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"We are fine. What’s going on here?" Ye Xiwen asked. He faintly had a premonition in his heart that something bad was going to happen.

That man looked arrogant. So, he didn’t pay any attention to Ye Xiwen. Perhaps, Ye Xiwen wasn’t qualified-enough to demand his attention. He faintly said, "Young Man, there are some matters which you are better-off not knowing. So, the less you know — the better it would be for you!

"And, it would be better if you ask fewer questions unless you wish to disappear from this world. There are some matters which you’d better-off not knowing!" that man coldly warned.

Ye Xiwen became furious. However, he didn’t act rashly. He clearly knew the disparity between himself and that man. And, it was like the difference between cloud and mud. Ye Xiwen was perhaps like an ant in the eyes of that man.

"I know you’re not a human… but a phoenix!" Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth. He stared firmly at that man as he spoke.

That man’s complexion changed abruptly. He hadn’t expected that Ye Xiwen would know his identity – that he was a phoenix. And, his ‘killing intention’ rose as a result.

"Stop!" Hua Menghan distinctly felt that man’s ‘killing intention’ rise. So, she immediately shouted at that man in order to stop him. "I will kill myself right now if you dare to touch them. Then, you won’t be able to obtain any blood whatsoever!"

That man’s complexion changed significantly. He looked at Hua Menghan, and realized that she was determined. She wasn’t kidding. And, she might genuinely kill herself if he were to attack Ye Xiwen and Qi Feifan. That would obviously be a great loss for him.

Therefore, he could only look bitterly at Ye Xiwen as he spoke, "You’re quite lucky, young man!"

The Heavenly Phoenix Blood was very important for his clan. And, he obviously knew that this might be the only opportunity to obtain the extinct Heavenly Phoenix blood. Moreover, the elders of his clan would blame him if he committed any mistake. So, he couldn’t afford to commit such a grave mistake.

"Young Miss Hua, it doesn’t matter whether you’re willing or not. This matter has already alarmed the old elders of my race. So, there isn’t any margin for turning this matter around!" That man continued, "I request you to understand the urgency of the desire my clan harbors for the Heavenly Phoenix Blood!

"You will be able to attain the status of Senior Female Saint in my clan if you willingly come with me. In fact, you will enjoy great benefits as long as you are willing to come with me!" the man solemnly said.

"I don’t want to!" Hua Menghan gently bit her lower lip and replied.

Ye Xiwen’s heart was suddenly stirred-up. He became frightened the moment he heard about Hua Menghan’s departure. And, he suddenly realized that she had an enormous position in his heart – a position that no one else could take.

He merely had a vague feeling in the beginning. However, the words of this man had cut like a knife. And, the intense feeling that resulted from this realization sobered him-up.

"Ye Xiwen, the current situation isn’t good. This girl’s blood has caught the attention of the Phoenix Race. So, they will surely take her away!" Ye Mo said, "The Heavenly Phoenix Clan is the most respected clan among all the phoenix clans. However, they vanished along with the disappearance of the phoenix ancestor... and that had happened a long time ago. But, the phoenix race has been looking for the traces of possible leftover-blood of Heavenly Phoenix Clan in every world ever since. Phoenixes usually aren’t as lascivious as the dragons, but they’ve also left their bloodline behind in various worlds. And, these people have finally found this girl. So, how can they not take her away?"

"She doesn’t wish to go with you. So, why are you forcing her?" Ye Xiwen glared at that man. He clenched his teeth and asked.

"Why, you ask? Some things don’t need any reasons. This is fate!" That man looked eerily at Ye Xiwen and said, "It’s just like you will never be able to access the entire world. And, you can only struggle in this mortal world like an ant. And, it’s just like ants can’t understand the vastness of the sky the way an eagle does. This is fate. But, you don’t deserve to know so much!"

The man had become somewhat impatient. And, his terrifying imposing aura had completely shrouded Ye Xiwen. The bones inside Ye Xiwen’s body made rattling sounds as they rubbed against each other. In fact, he couldn’t even raise his head due to the immensity of this pressure.

"Fate? What fate? I don’t believe in fate. I control my fate; not the heavens. Nobody can control my fate!" Ye Xiwen shouted. His golden divinities began to surge on his body, and broke through the imposing pressure of that man’s aura. Then, he slowly stood up. But, his entire body was covered in sweat.

He didn’t believe in fate. He didn’t believe that someone could dominate his life. He believed that his fate was in his own hands.

"Well, very nice. You’re quite ambitious, but…" that man coldly shouted. He then disappeared before Ye Xiwen’s eyes. And, he suddenly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in the very next second, and pressed him down onto the ground with his palm.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen was nailed down to the ground in one slap. And, the bones throughout his body had been shattered.

"Many people in the world can kill you since killing an ant isn’t a difficult task!" that man’s voice was ice-cold as he said this. His ‘killing intention’ was boiling because he had realized that Hua Menghan liked this young man. Perhaps, he also possessed some affection for her. Therefore, the man didn’t wish this kind of a situation. Looking at the present situation… it would be better if he could kill Ye Xiwen.

"Stop!" Hua Menghan yelled. However, that man’s ‘killing intention’ had already risen. He brought his foot down in order to crush Ye Xiwen’s head. And, it seemed as if he would trample Ye Xiwen to death.

