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"I hereby announce the official beginning of this time’s Martial Arts Competition between the four forces!"

Countless ‘daos’ flashed in the sky along with the official announcement of the Supreme Lord. Several microcosms – which would be used as venues for the martial arts contests – appeared one after another. Those tokens were the keys to enter the microcosms. A participant could enter the corresponding microcosm with the token in his hand.

Suddenly, the disciples let out gigantic clamors. There were more than ten thousand participants this time. Each of the four major forces had contributed one quarter of the total number. The weakest among these disciples were the experts of legendry’s great complete realm. In fact, Ye Xiwen used to be in this realm a few years ago. And, they weren’t one bit inferior to how he used to be back then. Their foundation looked deep and profound. Their auras had been fluctuating on their bodies in the beginning, but had then exploded to unleash an incredible power. One could actually sense the traces of semi-sage level power mixed in their auras…

Ye Xiwen moved forward with the token in his hand. He then entered the microcosm that corresponded to his token. He glanced around. It wasn’t a big microcosm. It was stretched up to 10 miles. However, it still had more than enough area to spare as an arena meant for a Martial Arts Competition.

Ye Xiwen found out that his opponent had already arrived there. It was a young man; approximately 20 years old. He looked arrogant. He insipidly looked at Ye Xiwen and said, "I’m An Licheng of Muddy Sky Island. I suggest you surrender now. Otherwise, don’t blame me for using my ruthless methods later!"

He was very arrogant. He had already at the late stage of the semi-sage realm. He had condensed more than 700 dao principles. So, he was certainly very strong. In fact, he might’ve broken through several rounds quite easily if he didn’t come across any heaven’s pride expert…

"You sound rather overconfident!" Ye Xiwen insipidly replied.

"Haven’t you heard of me?" An Licheng asked in a surprised manner. It was obvious that he just didn’t seem to care about Ye Xiwen. Many participants would investigate about the relatively famous experts in such a big competition… some would even try to look into the top 500 experts. They would compile a big list that contained all the information about them. And, several people would investigate about them in advance in order win every battle. This was the so-called ‘know thyself and know your enemy’. Moreover, it wasn’t a tough task even for the experts of legendry’s great complete realm to remember the details about hundreds of people. In fact, it was a task as easy as drinking water or eating food.

This information had been travelling around for quite some time now. So, anyone could check these details as long as they possessed little bit of intelligence. It wasn’t a difficult task.

An Licheng’s name was listed in the list of top 200 experts. Wouldn’t successfully breaking through several rounds be as simple as eating and drinking for him? In fact, he might even be able to do it with little to no effort!

He believed that it was benevolent of him to allow the opponent to surrender with dignity. However, the man present before him didn’t seem to appreciate his kindness.

"Who are you? Why should I know you?" Ye Xiwen replied. He had come out of the closed-door training a while ago. So, he hadn’t gotten the time to check the details about the top experts and heaven’s pride experts. It anyway didn’t make any difference to him. He could deal with anyone as per his current strength. So, ‘what know yourself and know your enemies’? He considered these sayings to be nonsensical.

An Licheng’s face turned red with embarrassment. Ye Xiwen had landed a slap in his face when he was being complacent. He could feel the painful heat of that slap on his face. In fact, it was even more painful than a direct defeat…

"Ha ha ha, this is so much fun. I was right about choosing to watch Ye Xiwen’s fight. His opponent is unknowingly sitting on a barrel of gunpowder!"

"This is so amusing. This An Licheng is flaunting in front of Ye Xiwen. He doesn’t realize that he has messed with the wrong person this time!"

Several disciples saw this scene, and burst into laughter… especially the disciples of the True Martial University. They knew that Ye Xiwen wasn’t a good person to mess with. Even the heaven’s pride experts weren’t his match… let alone this guy.

"Bastard, you are courting death!" An Licheng’s rage was enough to burn the vault of the heaven. He could feel the angst of being looked down upon. When was he ignored like this by any person? Even the heaven’s pride experts hadn’t dared to disregard his presence like this.

Ye Xiwen coldly looked at An Licheng. This youngster possessed excellent strength. However, he was far inferior to Ye Xiwen.

"You will regret this. I will break each one of your bones; one by one!" An Licheng was burning with anger.

Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes. And, ‘killing intention’ flashed in his eyes.

"So, you will break my bones one by one? Let’s see whether you have the skill or not!" Ye Xiwen sneered.

"Clang!" An Licheng brandished his long sword. An endless ‘sword intention’ flew across the vast sky. The sword’s pressure spread in all directions. And, the long sword in his hand transformed into a long dragon, and swept towards Ye Xiwen… as if to devour him.

Ye Xiwen sneered and attacked. But, it wasn’t some splendid move. He had merely brandished his palm as a ferocious slap.

"Rumble!" the surrounding space was shattered by the attacks of these two individuals. Ye Xiwen remained entirely still. However, An Licheng was went flying by the blast.

"It’s impossible!" An Licheng looked at Ye Xiwen unbelievably. Ye Xiwen had remained motionless, and had casually welcomed his attack. This shouldn’t be possible… even for a heaven’s pride expert.

Ye Xiwen finally moved at this time. He suddenly trod forward. He was all alone, but his imposing aura seemed to carry the might of a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses. His powerful aura seethed, and swept all across.

