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Linghu Yuan charged on fiercely. He had destroyed He Xinhong’s Dantian in a slap. A sinister look flashed on his face. He might give an excuse later on… that he had done it by mistake, and then avoid any trouble for it. Blades and swords have no eyes in the Martial Arts Competition’s battles. This is an unavoidable fact.

He might not have launched an attack on some average person. However, He Xinhong had made him feel threatened. He Xinhong obviously wasn’t a match for him. However, he was regarded as a skilled expert in the True Martial University. So, this had been the best opportunity to get rid of even one of their good experts.

"True Martial University is just for show. It seems to enjoy an undeserved reputation!" Linghu Yuan laughed wildly after he saw that he was about to succeed in his plan to belittle the True Martial University.

Arrogant and despotic — these two words appeared in everyone’s mind. Even those barbarians of Muddy Sky Island and Fire Cloud Cave who had eagerly waited to see the mockery of the True Martial University felt that Linghu Yuan was far too arrogant and despotic. The True Martial University had an illustrious fame. It had ruled the entire True Martial World at one point of time in the past. Even the Lord of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall wouldn’t dare to say that the True Martial University enjoyed an undeserved reputation.

"True Martial University enjoys an undeserved reputation? Humph! Humph! Your bloated tone is as empty as a toad’s yawn!" a loud shout resounded. Then, a big golden hand swept towards Linghu Yuan to crush him.

This big hand set-off boundless gales. It seemed as if it would crush the world as it pressed down. The space in the vicinity of the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’ had been strengthened countless times. So, it was quite difficult even for the attack of a great sage expert to rip apart this space. However, this attack was incomparably dreadful.

Linghu Yuan promptly let off He Xinhong, and retreated frantically. In fact, he had retreated hundreds of feet at a quick pace.

"Rumble!" that big hand crashed on top of the mountain. And, it opened a crack on this road. The might it carried was simply endless…

The extremely arrogant Linghu Yuan’s face exposed a somewhat frightened and doubtful look. He was astonished as he looked in Ye Xiwen’s direction. He shouted, "Who are you!?"

The others also looked one after another. They wanted to find out who had actually forced a top expert like Linghu Yuan to retreat. Linghu Yuan wasn’t a heaven’s pride expert. However, he was a quasi-ranked character of heaven’s pride level. In fact, not all heaven’s pride experts would be able to deal with him. However, that big hand had forced him to retreat. Such was the strength it had carried. Could it be that it was an attack from some expert of the older generation?

"It’s me!" Ye Xiwen faintly spoke-up. He stepped out with large strides, and coldly looked at Linghu Yuan.

Everyone was dumbstruck to see Ye Xiwen… whether they were the disciples of the True Martial University, Muddy Sky Island, or Fire Cloud Cave. Who in the world was this man? A heaven’s pride expert…? His one slap had forced Linghu Yuan to retreat… just one slap; nothing more.

The entire mountainside had suddenly turned exceptionally quiet. It was literally ‘pin-drop’ silence. Most people had only seen the slim back profile of Ye Xiwen.

"Who is this guy? How did a ferocious guy like Linghu Yuan have no choice but to retreat under his attack?"

"Haven’t most of the heaven’s pride experts of the True Martial University rushed to the venue already? Who is this man? Can he be a new expert who has recently risen to fame?"

"Ye Xiwen — he’s Ye Xiwen!"

The experts of the True Martial University finally recognized Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had made a lot of noise in these past few years. He had been relentless – One incident after another. Each of these incidents had baffled people. Ye Xiwen’s appearance hadn’t been a secret. It’s just that he had kept his aura restrained by using the ‘Restraining Breath Technique’.

Therefore, it had basically been impossible for people to sense Ye Xiwen’s presence after he had deliberately restrained his aura. Such was his skill and efficiency. He could literally brush past them like a gust of wind… without getting undetected. They hadn’t been able to notice him because his presence was quite faint until now. However, they had finally recognized him now.

"Who are you? Are you also a disciple of the True Martial University?" Linghu Yuan shouted, "Using a sneak attack like that was an extremely shameless act. Are all the disciples of your True Martial University cheap like you?"

Linghu Yuan asked as he measured his words under the pretense of righteousness. However, he didn’t see any disgust in the expressions of the disciples of the True Martial University as he had expected to. On the contrary… he saw happy expressions on their faces. In fact, he saw expressions of schadenfreude on their faces!

They are taking pleasure in others’ misfortune? What the hell is happening here!

"He’s finished. This idiot is done for!"

"Yeah, this idiot has messed up by being arrogant and cocky. Too bad he has messed with the wrong person!"

"Ha ha. This thick iron wall will mess him up for messing with him!"

"Indeed. Ye Xiwen is the strongest heaven’s pride expert in the younger generation of the True Martial University!"

The disciples of the True Martial University burst into laughter one after another, and commented in ridiculing tones. They hadn’t expected Linghu Yuan to be reduced to such a dejected and angry state a moment ago. However, they were getting to ridicule him publicly at this moment.

Who was Ye Xiwen? The people of the other forces might not know too much about him. However, the disciples of the True Martial University knew him very well. This man was the most troublesome person in the True Martial University. How could they not have seen how he had slaughtered the senior disciples of Law Enforcement Hall… that too on his very first day after he had entered the True Martial University?

Had they not seen how he had singlehandedly messed up the disciples of the War Dead Star Peak after they had dared to blockade the Hidden Star City?

