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"Qin Wang and Emperor Chen are finally going to face each other. Perhaps, we’ll be able to see an interesting showdown this time. Neither of these individuals is a simple personality!"

"Emperor Chen had once defeated two heaven’s pride experts at the same time. He is known as the undisputed King in the East Sea. Gee, he’s so courageous!"

"Qin Wang isn’t an ordinary person either. Do you know why he’s known as Qin Wang? This title was given to him because once he had wiped out a small country by himself in order to increase the territory of his own country!" (1)

Some people knew him as Qin Wang the king. They addressed him as ‘king’ whenever he would pass by.

Everyone suddenly gasped. Wiped out a small country on his own? It was merely a small country. However, even a small country in the True Martial World had a population of at least ten million people. Then, how many experts that small country might have had? And, he had annihilated all of them by himself. He was definitely very powerful and ferocious.

Neither of these two individuals was easy to deal with. So, their clash would obviously be a startling collision.

Even Ye Xiwen was very interested in the battle of these two individuals. It didn’t matter whether Qin Wang had annihilated a small country or Emperor Chen had simultaneously defeated two heaven’s pride experts. One thing was clear… that none of these two individuals was an ordinary person. Their battle would shake the heavens.

However, the most important thing for him was to cross the eighth round of the competition as early as possible. These other things didn’t matter to him. He should be able to settle this round rather quickly if the opponent didn’t turn out to be a heaven’s pride expert of the rank of Emperor Chen. He could come out, and would have enough time to watch Emperor Chen’s fight if he was able to win the round quickly-enough.

The eighth round of the competition began soon. This was today’s second round. There were fewer participants in today’s competition as compared to the total number of participants in the last two days. In fact, it was just a tiny portion of the first day’s number.

Ye Xiwen entered the competition-space for his fight. A young expert was waiting for him inside the microcosm. He was a top expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. So, he was obviously outstanding. However, there was a big disparity between him and a heaven’s pride expert.

He surrendered as soon as he saw Ye Xiwen. He wasn’t a coward. But, he could see the reality. Ye Xiwen had defeated Sun Zhan Peng — a man who was close to the rank of a heaven’s pride expert — at a lightning speed. So, he was aware of the disparity between him and Ye Xiwen. He knew that he couldn’t be Ye Xiwen’s match.

"True Martial University’s Ye Xiwen wins this fight!"

Nobody was surprised to see this result. After all, not many individuals had the courage to compete with such a ferocious heaven’s pride expert.

Ye Xiwen came out of his microcosm, and entered a sub-space from where several spectators had gathered to watch the most anticipated fight. This fight had just begun.

Countless disciples present around him were talking about this matter. One of the contenders belonged to the East Sea where Emperor Chen was revered as the undisputed king. Another contender had come from the Southern Region where his opponent had exterminated a small country.

Everyone was very excited to see these two individuals.

Emperor Chen was sitting on a tall and robust looking golden lion. He was clad in dark red armor. It wasn’t a well-known armor, yet it was exuding traces of sage power that scared everyone. They felt a sense of urgency… as if they had been cornered.

He was holding a long spear in his hand. And, it was pointed forward. It was decorated with ancient symbols. It was evidently an ancient weapon of some big force. It had wandered from person to person over the ages, and had finally fallen into the hands of Emperor Chen.

Emperor Chen began to advance slowly. He seemed like a Devil God riding a strange and ancient golden beast.

Qin Wang was sitting atop an incomparably elegant and divine steed. He didn’t show any weakness in front of Emperor Chen. He was clad in a black armor, and his head was covered with a mask. People couldn’t see his facie because of the mask. He was holding a lance in his hand. His eyes looked ice-cold.

"These two individuals are so ferocious that even their imposing auras can suffocate people to death!" a person exclaimed.

Several people held their breaths in amazement. Their eyes were fixed on these two individuals. They couldn’t help but be involuntarily affected by the terrifying imposing auras of these two individuals.

Everyone was secretly asking oneself whether they could be an opponent of these two individuals?

However, nobody dared to say that they could be.

Qin Wang and Emperor Chen were very powerful. Both of them were extremely ferocious. They were well-known figures among the heaven’s pride experts. They were one step away from entering the sage realm.

Many of the spectators who had come to see their fight trembled in fear. Even Ye Xiwen’s complexion slowly sank a bit. He believed Emperor Chen to be his biggest opponent. And, there was a possibility that Emperor Chen might lose this fight. The best outcome would be that both of them mutually wounded each other before the fight ended. However, it probably wouldn’t affect Emperor Chen’s fighting strength by much.

That was because Ye Xiwen and these other experts who had reached such a high level were bound to have some incredible sage level healing technique. These healing techniques might not be as good as ‘Phoenix Regeneration Technique’. However, they would be sufficient to restore the injuries quite quickly.

"I’m giving you a choice. Surrender or die!" Emperor Chen announced in a cold voice.

He merely spoke two sentences. But, that had been enough to shock everyone. Emperor Chen looked cold, and decisive; just like a god.

‘Surrender or die’. Who could’ve dared to talk to Qin Wang like this except him? Anyways, Qin Wang was a top heaven’s pride expert. So, it wasn’t easy to defeat him either. Not to mention that such an arrogant provocation wasn’t going to work on him.

