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The competition among four forces had entered the semi-finals. Only four participants were left. Everyone was paying attention to the news surrounding both the fights at first. However, their attention had mainly started to get focused on Ye Xiwen’s fight. They wanted to know if that would be an interesting fight or not. And, this was because Emperor Chen’s opponent was too weak.

The debate on whether Ye Xiwen was more powerful or the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars were stronger had continued ever since they had been paired opposite each other. Ye Xiwen had displayed tyrannical strength. However, Twin Stars Brothers were two individuals. And, each of them was powerful-enough to be ranked as a heaven’s pride expert. Their combined strength could scare a person to death.

The people would finally get the answer today. But, the supporters of each side hadn’t yielded to the other side until now. However, it wasn’t the time to decide this verbally anymore. Words had no importance now. Only an all-out battle could decide who was stronger.

Several disciples had arrived early in the observation microcosm to watch the fight. And, the four supreme leaders of the four forces had also arrived on time above the tall platform. Each of these four forces had lost a great amount of experts in the competition so far. Especially, the True Martial University had lost a peak heaven’s pride expert named Qin Wang. And, the Fire Cloud Cave had lost its only heaven’s pride expert.

However, they must attend the competition no matter how depressed they were. Moreover, their hearts were quite stable. The casualties of these young experts hadn’t exceeded their expectations. They would take part in the competition every time in order to win the championship. However, they also came prepared for serious losses.

Ye Xiwen had arrived early in the arena today. He was the first one to enter the microcosm. He was calmly waiting for the Twin Stars Brothers to arrive.

The Twin Stars Brothers were surprised to see Ye Xiwen when they arrived. They became somewhat baffled at this. They had collected more and more information on Ye Xiwen as he became more and more famous recently. Some of the information was also about his habits. Ye Xiwen was habitual of arriving late at any place. However, he had unexpectedly arrived early this time.

"Ye Xiwen, you have come so early today. Are you in a hurry to die?" the Twin Stars Brothers said as they looked at Ye Xiwen. Then, they suddenly burst into laughter.

"Yes, I’m in a hurry. But, I’m in a hurry to kill you!" Ye Xiwen refuse to yield, and replied.

"Someone like you will kill us?" the Twin Stars Brothers sneered and said in unison.

"Well, you never know until you give it a try!" Ye Xiwen replied solemnly. It seemed as if whatever they had said had been completely irrelevant to his ears.

The complexions of the Twin Stars Brothers had turned callous. They were observing Ye Xiwen. Then, they suddenly surrounded him from both sides. The two brothers looked exactly the same. The only difference was that one had red-colored beard, and the other one had blue-colored long hair.

Both of them were handsome appearance wise. They were tall and slim. A strange light was flashing in their eyes. The powerful energy surged up in their entire bodies. A part of their imposing auras soared up into the sky.

Both of them were dreadful experts.

Ye Xiwen merely let out a faint smile. His golden divinities began to boil under his feet. A burst of golden waves swept out like mighty waves, and he started to surf on them.

"You say, who do you think will win this fight?" The fight had not begun yet. However, a group of disciples had already begun to make speculations.

"I guess Ye Xiwen will win. After all, he’s so formidable. He had defeated Chi Tian effortlessly. These Xuan Yuan’s Twin Stars aren’t even worth mentioning!"

"I don’t agree with you. After all, Chi Tian was ranked below the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars. And most importantly, they are two individuals. Moreover, one of them possesses the fire spirit, and the other one possesses the water spirit. Such types of physiques don’t even appear once in thousands of years. These are also a kind of special physique. They were born with the principle of water attribute and the principle of fire attribute. These are extraordinary principles. These two principles generally repel each other. However, these principles have become compatible with each other since they are twins. A mixture of water and fire would have boundless might. However, no one has been able to compel them to collaborate so far. I hope Ye Xiwen can do that!"

"Attack!" The elder brother — Huo Chi — attacked this time. He didn’t use any weapon. He merely shot his fist forward. His fists absorbed the clouds in the sky, and transformed into a pair of two incomparably massive fists. They then pounded towards Ye Xiwen.

This pair of fists was glowing with flames, and looked exceptionally terrifying.

Ye Xiwen shot his palm upward, and it transformed into a giant golden dragon. It faced upward and roared. Then, it soared upward, and collided with that pair of fists.

It seemed as if the area around that pair of fists had transformed into a world of flames. And, the fire principles were twining around the flames. This looked incomparably powerful and profound… as if the ancient God of Fire himself was seated within the flames.

He was born with the spirit of fire. He had been innately close to the principle of fire attribute. He could feel the principle of fire since childhood. An average person couldn’t come close to him in this aspect.

The giant golden dragon burst into that world of fire, and collided with that God of Fire.


The complementary waves of this collision swept out wantonly. The void got shattered under its effect. It ripped open a crack in the space, and it seemed like a dense spider web had been formed in the sky.

Many mountains in the surroundings had been flattened since they couldn’t withstand such a terrifying impact.

