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Chapter 457: Fight Until the World Collapses
The Lord of the Fire Cloud Cave seemed impartial this time. However, his biased attitude in favor of Emperor Chen was ‘almost’ clearly visible. It seemed as if this old guy still secretly held a grudge towards Ye Xiwen for killing Chi Tian. So, he wanted to cause trouble for Ye Xiwen.
Perhaps, there was an even deeper reason. Maybe he wanted both of them to lose. One must know that these two individuals possessed excessively tyrannical strength. They could easily defeat the heaven’s pride experts of the same generation. And, this was too scary. It didn’t matter who among these two individuals would win this competition. But, the said-victor would become the biggest threat for the younger generation of the other forces. Therefore, it would be best if they were to mutually wound or kill each other. The Lords of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Fire Cloud Cave obviously wanted this scenario to take place.
The Lord of the Muddy Sky Island heard the words of the Lord of the Fire Cloud Cave. However, he didn’t say anything; and, that was rather unexpected. Perhaps, these two lords had made such remarks out of good intentions. However, he also knew that these two lords didn’t genuinely harbour any good intentions; in fact, they weren’t nice people to begin with. But, this decision was biased in favour of Emperor Chen nonetheless. Emperor Chen and Ye Xiwen had just fought their battles a few moments ago, but there was a difference of heaven and earth between their respective opponents. Emperor Chen’s opponent was merely a quasi-heaven’s pride expert. However, Ye Xiwen had faced two top heaven’s pride experts.
The results were same, and both of them had effortlessly defeated their opponents in no time. But, Emperor Chen was the one to face the resentment of the public. After all, that quasi-heaven’s pride expert of the True Martial University couldn’t possibly be compared with the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars.
However, he didn’t feel grateful towards the others two lords. His heart was already assured that Emperor Chen stood at the invincible position since he possessed the ‘spatial ability’. Moreover, Emperor Chen possessed tyrannical strength. In fact, his strength was beyond everyone’s imagination.
Therefore, he was expected to win smoothly. Even the incredible strength of Ye Xiwen would end up being useless in this case. In fact, it would be pointless since he couldn’t even land an attack on Emperor Chen. He could only get thrashed by Emperor Chen, and would lose sooner or later. There wasn’t any suspense attached to this battle. So, letting it take place at an earlier time would change nothing. Therefore, there was no need to treat it as a ‘favour’.
The Supreme Lord of the True Martial University spoke-up at this time.
"Let’s see what he chooses!"
This choice must be put in the hands of Ye Xiwen. Emperor Chen’s strength would also be useless if Ye Xiwen didn’t agree to fight at this time. After all, he couldn’t possible contend against those extremely tyrannical great sage experts, could he?
They would crush him to death within no time. Even his spatial ability wouldn’t be of any use against them. They were skilled-enough to rush over and kill him before he would get a chance to teleport away.
Emperor Chen was coldly looking at Ye Xiwen. He looked arrogant and despotic. His monstrous aura had surged up significantly. It seemed as if he would attack Ye Xiwen and kill him right now. However, Ye Xiwen knew that Emperor Chen wouldn’t dare to attack him. He would have to face the consequence if he attacked. The Supreme Lord would crush him into pieces.
This was the ground reality.
"Ye Xiwen, do you dare to fight?!" Emperor Chen shouted solemnly. He was seated upright atop his mount in midair. He looked like a huge mountain, and was giving-off an enormous suppression force.
"I will buy you a ride to hell since you’re in such a hurry to die!" Ye Xiwen replied coldly.

His fight with the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars hadn’t affected him in any way. He might’ve been under a big threat if they had collaborated. However, he had made the first strike, and had gained an upper hand in the fight. He didn’t even give them a chance to collaborate. He obviously got very less time to pull it off. However, he made good of use of the available time, and caught them off guard. And, he managed to kill both of them as a result.
Moreover, he also possessed the ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’. So, he didn’t need to be afraid of successive fights. Emperor Chen was gravely mistaken if he thought that Ye Xiwen must be exhausted because of his previous battle, and that he could take advantage of it. In fact, that would be his doom.
It didn’t matter to Emperor Chen whether the fight would be preponed by a day, or postponed by another. It was all-the-same to him. This fight had to take place sooner or later. However, he wanted this battle to take place as soon as possible so that he could settle the scores without any further delay.
"We can finally settle the grudges from our time on the Demon Island properly!" Ye Xiwen solemnly added.
"What? Ye Xiwen agreed to fight with Emperor Chen? How’s this possible? Isn’t he afraid of losing because of exhaustion?" someone asked in disbelief. Ye Xiwen wanted to fight in this situation. There was no difference between this, and deliberately getting one’s head caught between doors as far as most people were concerned.
"Moreover, it seems that both these individuals have some past grudges. Demon Island, where is this place? Why does it sound familiar?" someone asked in a doubtful manner.
"I know about Demon Island. It’s an island that opens once in every 50 years. And, many young elites of the 10 countries of the Southeast region are summoned to this island!" a disciple of the True Martial University explained. He had heard the legends of the Demon Island.
"So, it’s that Demon Island. I think it’s a very strange place. It’s said that many top experts of the younger generation have also stemmed from the Demon Island. However, the Demon Island Bell only summons the strongest geniuses of the Southeast Region. Many people had deliberately rushed there even though they hadn’t been summoned. And, many of those experts located this strange place; there were several great sage experts among them too. However, they never returned from there."