"You’re insane. But, it doesn’t matter. I’ve met crazier people. And, they’ve all been turned into ghosts by my lance!" Qin Wang opened his mouth and proclaimed. His voice sounded as if it was coming out of a closed jar. It was because of the mask he was wearing. So, there was no way to identify his real voice.

Qin Wang hadn’t showed any weakness in front of the arrogant Emperor Chen. Instead, he had threatened Emperor Chen to turn him into a ghost. How many people possessed such boldness?

"It seems that you have chosen to die. Many people like you have misread these situations!" Emperor Chen coldly replied.

His eyes had turned cold. It seemed as if he could see right through Qin Wang’s mask. It seemed as if his sword-like sharp vision could see beyond his proud face, absorb his soul, and then severe his pride as well.

Emperor Chen moved, and his golden lion also moved along with him. It carried Emperor Chen like a small mountain, and advanced towards Qin Wang to crush him. A tyrannical aura swept out of his body, and surged across like ocean waves.

"So strong!" Everyone was shocked by this scene. No opponent had been able to compel Emperor Chen to such an extent in the past. In fact, no one had managed to withstand even a single move of his’. He would always beat his opponents very quickly. However, Qin Wang was completely different. He had spoken such insulting words to Emperor Chen. Yet, Emperor Chen’s actions clearly indicated that he was giving significant important to Qin Wang.

Ye Xiwen’s complexion turned serious. Emperor Chen deserved Ye Xiwen’s attention. He truly possessed extremely tyrannical strength. A person would be scared to death while facing his imposing aura if they didn’t possess enough strength.

"Is this all you’ve got?" Qin Wang shouted angrily. Endless ‘killing intention’ swept out of his body. One could vaguely hear the complaints and grievances of countless crying souls. Of course, these were the souls of the experts who belonged to that small country he had wiped-out. It seemed as if they were complaining about something. However, they were merely fluttering about in the sky as souls.

"Rumble!" the long spear and the lance ferociously collided in that split second. The sound of the terrifying collision of metals exploded. The collision produced endless sparks. These sparks then spattered in all directions. These sparks seemed ordinary, but were simply inexhaustible. They burnt the space where they went. The burnt space then broke into small pieces. It was like a mirror had been ruptured from the middle, and had started to appear like a spider’s web – densely packed, and extending along all sides.

"Clang!" the space couldn’t endure such a collision, and smashed into pieces. It produced crisp metallic sounds.

The void was exposed as the space was smashed into pieces.

Everyone was dumbstruck, and held their breaths. A chill ran inside everyone. These two individuals were extremely ferocious. This was such an incredible attack. Wasn’t it similar to the attack of those Twin Stars Brothers a while ago… the one that had broken the space into pieces?

Everyone was extremely terrified. It was indeed a terrible scene, but had been very much a possibility since both these individuals were tyrannical-enough to be ranked as the top experts in their realm. Not to mention that there were clashing against each other right now.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Emperor Chen laughed callously. His ‘fighting intention’ had become stronger. In fact, it had started to seethe. His imposing aura had become even more formidable. It seemed as if Qin Wang had obtained his approval of being a deserving opponent.

Qin Wang’s complexion looked extremely grave and stern. There wasn’t any trace of arrogance in his eyes.

The golden lion on which Emperor Chen was seated faced upwards, and let out a long and loud roar. Then, a dreadful aura swept out in all directions.

Everyone was scared by this golden lion’s aura. The golden lion had condensed 999 dao principles… just like any other top expert.

This shocked everyone. This golden lion could be compared with a top heaven’s pride expert. So, it wasn’t surprising that Emperor Chen didn’t pay any attention to the Twin Stars Brothers. The Twin Stars Brothers would be merely equal to two heaven’s pride experts if they joined hands. However, Emperor Chen and his mount would be equal to two top-tier heaven’s pride experts if they fought together.

Who could resist such a team? How did this golden lion condense 999 dao principles? What kind of astonishing bloodline did it possess that had allowed it to grow up to such an extent?

The golden lion unleashed its power. Its entire body started to appear like it had been adorned in a golden armor. An imposing aura of the king of ten thousand beasts emerged from his body, and spread across the void. Its four claws causally tore open a crack in the void.

Ye Xiwen immediately understood from where Emperor Chen had gotten such confidence. It was because he and this golden lion had teamed up. The Twin Stars Brothers considered ‘being in a team’ as their biggest advantage… But, this ‘advantage’ had become a big joke all of a sudden.

Other people didn’t know the origin of this golden lion. But, Ye Xiwen did. Most of the baby beasts that had come out of the eggs of those tyrannical ancient demon beasts had fled when they were back on the demon island. However, a few of these eggs had fallen into the hands of a handful of experts such as Emperor Chen, Qing Xu, Ji Ming Yue etc. Therefore, some of the experts had obtained these eggs of the demon beasts.

The demon beasts that hatched out of these eggs possessed unbounded potentials. They also seemed to have extraordinary bloodline… just like the wolf cub.

Ye Xiwen had once asked the wolf cub about this. However, the wolf cub hadn’t said anything on the subject.

(To be continued)

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