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Everyone was shocked. They had been optimistic about the Twin Stars Brothers. In fact, the two brothers were the favourites to win this competition. However, they had been effortlessly killed by Ye Xiwen despite that. Such a battle had astonished everyone. It would’ve still been fine if the Twin Stars Brothers had been defeated. However, they shouldn’t have lost so easily. This had completely undermined their expectations; to the extent that they couldn’t accept this for a moment.

It was already too late by the time the Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall shouted. Ye Xiwen wasn’t going to stop anyway. Moreover, Ye Xiwen also knew that he couldn’t recklessly interfere in the end. He could only watch in helplessness as Ye Xiwen killed the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars. He looked bitterly at Ye Xiwen, and then sat down in anger. This was the so-called ‘a murderer must be sentenced to death’. It was hard to tell how many experts had died at the hands of the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars. And, they too would’ve wished for this if they had been in his place.

"It’s unbelievable. Ye Xiwen has become the most terrifying expert in this competition. He possesses such frightening fighting strength. He had destroyed the offensive of the third ranked Chi Tian very effortlessly, and he had thoroughly defeated him in the end. And now, he has effortlessly crushed the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers. It’s quite hard to describe his accomplishments in words!" someone spoke-up in astonishment.

"Yeah! The Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers didn’t even get the opportunity to collaborate. Each of them was far superior to an ordinary heaven’s pride expert. But, they crumpled like paper in the hands of Ye Xiwen. In fact, they were gently crushed, and thrown into the trashcan. They couldn’t pose any threat to Ye Xiwen!"

"It can be said that they lost because they couldn’t collaborate. However, does this mean that they could only defeat an opponent by relying on their numerical advantage? Were they only like a paper tiger if separated?" someone dared to open his mouth. Many people were praising these two rising stars of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall before the contest had started. However, such an outcome had made them sad. Therefore, they could only sigh with sorrow at this time.

"He he. So, the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall spent a hefty price, and made it possible for these two individuals to fight as a team because they probably knew that these two were good for nothings on their own. They were merely like a pair of paper tigers!" a True Martial University’s disciple coldly laughed and said. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the True Martial University could be described as arch enemies among the four forces. So, True Martial University’s prestige had risen because of such an outcome, while the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had lost their pride. How could this not get the disciples of the True Martial University excited? Especially when they were already quite enraged since the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars Brothers had said so many insulting words to Ye Xiwen.

Many disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall were present around that disciple. They looked at each other with glaring eyes when they heard his words. It seemed as if they would attack him. However, they also found a considerable amount of ill-expressions in the eyes of many disciples of the True Martial University. So, they had no choice but to let their anger drop.

"Ye Xiwen is the biggest dark horse in this competition. He had become famous before the competition. He was ranked among the 8 heaven’s pride experts. However, nobody was optimistic about his victory before the competition had started. However, he has managed to reach this stage. This has undermined everyone’s prediction. His next fight is with Emperor Chen. Can he be a match for Emperor Chen?"

"I think it’s difficult to say. He possesses incredible strength. His body is also extremely tyrannical. I’ve heard that he has also practiced a secret technique. So, his restoration ability is very quick. Emperor Chen may not be able to deal with him!"

"He can’t deal with Emperor Chen. Emperor Chen’s spatial ability has made him ‘almost’ invincible in this competition!"

Everyone was still in shock. Meanwhile, a figure had stormed into the microcosm.

Everyone looked-on as that fierce figure arrived inside the microcosm. It turned out to be Emperor Chen. He was seated upright above the golden lion, and looked impressive. He was clad in an armor, and held a lance in his hand. He seemed like the reincarnation of a God of War. And, it seemed as if he was showing his contempt for the entire world. He was staring at Ye Xiwen with his ice-cold eyes.

His lance was making a buzzing sound. It seemed as if it was eager to drink fresh blood.

He was motionless, but he was releasing ice-cold aura in the surroundings. This would make one feel as if one had fallen into an ice hole. His mount — that golden lion — was moving and roaring even more restlessly. Even Emperor Chen’s roar was quite scary.

"Emperor Chen! What does he want to do? Does he want to interfere with the competition?" someone asked.

"Isn’t he afraid of receiving the joint punishment from all the four forces?" someone was left baffled, and had seemingly raised the question in anger.

"Insane! He’s insane. What does he wish to achieve by intervening like this? Does he want to take the advantage of Ye Xiwen’s present situation and kill him because he might be exhausted since his battle has ended a moment ago?" someone asked in fear.

"It’s impossible. Emperor Chen is mistaken if he thinks so. Ye Xiwen has indeed killed two heaven’s pride experts. However, the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars didn’t reveal their entire strength. In fact, Ye Xiwen hasn’t been affected greatly. He’s not exhausted. His vitality is still surging. He has maintained his peak state. Emperor Chen may think that he can get an opportunity to kill Ye Xiwen, but that’s impossible!"

"Then, why has Emperor Chen burst into the microcosm and disturbed the competition? The four forces must stop him!" a disciple said.

