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Chapter 450: Suppresses Chi Tian!
The incredible power techniques of the ancient times held a special position in the eyes of these people. An ordinary person couldn’t comprehend and practice these ancient power techniques to their fullest extent. Therefore, the very idea of being able to mend one such ancient power technique was out of question. Even they-themselves had failed to do so. After all, how could one trace such fine lines without any guidance?
As far as they were concerned… Ye Xiwen had merely patched his power technique; that’s all. He wasn’t strong. He merely appeared ferocious on the outside… like a paper tiger.
The Supreme Lord didn’t say anything. However, his face exposed a slight trace of a disdainful look. The death of Titan Body would’ve been pure injustice if Ye Xiwen’s strength was superficial like a paper tiger’s. In fact, it would’ve been the biggest injustice ever.
"Whether he’s strong or a paper tiger… We won’t be able to know that unless we have examined him properly!" Fire Cloud Cave’s Lord sneered and said.
Chi Tian’s mount – that Barbarian Beast – was a mysterious creature, and nobody knew what it was. It looked exceptionally terrifying. It was exuding the aura of the beast king. It made people tremble with fear. It was releasing cold energy that was surging up to the ninth heaven.
"You’re quite wild. However, the wildness of a dead person is pretty useless!" Chi Tian coldly looked at Ye Xiwen and shouted, "Die!"
The sonic boom dissipated in all directions. He urged the barbarian beast, and it forged ahead. An extremely terrifying energy dissipated in all directions. It seemed as if a barbarian horseman was sweeping across the Southern Region. He looked enormous and majestic as he rode that beast. In fact, he seemed like a reincarnation of the Barbarian God himself.
"Clang!" Ye Xiwen also attacked with all his strength. A long sword condensed in his hand. He poured energy to lengthen the tip of the sword, and advanced towards Chi Tian. The void got cut-apart wherever the long sword went. And, the chaotic energy leaked out.
"Bang!" both sides ferociously collided. The long sword and the lance knocked against each other. It seemed as if the world would break down into pieces, and the universe would turn upside down.
A strange scene appeared in front of everyone. Chi Tian’s nearly ten feet tall figure suddenly collided with Ye Xiwen’s slim figure. Logically, Ye Xiwen should’ve been sent flying-off by the collision. However, the clash of these two men seemed similar to the clash of two giant stars. It was a very chaotic scene. It seemed as if the sky and the earth had turned upside down.
Chi Tian was surprised to realize that he couldn’t suppress Ye Xiwen with pure strength. He had come across such a situation for the first time since he had mastered the Barbarian God’s Real Body.
"These two are equally matched. Ye Xiwen can actually be placed on par with Chi Tian!" someone exclaimed. Nobody knew about Ye Xiwen’s ‘tyrant body’. However, Chi Tian’s Barbarian God’s Real Body had been famous for countless years. Therefore, everyone was obviously more optimistic about Chu Tian.
A ranking list of disciples had been made before the tournament had started. That list had placed Chi Tian at the third rank. However, Ye Xiwen had been placed at the fifth position… even lower than Qin Wang.
"You’re strong enough. So, I can use you like a whetstone to sharpen my skills!" Chi Tian grinned. He looked somewhat sinister. He’d actually dare to treat Ye Xiwen as a whetstone!
The hearts of several spectators present inside the microcosm shook ferociously. Chi Tian was extremely arrogant. He had dared to consider an opponent of the same level as a ‘whetstone’. However, many people also felt that Chi Tian was a very bold and skilful person. They felt that he wouldn’t have dared to say such words if he wasn’t courageous.
Ye X

iwen’s eyes had turned ice-cold. Chi Tian was indeed very strong. He was a well-known figure among the heaven’s pride experts. He was powerful-enough to be ranked as a top expert among his peers. So, Ye Xiwen was extremely glad that this man had considered him as a ‘whetstone’ for honing skills.