"I didn’t expect that these two individuals have already met each other on that Demon Island. So, both of them belong to Southeast Region… that small region. Ha ha. It’s ridiculous. Most outstanding disciples of the top forces of the Southern Region have come from the Southeast Region!"
Many disciples had started to discuss about the Demon Island. Demon Island had a sinister reputation. It was even famous among the four forces. Many people had started to wonder that these two must’ve visited the Demon Island. So, they must’ve obtained some amazing treasures from there. After all, the Demon Island once used to be the burial place for gods according to the legends. Even Emperor Chen’s mount — that golden lion — had come from the Demon Island.
Ye Xiwen was lean and skinny. However, he looked like the very incarnation of an ancient god at the moment. His golden divinities crawled over his entire body. And, it seemed as if he was clad in a golden divine robe.
The golden divinities condensed, and surged forth as gigantic sea waves. These golden waves then smashed against the surrounding space, and shattered it.
"Not Bad. You’re genuinely courageous!" Emperor Chen sneered as he looked at Ye Xiwen. He knew that Ye Xiwen would accept his challenge. It was impossible that he wouldn’t agree to fight. Ye Xiwen wasn’t the kind of person who would refuse to fight.
Emperor Chen had to admit that Ye Xiwen was like him; at least to some extent. Both of them were extremely rigid individuals. They would prefer to die, but they wouldn’t bow their heads down. Both of them were extremely arrogant and despotic in other people’s opinion. They would do everything on a whim.
However, the only difference was that Emperor Chen looked arrogant and despotic from outside, while Ye Xiwen looked elegant and graceful. In fact, Ye Xiwen was a kind-hearted person on the inside. But, people couldn’t see his kindness from outside. However, he would reveal his despotic character if someone tried to provoke him.
"Who do you think you are? You think that you’re invincible because you possess the spatial ability?" Ye Xiwen coldly sneered and spoke, "And, by the way, you’re too inquisitive about other people’s business. Who doesn’t know why you’ve arrived so late to challenge? Isn’t it because you couldn’t defeat your opponent earlier?"
Ye Xiwen secretly mocked Emperor Chen, and hinted at what had happened during their last meeting. Emperor Chen had wanted to save the Eighth Prince at that time, but he had been too late to save him from Ye Xiwen.
Emperor Chen was well-aware of what Ye Xiwen was hinting at. However, he didn’t wish to argue with him on this matter. So, he merely replied in a cold tone, "Your sharp tongue can’t save your life!"
"You can’t handle my suppression!" Emperor Chen added. An exceptionally murderous aura surged out from his body. And, his golden lion suddenly charged towards Ye Xiwen.
The golden lion’s speed was extremely fast. It nearly drew a trail of golden after-images in midair, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen within the blink of an eye.
Incomparable speed shook the entire earth along with an endless amount of scary aura. And, the energy waves swept out in all directions. Even the void got shattered as a result. It was an extremely frightening spectacle.
"Only strength will decide who will suppress whom!" Ye Xiwen wasn’t afraid of Emperor Chen. He rushed towards him. In fact, he seemed like an endless mountain of energy rolling-over to crush Emperor Chen.
Ye Xiwen summoned a ‘Hanshan Seal’ at this moment. A huge mountain formed in the sky, and swept down.
"Rumble!" that mountain then smashed down at Emperor Chen’s side.
Emperor Chen let out a loud sonic boom. And, the sonic waves crushed that huge mountain into fine powder.
Ye Xiwen’s pupil suddenly contracted. His face exposed a bit of solemn expression. His ‘Hanshan Seal’ was the first form of the ‘Overturning the Heavens Seal’. It was just the first type, but it still carried endless might.
Emperor Chen’s had shattered Ye Xiwen’s ‘Hanshan Seal’ with a loud shout. Something like this had happened for the first time. Emperor Chen was extremely tyrannical. In fact, he was nearly beyond his imagination. And, this was the main reason why he considered Emperor Chen to be his biggest enemy in the younger generation. He had obviously given the most attention to Emperor Chen in this competition.
That was because Emperor Chen posed a huge threat to him
"Rumble!" both of them ferociously collided. It seemed as if two tyrannical and invincible gods had suddenly knocked against each other in the sky. The sky got shattered in an instant, and this collision set-off energy waves which severed the surrounding space.
It looked like the doomsday was upon.
Both of them attacked each other once again… and, without any hesitation.
Ye Xiwen was fighting two enemies at one time since he was clashing with Emperor Chen and that golden lion at this time. The golden lion was merely a ‘mount’. However, its strength wasn’t less than that of those top level heaven’s pride experts. So, it was extremely difficult to deal with.
However, Ye Xiwen didn’t fall into a disadvantageous situation while he faced them. Thanks to that… he had immediately earned himself a whole new level of respect in the eyes of many people. After all, most people felt that it would be very difficult for Ye Xiwen to win this match. Emperor Chen possessed the spatial ability, and he was almost stationed at the invincible position. Moreover, Emperor Chen and his mount were equal to two top-tier heaven’s pride experts. And, they were far more tyrannical as a team than the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars.
They were fighting at a lightning fast speed, and only left trails of after-images behind them. They had already exchanged a thousand strokes within a short time. Tyrannical shock waves overflowed in all directions as a result.
Layer-after-layer of energy storms swept out. This scene was extremely tyrannical, and could scare a person to death.
"Bang!" suddenly, an explosion occurred while they were engaged in this fast paced battle. The microcosm couldn’t withstand the intensity of their battle, and shattered into pieces.
(To be continued)

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