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Another man had died. Many people were already despairing since there wasn’t any margin for concessions in the current situation. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had already demonstrated his intentions in a very clear manner. And, he wouldn’t allow them to leave. So, they had no other option but to go all-out, and fight for their lives.

"I will fight with you!" an expert roared and advanced forward. However, he was killed by Ye Xiwen in just one slap. In fact, he didn’t even get a chance to fight back.

Then, Ye Xiwen attacked and killed several experts in a flash. The sonic booms dissipated in all directions. And, the energy soared into the sky. Moreover, he had killed them in just a slap. Ye Xiwen had become ten times more powerful than his previous self. These hundreds of experts were also regarded as elites. However, they were nothing in front of his current strength. Therefore, they had been slapped to death by Ye Xiwen.

The blood slave and Qi Feifan had also joined-in on the hunt. The blood slave was as unfeeling as a robot. So, it didn’t show any mercy, and continued to kill people left and right. And, Qi Feifan began to attack relentlessly as well. He knew very-well that he mustn’t allow these people to escape. Ye Xiwen might come across all kind of troubles if these experts managed to escape. Moreover, even he might get implicated into Ye Xiwen’s troubles.

Three peak experts had joined hands. So, these merely dozens of left-over experts had been effortlessly sent to their deaths in a short period of time.

Then, Ye Xiwen collected the spatial rings and other treasures from the bodies of these elites. One must know that each one of these experts was an ‘elite’. So, they possessed over two million ‘Primary Spirit Dans’ on their bodies in total. Moreover, each of them possessed bountiful resources on their bodies – especially Yuwen Hongzhou, Young Master Feng, and Pang Yang Bo. These three experts were regarded as elites among elites by their respective forces. And, they were heaven’s pride experts. So, they would naturally possess many good resources on their bodies.

Ye Xiwen and Qi Feifan didn’t stay for long after they had cleaned the battlefield. Ye Xiwen had killed three heaven’s pride experts at once. More than hundreds of elite experts had died at his hands as well. And, this would certainly shake this entire planet.

Therefore, they wouldn’t dare to stay here for a long time. These two individuals rapidly flew out. They left this huge planet, and returned to the Wind Dragon City. They heaved a sigh of relief only after they had safely returned.

"Brother, I didn’t expect that I would meet you here!" Qi Feifan looked at Ye Xiwen. He was deeply moved. Ye Xiwen had been very lucky this time. It was merely Ye Xiwen’s good fortune that had led him to the ‘jackpot’. And, the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had recognized him as its master.

Ye Xiwen had already transplanted that sprout of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. Therefore, it had essentially become his private property. And, his speed of comprehending the principles would increase very significantly with its assistance.

"Even I hadn’t anticipated that things would turn out like this!" Ye Xiwen grinned. He hadn’t anticipated that the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ would unexpectedly choose him as its master. But, it had momentarily seemed as if Ye Xiwen would get killed because of it since Pang Yang Bo and Young Master Feng were the only ones who had wanted to kill him before the start of this matter. But, it eventually developed into a situation where his martial training was benefited. However, this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ was the main culprit behind all of it.

"Senior Brother, I didn’t hear any news about you after I entered the True Martial University. Which peak are you on?" Ye Xiwen asked.

Qi Feifan explained everything to Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen found out that Qi Feifan had coincidentally gained a great opportunity right after he had entered the True Martial University. And, the Supreme Lord of the university had made him his last personal disciple. So, he had been undergoing closed-door training this entire time. Moreover, the genius who had become widely popular in the outside world by the name ‘Great Radiant Senior’ was none other than Qi Feifan.

Ye Xiwen suddenly figured it out. Qi Feifan had been chosen by the Supreme Lord to be his last disciple. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that his cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds in such a short time.

The sheer amount and level of resources one could obtain by being the last disciple of the True Martial University’s Supreme Leader was far beyond Ye Xiwen’s imagination. This cultivation was like a bandit’s dream. However, Ye Xiwen’s cultivation had also advanced by leaps and bounds after he had entered the ‘Hidden Star Peak’. In fact, it had even gone far beyond Qi Feifan’s expectation.

Ye Xiwen felt like laughing out loud. People would be greatly amazed if they found out the origins of the Heavenly Phoenix Body, the Great Radiant Senior expert, and his’. They would probably be surprised since many people might not have heard where Yi Yuan School was located. However, they might be scared to death if they would come to know that three heaven’s pride experts had come from the Yi Yuan School.

"My reputation is mostly assisted by my identity as the last disciple of the Supreme Lord. It’s far less thrilling than your world-shaking reputation. You have gained your name and fame by killing several heavens’ pride experts!" Qi Feifan looked at Ye Xiwen and said. Ye Xiwen was still the same as he used to in Yi Yuan School. He still couldn’t tolerate any injustice. And, he still couldn’t eat the slightest loss either. After all, who could make him suffer defeat? In fact, the very thought of it was ridiculous.

Most people to arrive at the True Martial University hailed from different regions. So, they dealt with the others in a very cautious manner. Ye Xiwen was the only exception. He had earned a great reputation right after he had entered the True Martial University. He had openly offended and dealt with Law Enforcement disciples. Most people couldn’t even imagine doing something like that. For them, offending Law Enforcement disciples was akin to courting death. However, Ye Xiwen was still alive and healthy. But, those who had gone against him hadn’t met a good end.

