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Ye Xiwen didn’t say anything. He knew that the champion of this competition would become the target of every big force, and they would quickly try to dispose of him after the competition. In fact, the big forces which had participated in this competition wouldn’t be the only ones. The several other forces — which had arrived here as spectators — would also go after the winner. And, this hadn’t occurred only once or twice in the past…

One would collapse if they couldn’t carry this burden. However, one would soar to great heights if they managed to resist these forces. This was an opportunity to strengthen oneself. However, it could also turn into a dead end.

Emperor Chen had become an eyesore for everyone the moment he displayed his spatial ability. Everyone believed that Emperor Chen had become a person whom nobody could shake from his position. The high-level experts believed this in particular. However, Ye Xiwen would immediately replace Emperor Chen from his unshakable position if he displayed enough strength to kill him. Consequently, he would become an eyesore for everyone.

"Let them come if they wish to use some dirty tricks. How will you see the rainbow unless you go through the storm?" Ye Xiwen suddenly spoke-up, "None of their attacks can kill me. It will only make me stronger!"

A trace of madness flashed in Ye Xiwen’s eyes. He wanted exploit these threats to sharpen his skills and get stronger.

He knew that there might be a difference of heaven and earth between him and that Ancient Phoenix World. He was like an ant on the ground that desired to look up at the divine world in the sky. He must grow stronger. And, he must grow up quickly so that he could challenge the sky.

How could he say that he would bring Hua Menghan back from the Ancient Phoenix World if he didn’t have the means to withstand these things?

"Ha ha ha. Good. Interesting!" Bai Jian Song clapped his hands as he burst into laughter. He then said, "Big Brother had also said the same thing in the past. You two are very similar!"

Those who wanted to get stronger and stronger until they ultimately became the strongest in the world… would have to make this choice!

Ye Xiwen wasn’t strange if one considered this aspect. One couldn’t become the strongest without tempering themselves on the road to invincibility.

"I won’t think twice if I get the opportunity to kill Emperor Chen. And, I’m sure that he won’t hesitate to kill me either!" Ye Xiwen said. He then told Bai Jian Song about the grudges between him and Emperor Chen.

"He must die… no matter whether it’s for that previous resentment from Demon Island, or for this championship!" Ye Xiwen looked serious as he spoke. He didn’t say anything else apart from this. He would die if Emperor Chen didn’t. One couldn’t surrender in these fights. The only way to get out of such a fight was to either win… or die.

"Let’s not talk about Emperor Chen at this time. You’ll have to fight Chi Tian tomorrow. He’s not a good guy to mess with either!" Bai Jian Song said, "Individuals who possess the Barbarian God’s Real Body have appeared in every generation of the Southern Barbarians. And, each of them has become illustrious among the disciples of their generation!"

The Barbarian God’s Real Body could be considered as God’s Special Physique. However, it was a man-made technique in reality, and could be controlled by humans. One or two individuals with Barbarian God’s Real Body had appeared in almost every generation. In fact, several people with this special physique had appeared on occasions. Moreover, people with Barbarian God’s Real Bodies had appeared in the Hundred Barbarian Cave, the Fire Cloud Cave, and other such forces.

A fight would break out between these individuals in the event of the situation when several people with the Barbarian God’s Real Body appeared. And then, a winner would be decided. This winner would then be considered as the strongest person in that generation. People were mostly surprised by the fact that it seemed as if different Barbarian God’s Real Bodies attracted each other. In fact, one could absorb the essence and blood of their enemies with the help of a secret technique — as long as both the fighters possessed the Barbarian God’s Real Body — after they had killed their enemy. This would make one’s blood even thicker and stronger. This would effectively help one become stronger.

A southern barbarian person who possessed the Barbarian God’s Real Body had appeared once upon a time. He had then killed 10 people who similarly possessed the Barbarian God’s Real Bodies. He was finally recognized as the top expert of that generation. And, he had emerged as an invincible southern barbarian expert in the future.

He had also become one of the top experts in the True Martial World at that time. He had even compelled the True Martial University to mobilize search parties against him. However, he had suddenly disappeared after many years. The entire True Martial World had shaken at that time. This was also the first time when the Barbarian God’s Real Body had become famous as one of the strongest physiques.

Such a strong bloodline had made the successors of every successive generation exceptionally dreadful.

Such an opponent couldn’t be called weak from any aspect.

"I will beat him; no matter what. We can’t even talk about dealing with Emperor Chen if I can’t beat this guy!" Ye Xiwen smiled and replied. His bright smile glittered under the moonlight.

Cold wind continued to blow. The night passed away. The highly anticipated fourth day had finally arrived. The fight between three pairs of heaven’s pride experts was going to take place on this day. Many people were contemplating the fight they should choose to see. Which fight would be exceptional? Each of those fights would be stunning in their own merit. So, it would be an extremely unfortunate thing to miss any of these fights.

However, the reality had forced them to choose only one fight.

So, they chose to watch the fight between Chi Tian and Ye Xiwen. And, the moment they had been excitedly waiting for was about to come.

The day had finally arrived. The Barbarian God’s Real Body was the most tyrannical southern barbarian physique. And, Ye Xiwen had killed the one with the Titan Body in the past. So, he certainly had the most tyrannical physique in the younger generation of the Southern Region.

The clash between the Tyrant Body and the Barbarian God’s Real Body was about to begin. And, everyone was looking forward to this fight!

