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Many disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave were in despair. They hadn’t anticipated that such a scene would unfold. They had high hopes for Chi Tian. However, he was the first one to get injured.

He was indeed wounded first, but that didn’t mean that he had lost. He was representing them. So, they were obviously looking forward to watching him defeat Ye Xiwen without breaking a sweat. However, their wish had become a delusion. This wouldn’t have happened if Chi Tian had fully and effortlessly defeated Ye Xiwen.

This generation of experts was full of dazzling stars. Nobody knew who was the strongest. It could only be determined after collisions and battles. And, the last one standing would be named the strongest.

Chi Tian was also somewhat shocked. He was the one to get wounded first. However, the fierce expression returned on his face within a moment’s time. His frightening eyes radiated ominous light. He was like a wild beast. The wound on his body recovered, and that too at such a speed that one could see it happening with naked eyes. His healing technique wasn’t as fast as Ye Xiwen’s ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’. However, the restoration capability of Barbarian God’s Real Body was indeed amazing.

Ye Xiwen’s ‘gilded tyrant form’ hadn’t reached the great completion level yet. It was still in a fumbling phase. He would transform when his ‘tyrant body’ would reach great completion level.

This physique could be only considered as a tough physique at the most. However, he hadn’t witnessed a qualitative change in his physique yet. In Ye Xiwen’s case, it could be assumed that the attainment of the so-called ‘special physique’ would come in the form of genetic mutation. The genes in his body would transform when his ‘tyrant body’ would reach the great completion level. And then, it could even be passed on to the next generation.

Maybe his Tyrant Body would have its own passage down the generations at some time in the future. However, it was uncertain whether he would be considered as the ‘ancestor’.

His ‘tyrant body’ was far from reaching the great completion level at this time. It was described in the secret book of tyrant body technique that the practitioner would be able to tear-apart even the gods and devils with bare hands after they had reached the great completion level. However, the great completion level seemed a bit far-fetched at present. Even so, his physique was already very intrepid.

"You’re the first person who has managed to injure me ever since I’ve attained the Barbarian God’s Real Body!" Chi Tian sneered coldly and said.

"I’ll be also the first and only person to kill you!" the sword in Ye Xiwen’s hand let out a ‘metal clanging’ sound. The tip of the sword suddenly emitted dreadful light rays. He had only intended to show off his ability. And, the released ‘sword intention’ was quite formidable and pressing in nature.

Everyone was scared. Ye Xiwen’s imposing aura had suppressed everyone. They could even feel it from across a different microcosm. This had left them very scared since it had been coupled with the fact that he had injured Chi Tian a moment ago. Ye Xiwen’s overall might and influence had increased a lot as a result.

Chi Tian urged the Barbarian beast, and it rushed straight towards Ye Xiwen. His lance pierced through the sky, and released countless lance-shadows made up of dao. It streaked across the horizon, and tore innumerable cracks in the sky. All sorts of divine beams fluttered-about in the sky.

The lance-shadows condensed into an image of the Barbarian God behind him, and they together went towards Ye Xiwen to supress him. This was the ancient legendary lance named ‘God Killer Lance’. It had been handed down by the ancients… as per the legend. And, the Barbarian God had once used the set of this lance’s technique to slay the Gods. It was extremely terrifying.

The lance-shadows formed a great wall. This was seemingly covered the entire sky. Then, it swept down towards Ye Xiwen to crush him. It seemed as if it would crush Ye Xiwen to death.

Ye Xiwen’s complexion didn’t change one bit. He raised his long sword to welcome the incoming attack. Meanwhile, he unleashed the ‘Observing Person Scripture’. The stars began to revolve around in his background. They appeared like the real universe.

It seemed as if an ancient voice that had existed since time immemorial was chanting the ‘Observing Human Body as Universe Scripture’ word by word, and phrase by phrase within Ye Xiwen’s body. One could even feel the inner essence of great dao in this chant.

Ye Xiwen’s display seemed like a glittering river of stars. It was pouring down from the sky. This was Ye Xiwen’s self-made move of the ‘Observing Person Scripture’. But, it was merely in its development phase; nothing more.

