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Jade Yang Peak was Qin Wang’s inheritance. It was also one among the Top 10 Inheritances. Jade Yang Peak had nurtured Qin Wang as their future hope and pillar of support. They had allowed him to participate in this time’s competition so that he could gain some experience. Nobody could match Qin Wang among his peers as per his strength in their opinion. It should’ve been impossible for anyone to force him to retreat. Who would’ve thought that Emperor Chen would crucify him on the ground in front of thousands of spectators?

"Some old fogy told me that they want you to look for an opportunity to get rid of Emperor Chen. You will get a reward of ten million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ as long as you kill Emperor Chen. This would obviously be separate from the assigned competition’s reward!" Bai Jian Song looked at Ye Xiwen with his shining eyes as the corners of his mouth stretched into a smile.

Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but hold his breath as he heard 10 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. The Jade Yang Peak hadn’t merely flown into a rage out of humiliation. They had also gone insane in anger. 10 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’! Obtain that, plus the ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ from the rewards of the competition would be enough for him to make the breakthrough into the sage realm. Moreover, he wouldn’t have to be worried about the insufficiency of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in the process of his breakthrough.

Ye Xiwen had obviously become anxious. He was also determined to kill Emperor Chen. Emperor Chen was extremely dangerous for him. Moreover, Emperor Chen had never concealed his hostility and ‘killing intention’ for him. So, it would be better to root-out this source of trouble.

However, it could be said that Ye Xiwen didn’t really adhere to the pedantic mind-set of ‘the best enemy is a deceased enemy’ like most people did.

He was planning to kill Emperor Chen anyway. And now, the Jade Yang Peak had offered him 10 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ for the same. This was a golden opportunity!

"Let me tell you… this isn’t the highest price they can offer. There’s still a margin for negotiation. I can talk to them if you want!" Bai Jian Song added.

"You don’t need to. 10 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ will do!" Ye Xiwen replied since he wasn’t a greedy and insatiable person.

The smile came back to Bai Jian Song’s serious face when he saw that Ye Xiwen was the kind of person who knew when to stop. People are often unclear about when they should demand more, and when they shouldn’t.

"However, you must be careful. I’ve heard that Emperor Chen possesses the spatial ability. This is an extremely dreadful ability!" Bai Jian Song’s complexion had turned serious again. Even he had been rendered dumbstruck when he had heard about this.

The spatial ability was even rarer than those special physiques. Those special physiques were often traceable. In fact, most special physiques could be traced backed to the powerful ancestors. For example, the Titan Body was ferocious because his ancestors possessed the blood of titans. Therefore, his ability could only be considered a result of an ancestral throwback. However, the spatial ability was different. It didn’t leave any footprints. Moreover, it didn’t appear in certain clans or at certain places… Any person could be born with such talent. However, only a very few such individuals had been discovered so far. Moreover, there were many such ‘lucky people’ who had remained in the dark about this ability throughout their lives. They themselves didn’t know that their body possessed spatial ability. Such people didn’t show up often. However, they would turn out to be world-shaking whenever they did.

"I know!" Ye Xiwen nodded and said, "But, I’ve discovered that he doesn’t possess the spatial ability. Rather, his mount — that golden lion — possesses this ability!"

"There’s no difference even if it is so. Aren’t they one instead of two?" Bai Jian Song replied. Ye Xiwen wasn’t the only one who had noticed this. Bai Jian Song had also felt this. However, it didn’t matter whether Emperor Chen possessed this ability or that Golden Lion. After all, what difference would it make? They were one.

That’s why he didn’t mention the golden lion separately… even if it possessed extremely tyrannical strength like Emperor Chen, and could alone deal with two ordinary heaven’s pride experts without any problem.

One would be gravely mistaken if one felt that the golden lion possessed the spatial ability, and Emperor Chen was nothing. After all, wasn’t it Emperor Chen who had subdued that golden lion with the spatial ability? This could be inferred easily.

However, he must die because of this. Ye Xiwen was wary of him, and considered him as someone that required his attention.

"This young fellow can’t be allowed to go on. Even the high-level experts of our university are as alarmed as the old fogies of the Jade Yang Peak. Our True Martial University’s wellbeing may have to depend on his mood in the future if we allow him to mature!" Bai Jian Song firmly said.

These forces used to conduct such competitions because they themselves wanted to get rid of the heaven’s pride experts of the enemy forces. These heavens’ pride level experts didn’t pose any threat to them at present. But, these forces were already thinking about the future. They clearly knew that these heaven’s pride experts would become the backbones of their respective forces in the future.

