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The loud ringing sound of the bell announced the beginning of this time’s Martial Arts Competition. The venue of the competition was located at ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’. This peak was also one of the Top 10 Inheritances of the True Martial University. In fact, the current Supreme Lord of the university belonged to this inheritance. In fact, it had always been the center of attraction since the beginning. Nearly all of the previous Supreme Lords in the history of the True Martially University had come from this inheritance. It was the supreme colossus inheritance among the Top 10 big inheritances.

The venue was going to be inside a microcosm located at Metropolis Martial Peak; it wouldn’t be carried out in the real world. After all, the experts of the semi-sage realm or above would be clashing and attacking frequently during the course of this competition. They might not be able to destroy the Metropolis Martial Peak if the competition were to be allowed in the real world. However, it certainly wouldn’t be a pretty sight. But, no one would need to hold back when fighting in this microcosm. And, they could unleash their strongest attacks with any worry.

It had been a few years since Ye Xiwen had arrived at the True Martial University. However, he had only heard the name of ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’. He hadn’t visited it till now. The True Martial University was extremely vast. Perhaps, it wouldn’t take too much time to fly past it. However, it would take a hell lot of time to visit the places one by one.

Most people couldn’t visit every place inside the True Martial University in their lifetime.

The day of the Martial Arts Competition had arrived, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that ‘a sea of people’ had arrived here for the event. Millions of people who hailed from True Martial University had arrived at the Metropolis Martial Peak to watch this time’s Martial Arts Competition. And, these spectators wanted to enter this microcosm in order to watch the fights.

There was a magnificent and grand ‘tall stage’ in the center of the venue, and it was shrouded in clouds and mist. People couldn’t see anything clearly inside. This place was meant for the high-level experts of the major forces who had arrived here to watch the competition among the new disciples.

Ye Xiwen got to the true depths of Metropolis Martial Peak, and came to know what a ‘real sea of people’ looks like. The end line of the crowd wasn’t visible. However, several spectators proceeded to the microcosm to take their seats as the time for the start of the competition gradually drew closer. The atmosphere soon became cold and calm as everyone waited for the 10,000 disciples who’d take part in the competition.

Ye Xiwen began to ascend the flight of stone steps. He saw several disciples who had arrived to take part in the competition on his way. They all seemed very excited. Everyone was hoping to become famous in one fell swoop in this time’s competition. They wanted to stand out among their peers. And, they wanted to become famous in the younger generation.

In addition, there were many benefits as well. Let alone the other precious rewards, there was a heavy reward of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. One could get a reward of 1000 ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in the first round. The second round had a reward of 2000 ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. The reward would keep doubling with each successive round. And, the winner of the competition would get a reward of 1 million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. This was an astronomical figure for anyone…

It could be said that one could suddenly become a heaven’s pride expert if they would succeed in standing out in this time’s competition. Therefore, this was a second chance for those people who had already decided in advance to become a heaven’s pride expert right after they had entered the True Martial University. One could get the attention of the university’s high-level experts if they performed well here. They might even overtake the former heaven’s pride experts in the future if they would put their efforts into training and cultivation. This kind of thing had occurred many times in the past.

Even Ye Xiwen had secretly become speechless. It could be said that the True Martial University was bleeding money this time. The university had previously awarded him with merely hundred-thousand ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ to show his importance after he had killed the Second God. But, they were now distributing millions of ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ in one fell swoop. It could be said that they were spending a massive amount of money. Moreover, the ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ were rather insignificant stuff compared to the other rewards!

Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that so many disciples were so excited to stand out in order to gain both fame and fortune. Even Ye Xiwen had also become somewhat excited, and clenched his fists.

[Just you wait Sister Hua. I will advance step by step, and come to bring you back… even if I have to go to the ends of the earth. This is just the first step!]

Ye Xiwen knew his capability. He knew that he was quite good at present. However, he also knew that he was no better than an ant in comparison to those genuinely strong people. So, he could only continue to fight and practice with a break in order to stand out among his peers, and to obtain the True Martial University’s acknowledgment. He could progress faster, and go farther if he had the resources of the True Martial University at his disposal.

There were several hundred roads which could lead to the top of the mountain. Ye Xiwen had chosen one of them.

Everyone here was a top-notch expert. They had already reached halfway to the ‘Metropolis Martial Peak’ in such a short period of time.

A loud and clear laughter suddenly came through from around the corner when everyone was about to move ahead. And, that wild laughter echoed throughout the sky. "Ha ha ha, it seems like the True Martial University is full of mediocre people. Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s ‘Linghu Yuan’ is here to ask for advice. Isn’t there anyone who can teach me a thing or two?"

His loud and clear voice suddenly echoed everywhere since it also contained ‘real elemental energy’ along with it. The complexions of several disciples of the True Martial University immediately turned ugly. But, the disciples of other forces present in the surrounding were amused as they looked at the disciples of the True Martial University. They even sniggered up their sleeves… especially the disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. They were beaming with joy.

Ye Xiwen’s countenance was calm. He picked up pace, and went further up. He soon arrived at big piece of land at the corner. And, he saw a 20-year-old young man clad in a white robe standing there. He looked arrogant and overbearing. He was standing in the middle of the road to obstruct the path of the disciples of the True Martial University.

