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Ye Xiwen spouted a mouthful of impure energy after a few breaths’ time. His bodily injuries had almost been repaired by now.

The consequences would’ve been too horrible if Ye Mo hadn’t acted on time. In fact, it was hard to imagine what could’ve happened since Ye Xiwen didn’t have any power to fight back against this man.

Even Ye Mo had ended up falling into deep slumber after he had helped him. And, it was uncertain when he’d wake up!

Ancient Phoenix World!

No matter where this place was… Ye Xiwen would go to the Ancient Phoenix World sooner or later, and he’d bring her back.

Feng Ling!

Ye Xiwen had to go through this all because of him. So, he would make him pay back twice over in time…!

Ye Xiwen had never felt so helpless. He didn’t have enough strength. He didn’t have anything. He was merely like a lump of meat that had been placed on the chopping board. Anyone could come, and take him away. Even Hua Menghan was forced to sacrifice herself in order to save him. Moreover, Ye Mo had to fall into deep sleep for the sake of his life…

Ye Xiwen’s former goal was to practice unceasingly, and grow stronger. But, his main goal had suddenly shifted to the Ancient Phoenix World. And, he would find this place sooner or later.

Ye Xiwen secretly vowed in his heart. And, he firmly clenched his fists. In fact, his fingertips deeply pinched into his palm, and blood flowed out. However, he seemed totally oblivious to it.

"Brother, are you okay?" Qi Feifan became worried, and asked as soon as he saw Ye Xiwen.

The incident that had taken place hadn’t been directed at him. However, he had also survived because of Hua Menghan’s sacrifice alone. So, he too felt extremely aggrieved in his heart.

However, he didn’t wish to see Ye Xiwen in a depressed state. Otherwise, what would be the point of Hua Menghan’s sacrifice?

"I’m fine. Let’s go!" Ye Xiwen finally opened his mouth and replied. Then, he stood up. His voice was dull, and his expression was strangely tranquil enough to scare a person, "It’s not safe here. There’s no guarantee that Feng Ling won’t come back to attack us!"

"En!" Qi Feifan nodded. He had become even more anxious after he saw Ye Xiwen like this. It would be better if Ye Xiwen could vent out his frustration, "Brother, don’t be sad. Sister Hua would feel bad if she were to see you like this!"

Ye Xiwen grinned, "I’m fine. This Ancient Phoenix World is nothing. I will smash it to pieces one day, and I’ll bring her back then!"

"Good, this is what a true man of the Yi Yuan School would say!" Qi Feifan applauded. He heaved a sigh of relief as he heard Ye Xiwen’s words. The thing that he was most worried about… fortunately didn’t happen after all…

"Brother, let’s return to the university!" Ye Xiwen had a firm look in his eyes. He would walk to the top… step by step… even if the Ancient Phoenix World were to be located above the Ninth Heaven. He would become a great sage if the sage realm wasn’t enough. And, he would continue even further if the great sage realm wasn’t enough. He must attack and turn the Ancient Phoenix World upside-down… even if it were a dragons’ pool or a tigers’ cave…

Qi Feifan nodded. He also knew that it wasn’t safe here. They would be doomed if Feng Ling came back and attacked them.

Therefore, these two individuals didn’t delay. And, they returned to the True Martial University without making any stoppages on the way. But, they came back, and they found out that the news about that huge planet had spread throughout the True Martial University. And, the deaths of the three top-tier heaven’s pride experts of the three different ‘major forces’… along with hundreds of elites had shaken the True Martial World. However, it wasn’t the casualties of the younger generation that had shaken the entire True Martial World.

After all, they were still very young. So, they didn’t have any current importance. The current strength of the major forces wouldn’t decline even if all of them were to die. However, the fact that had shaken them was that these youngsters had set out to look for the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’.

Such a legendary and magical tree had only existed in legends by far. Therefore, countless experts had begun to seethe with excitement. One’s cultivation would increase by leaps and bounds if they could obtain this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’; it would certainly advance by leaps and bounds.

The ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’, the precious treasures of the Wind Dragon, and that palace of some ancient mighty force – these three massive elements had stimulated many sage realm and great sage realm experts of the True Martial World. And, they had left for the Wind Dragon’s huge planet. The experts of the Wind Dragon City, and several nearby cities had also flocked towards this planet. This had made that huge planet quite chaotic. In fact, this had shoved this ‘already chaotic planet’ into an even greater mess…

Ye Xiwen was somewhat glad after he heard that many experts of the sage realm had moved into action. He was thankful that he had already departed from there. Otherwise, how he could have escaped later?

That huge planet had become a restricted area for the younger generation after the arrival of several sage experts. The experts of all the big forces had gathered there in abundance. So, an expert below the sage realm would literally become their food if he were to go there. Moreover, these people were always ready to strangle the young experts of the enemy forces while they were still in cradle…

However, the most important matter for the new disciples of the True Martial University was the upcoming Martial Arts Competition that would take place between the four forces. Not everyone would participate in this time’s Martial Arts Competition. In fact, not all heaven’s pride experts would get to take part in it. However, it would undoubtedly be a major event.