The golden divinities were wrapped around Ye Xiwen’s palm. He then pounded his palm on An Licheng’s chest at a lightning speed.

"Bang!" An Licheng didn’t have the strength to withstand this attack. And, he was sent flying by Ye Xiwen’s slap. The bones in his chest were broken in their entirety. He spouted a mouthful of blood, and fell unconscious. Even his token fell down from his hand, and rolled away.

Ye Xiwen had won in one move.

"How could this be? This is impossible!"

The spectators who had taken note of this battle were in complete uproar. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Nobody knew Ye Xiwen apart from the disciples of the True Martial University. Therefore, they were quite optimistic about An Licheng. They believed that An Licheng could hold his own with dignity even while facing a heaven’s pride expert. However, he couldn’t even withstand one move from this man.

"How’s this possible? Who is this man? How he can be so powerful? Is he a heaven’s pride expert?"

"Don’t you know him? He is Ye Xiwen — our True Martial University’s famous heaven’s pride expert!"

A disciple of the True Martial University proudly spoke-up.

"He is Ye Xiwen!"

Everyone exclaimed with amazement. Ye Xiwen was a low-key man in comparison to other heaven’s pride experts, but he was usually a part of high-profile matters. He was usually involved in matters that had caused sensations everywhere. However, he was basically reclusive behavior-wise… unlike other heaven’s pride experts. Many disciples who had taken part in this competition knew about him. However, it was very rare for outsiders to recognize him.

Several disciples of other forces were present in the surroundings. And, the disciples of the Muddy Sky Island were particularly optimistic about their own expert. Who would have thought that he would come across a calamity star like Ye Xiwen in the very first round? Just one slap had left him to lose consciousness. It would’ve been fine if it had turned into fierce struggle between the two. But, they simply couldn’t endure such an outcome.

The complexions of the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had turned even uglier than theirs. Their faces had turned as ashen as the facial expression of a dead housefly. Ye Xiwen had just defeat a disciple of the Muddy Sky Island. However, he had killed a heaven’s pride expert of theirs.

So, they felt more pain and discomfort when they saw Ye Xiwen happy.

"True Martial University’s Ye Xiwen is the winner of this fight!"

Ye Xiwen suddenly heard a majestic voice. It was the voice of an elder.

Ye Xiwen came out of the microcosm once he heard the judgement. Then, he appeared above the public square of ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’ post his exit from the other space. The loser of the match was taken to some other place. This area was for the winners… so that they could enjoy the attentions of thousands of people. Of course, only winners deserved such treatment.

The number of audience was quite less this time. Only a few spectators had arrived since the competition had just begun. The fights would last long only if there wasn’t a big difference in the strengths of the contenders. Otherwise, they would be like Ye Xiwen’s fight in which they’d take down their opponent in just one move.

The first round wasn’t too difficult. There was hardly any pressure on the experts of the semi-sage realm… unless they were extremely unlucky like An Licheng. But, everything was dependent on luck for the experts of legendry’s great complete realm. They might get through if they came across a weak opponent. However, they could easily get eliminated if they were to come across a stronger opponent.

"Ye Xiwen!" suddenly, a somewhat familiar voice sounded from behind.

Ye Xiwen turned around. He saw a figure clad in green clothes. A woman arrived wandering around with a faint smile on her face. She turned out to be one of the four pro-disciples of Yi Yuan School. It was Shuiyan Luo.

"Sister Shui!" Ye Xiwen hadn’t thought that he would come across Shuiyan Luo here. They used to be the focus of public attention when they were in Yi Yuan School. So, it wasn’t difficult for them to find each other. However, they had submerged inside a boundless sea of people after entering the True Martial University. Therefore, Ye Xiwen had only been able to find a few acquaintances from the Yi Yuan School so far.

Of course, neither she nor Ye Xiwen had seriously tried to find each other. They hadn’t been very close friends in the past. They were extremely excited to meet here like this, but they were just going with the flow…

"Brother Ye finished it very fast. It seems that you came across a fairly weak opponent!" Shuiyan Luo laughed and said. She was somewhat surprised in her heart in reality. She didn’t expect that she would see Ye Xiwen here. Ye Xiwen had never deliberately tried to find his old friends of the Yi Yuan School. However, that didn’t mean that she was ignorant about his matters. After all, his matters were always high-profile. It could be said that he had caused huge sensations one after another.

Not many people knew about Ye Xiwen at the time he had entered the True Martial University. He had garnered a glorious reputation on the ancient road, but it still wasn’t enough to make him famous in the True Martial University. However, who didn’t know his name now? Who wasn’t aware of his feats now?

She knew much more about him compared to him since he didn’t know anything about her. There were several heaven’s pride experts in the True Martial University. However, three of them – Ye Xiwen, Hua Menghan, and Qi Feifan – had come from Yi Yuan School. This fact had been suppressed by some people with high ambitions. Else, it would’ve inevitably shaken the True Martial University.

After all, the True Martial University’s disciples had come from various different regions. Yi Yuan School was merely a small place in front of the True Martial University. However, it had still produced three heaven’s pride experts. So, this news would’ve caused a huge uproar.

(To be continued)

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