"Of course, those old guys want you to retreat if you can’t get rid of Emperor Chen. The university has already lost Qin Wang. So, they will lose everything if they lose you as well!" Bai Jian Song added, "I also want the same. It won’t make any difference if you suffer a temporary defeat at this time. Your road is quite long. There’s nothing to be afraid of… even if you lose ten-thousand times. You just need to succeed once, and deliver him a fatal blow later on. And, that would be enough!"

"Are you saying this because you aren’t optimistic about me?" Ye Xiwen asked somewhat helplessly. However, Bai Jian Song hadn’t spoken these words because he wasn’t optimistic about Ye Xiwen. He just didn’t want to exert too much pressure on him. He felt that it would be better if Ye Xiwen would pull back instead of falling into Emperor Chen’s hands.

"Try to understand. The opposite party has spatial ability!" Bai Jian Song didn’t deny this fact, "Such ability can turn out to be very troublesome. Especially in the early phase… when only they have the spatial ability; and no one else. They have the advantage, and this makes them dreadful. However, some of us will also learn to feel the traces of the space principle later on, and might even devise some method to counter this spatial ability. So, the disparity will decrease very significantly when that time comes!"

The human body was considered a universe on this road of Martial Arts; a universe that could be tempered. The so-called theory of ‘having a universe inside one’s body’ genuinely existed. In fact, Ye Xiwen’s ‘Observing Person Scripture’ had been created because of this theory.

However, what was the so-called universe? The space and time had been interwoven together to form the universe. This was the innate character of the universe. Space was one of the two biggest constituents of Universe. One could gradually start to feel the traces of the principle of space if they reached far-enough while practicing on this road of martial arts. And, one would be able to comprehend the principle of space to some extent if they were successful. In fact, some people could also devise different methods for counterattacking this principle.

The opposite party might have come-up with more methods by that time. However, this invisible gap would still reduce rather significantly. Of course, this was true only for a portion of people who’d succeed in developing a deeper understanding of the principle of space. The disparity would only get bigger and bigger for a majority of people.

Therefore, Bai Jian Song believed that it would be best if Ye Xiwen would retreat at this time. However, he didn’t even think of suggesting Ye Xiwen to admit defeat. That was obviously impossible. The most important thing regarding these heaven’s pride experts was that they possessed an invincible heart. They weren’t like Shuiyan Luo and the others. A permanent flaw would emerge in the martial way of a heaven’s pride experts if they were to admit defeat even once. And, their lifetime’s accomplishments would be limited after this came to happen. Qin Wang had died, but he hadn’t begged for mercy because of this reason alone.

"Anyway, even I’m not very much optimistic at this time!" Ye Xiwen replied somewhat helplessly. He could also understand Bai Jian Song’s thought process.

Many people had already considered Emperor Chen as the winner of this competition after he had displayed the spatial ability. Who else could become the champion if not Emperor Chen? The man possessed the spatial ability!

Emperor Chen wasn’t popular as someone who’d win the competition in the beginning. Rather, Xuan Yuan Twin Stars were. He was at the second place. However, he had suddenly surpassed the Twin Stars Brothers, and had become everyone’s favourite for winning the competition. This had been an astonishing paradigm shift. However, it had only taken place after Emperor Chen had revealed the spatial ability.

"Not being optimistic about you is one reason. However, I would also say that it would be better if you don’t kill Emperor Chen… even if you have the ability to do so!" Bai Jian Song added.

"Why?" Ye Xiwen asked. Emperor Chen was a threat in his opinion. And, he would become even more dreadful in the future if he was allowed to mature. So, Ye Xiwen couldn’t afford to let him off since he had an opportunity. He must seize the opportunity firmly, and give Emperor Chen a fatal blow.

"You don’t understand. You guys have caught the attention of those old guys. Everyone has their gaze fixed on you guys. These people aren’t limited to your own force alone. People from the other forces are also present. You must know that all of you are heaven’s pride experts. Your future accomplishments are going to be limitless. And, that’s why they care about you even more. Emperor Chen has already become an eyesore for many people. Our True Martial University will be watching him closely from now on. And, I think even the other forces don’t wish to let him off. The Fire Cloud Cave, the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall, and even the other forces which currently have no conflict with him must be thinking in this manner. And, all of them are regarding him as an eyesore. In fact, the forces that are located in the East Sea would definitely take action against him once the competition ends. Our True Martial University may have to live under his shadow in the future if a guy like him were allowed to develop. Similarly, many other people must be feeling a fatal threat from him. Therefore, it’s possible that many operations would be directed against him in the near future!" Bai Jian Song explained.

"Emperor Chen is already considered as an eyesore by most people. And, you will immediately take his place if you killed him. Then, you’d become an eyesore. You will become the focus of all those assassination operations in that scenario, and all sorts of obstacles will start to emerge in your path. And, that will basically be the most dangerous time for you!" Bai Jian Song explained as he continued.

(To be continued)

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