However, it was still incredibly dreadful.

One side of the sky was covered with an incredible martial art that had once been unparalleled in the ancient world. And, the other side of the sky was covered with a martial art which was created by Ye Xiwen. Then, an astonishing collision occurred in the sky.

"Rumble!" The inexhaustible rays of light transformed into energy waves, and set-off violent storms everywhere. The space had already been smashed to pieces. This already-shattered-space couldn’t withstand this collision either. It got smashed even more badly, and scattered.

Ye Xiwen’s sword – just like a galaxy – slashed down upon Chi Tian’s Body. The four hooves of the Barbarian beast couldn’t withstand the force, and got fractured. Its forelegs bent, and it crouched down.

The hearts of several spectators thumped. They were looking at these two men, and they were dumbstruck. This battle had become too intense. These two men looked like Gods to them. The invincible ‘God Killer Lance’ had wreaked havoc in the past, but it had shrivelled in front of Ye Xiwen. Actually, its invincible temperament had been gradually chopped down by Ye Xiwen… one sword strike at a time.

Chi Tian’s 999 dao principles began to revolve around his body in a crazed manner. Each of these dao principles could easily crush a semi-sage expert to death. This was a terrifying power. Then, Chi Tian unleashed his utmost power.

Chi Tian’s complexion had turned exceptionally solemn. He had never given much importance to Ye Xiwen. In fact, he still felt that he wouldn’t have been ‘accidentally’ wounded by Ye Xiwen if he had displayed his full strength from the start.

However, his contempt towards Ye Xiwen’s skill set had vanished. It had been replaced by a dignified look. He had reached the pinnacle of the realm he was in. He effortlessly brandished his lance. The lance tore-open the space along with an ear-piercing sound! The sky couldn’t endure this attack, and got smashed into pieces by the lance energy. It was an extremely terrifying scene. It looked like the ‘doomsday’.

Ye Xiwen’s imposing aura was rising unceasingly. His 999 dao principles soared up, and began to revolve around his body.

Ye Xiwen sneered and spoke, "Is this all you’ve got?"

Chi Tian’s imposing aura had already reached the peak of his level. However, Ye Xiwen’s imposing aura was still rising unceasingly. So, it became difficult for Chi Tian to conceal the look of panic in his eyes.

[How’s this possible? How’s his aura still rising?] Chi Tian had believed that his aura had already reached the peak of the semi-sage realm, and couldn’t have risen any further. However, Ye Xiwen made him realize that he was gravely mistaken. It was Ye Xiwen who had reached the peak; not him.

Ye Xiwen’s aura didn’t continue to rise all the way. It was still one step away from reaching its peak condition. But, he didn’t wish to reveal his entire strength.

"Buried Heaven Sword!" Ye Xiwen’s sword slashed out a galaxy. The seemingly endless void got chopped into two halves by the sword energy. The terrifying force struck down towards Chi Tian to crush him. It was like a thunderbolt.

How could Chi Tian be willing to resign without a fight? His lance went piercing through the horizon, and erupted. The force with which the energy was released by this intense eruption was incredible. It seemed as if it had arrived straight from the wilderness.

"Bang!" terrifying shock waves swept out swirling in the air from the collision-point of the two weapons.

"Puff!" Chi Tian spouted a mouthful of blood. This was a result of the internal injuries that had been caused by the shock.

Everyone was nearly scared to death. Ye Xiwen’s strength was intrepid – to a dreadful extent. Most people had never seen anyone damage Chi Tian’s internal organs. One must know that they wouldn’t have been baffled if someone of a higher level had injured him. After all, there were certainly more tyrannical persons than him out there. However, he had been injured by the dreadful power of a person of his rank. Something like this had never happened!

"Crunch!" The barbarian beast’s two hind-legs couldn’t withstand any longer, and fractured. It screamed loudly, and fell to the ground.

Ye Xiwen made another sword strike at this time. And, his long sword fluttered among the stars like a dragon.

"Clang!" the long sword struck the tip of the lance. The intense sword energy released its suppression-effect on Chi Tian. His long hair had been left to flutter in the air by the sword strike. Bloody scars appeared on his tough skin even though it was supposed to be as hard as iron and gold. This had been caused by the crushing impact of the tyrannical sword.