Ye Xiwen’s golden divinities began to seethe upon his golden body. His golden divine clothes seemed as if they had begun to boil. The golden divine waves under his feet set-off a huge tidal wave. Ye Xiwen raised the tip of his long sword, and coldly looked at Chi Tian.
"Bang!" Chi Tian moved. His mount looked towards the sky, and roared loudly. Its four hooves touched the ground, and the space began to tremble. It seemed as if the sky would collapse and fall onto the Earth. He rushed forward. His lance was pointed at Ye Xiwen.
Chi Tian arrived in front of Ye Xiwen within the blink of an eye. He swept out his lance; the weapon was even longer than Ye Xiwen’s height. It seemed as if it would stab Ye Xiwen to death the very next second.
However, Ye Xiwen finally moved at this time, and brandished his long sword.
"Clang!" a huge explosive sound of the collision of iron and gold metals sounded. The tip of the sword collided with the point of the lance. These two men looked like two formidable gods fighting on the earth. Both of them retreated several steps under the impact of the terrifying force. The space under their feet broke into pieces as they retreated. And, a loud rumbling sound echoed.
Their murderous auras overflowed the sky. Their attack-power had dropped significantly from the time they had begun their fight. However, their movements were still astonishingly fast. They would use hundreds of moves against each other within a split second. The speed of their movements was comparable to that of lightning piercing the atmosphere.
The complementary waves of their fight had bulldozed countless mountains. Their battle had been nothing short of an enormous disaster for this microcosm. In fact, the entire microcosm would soon get smash into pieces if they weren’t careful.
Everyone was scared; especially the experts of the younger generation. They found themselves merely mediocre after having watched a fight of this level. Such fighting strength was enough to place them right under the sage realm. However, the younger spectators had merely cultivated for a few years. They were nothing in front of these two experts.
The ferocious fight between these two men suddenly came to a halt! The lance was trembling in Chi Tian’s hand. A terrified look flashed in his eyes. He had fought many people. However, he had become invincible ever since he had practiced the Barbarian God’s Real Body. So, most people didn’t dare to fight with him. And, he had killed his opponents in one move even if anyone had dared to challenge him. However, nobody had dared to fight with him the way Ye Xiwen had…
He suddenly recalled that the Titan Body had died at the hands of Ye Xiwen. He hadn’t believed this rumor at first. However, he was finally somewhat convinced that Ye Xiwen could’ve well killed the Titan Body. After all, so many people wouldn’t maliciously spread such kind of news if it were false…
[Damn that rumor!]
Chi Tian cursed. He had never doubted Ye Xiwen’s fighting strength. However, he hadn’t believed that Ye Xiwen would possess enough fighting strength to contend against him.
After all, most physiques were inborn. And, perhaps many other special physiques had been created with the help of systematic methods like Chi Tian’s. However, Ye Xiwen’s physique wasn’t innate. He had cultivated it on his own since he used to be a Houtian expert. Moreover, it used to be an incomplete power technique back then. It was a high-ranked technique that had been created by an ancient powerhouse, but a massive amount of energy must be required to cultivate such physique. He would obviously know this fact because his own physique was acquired; not innate. But, how did Ye Xiwen cultivate his physique on his own?
What was more terrifying was the fact that he found himself getting suppressed by Ye Xiwen to some extent…
"Clang!" the sound of metallic vibrations spread in the sky. The energy soared to the clouds. Ye Xiwen didn’t give Chi Tian any chance to respite, and his long sword immediately swept down towards Chi Tian to crush him.
These two men had started to resort to extreme methods. They had basically gone all out. It seemed as if each one of their attacks was aimed to kill. There was nothing fancy about these attacks.
The long sword in Ye Xiwen’s hand wasn’t brandishing extraordinary sword moves. It was only unleashing basic sword moves. However, Ye Xiwen’s hands possessed incredible might, and it seemed as this might was enough to destroy the Heaven and extinguish the Earth. He then went towards Chi Tian with such incredible power in an attack.
