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A terrifying cyclone swept out in all directions. The entire microcosm was nearly shattered into small pieces by this frightening cyclone. A chill ran inside the hearts of the spectating disciples. Everyone was in extreme shock, and their hair ‘stood on end’ with fear. This level of fighting strength was extremely terrifying. Not to mention that this was merely semi-sage level strength. It would’ve been an extremely dreadful scene if the strength of the contenders had been at the level of the sage realm.

Such a terrifying battle could only take place between two heaven’s pride experts. All heavens’ pride experts were brilliant and outstanding. However, only one among them could carry forward his glory till the end, and win the trophy.

Therefore, every big force would always try to reduce the unnecessary collisions between heaven’s pride experts. In fact, several heavens’ pride experts of the semi-sage realm had never clashed with each other even once. This was done to ensure that these heavens’ pride experts grew up smoothly. After all, the semi-sage realm was only the beginning.

This was the fiercest battle between the experts of younger generation so far. It had already touched the peak of the semi-sage realm. A violent energy storm had swept out in all directions in an instant.

The entire space had been shattered into pieces; like a glass. The massive energy waves had overflowed the sky, and had swept in all directions. The chaos had leaked out from the other side, while the ‘killing intention’ had flooded the entire space.

"Bang!" a loud noise was heard as a figure was sent flying out from the inexhaustible cyclone.

Everyone’s gazes fell on the figure that had come flying out the cyclone. It was Sun Zhan Peng. Some people had guessed correctly that it might be Sun Zhan Peng. However, they were still taken aback. Everyone had anticipated that Sun Zhan Peng wouldn’t be able to prevail over Ye Xiwen when the contest had begun. However, everyone had started to believe that he might be able to beat Ye Xiwen after he had taken out a sage tool.

However, their prediction had again turned wrong since it was Ye Xiwen who stood victorious.

Sun Zhan Peng went flying across the sky, and crashed into a mountain. He lost his consciousness thereafter. It wasn’t clear whether he was dead or alive.

That inexhaustible cyclone tore the entire microcosm to pieces. The pieces of space-debris then scattered in the dark chaos. Ye Xiwen’s figure became visible the very next moment.

Ye Xiwen’s entire body was covered with golden divinities at this moment. The divinities were boiling, and made it seem like he was clad in golden and divine clothes. He appeared like a god.

"True Martial University’s Ye Xiwen wins this fight!" the referee passed the judgment after he had verified that Sun Zhan Peng had lost the ability to fight further.

Several disciples couldn’t believe this. Just one move again! Ye Xiwen had defeated a formidable expert of the rank of heaven’s pride experts in just one move! Ye Xiwen had used just one move throughout the fight, and had defeated his opponent in a convincing manner. How tyrannical was this Ye Xiwen? People simply weren’t able to digest this fact.

Some of the heavens’ pride experts were stronger, while some were weaker; everyone was aware of this fact. However, how could there exist such a huge disparity among them?

The match had been settled in one move. This level of disparity had pushed everyone in despair!

"How’s this possible? Sun Zhan Peng is as powerful as a heaven’s pride expert. However, he couldn’t withstand a single blow while facing Ye Xiwen. He got defeated in one move — in merely one move!"

"Is the disparity between these heaven’s pride experts genuinely so wide? It’s truly unbelievable!"

"Now, I genuinely don’t know who among Ye Xiwen, Emperor Chen, and the Twin Stars Brothers is stronger…?"

"Sun Zhan Peng was definitely the biggest dark horse in this time’s competition. However, he appeared so weak in front of Ye Xiwen. How can there be such a big gap between them?"

"This is unbelievable!"

Everyone was in shock after having witnessed this outcome. It seemed as if they had seen some kind of miracle.

However, they didn’t know that Ye Xiwen’s strength had already surpassed the pinnacle of the semi-sage realm. He had already condensed 1000 dao principles. So, his strength had increased several times as compared to what it used to be. In fact, it could be said that his current strength was on a whole new level. But, Sun Zhan Peng had only reached the level of heaven’s pride experts. In fact, he was a bit weaker than Pang Yang Bo and those others from before. Ye Xiwen would’ve killed him in one slap if he hadn’t possessed that sage tool – the great blade. It was impossible for him to affect Ye Xiwen in any way.

Ye Xiwen came out of the microcosm, and landed on the ground. The nearby space suddenly distorted, and broke into pieces. Then, the broken space-fragments fell on the surface of the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’.

A figure flew out from the space-debris. Ye Xiwen wondered, [who has made such a fierce attack that the space itself has been broken into pieces?]

Ye Xiwen suddenly shot a glance at that figure, and saw that it was Shuiyan Luo.

Yes, it was Shuiyan Luo! The inner-wear armor which was given to her by Ye Xiwen had been shattered. She looked tired and feeble. Her bones had been shattered. She was panting heavily.

"Bang!" a burst of power – which was a blend of water and fire – swept out from that microcosm. A huge tornado of fire and water surged towards Shuiyan Luo. It was advancing straight towards her in order to kill her.

