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The outcome of the fight between Ye Xiwen and Huo Chi had been revealed within a short period of time. Nobody had imagined that it would be a checkmate situation at such an early stage. Huo Chi had been injured even quicker than Chi Tian.

Huo Lan gritted his teeth in hatred. Didn’t this outcome prove the embarrassing fact that the Twin Stars Brothers were worse than Chi Tian?

It was rumored that they might not have been able to enter the semi-finals if they didn’t have the numerical advantage of being twins. This rumor had already been in circulation everywhere. And, they would be embarrassed in front of everyone if they were to be defeated by Ye Xiwen. In fact, it didn’t matter even if they didn’t get killed because they would be ashamed to death in the end.

However, Huo Lan couldn’t bear anymore, and pounded his foot towards Ye Xiwen as soon as he saw that Huo Chi had been momentarily forced back by Ye Xiwen. His ‘foot technique’ was extremely dreadful. In fact, it was powerful-enough to trample the entire world.

Ye Xiwen finally moved into action. He was very powerful, but not enough to ignore the might of their attacks.

He withdrew to evade Huo Lan’s offensive. He then turned around, and shot his fist upward towards the sole of the foot.

It was just pure ‘fist intention’. It had no other additional force attached to it. An extremely tyrannical power swept out. The void got shattered by the fist’s attack. The void disintegrated, and a huge crack opened as the fist-attack went towards the incoming big foot.

"Rumble!" That big foot was ripped apart in the sky by Ye Xiwen’s fist attack.

Huo Lan suddenly screamed. His leg had nearly been broken by Ye Xiwen’s fist attack. Blood was dripping from his leg, and he was left to scream to no end. However, he had fortunately withdrawn in time. Otherwise, his entire body would’ve been torn apart by Ye Xiwen.

He looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Ye Xiwen’s body was so intrepid. He had fought with people who possessed strong bodies in the past. Even his own body had the water spirit. Therefore, his own body was extremely tyrannical. He had often used his body to bully and humiliate other people in his previous fights.

The spirit of fire and the spirit of water didn’t have the traits of an intrepid body. However, they were still far more tyrannical than an ordinary physique-type. In fact, it was no less than a case of ‘courting death’ for an average person to challenge them.

However, they had never fought against any well-known special physique. They hadn’t given any attention to Chi Tian. After all, he had been effortlessly defeated by Ye Xiwen. So, he was nothing more than a weak loser in their eyes. And, they had thought that any such loser couldn’t be compared with them.

However, they had realized how strong Ye Xiwen was after they had started this fight. He was like a Golden God of War, and possessed dreadful fighting strength.

Everyone was stunned. Ye Xiwen had surprisingly wounded both the Twin Stars Brothers within a short time.

Such fighting strength was enough to scare anyone to death.

Many people had been quite optimistic about Ye Xiwen before the start of this contest. After all, Ye Xiwen’s accomplishments looked more splendid compared to those of the Twin Stars Brothers’. He had effortlessly defeated Chi Tian — a fighter who had been placed third in the rankings.

Most people had guessed that the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers couldn’t be Ye Xiwen’s opponents. However, they hadn’t thought that it would happen so quickly.

"How’s this possible? How can they be wounded so quickly? They really differ by far from Chi Tian. It seems they had earned such a big reputation by fluke!" a disciple spoke-up in utter disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Ye Xiwen had used only one move to wound the Twin Stars Brothers since these two used to be favourites to win this competition.

The complexions of several disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave had turned ugly as they saw the disciple of the Muddy Sky Island who had said this. He had spoken that about the Twin Stars Brothers. However, these words were also demeaning towards the deceased Chi Tian.

However, a lot of people acknowledged his words as well. They couldn’t understand why the Twin Stars Brothers – who were definitely more tyrannical than Chi Tian as a team –looked so weak in front of Ye Xiwen. Even their performance was much worse than that of Chi Tian’s. This had simply subverted their observations regarding these three individuals.

"Yeah. How there can be such a big disparity between them? This is unbelievable!" someone complied in disbelief.

"What’s strange in that?" Qi Feifan was also watching this fight from the crowd. He sneered and continued, "That’s right. The Twin Stars Brothers are more powerful than Chi Tian as a team. However, they aren’t fighting as a team at the moment. These two idiots don’t understand that they become extremely powerful when they attack together. But, they are nothing if they attack separately!"

Qi Feifan had stated the truth. Even he could’ve killed them effortlessly if he were to fight with any one of them. The Twin Stars Brothers were very ferocious when they fought as a team. Elites such as Ye Xiwen and Emperor Chen wouldn’t be afraid even if they had to face two heaven’s pride experts at once. This was so because one plus one didn’t necessarily mean two. However, the Twin Stars Brothers were different. They were twins. Their hearts were connected to each other. So, their collaborated attacks carried endless might. They had the means to be ranked among the top heaven’s pride experts in they were counted as one.

However, these so-called powerful Twin Stars Brothers were nothing more than an ordinary lamb when separated.

Even Qi Feifan was quite powerful. He hadn’t participated in this competition. However, his strength might not be less than that of Qin Wang. In fact, he was confident that he could compete against Emperor Chen if the man didn’t use the spatial ability.