"Bang!" An extremely terrifying power emerged out of Ye Xiwen’s body. And, a big furry hand instantly popped-out from his body. It struck the sole of that man’s foot with a ‘bang’, and grabbed it.

"Bang!" the terrifying collision set-off boundless energy waves, and they shattered the void to pieces. However, it couldn’t blow the inn off since the inn was being protected by a powerful barrier.

That man was shaken by the tremendous force, and hurriedly retreated. In fact, he retreated several steps, and a large chunk of void was shattered under his footsteps. He withdrew quite far away, and eventually came to a halt. But, he was indefinitely bewildered as he looked at Ye Xiwen.

However, he was surprised to see a huge specter emerging from Ye Xiwen’s body. It was a ferocious looking and exceptionally aggressive devil in reality. Its flaming aura soared high, and wasn’t one bit inferior to that man’s.

"How is a devil expert here? I’m Feng Ling — the patrolling inspector of the Phoenix Race. I’ve been sent here to handle some matters. I hope Your Excellency won’t interfere!" That man – Feng Ling – looked at that specter indefinitely puzzled.

"I don’t care about your Phoenix Race’s matters. I’m determined to protect these people!" that senior specter opened his mouth and spoke. His voice made a rumbling sound… it was similar to that of a big bell. "Get lost. Don’t force me to attack. Otherwise, even the reputation of your Phoenix Race won’t be able to save you!"

Feng Ling shouted, "It’s impossible. You should be aware of the fact that even a single vein of heavenly phoenix’s arteries is very important for our Phoenix Race. Do you wish to wage a war between the Devil World and our Ancient Phoenix World?

"If you really wish to protect them… then I won’t have any other option but to fight with you till death!" Feng Ling firmly replied. A flame began to ignite from his body. It then began to boil.

"You let them go. And, I’ll come with you!" Hua Menghan looked sad, but she had spoken with determination.

"Young Miss Hua is ready to come with me. That’s the best case!" Feng Ling opened his mouth and said. He had wanted to kill Ye Xiwen to prevent him from divulging the secret. However, Hua Menghan had finally changed her decision. Moreover, that senior devil expert had also scared him since he could potentially be a very difficult opponent.

"Ye Xiwen…" Hua Menghan looked at Ye Xiwen. This guy had raised his head for her sake. He was fully aware that he was no match for Feng Ling. However, he still stood up to him. He was really insane. Hua Menghan didn’t know what to say. She was reluctant to leave. But, she merely shot a glance at Ye Xiwen, turned around, and flew out of the window and trod on the rainbow light. She soon disappeared into the horizon.

Feng Ling shot a quick glance at Ye Xiwen and said, "You were lucky this time. You mustn’t try to look for her. Otherwise, Hua Menghan won’t be able to save you even if she personally steps-in. Oh no… it seems that a human like you won’t be able to know where to find her in your entire lifetime!"

Feng Ling’s facial expression was brimming with arrogance. He had looked down on Ye Xiwen. Forget about indulging in a talk with Ye Xiwen… he would’ve mercilessly killed Ye Xiwen if that devil expert hadn’t suddenly emerged out from Ye Xiwen’s body.

Feng Ling transformed into a group of flames after he had spoken those words, and flew out in the direction of Hua Menghan. He disappeared before everyone’s eyes in no time.

"Ye Xiwen, what’s going on?" Qi Feifan was the most confused individual on the scene. And, he was still in shock. He had just seen a phoenix… a race he had only heard about in the fables. Ye Xiwen had openly exposed that man’s identity. And, that man hadn’t denied it either. However, his ‘killing intention’ had risen greatly. So, how could Qi Feifan not have understood that Ye Xiwen’s words had been true?

He had never imagined that he would get to see a phoenix one day. The Phoenix Race was synonymous with tyrannical strength in the legends of this universe. However, they had disappeared countless years ago. It was often heard that someone had seen the birds and demon beasts that possessed the phoenix blood. However, the real phoenixes had disappeared… just like the real dragons.

Hua Menghan had apparently inherited the most precious bloodline of the Phoenix Race. Qi Feifan suddenly recalled Hua Menghan’s nickname out of the blue – Heavenly Phoenix Body.

However, Qi Feifan was even more surprised by the fact that a devil expert had suddenly emerged out of Ye Xiwen’s body… He was determined to believe that Ye Xiwen wasn’t possessed by a devil. And, Ye Xiwen hadn’t shown any symptoms of it either. In fact, there wasn’t any indication that he could transform into a devil.

Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth. Then, he heaved a sigh of relief, and that huge specter faded away before his eyes; it disappeared without a trace. Only the voice of Ye Mo echoed in his ears, "Ye Xiwen, that specter was my doing. It was only meant to scare him away. But, you must leave quickly. It’s possible that the phoenix guy might come back to kill you. And, I’ve overspent my energy in that sudden thrust. So, I’m going to lie dormant for some time to restore my energy. And, you’re on our own until I wake up!"

It turned out that the devil specter was merely the result of Ye Mo’s projection. And, it was only designed to frighten the enemy; nothing more. It was completely harmless in reality. Its imposing aura was only useful in scaring a person. And, it wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow in reality.

(To be continued)

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