Certain rules had been established by the four forces as far as this competition was concerned. And, these established rules were absolute. People could mess around and cause chaos if there were no rules. However, nobody was allowed to act recklessly once there rules had been established. Even the Lords of the major forces could at most use their voice to interfere if they wanted to intervene. But, they couldn’t dare to contend against the rules.

"Ye Xiwen, do you dare to fight?!" Emperor Chen cast a glance at Ye Xiwen, and challenged him. He looked at him disdainfully, "I know that these two trashes didn’t cause you much trouble. So, you can fight right now. Of course, you can also choose to take rest if you’re afraid. We will fight later in that case!"

A callous smile flashed through the corner of Emperor Chen’s mouth as he looked at Ye Xiwen in a cold manner. It seemed as if he was certain that Ye Xiwen would agree to a fight at the moment.

The spectators held their breath. Emperor Chen was extremely audacious. He had actually burst into the microcosm, and had challenged Ye Xiwen for the fight. This was purely against the rules of this Martial Arts Competition. The final fight for the championship had been set to take place on the final day. That day had been reserved for the finale. However, Emperor Chen wanted this fight to take place ahead of time.

His actions had left everyone extremely surprised. It seemed as if these so-called rules didn’t mean anything to him. He was using the goading method to indirectly force Ye Xiwen into a fight at this moment. However, the importance he was giving to Ye Xiwen was evident. He would never give so much importance to most people.

Moreover, these two individuals were very special. Everyone had come to realize that these two had concealed their skills through the course of various fights. Nobody knew about the bottom line of their power because no one had been able to compel them to unleash their full strength so far. Moreover, they had effortlessly defeated the other heaven’s pride experts as well. In fact, most people had also given up the idea of thinking too much about it.

The fight between these two individuals was the biggest suspense of this Martial Arts Competition. And, everyone was still doubtful about the victor of the championship…

The Supreme Lord of the True Martial University frowned as he saw this from the tall platform. He didn’t like how Emperor Chen had broken the rule on a whim. He was about to berate him. However, he heard the voice of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s Lord before he could. The man spoke-up in a mystifying manner, "This young man is very courageous. I think that rules don’t fit into the situations sometimes. The two of them will fight tomorrow anyway. It would be better if they fight right now, and finish this competition. Everyone would finally get to see who is better among them that way…"

The Lord of the Muddy Sky Island looked at Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s Lord. He knew what his counterpart’s intention was. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s Lord wanted both sides to engage in an utterly devastating struggle. It would be better if none of them would win. Then, both of them would forge a mortal enmity. And, that would be the best outcome for the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s Lord.

The participants of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had already died. So, he had nothing to do with this. Hence, it would be best for him if a deadly battle could erupt between these two.

His intention obviously wasn’t good!

However, this matter involved a disciple of the Muddy Sky Island. So, he couldn’t say much in this matter. After all, this rule of the Martial Arts Competition had been made by the ancestors of these four forces. It had a very long history. Even these lords couldn’t dare to break this rule.

One must know that this competition would carry-on for many times. It wasn’t merely limited to this time’s. Other people could also randomly break the rules in the future if they would allow someone to break this rule here. And, that would expose their own disciples to death-traps in the future. They would suffer more loss than gains if this happened at this moment.

Such rules meant nothing for people of their stature. In fact, these rules were less valuable than toilet paper to them. The key point was whether these rules were required or not. But, it was evident that these major forces required such rules to protect their disciples. These rules would allow their disciples to compete and grow in a fair environment. The casualties of their disciples would increase if they messed-up these rules. In fact, it could reach to such an extent that they wouldn’t be able to bear the end result.

This competition was mainly used to weaken each other’s strength, and to kill the other’s immature heaven’s pride level experts in their cribs. However, some extremely powerful contender had killed several heaven’s pride experts on many occasions. And, they’ve had to suffer huge losses as a result. So, the four forces had learned from their mistakes, and had decided not to send all of their heaven’s pride experts into the competition. And, even the main objective of this competition had changed from ‘strangling each other’s geniuses’ to ‘tempering one’s own disciples’. And, that would also allow their disciples to mature more quickly. The arrangement of this level of competition at the appropriate time allowed the young experts to gain high-level battle experience… and that was something that they often couldn’t on normal days. This was also the reason why many people would make breakthroughs right after the competition ended.

They simply wanted to hone the skills of their disciples. They could accept the casualties to a certain extent. However, they couldn’t bear large scale damage.

The Lord of the Fire Cloud Cave opened his mouth and spoke, "I think that both of these individuals are pretty good. They are both full of vitality. However, that has nothing to do with shifting the fight to an earlier time. As for Emperor Chen’s misconduct… I would like to say that the Muddy Sky Island must teach him a good lesson after he goes back home when the competition comes to an end. And, I believe that the Muddy Sky Island wouldn’t be swayed by personal affection towards him!"

[Damn it! The talented barbaric person who seems uneducated and uncouthly from the outside… is actually turned out to be the most sinister one! His belly is full of schemes and crafty plots.]

The other three Lords silently cussed in the secrecy of their hearts.

(To be continued)

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