The complexions of hundreds of disciples of the True Martial University had turned ugly when they saw this young man standing before their eyes. This was provocation. Moreover, it was a blunt provocation! He had dared to wander into the True Martial University’s territory, and had pulled a stunt like this therein. His courage was quite extraordinary. Moreover, he had blocked the way of the disciples of the True Martial University. So, wasn’t this stunt obviously directed at the True Martial University?

Several disciples of the True Martial University lay upside-down on the ground. They were groaning and screaming endlessly. The experts of the legendry’s great complete realm – and even an expert of the intermediate stage of semi-sage realm – had been slammed to the ground in just one slap.

The remaining hundreds of disciples of the True Martial University had begun to hesitate because of this. An expert of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm had been sent flying in just one slap. What could these people possibly do?

Ye Xiwen looked. That Linghu Yuan was an expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. He had condensed 900 dao principles. So, he wasn’t one bit beneath that deceased Young Master Feng. Basically, he was only a bit weaker than some of the heavens’ pride experts. So, it wasn’t very surprising that he was courageous-enough that he had dared to intercept them at the halfway point to the mountain-top.

This was a ruthless attempt to lower the face of the True Martial University. Moreover, the True Martial University’s reputation would decline in front of so many forces. And, these people could only watch this… but there was nothing they could do about it. Moreover, they were unable to go up the stairs. Some people wanted to take the other road to reach to the top of the mountain, but there was a possibility of getting obstructed again. Moreover, they might arrive late, and may get disqualified as a result. And, that would be a big loss for them.

The True Martial University had many experts. However, the problem was that… it seemed as if there was no one on this road who could compete with Linghu Yuan. And, the experts of the older generation couldn’t interfere because that would be considered as ‘bullying the junior’. And, this would decrease their reputation big-time. They would lose their face even if they got rid of Linghu Yuan. This was a typical example of a small fight with big outcome. The True Martial University couldn’t afford to lose its face at any cost.

There would’ve been no problem if he had only obstructed a path without targeting anyone. Everyone would’ve considered it as a joke, and would’ve laughed it off. The True Martial University indeed had many experts. However, it would be very disgraceful for the True Martial University’s younger generation if the experts of the older generation were forced to move into action.

"Is there no one in this big True Martial University who can teach me a thing or two? This is very disappointing!" Linghu Yuan deliberate put on a pitiful look on his face as he said.

Ye Xiwen looked at Linghu Yuan and sneered. This young man looked insolent and arrogant. However, he was quite cunning in reality. Several heaven’s pride experts had already arrived at the venue early morning. So, the disciples present here right now weren’t the elite crowd. Moreover, there were only a few hundred disciples present on this road. So, there was a very small probability of him coming across a heaven’s pride expert. He’s strength was quite tyrannical. In fact, nobody could be his opponent unless they were a heaven’s pride expert…

In fact, it could be said that his strength of 900 dao principles was enough to deal with a heaven’s pride expert… and escape if necessary. Therefore, he didn’t need to be afraid as long as the disciples of the older generation didn’t interfere.

"This Linghu Yuan is too arrogant and despotic. It is said that he enjoys a very good reputation in the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Many people have said that he’s capable of becoming a heaven’s pride expert!"

"Look at this strength. He’s not a heaven’s pride expert, but he isn’t far off either. He’s extremely fierce!"

"Why isn’t he looking for those heavens’ pride experts? You know… he’s just embarrassing us!"

"The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall can only play cheap tricks like this!"

"This is extremely hateful!"

Most of the disciples around Ye Xiwen were exceptionally angry.

"Young man, you mustn’t act too arrogantly!" A figure leapt up from the crowd of disciple. He had stood behind Ye Xiwen. It was an expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm. He had condensed 700 dao principles.

"You’re not my opponent!" Linghu Yuan merely shook his head. He simply didn’t pay any attention to this expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm.

"Humph! Less empty talk, and more action!" That expert of the late stage of semi-sage realm rushed forward. A boundless energy wave swept out with him. He fired his punch; it carried boundless fist-energy. The fist-energy then distorted altogether, and condensed into a long dragon. And, it advanced towards Linghu Yuan to attack him.

The faces of the disciples of the True Martial University simultaneously exposed bright smiles.

"It’s Brother He Xinhong of the ‘Peaceful Water Peak’. There should be no problem now!"

"Yeah, Brother He Xinhong has always been strong. He can be considered at the top among the experts who are ranked right below the heaven’s pride experts!"

Ye Xiwen heard this, and felt that this name sounded somewhat familiar. This man was apparently a well-known figure among the younger generation, and possessed incredible strength.

However, Ye Xiwen shook his head and said, "No. He Xinhong is indeed powerful. However, there’s a big difference between the strengths of both parties!"

The keen gazes of Ye Xiwen and the others fell on He Xinhong to read his power. He was certainly powerful. However, there was clearly a big disparity between him and Linghu Yuan.

However, the disciples of the True Martial University who were beside Ye Xiwen became somewhat furious as they heard what Ye Xiwen had spoken since they found their own prestige and vigor extinguishing in front of the enemy’s rising power.

Linghu Yuan sneered as Ye Xiwen’s voice faded away. He suddenly trod forward, and went all-out… like a fierce tiger. He shot his palm. And, it swept out like a gigantic hand. It crushed He Xinhong’s offensive in a flash. It had struck and broken that powerful fist energy. And, He Xinhong went flying in just one slap. A severe light then flickered in Linghu Yuan’s eyes. And, the other palm went towards He Xinhong’s Dantian to destroy his martial cultivation.

(To be continued)

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