How could Ye Xiwen allow that to happen? He shouted loudly. ‘Clang’, a long sword appeared in his hand out of nowhere. It was then raised up in the sky. It transformed into a hundreds of feet long sword in the void, and slashed down towards that huge tornado to crush it.

"Rumble!" that massive tornado was annihilated by the irresistible force of that long sword.

"Xuan Yuan Twin Stars!" Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth. His eyes turned cold. He looked like an enraged wild beast.

"Who has dared to interfere in our matter?" The Twin Stars Brothers suddenly came out through the crack in the space.

"Was it you?" the Twin Stars Brothers asked in unison.

"Ha ha ha. This is the fate of those who oppose our Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. You will die. Even the people around you will die!" they suddenly broke into a wild laughter as they said.

As expected… they had resorted to extreme methods because of Ye Xiwen. That was visible from the serious injuries on her body. She would’ve died if Ye Xiwen hadn’t given her that inner-wear armor.

Ye Xiwen restrained his anger, and walked towards Shuiyan Luo. He said, "You two are lucky. You should be glad that you’re still alive. Pray that you don’t come across me. I will make you die a miserable death if you do!"

This was the first time that Ye Xiwen had felt such strong ‘killing intention’ for someone. He was burning with anger because of these two individuals’ despicable nature. Shuiyan Luo was as insignificant as an ant on the ground to them. They could smash a group of ants anytime by stepping on them. And, they wouldn’t feel anything about it. However, the same wasn’t true in Ye Xiwen’s case.

"Dream on!" the Twin Stars Brothers’ complexions changed. Ye Xiwen’s words had made them extremely furious. Nobody had ever dared to talk to them like that. Especially when they felt that they hadn’t done anything wrong.

In fact, they felt that Ye Xiwen should be grateful to them since they had allowed him to live for a few days. However, he had dared to threaten them instead.

Ye Xiwen ignored the Twin Stars Brothers, and walked up to Shuiyan Luo to help her heal. She had sustained very serious injuries. However, it was nothing for Ye Xiwen’s ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’.

Ye Xiwen had sustained even more serious injuries than hers’ in the past. His injuries had been more serious, and he had been left to hang on the last few breaths. He was merely at half-step legendary realm at that time. And, he had been chased by a semi-sage expert. That situation was far more dangerous than Shuiyan Luo’s present one.

The Twin Stars Brothers flew in a rage when they saw that Ye Xiwen hadn’t pay attention to them. However, they couldn’t attack in any case. They knew where they were at the moment. So, they had no choice but to leave with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Ye Xiwen used the field effect of the ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’ to treat Shuiyan Luo rather quickly. The ruddy expression slowly came back to her face. Her complexion no longer looked pale, and she slowly regained consciousness.

"Brother Ye, thanks a lot!" Shuiyan Luo thanked him. She couldn’t put the feeling of gratitude she that had in her heart for Ye Xiwen in mere words. She would’ve died if Ye Xiwen hadn’t given her that armor.

"How did this happen? Didn’t you admit defeat?" Ye Xiwen asked. He had told her to surrender since he knew that the Twin Stars Brothers might resort to extreme methods. However, he hadn’t expected that they would succeed in doing that.

"They are too cruel. I surrendered as soon as I went inside… just as you had told me. However, they still attacked me!" Shuiyan Luo’s face exposed extreme anger. "Ye Xiwen, you must avenge me, and kill them!"

Shuiyan Luo spoke-up angrily. She would’ve been dead by now if she hadn’t worn Ye Xiwen’s inner-wear armor. Those two had almost succeeded in killing her. Therefore, it was only natural that she hated them from the bottom of her heart.

"Don’t worry. They won’t get away. They will die this time!" Ye Xiwen replied in a cold voice. Only one party would live — either him or those Twin Stars Brothers. The ‘killing intention’ had become incomparably intense in his heart.

Ye Xiwen took Shuiyan Luo to the base of the mountain after she had recovered. After all, only winners were permitted to stay in this public square. Losers were sent away to some other place. And, Shuiyan Luo wasn’t an exception either.

Ye Xiwen returned to the public square. The seventh round had ended by then.

Therefore, the disciples in the entire public square were excited to discuss about the upcoming eighth round.

That was because two heavyweight disciples were likely to face each other in the eighth round — the True Martial University’s Qin Wang, and East Sea’s Emperor Chen. These two individuals had been heaven’s pride experts for a long time. They would finally face each other in the next round.

Ye Xiwen had defeated Sun Zhan Peng in the previous round. And, Sun Zhan Peng’s fighting strength was equal to that of a heaven’s pride expert. However, he was known to all as a ‘barely’ heaven’s pride expert. However, Qin Wang and Emperor Chen were different. They had been famous for several years. Moreover, they were considered as top elites in their respective forces.

One could say that the competition for this time’s championship would take place between eight individuals. And, only one among these eight individuals would win this time’s competition. However, nobody had thought that two of them would face each other in the eighth round itself.

This would be a stunning battle for sure. Other fights of this round would look dull in front of this battle. So, everyone’s focus was bound to be fixed on this battle.

(To be continued)

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