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Ye Xiwen entered the microcosm, and saw a young man inside. He appeared to be in his twenties. He was clad in a yellowish-orange robe. He looked a bit arrogant. The principles were looming over his body. Ye Xiwen counted, and found out that there were 999 dao principles on his body. Ye Xiwen also noticed that his aura was a bit unstable. This clearly meant that he must’ve made a breakthrough very recently.

This level of strength was sufficient to be ranked as a heaven’s pride expert. However, he wasn’t present in the known line-up of heaven’s pride experts. This showed that he hadn’t cultivated till half-step legendry’s great complete realm. However, he had still managed to condense 999 dao principles even though he hadn’t reached the half-step legendry’s great complete realm. This was nothing less than a small miracle. This must have some relation with the power technique that he had practiced.

"Immortal Hell King’s Rebirth Scripture!" Ye Xiwen didn’t know what kind of a power technique it was. He could’ve asked Ye Mo about it. However, Ye Mo was in deep slumber at the moment. Therefore, he had lost contact with Ye Mo.

However, even Ye Mo might not know about it. After all, there used to so many sages in the ancient times. So, the number of power techniques created by them was as many as the stars in the sky. It was obviously impossible for someone to know about all of them.

"You are Ye Xiwen?" Sun Zhan Peng wasn’t afraid; nor did he show any signs of fear when he saw Ye Xiwen. In fact, he seemed a bit excited on the contrary. Yes, excited! And, Ye Xiwen could clearly see this from his facial expression. He wasn’t excited to meet his opponent. Rather, he was excited with the fact that he would soon become famous.

"Yes, I am!" Ye Xiwen casually replied.

"I hadn’t thought that I would meet you here like this. I’m very excited!" Sun Zhan Peng burst into laughter and said, "You may not know how famous you are in our Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. I will be acknowledged as someone worthy of being a heaven’s pride expert as long as I can kill you. And, I will fill up the position left vacant by Fan Ming if that happens!"

"You’d better watch out. And, don’t underestimate my strength!" Sun Zhan Peng continued to speak. He seemed like a person who had been longing for recognition for a long time. And, he had suddenly become excited since he had been presented with such an opportunity.

"Idiot!" Ye Xiwen opened his mouth, and spat out this word.

"What did you say?" Sun Zhan Peng got angry, "A person like you won’t understand. How can someone like you understand my thought process? A person like you must die!"

"Hell King’s Disaster Blade!" Sun Zhan Peng shouted. An immeasurable demonic aura emerged out from his body. The entire 999 dao principles on his body began to boil, and started to flutter in the sky. It seemed as if every dao principle could crush an ordinary semi-sage expert to death. He had claimed to have the strength to beat Ye Xiwen. And, his claim wasn’t entirely false either. He genuinely possessed tyrannical strength. In fact, it was enough to make him a ranked heaven’s pride expert.

Ye Xiwen had heard someone say that Sun Zhan Peng wasn’t this ferocious in the past. However, he had recently taken a rebirth. So, his strength had advanced by leaps and bounds. In fact, it had increased enough to place him in the ranks of heaven’s pride experts.

Moreover, he had been enraged by Ye Xiwen only moments ago. So, he had attacked in rage. One could well imagine his strength. Endless black clouds shrouded the sky in an instant, and cold winds began to blow around like astral winds.

¬¬¬Sun Zhan Peng brandished his long blade. He appeared like an ancient god. It seemed as if he was an ancient ‘God of Death’, and the tip of his blade carried certain-death. In fact, it seemed as if innumerable souls were angrily howling at the tip of his blade.

Sun Zhan Peng’s long blade transformed into a hundred-feet-long blood-blade in the void! It carried boundless negative energy as it swept towards Ye Xiwen.

It slashed down upon Ye Xiwen, and it seemed as if it would cleave him into two. Ye Xiwen suddenly took a step as boundless golden light emitted from his body, and propelled him forward. He managed to avoid this terrifying blade attack.

"Crash!" the long black ferociously smashed on the ground. It crushed the surface, and opened a hundreds of feet long ‘massive crack’. It was extremely deep and scary in make.

"Haa!" Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. He transformed into a golden streamer, and instantly arrived in front of Sun Zhan Peng, "It’s over now!"

"You’re too naïve!" Sun Zhan Peng’s face exposed a sinister look. Seemingly endless Negative energy condensed on top of his long blade. It took the shape of a sharp arrow, and went lasing towards Ye Xiwen.

"Whoosh!" this long arrow made of Negative energy cut across the vast sky. It shattered the space, and nearly struck its target – Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen jumped, and avoided this sharp arrow. Sun Zhan Peng brandished his hundred-feet-long and dreadful ‘great blade’ towards Ye Xiwen to chop him down once again. It cracked the space to reveal the void on the other side, and shook the ninth heaven.

Ye Xiwen’s pupils contracted. This great blade was actually a sage tool. So, its power was infinite. Moreover, it seemed as if Sun Zhan Peng’s martial art was compatible with this sage tool. An attack made from a sage tool was obviously going to possess endless might. There was a difference of heaven and earth between a pseudo-sage tool and a sage tool. It was like the difference between the semi-sage realm and sage realm. In fact, an attack unleashed from a sage tool would carry endless might even if it hadn’t been used by a sage expert.