One individual possessed the strongest physique of the southern barbarians. In fact, this was the supreme physique of the Barbarian God himself. He had left behind too many secrets. In fact, it was said that one could restore the Barbarian God’s lost prestige if one would cultivate it to the pinnacle.

The opposing individual had once defeated the Titan Body, and had practiced an incredible power technique created by some ancient powerhouse.

"These two men are extremely tyrannical. This is a collision between the two strongest physiques of the Southern Region!"

The sun was shining in the sky. Chi Tian – the owner of the Barbarian God’s Real Body – had arrived in the microcosm. He was seated atop an unknown barbarian beast. He held a scarlet lance. Its tip virtually touched the ground. The vicious barbarian aura was sweeping out from his body. It seemed as if the Barbarian God himself had reincarnated in the current age.

The spectators weren’t in the same microcosm, but they could still feel the dreadful fighting strength of the Barbarian God’s Real Body. His violent aura had scared everyone; and people had been left to tremble.

"Chi Tian is the only heaven’s pride expert to represent the southern barbarians in this competition. However, he possesses the most tyrannical strength. He’s also one of the people’s favourites to win this competition. His popularity is only behind that of Emperor Chen and the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars’. It’s difficult to say whether he can rival the strength of Emperor Chen since that man possesses the spatial ability. However, he’s not one bit inferior to the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars!" a True Martial University disciple made an evaluation.

Chi Tian quietly waited as he remained seated atop his mount — the strange barbarian beast. But, his exceptional ‘killing intention’ was gradually sweeping out. This was like watching the scene of a peerless God of War tame the wilderness.

He was quietly waiting for Ye Xiwen to arrive. Everyone held their breath… as if their breathing would destroy the aesthetic of this particular scene.

The space distorted, and a figure arrived. It was an ordinary looking youth. He arrived in the middle of the arena with small steps. He was Ye Xiwen. Chi Tian’s imposing aura had covered the sky. But, Ye Xiwen’s aura looked too ordinary in comparison. He was clad in ordinary cyan-colored clothes. Even his aura didn’t seem to be strong.

"Ha ha ha ha. You’ve arrived finally. I and many others have been waiting for this day for a long time now!" Chi Tian burst into laughter as soon as he saw Ye Xiwen. He looked wild and vicious. He was brimming with arrogance. He had gotten excited after he had seen Ye Xiwen emergence.

"I’ve heard that you killed the Titan Body. I obviously wanted to kill him too. However, you killed him first. So, it will be same if I kill you!" Chi Tian’s eyes turned red as he looked at Ye Xiwen. The endlessly boiling ‘killing intention’ was hardly concealed in his eyes.

Chi Tian was like a typical barbarian. He considered everyone beneath him. In fact, he was just like Emperor Chen. Perhaps, his attitude wouldn’t have changed even if Emperor Chen was standing in front of him right now.

He possessed a strange type of incredible self-confidence. And, he had obtained countless victories because of this self-confidence.

"Kill me? Who do you think you are?" Ye Xiwen sneered.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s boundless imposing aura suddenly exploded. It set-off a pillar of golden energy into the sky, and broke past the clouds. The golden divinities gradually crawled over him, and covered his entire body. It seemed as if he was clad in a golden divine robe. Inexhaustible golden divinities condensed under his feet, and formed a golden ocean beneath him. The golden rays of light illuminated half the sky. He suddenly started to seem like the God of the Golden Country. Ye Xiwen had transformed with an explosion… just like a God.

Ye Xiwen had gone all-out from the get go. He hadn’t underestimated his opponent.

Two powerful auras collided in the middle. And, neither of the two auras was ready to give way to the other. The space was violently distorted by the collision of these two auras.

"These two men are extremely dreadful. What kind of power technique has this Ye Xiwen practiced that has made him so dreadful? He looks like a god dammit!" a courageous young disciple spoke-up.

"Both of them look like gods. It’s like the Barbarian God and the Golden God are going to fight in the sky!"

"Everyone’s even more hyped now!"

The tall platform was still hidden among the clouds and mist. The supreme leaders of the four major forces were quietly watching this fight between the heaven’s pride experts.

Two heaven’s pride experts had been allowed to fight together as a team. The so-called Emperor Chen didn’t seem affected by this fact. In fact, he had demonstrated the spatial ability, and was being considered to be the booked champion.

However, the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s Lord was very confident about the Twin Stars Brothers. He hadn’t become worried even after Emperor Chen had displayed his spatial ability. After all, his two heaven’s pride experts would get to fight as a team. They might not be a match for Emperor Chen in their individual accord. However, there wouldn’t be any issue if they were to fight together as one.

"Ha ha ha ha. All three heaven’s pride experts of your True Martial University’s will be annihilated this time!" the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s Lord burst into laughter as he looked at the Supreme Lord of the True Martial University. Qin Wang had already been impaled to the ground. And, Han Bing Wang didn’t stand any chance against the Xuan Yuan Twin Stars as far as he was concerned.

"Nobody knows till the end!" the Supreme Lord replied indifferently. He was neither sad… nor happy. He had seen such battles several times in every hundred years. So, these fights between junior experts couldn’t move him on an emotional level. And, this was despite the fact that he also used to be a young expert once.

"Don’t tell me that you still believe that your disciples can make a comeback?" the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s Lord sneered and said, "Your Han Bing Wang is going to be toast. And, that Ye Xiwen has only practiced an incomplete power technique. It would’ve been fine if he had the complete version of that power technique. But, it’s not a joke to mend a power technique on one’s own. How can people of our rank not know how dreadful these ancient power techniques can be?"

(To be continued)

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