He was unable to participate in the competition. However, he had been watching it since the beginning. He had confidence in Ye Xiwen. Only he had seen how Ye Xiwen had slaughtered two heaven’s pride experts in a breath. One must understand that a heaven’s pride expert was a hundred times more heroic and powerful than a quasi-heaven’s pride expert.

Nobody could rival Ye Xiwen’s aggressiveness. And, he hadn’t even displayed his entire strength so far.

He could even find some means to deal with Emperor Chen.

The two brothers realized that they couldn’t deal with Ye Xiwen separately after they had faced his extremely powerful attack. They had tried to do so a moment ago, but they had soon understood that it didn’t matter how high-handed they thought of themselves. They couldn’t even withstand one blow his’.

"Attack!" both the brothers let out huge roars in unison, and decided to launch an attack at Ye Xiwen.

However, how could Ye Xiwen let them succeed in their plan? He shot his fist towards Huo Chi to kill him. It seemed as if his fist would break down the world into pieces. A pair of strong iron-like fists pounded towards him. His fist attack far more gorgeous than Huo Chi’s fist attack from a moment ago. And, it carried endless might. It then went straight towards Huo Chi for the kill.

Huo Lan and Huo Chi had planned that they would attack Ye Xiwen first. However, they had lost their rhythm in confusion since Ye Xiwen had attacked first, and had gained an upper hand as a result.

Huo Chi could only resist Ye Xiwen’s attack. So, he shot a pair of red fists forward to face the incoming fist attack.

"Rumble!" A huge explosion occurred. Those strong fists collided in the sky. The void had been shattered within a split second. The earth trembled endlessly,¬ and the chaos leaked out.

A dreadful force swept across, and went swirling in the air. The mountains had been shattered, and reduced to powder by the adverse shock waves.

"Crunch!" a loud sound of breaking of bones sounded. Huo Chi’s arms had been broken by Ye Xiwen. He screamed as the blood splashed out and the bone fragments swirled in the air.

"Bang!" Huo Chi was sent flying by the explosion. He then crashed into the ground, and opened a huge crack therein.

"Brother!" Huo Lan looked at Ye Xiwen with his round and glaring eyes. He had already arrived in front of Ye Xiwen to attack by now. He launched a kick towards Ye Xiwen. His kick set-off a monstrous power as it went towards Ye Xiwen’s waist.

"Bang!" Huo Lan kicked Ye Xiwen on his waist. But, only the sound of the collision between metals echoed as a result. It seemed as if he had kicked an iron wall. He felt that his leg had gone numb.

Everyone held their breath when they saw this scene. Ye Xiwen’s body was far too strong. Even the body of some heaven’s pride expert would’ve split into two halves by this kick of Huo Lan’s.

However, it couldn’t even budge Ye Xiwen. Such strength was too horrifying.

Ye Xiwen sneered. He regained his composure, and shot his fist.

"Rumble!" a loud sound of breaking of bones sounded along with a big explosion. Huo Lan’s legs had been smashed by Ye Xiwen. His body also crashed into the ground… just like Huo Chi’s.

Ye Xiwen didn’t stop. His aura began to boil. His body moved like a lightning, and he stamped his foot upon Huo Lan’s body.

Huo Lan’s body collapsed under Ye Xiwen’s attack. His body had been broken into two parts. Even the ground was disintegrated by this attack, and two huge chasms spread far away into the distance.

It was an exceptionally terrifying spectacle.

"Huo Lan is dead!" Everyone was dumbstruck. They had never dreamt that they’d see Ye Xiwen trample Huo Lan to death. They were more optimistic about Ye Xiwen than they were about these two brothers. However, they still felt that the Twin Stars Brothers should’ve been able to hold their own against Ye Xiwen… even if Ye Xiwen was more powerful than them.

They had anticipated that the Twin Stars Brothers would be able to retreat even if they weren’t as good as Ye Xiwen. And, they would definitely go through a bloody battle before they succumbed to their deaths in the fight. People had expected that Ye Xiwen would have to face great difficulties in killing them. And, there was also a possibility that he might get killed.

Such expectations had been playing in their minds. However, Ye Xiwen’s performance had undermined their imaginations. Ye Xiwen’s fighting strength was far too tyrannical.

No. Rather than saying that Ye Xiwen was far too strong… It would be better to say that the Twin Star’s Brothers’ one wrong decision had ruined them. It had cost them their lives.

"Young Brother!" An intense ‘killing intention’ flashed in Huo Chi’s eyes. He was burning with rage. However, he had also been blasted into the ground. So, he was also in a bad situation like his brother had been. And, he too had nowhere to go. In fact, things had already gone out of his control. A massive hand – as big as the sky – covered him as it pounded upon him.

"Rumble!" The big hand shattered the entire mountain, and flattened the entire area. Huo Chi also got annihilated by this attack.

"How’s it possible!? No!" the Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall shouted in anger as he saw this scene. He suddenly stood up from his throne. He hadn’t anticipated that Ye Xiwen would kill the Twin Stars Brothers.

This had overturned his calculations, and spoiled his plan.

Suddenly, a figure stormed into the microcosm while everyone was still in shock.

(To be continued)

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