This Martial Arts Competition had also taken place in the past. And, all the heaven’s pride experts had participated in it at that time. And, all of them had been killed as a result. But, everyone had learnt from that experience. So, the forces wouldn’t allow the entirety of their heaven’s pride experts… or all of the elite disciples to participate in this competition at once.

According to the rules — the four forces would host the Martial Arts Competition alternatively. And, it was the True Martial University’s turn this time around. Therefore, Ye Xiwen didn’t need to go to any other place ahead of time…

None of the major forces dared to look down on this time’s Martial Arts Competition. It could by-and-large be said that this competition among the new disciples would determine the relative power of these forces for a quite long period of time in the future. However, a disciple of some force might emerge as an outstanding genius by defeating the others in this event. And, a war might get sparked among the forces in the future as a result.

Ye Xiwen didn’t say anything after he returned to the True Martial University. He merely isolated himself inside his room, and started his closed-door training. Qi Feifan knew about the pain in Ye Xiwen’s heart. However, he didn’t have any words to remonstrate it right now.

Day by day… time passed… while Ye Xiwen underwent the closed-door training. And, the day of the Martial Arts Competition among the four forced finally arrived.

True Martial University was already a lively place. But, it had suddenly become even more crowded. Everyone was excited. This Martial Arts Competition was going to take place between four forces. So, the people of these four forces had obviously arrived here. However, several people of many other big forces had also arrived to watch this event, and examine their strength.

This event would also reveal the muscles of these four forces to the outside world. But most importantly, it would reveal their strengths to each other. The more outstanding the performance of their disciples… the higher their evaluation would be. Moreover, this event was also a means to deter other people from casually resorting to rise against their position of power.

Streamers of lights of different colors landed in the True Martial University. The representatives of various forces – especially the representatives of the other three forces – arrived one by one in big groups.

Many Elders of the True Martial University had come out in order to welcome the guests. They showed great importance to the visitors on the one hand. But, they also deterred the possible misconduct of errant people on the other hand.

"Brother Ye has been undergoing closed-door training for such a long time. Why he hasn’t come out yet?" Deng Shui Xin seemed somewhat anxious as she looked at the place wherein Ye Xiwen was undergoing the closed-door training. Yang Wen Jun stood beside her, but he looked rather comfortable; he wasn’t worried at all.

The two of them had finally entered the sage realm after a few years of nonstop practice. In fact, they had recently come out of their closed-door training. Their innate talent was a bit inferior to that of Bai Jian Song’s and the others in Hidden Star Peak. However, they were rare geniuses in their merit. Moreover, they had the accumulation the worth of over a hundred years. And, their improvement hadn’t been ‘minor’ after they had obtained the complete version of the ‘Hidden Star Scripture’. In fact, they had stepped into the semi-sage realm in one fell swoop. Both of them were in the sage realm now, and had been promoted to the rank of core disciples. Therefore, there was a difference of heaven and earth between their current status… and their status of the past.

Therefore, they were especially grateful to Ye Xiwen. They might’ve had to try for countless years to reach to this level if it hadn’t been for Ye Xiwen’s contribution. There was no problem with their accumulation of energy. The main problem was that they didn’t have the complete version of their core cultivation method. They were forced to be very careful at every step of their cultivation in the past. Therefore, their progress-rate had been much slower than other people. However, their accumulation and foundation were very profound. So, they would’ve advanced by leaps and bounds if they had proper cultivation method from the beginning.

They had also heard that Qi Feifan and Ye Xiwen had returned together. And, Qi Feifan had told them about Hua Menghan’s matter. He didn’t speak of what had come to happen between Hua Menghan and Ye Xiwen in a clear manner. However, it was enough to let these two know that Ye Xiwen’s present situation wasn’t quite good. He needed time to adjust his mental state.

"Relax. Brother Ye has always been a strong person. So, this level of mental shock shouldn’t be a problem for him!" Yang Wen Jun said.

Ye Xiwen had joined this peak only a few years ago. However, he knew that Ye Xiwen was an exceptionally strong person; he wasn’t the type of person who would weep endlessly.

"But, the Martial Arts Competition between the four forces will start soon. So, he would miss this competition if he doesn’t come out of his closed-door training!" Deng Shui Xin said.

"Let him miss it if he wants to. It doesn’t matter whether he goes to this Martial Arts Competition or not!" Yang Wen Jun had perceived it well. This Martial Arts Competition was a good opportunity for an average disciple to become famous. However, did Ye Xiwen really need to make a name for himself?

He didn’t! In fact, he had always been eager to keep a low-key profile so that he could avoid the unwanted attentions of other people.

"Creak!" the door of the room – where Ye Xiwen was undergoing the closed-door training – opened. And, a figure made its way out through that door. The two of them turned their gazes, and saw that it was Ye Xiwen.

However, they were surprised to see that Ye Xiwen was beaming with life. In fact, there weren’t any depressed expressions on his face. It seemed as if nothing had happened.

"Come on! Let’s go and participate in the Martial Arts Competition. Hurry up, or we will miss it!" Ye Xiwen spoke-up as he clenched his fists. His journey to the top was going to begin with this Martial Arts Competition.




The melodious ringing sound of a big bell reverberated. It penetrated the endless skies, and spread throughout the True Martial University. With this — everyone knew that the Martial Arts Competition had finally begun!

(To be continued)

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