Moreover, this wasn’t the most important fact on Ye Xiwen’s list of merits. The fact that Ye Xiwen had slaughtered two heaven’s pride level experts in the past had boosted the confidence of this pack of disciples of the True Martial University. One among those experts was Fang Ming, and the other one was the Second God. Ye Xiwen was truly the strongest man in the younger generation. Linghu Yuan could at best retreat while facing a heaven’s pride expert. But, how would he face the man who had slaughtered — not just one — but two heaven’s pride exerts?

He had messed with the wrong person. This could be considered as the biggest misfortune of his life!

These people obviously didn’t know that Ye Xiwen had killed several heaven’s pride experts, and hundreds of elites on that wind dragon’s planet. Otherwise, they might’ve been scared to death.

Strongest heaven’s pride expert…? Iron wall?

Ye Xiwen was a bit depressed after he heard this evaluation!

"Cheap? Do you think that you have the right to speak about others?" Ye Xiwen sneered and walked over, "Do you know what place this is? Who owns this place? This is the True Martial University. You dared to make a big fuss thinking that nobody from our True Martial University can tidy you up. Isn’t that right?

"You are really a moron since you thought that you could lower the reputation of our True Martial University by pulling such a lame stunt!" Ye Xiwen sneered, "I flung that big slap on you to warn you to not act too arrogantly!"

Wasn’t the other person more arrogant and troublesome than Ye Xiwen? Ye Xiwen hadn’t wished for this. However, he had come across several challenges after he had entered the True Martial University — whether big or small — and had advanced through them to reach here. Therefore, he had already caused several troubles.

Ye Xiwen’s strong voice faded, and he swept out a big palm towards Linghu Yuan. Ye Xiwen’s palm was wrapped in golden threads. It instantaneously arrived in front of Linghu Yuan to kill him.

The fight had broken out in that very moment. Ye Xiwen had attacked without giving any warning. His attack had sent sonic booms in all direction… even though he hadn’t exerted the entirety of his strength!

Linghu Yuan wanted to dodge the attack. However, it seemed as if he had lost his determination to avoid the attack in that very moment. Ye Xiwen had moved extremely quickly. He had appeared in front of Linghu Yuan within the blink of an eye.

"Bang!" Linghu Yuan was sent flying by one big slap. His body span in midair at a great speed due to the great force. Then, he heavily smashed down on the ground.

"Puff!" Linghu Yuan was messed up badly. He spouted a mouthful of blood as his teeth fell out. Ye Xiwen hadn’t used his entire strength. His skull would’ve been smashed if that had been the case. Life or death didn’t matter in the arena, but Ye Xiwen couldn’t kill him here… even under the guise of a mistake.

"This slap was to teach you to behave with integrity, and not act too arrogantly!" Ye Xiwen sneered, "There will always be someone more arrogant than you!"

Ye Xiwen didn’t mind being labeled as arrogant by other people. However, he was compelled to take up the challenge this time. He and this arrogant cocky guy weren’t same. He didn’t care about what kind of hatred the True Martial University and Xuan Yuan Palace Hall possessed for each other. However, he wouldn’t just sit idly while someone would bully others before him.

Ye Xiwen passed from Linghu Yuan’s side after he was done speaking. He then walked up towards the top of the mountain step by step.

Everyone was astonished. They were left in shock as they saw this scene in front of their eyes. Even the disciples of the True Martial University hadn’t anticipated that the situation would turn like this. They felt that Linghu Yuan had messed with the wrong person. However, they hadn’t thought that Ye Xiwen would use a mere slap to crush his arrogance and temperament.

It was a very neat slap. That extremely tyrannical Linghu Yuan was no better than the opponents whom Ye Xiwen had defeated previously.

Defeated in one move!

Everyone was kind of scared. A chill ran inside their bodies. Was this the true strength of a heaven’s pride expert?

Linghu Yuan – who was known to be a quasi-heaven’s pride expert – couldn’t even stop one move, and had been sent flying. Everyone was convinced that he would’ve died in just one slap if Ye Xiwen had used his full strength!

How could they ever accomplish their goal of distinguishing themselves when such a person was around? However, the majority of people weren’t ambitious for the top position. They knew the limits of their own strengths quite clearly.

Ye Xiwen didn’t care about how terrified everyone behind him was; he went straight to the hilltop.

Tables had been arranged in rows on the top of the mountain. A group of the elders of the True Martial University were seated in the front row. They were in charge of distributing tokens to the participants. Everyone had to draw out a token by themselves. One would go to different locations, and would fight with their opponents based on the token drawn.

Ye Xiwen drew out a token. He looked at the number – 3500. It wasn’t a forward position.

Other disciples also reached to the top of the mountain in succession… soon after Ye Xiwen did. The time for the beginning of the Martial Arts Competition had soon arrived.

"Ding-dong!" the loud sound of the bell reverberated through the sky. A figure came down flying from above the tall stage. He was tall. He was clad in a magnificent robe. He carried an incomparably noble aura around himself. However, his face wasn’t visible clearly. He was True Martial University’s Supreme Lord. He was the one in charge of countless disciples of the True Martial University. The True Martial University had conducted the Martial Arts Competition this time. Therefore, the Supreme Lord had personally arrived to reside over of the overall situation.

Ye Xiwen looked at him. However, he couldn’t see through his strength. It was said that the Supreme Lord had already surpassed the great sage realm. Ye Xiwen had inquired about it from Qi Feifan. However, Qi Feifan told him that he didn’t know either. He hadn’t met the Supreme Lord often… even though he had been appointed as the last disciple of the man. Therefore, he couldn’t guess the real strength of the Supreme Lord. However, Ye Xiwen could somewhat tell based on his last few years of experience in the True Martial University… that faintly discernible aura present on the body of the Supreme Lord wasn’t like the oppressive aura of great sage realm…

(To be continued)

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