Blood splashed out from the hand in which Chi Tian held the lance. This had been caused by the tremendous power of the sword attack. Even his mount’s body got cracked as a result.

Chi Tian promptly left his mount. He now stood on the ground, and held the lance in his other hand. He coldly looked at Ye Xiwen. He had become extremely vigilant in his heart. Ye Xiwen’s performance had been incredible so far. He had resorted to extreme methods in response. However, Ye Xiwen had still turned out to be far more dreadful. It seemed as if there was no bottom line to his strength. Each of his sword strikes turned out to be far more tyrannical than the previous one.

Each sword strike was more tyrannical than the other. So, Chi Tian would soon get chopped in half if he allowed Ye Xiwen to make such sword strikes again and again. In fact, he wouldn’t even get a chance to fight back at this rate.

Such a power – which had a gradient rise – was bound to be baffling for a person like Chi Tian whose forte had been the use of brute force.

This was actually Ye Xiwen’s highly-perfected ‘Cold Moon Beheader’ technique, and its essence was integrated with his swordplay. There was no longer the limitation of using just one sword style in a sword strike for the current Ye Xiwen. Basically, he had grasped many sword styles, and they were all at his fingertips. In other words, he could readily use the essences of thousands of different sword styles in one sword attack. Ye Xiwen had already achieved such a dreadful position.

He continued to unleash one sword strike after another, and the cumulative power of the sword attack grew dramatically as a result. And, it seemed as if Chi Tian would be chopped into two halves any time.

The sword struck Chi Tian’s Barbarian beast; it was already in a seriously injured state. It collapsed on the ground. However, Ye Xiwen didn’t stop. His long sword fell down from the sky like a stream of star-river. It appeared similar to a perpetually flowing river. Chi Tian suddenly noticed some change in the flow of river. An endless stream of stars suddenly burst out from a certain point in the universe. They didn’t seem just like a galaxy, but they also looked like a perpetually flowing river.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s sword struck upon Chi Tian’s lance. And, blood splashed out from Chi Tian’s hands. His palms were badly injured, and had been covered with blood. The flesh on his hands had been ruptured by this terrifying force.

"This was the first sword strike!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. It was then followed by the second sword strike. It exploded into brilliant rays of light, and they swept across in a flash. Ye Xiwen then brandished yet another sword strike. He didn’t give Chi Tian any chance to respite. Each of these sword attacks was more tyrannical than the other. It seemed as if these sword attacks were cumulative and superimposing in nature.

"Clang!" the sound of the collision of metals was mixed with the sound of breaking bones. The bones in Chi Tian’s hands had been broken by Ye Xiwen’s sword attack.

"How’s this possible?" The Fire Cloud Cave’s Lord was seated on one of the four thrones that had been placed on top of the tall platform hidden among the clouds and mist. He suddenly stood up from his throne with a look of disbelief in his eyes. He had helped Chi Tian build his Barbarian God’s Real Body. Therefore, he clearly knew how dreadful this Barbarian God’s Real Body was in reality. He-himself possessed the Barbarian God’s Real Body. This kind of strong physique was truly scary. Even the strongest barbarian beast of the Southern Barbarian region wasn’t a match for the Barbarian God’s Real Body when it came to pure competitive strength on the same cultivation realm. The toughness of this physique was top-notch. However, Ye Xiwen had overwhelmingly routed Chi Tian’s counterattacks by using brute strength alone. And, the shock generated from his sword attack had even broken his hands. This scene was seriously too scary.

Chi Tian snorted in a distressed state. He frantically retreated in order to dodge the next wave of Ye Xiwen’s attacks. However, how could Ye Xiwen allow him to have his wish? His sword slashed towards him. Chi Tian had no means to resist Ye Xiwen’s attack this time.

"Don’t do it!" an extremely vigorous and forceful shout sounded inside the microcosm.

However, Ye Xiwen’s sword didn’t stop. It vigorously slashed down.

"Puchi!" Chi Tian had been cleft into two! The blood splashed, and bits of his flesh and blood splattered across.

(To be continued)

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