It wasn’t surprising that many people privately called Ye Xiwen a ‘calamity star’ since he caused people troubles wherever he went. Ye Xiwen had also heard about this bad reputation of his’. However, he felt that he was being treated unjustly. He wouldn’t have killed all those people if they hadn’t come to kill him. He wasn’t a homicidal maniac, or a devil that would kill people indiscriminately for no reason.

"What thrilling… I didn’t have any other choice!" Ye Xiwen laughed helplessly. He wouldn’t have desired to build such world-shaking reputation if he had been given a choice. And, he wouldn’t willingly kill people in order to attain such world-shaking reputation. However, he had been left with no choice but to kill…

He would’ve had a pleasant journey, and could’ve cultivated under favorable conditions if he could be like those other heaven’s pride experts. And, he wouldn’t have to bother about a lot of other stuff. After all, who wants to make enemies all the time?

However, there was no way out since he had already trod this path; there was no turning back. He could only overcome the obstacles and move forward.

"It just so happens that Sister Hua is also here. She’s undergoing closed-door training!" Ye Xiwen spoke-up. "But, I don’t if she has come out or not in the last more-than-a-years’ time…?"

Ye Xiwen had deliberately allowed her to stay in the Wind Dragon City since he had felt that taking her along might be risky. So, it was better to let her stay in the Wind Dragon City because it was guarded by the powerhouses of the sage realm.

"Let’s go together!" Qi Feifan laughed and said. These two individuals had come out from the Yi Yuan School. Therefore, they had gotten even closer since they had come to the same True Martial University. And, they had involuntarily embraced each other as a group… just like the people of Qingfeng Mountain had embraced each other as a group after they had arrived in Yi Yuan School.

They soon arrived at the inn where Ye Xiwen and Hua Menghan had lodged for undergoing closed-door training.

They arrived and saw that Hua Menghan was arguing with a tall and handsome middle-aged man about something…

Ye Xiwen felt a terrifying sense of danger from the aura being emitted from the body of that middle-aged man. A chill ran down his spine as a result. And, his heart began to pound loudly.

Ye Xiwen realized that he couldn’t sense the depth of this man’s power. Moreover, he hadn’t even felt such a strong sense of danger from the body of a great sage expert.

"I’m telling you that I am a ‘human’… and not a member of your clan!" Hua Menghan’s face exposed a bit of anger. And, her beautiful face had turned slightly red.

"But, the blood of my race flows in your body. You can’t deny this; no matter what!" the man seemed to have ignored Hua Menghan’s anger as he replied in a solemn tone.

"I’m saying it for the last time — I’m not a member of your clan. And, I won’t go to the ‘Ancient Phoenix World’ with you!" Hua Menghan angrily retorted. Her complexion had turned red.

‘Ancient Phoenix World’, Ye Xiwen’s complexion immediately changed. He had heard Ye Mo speak of this world. Ye Mo had said that the Dragon Race and the Phoenix Race had once co-existed. But, the folklores stated that these races had already vanished without any trace. However, a great majority of members of these races were living in seclusion.

The Dragon Race was living in the True Dragon World. And, the phoenixes had chosen a world known as the ‘Ancient Phoenix World’ to live in seclusion. It was said that an ancestor of the Phoenix Race had established a world for their people many ages ago. And, this world was independent from the Ten Thousand Worlds. So, nobody knew where this place was located. Ye Xiwen had merely considered this as ‘hearsay’; nothing more. He didn’t take it seriously; he didn’t care much either. The Dragon World and the Ancient Phoenix World existed in fables alone as far as he was concerned. They were very far away from the bounds of his imagination.

"Damn! Ye Xiwen, this man isn’t human!" Ye Mo suddenly uttered, "This man is a phoenix, and he has merely taken a human form!"

"Phoenix!?" Ye Xiwen was sent in extreme shock. He hadn’t doubted the existence of the phoenixes. However, he hadn’t anticipated that he would be able to see a phoenix one day – and, that too in this way…

Qi Feifan hadn’t heard Ye Mo’s voice. However, he could also feel the terrifying aura from the body of this man, and felt that it could make a person suffocate. In fact, one look from this man could suck one up into the bottomless abyss; one would then lose oneself and one’s sense of reality. This was exceptionally dreadful.

"It’s possible that the blood inside this girl’s body has attracted this phoenix!" Ye Mo continued, "Humph! The blood of the Heavenly Phoenix!"

"Who are you?" that man suddenly shouted. Then, a horrifying sonic boom swept towards Ye Xiwen and Qi Feifan. It struck them, and sent them flying. They knocked against the entrance-gate of the inn, and sent it flying. But, the entire inn was empty. So, there was no one inside; it seemed as if the people had long been scared away.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt a strange stiffness in his chest. He spouted a mouthful of blood. And, the look of horror was clearly visible in his eyes. That middle-aged man was far more powerful than his imagination.

Hua Menghan reacted when she saw that Ye Xiwen and Qi Feifan had been sent flying.

"Ye Xiwen, Brother Qi!" Hua Menghan shouted in a startled manner. Her figure drew a long-line of red flames as she arrived in front of those two. She then hastily asked, "Are you two okay?"

"We’re fine. What’s going on here?" Ye Xiwen asked. He faintly had a premonition in his heart that something bad was going to happen.

(To be continued)

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