The spectators who were watching this fight from the outside also recognized this sage tool. And, they were left shocked at this discovery. Only a top-notch expert could possess a sage tool. The dreadful might of this sage tool had also left them ¬¬incredibly shocked. Something like a pseudo-sage tool was considered a legendary item in their eyes. Let alone a sage tool…

In fact, several sage experts were still using pseudo-sage tools!

The long blade smashed down at a very fast speed.


The entire space exploded and shattered into small pieces.

The faces of many people had turned pale with fear. The dreadful might of this sage tool had left them to gasp in admiration. It wasn’t surprising that Sun Zhan Peng was so arrogant and despotic. After all, he possessed such a dreadful weapon. Nobody was optimistic about him in the beginning. His strength might have been catching up to that of a heaven’s pride expert. However, the man in front of him had already killed two heavens’ pride experts, and had effortlessly defeated one more in the past!

However, everything changed when Sun Zhan Peng used a sage tool. The unexpected appearance of this sage tool was enough to reverse the situation.

"Ye Xiwen, you will die today!" Sun Zhan Peng sneered and spoke. He was gasping heavily for breath.

A sage tool was certainly very powerful. However, using it also resulted in great consumption of energy. He had reached the peak of the semi-sage realm. However, it wasn’t enough for him to continue its usage for a long time. He had merely brandished it twice, and had already begun to pant heavily.

Ye Xiwen’s figure appeared in the void. His golden wings stretched out behind his body for several feet. He began to stroll in the void. He was clad in golden divine clothes, and appeared just like a god.

His vision had turned cold. The ‘fighting intention’ was clearly visible in his eyes. Then, an endless amount of ‘sword intention’ condensed into a long sword in his hand.

"Ye Xiwen, I will give you an opportunity to die in a dignified way!" Sun Zhan Peng laughed out loud. He was laughing in such a hysterical manner that he looked a little crazed. He was very pleased with himself. The feelings which had remained restrained for a long time had finally begun to seethe-about in a crazy manner. He had gone completely mad as a result.

He had been under pressure for many years. [Why? Why are those heavens’ pride experts aloof from the rest of the world? As if they are looking down on the world… as if they are gods. Just like this Ye Xiwen is!] So, he loathed Ye Xiwen, and wanted to destroy him.

He wanted to use his long blade to kill these so-called heavens’ pride experts, and prove that he was more powerful than them. He wanted to prove that those heavens’ pride experts were like trash in front of him; that’s all.

He hated this world. He hated it for not being able to understand and appreciate his talent!

"You’re insane!" Ye Xiwen indifferently said.

"Yes. I am insane. You people have forced me to be like this. You heaven’s pride exper¬ts are nothing. You are nothing!" Sun Zhan Peng laughed out loud crazily as he replied.

Ye Xiwen looked solemn. He understood Sun Zhan Peng’s mindset. There were several heaven’s pride experts in this world, and everyone else grew-up under the shadow of these heaven’s pride experts.

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t argue with him as to whether he was right or wrong. Sun Zhan Peng had plunged to the depths of extreme delusion. Ye Xiwen had never considered himself as a heaven’s pride expert; nor had he ever thought that they were insurmountable. In fact, he didn’t consider himself to be the heaven’s favorite child like those other heaven’s pride experts did. He didn’t possess outstanding talent like they did. He also hadn’t possessed an exceptional body foundation since birth. He had to struggle for everything that he possessed today. In fact, he wouldn’t have his current strength if he hadn’t risked his life countless times.

"I know you can’t brandish that great blade of yours several times. I could simply exhaust you to death if I wanted to. But, I wanted to give you an opportunity to understand the real difference in our strengths!" Ye Xiwen spoke-up in a cold voice. That great blade had grown very big after absorbing the demonic Negative energies of the dead people. This kind of a sage tool demanded a lot from its wielder. It could even devour its owner if there was a rebound.

"Ha ha ha. I hate the way you think you’re so self-righteous!" Sun Zhan Peng laughed in a hysterical manner. In fact, he now hated Ye Xiwen as much as he hated those other heaven’s pride experts combined. He got even crazier when he saw a trace of pity in Ye Xiwen’s eyes. He didn’t need someone’s pity. He didn’t want sympathy.

He would rather kill those who’d dare to sympathize with him!

"Bang!" Sun Zhan Peng unleashed his ominous power; it was quite dreadful. The energy of the dead emerged out of his body. The souls of countless dead people began to howl as they gathered and condensed into two terrifying blood-red eyes behind his body.

He aimed the long blade in his hand at Ye Xiwen, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. He broke the void with his steps. He was undoubtedly a lone person, but his imposing aura appeared similar to that of a cavalry of thousands of ghost soldiers.

"You think too highly of yourself; take this move!"

Ye Xiwen shouted loudly. The golden divine beams blossomed from his body. His entire body became golden. This could’ve ranked him among the gods. Then, he brandished his long sword.

"Buried Heaven Sword!"

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen’s long sword began to spin in his palm in a crazed manner. It gradually turned into a cyclone of energy, and swept out. It began to rotate even more crazily as it obscured the entire sky. Many disciples of legendry realm were watching this fight from a different space; they couldn’t even see the figures of these two.

This was a peerless counterattack. The long blade and the long sword suddenly collided.


The space shattered into small pieces; just like glass. The massive energy waves overflowed the sky, and swept in all directions. The chaos leaked out. And, the ‘killing intention’ flooded the entire space.

"Bang!" a loud noise was emanated as a result of the collision. A figure went flying out from the inexhaustible cyclone.

(To be continued)

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