"Clang!" Chi Tian had no choice but to move forward to face the attack. He couldn’t afford to show any weakness at this time. He was guessing that Ye Xiwen would soon get exhausted, and wouldn’t be able to continue thereafter. But, he wasn’t up for this kind of a fierce struggle at the risk of one’s life. So, he would by no means believe that Ye Xiwen was actually feeling more at ease.
Both sides went all-out. They didn’t use any fancy and gorgeous attacks. It was a collision of sheer powers. No fancy means would last in front of such brute power.
Ye Xiwen and Chi Tian were habitual of suppressing their opponents. They would allow their opponents to use a thousand techniques. However, they would use only one move to crush the opponent. It didn’t matter whether their opponent could take their move or not. In fact, an opponent would still fall into their routine if the-said individual was able to take their move. However, the opponent would get killed if they couldn’t take that one strike.
There was no other way!
"Bang!" the two collided once again. Their figures interlocked in midair, and blood splashed out.
Everyone stared with eyes wide opened. Who had gotten injured?
Everyone was secretly guessing. Who had gotten injured? Chi Tian appeared rather tall when he was seated on his Barbarian Beast. And, the beast was even bigger than him. In fact, they looked like a small mountain. Ye Xiwen was slim in contrast. However, he had given a tough fight to Chi Tian. And, his body was also extremely tyrannical.
Both these men possessed iron-like bodies. So, who among these two had gotten injured?
The movements of these two men had been lightning fast. Most people hadn’t been able to track their movements as a result. They had only seen the blood splashing out. So, it was hard to tell who had gotten injured…
The two men broke the interlock, and staggered away from each other. The wind blew, and carried a faint smell of blood with it. The tall body of Chi Tian was still seated atop that Barbarian Beast. But, it was shaking, and blood was gushing out of his body. Ye Xiwen had opened a huge wound in his chest. In fact, that wound was so deep that even his bones were clearly visible through it.
Countless people had opened their eyes wide to see this scene. They didn’t even blink. Everyone had been more optimistic about Chi Tian before the fight had started. But, they didn’t know much about Ye Xiwen’s situation. Chi Tian’s Barbarian God’s Real Body had become famous countless years ago. This had left them to have more confidence in Chi Tian. So, Chi Tian’s victory would be a normal scenario in their eyes.
In fact, several people had bestowed blind trust in Chi Tian. They had felt that he’d kill Ye Xiwen with a bang.
However, the first person to get injured wasn’t Ye Xiwen. It had turned out to be Chi Tian! This had left everyone extremely amazed.
"Chi Tian has sustained injury. How’s this possible?" countless people exclaimed with doubts in their hearts. The disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave especially couldn’t believe their eyes as they saw this scene unfold. They had been very confident in Chi Tian’s abilities. These disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave had seen his might before. He was considered as a top-notch expert in the younger generation of the Fire Cloud Cave. In fact, he had subdued the other heaven’s pride experts in his sect to earn the big opportunity of participating in this competition.
Chi Tian was the only major contestant to participate in this competition from the Fire Cloud Cave’s side. The first reason behind this was the heavy losses that the Fire Cloud Cave had suffered after they had come under the joint attack of the Hundred Barbarians Cave and Devil Worship Cult. And, the second reason was because he had suppressed the other heaven’s pride experts.
This was also the usual practice for the southern barbarians. Only the most outstanding disciples could have the Barbarian God’s Real Body among the many disciples. And, only the most talented one among them would be trained to cultivate it to the fullest.
Chi Tian had participated in this competition to win the championship. He didn’t know that he would bump into Emperor Chen and Xuan Yuan Twin Stars here, and would end-up being ranked third favourite. And now, he had become the first one to get wounded in his fight against Ye Xiwen.
[My god, how could there be so many evil geniuses!]
(To be continued)

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