Everyone went in uproar. They hadn’t anticipated that the fight would become so terrifying in the beginning itself. Many people saw that this collision had happened between the golden dragon and the God of Fire. They clearly saw Huo Chi’s ‘fist intention’ and Ye Xiwen’s ‘palm intention’ grappling with each other with all their might.

Both of them had comprehended the fist technique and the palm technique to a considerable extent. In fact, they had already comprehended the creative concept. And, the most terrifying thing was that their comprehension of the creative concept was at the peak. This meant that both of them possessed complete understanding of their respective moves. In other words, they could display the moves in their original states. Most sage experts couldn’t pull that off!

This also meant that both of them were determined to kill each other. They didn’t wish to let the opposite party survive. Their attacks were peerless killer moves.

The Fire God stood up from the ground. His eyes emitted dazzling rays of light. He displayed a set of fist techniques. He stimulated the Fire Attribute Principles of the entire world, and they began to boil. He was the God in the midst of this fire world. He was the ruler of this place. Nobody could disobey the principles laid down by him.

His fist pounded on the golden dragon. It seemed as if he would seize the dragon with his bare hands.

"Roar!" the golden dragon faced upwards, and let out a loud roar. ‘Divine Dragon flings its tail’. Its long tail swept across. Its speed was extremely quick; similar to that of lighting. It swept out within a split second. The Fire God didn’t get the time to respond, and got hit. The golden dragon had opened a crack in the perfect body of this Fire God.

The Fire God had been whipped away. And, he went flying as a result. He had stood firmly on his feet a moment ago. He roared. It was evident that he wasn’t willing to give up. The golden dragon once again rushed towards him. It didn’t give him any opportunity to breathe.

The golden dragon brandished its claws, and displayed the ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’. This ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’ came out in the form of a dragon. This palm attack suddenly inspired the very essence of heaven and earth, and advanced towards the Fire God.

"Bang!" The Fire God hadn’t anticipated that the golden dragon would pursue him closely, and would arrive close to him so fast. He got caught off-guard, and that pair of dragon’s claws pierced into his chest.

"Roar!" the golden dragon roared, and ripped apart that Fire God in the sky. Endless rays of light fluttered about in the sky, and the fire principles wailed. The Fire God roared after getting torn into two halves. Then, he died a tragic death on the spot.

"Puff!" Huo Chi suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood, and retreated several steps. The Fire God had been an incarnation of his ‘fist intention’. Therefore, he suffered a huge psychological rebound when the Fire God got torn into two halves after his spirit was annihilated.

Everyone stared in utter shock. They were watching this exceptionally quick fight between the Fire God and the golden dragon. However, it took only a moment for the outcome of this fight to appear before all.

It seemed as if this fight between a dragon and a God had reminded them of the fights between the dragon race and the Gods of the mythological era… as mentioned in the legends. These fights had continued since the prehistoric era… and had lasted till the mythological age.

It was a grandiose and disastrous fight; it seemed as if it were a re-enactment a fight from that era.

This battle had only lasted for a moment, but Huo Chi had been wounded within such a short time. This had made the spectators extremely excited.

Someone had sustained injury in the beginning of the fight. It clearly meant that both sides were resorting to extreme methods against each other.

They had a lot of expectations from this fight. They were excited because they were hoping to see a splendid battle. And, the way it had started was enough to hint that this might turn out to be a battle that would shake the heavens.

"Ye Xiwen, you’ll die soon!" Ye Xiwen suddenly heard a loud shout from his back. A blue-colored gigantic foot suddenly stepped down. It seemed as if it would crush him into meat paste.

This gigantic foot was as clear as water. It was dazzling with a scary blue-color. It seemed like a foot of some God. It seemed as if it would destroy the world, and would extinguish it forever.

Of course, it was Huo Lan’s attack. He hadn’t anticipated that Ye Xiwen would turn out to be so terrifying at first. These brothers would always fight together against their opponents. However, they hadn’t done so this time… quite simply because they were fed up of other people saying that they could only fight as a team.

In fact, many of their Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s disciples had become skeptical about them. Could the Twin Stars Brothers prevail over a powerful heaven’s pride expert if they fought one-on-one and not two-to-one?

These two individuals had gone through a lot of troubles when they had faced Han Bing Wang. This had portrayed the Twin Stars Brothers like a pair of paper tigers. And, this rumor had spread everywhere. For a moment, it had seemed as if they didn’t possess any skill apart from the advantage of having numerical superiority. This had made them extremely angry.

They had discussed this with each other. They must fight with Ye Xiwen one-on-one. It would be better if they could kill him alone; and not as a team. In that case, they would be able to wash the shameful stigma attached to them. However, they hadn’t anticipated that Ye Xiwen would be so fierce. They had thought that they could block his attacks… just like they had done with other opponents.

However, they hadn’t anticipated that Huo Chi’s ‘fist intention’ would be shattered by Ye Xiwen’s ‘palm intention’ in this fight.

(To be continued)

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