own comprehension of wind and thunder into the devil wings. In fact, this had been his first attempt to modify the devil wings by adding his own comprehension to them.

Ye Xiwen had undergone closed-door training in order to modify his devil wings after he had returned from the lair of the Wind Dragon. And, he had modified them a little bit in order to add some functions to them. However, it was an entirely new step for him. This clearly showed that his comprehension of the principles had reached an entirely new level. His previous understanding of principles hadn’t even reached the end of the devil wings’ functions… forget about the stage of modification.

‘Devil Wing’ was a magical ability that was already in its highest form. It had already reached perfection in a way. So, it was quite difficult to modify it. However, making slight modifications to it was comparatively easier. Even so, Ye Xiwen had to use-up more than 2 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ for that.

Ye Xiwen looked like a Devil God at this time. His devil wings were fluttering, and it seemed as if the clouds were thundering, and were letting him stay afloat in the sky.

"Flap!" an enormous lightning fell from the sky. And, it compelled Emperor Chen and his golden lion to retreat.

"Crash-Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s devil wings were flapping unceasingly, and were sweeping out wind and thunder. Then, the lightning began to seethe within this tempest. It then began to revolve around Ye Xiwen. Soon, it seemed as if he was standing in an ocean of lightning.

Emperor Chen’s complexion had turned gloomy. He hadn’t anticipated that Ye Xiwen could be so tyrannical. The battle had become increasingly intense, and Ye Xiwen had gradually started to reveal his hidden abilities. But, Emperor Chen hadn’t anticipated this scenario earlier. Perhaps, he had never thought that Ye Xiwen could be such a tough opponent. In fact, his mind still had the image of the Ye Xiwen he had met on the Demon Island. He would’ve already fought with Ye Xiwen, and would’ve already killed him if Qing Xu hadn’t interfered.

He didn’t feel anything different at the beginning of the competition. He wasn’t afraid even though Ye Xiwen had progressed rather quickly. He believed that he was the strongest. After all, he had the spatial ability. In fact, who would come forward to say that they were at the first if Emperor Chen were to say that he-himself was at the second rank? He didn’t possess the spatial ability himself… his golden lion did. However, what difference would it make?

They had always been a team!

Sure enough, everyone had suddenly become optimistic about him after he had displayed the spatial ability. The Xuan Yuan Twin Stars were everyone’s favourites for winning this competition at first. However, that had changed after his rise. In fact, they had become totally unworthy of a mention.

However, he hadn’t felt a shred of pride at this. This was inevitable in his opinion; this was a matter of fact. In fact, the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers were two pieces of trash in his opinion.

He merely thought of Ye Xiwen as a ‘scourge’ that he hadn’t been to get rid of earlier. He genuinely never considered Ye Xiwen his rival.

And, this had been his thought process until now. However, his thinking changed after he saw Ye Xiwen’s current avatar, and found out how dreadful he truly was. It was entirely different from the image of Ye Xiwen he had in his mind from back then.

He had no choice but to force himself to not get nervous… so that he could respond calmly.




Ye Xiwen’s huge golden wings were fluttering crazily. Wind and thunder were sweeping across like a rampaging dragon. It seemed as if a rainstorm was about to arrive. Endless thunderstorms gathered, and began to pour down towards Emperor Chen from above… just like raindrops.

"Bang!" the wind and thunder pounded on that golden lion. It struck on its body, and charred a portion it. The golden lion didn’t sustain serious injuries as a result of this attack. However, the force of the lightning had left its body a bit numb. It became sluggish for a short moment as a result of this. However, that ‘short moment’ was enough for Ye Xiwen.

The wind and thunder were present everywhere in the sky. And, they suddenly pounded on the golden lion upon Ye Xiwen’s command.




An endless rain of heavenly thunders poured upon the bodies of the golden lion and Emperor Chen. And, the impact thereof had left them in a difficult situation!

(To be continued)

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