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Chapter 427: Dies in One Slap!
"What are we waiting for? Let’s hurry up and kill him. Then, we can take this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree!"
"Kill him!"
The battle cries echoed in Ye Xiwen’s ears. The blood slave was bombarded, and sent flying again and again. It had been pushed closer to the position where Ye Xiwen was sitting motionless. The blood slave had already killed more than 30 experts of those over a hundred experts. However, it still couldn’t stop the advancing footsteps of the remaining experts. In fact, their longing for the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had increased with the increase in the casualties.
Qi Feifan had also gradually been forced into a disadvantageous position by those three experts. He possessed a more tyrannical strength than any of these three individuals. However, he wasn’t strong-enough to face them at once, and felt helpless in this situation.
Those three individuals were in an extreme hurry to grab the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. Their sense of urgency wasn’t one bit inferior to that of those other experts. After all, these three were already ranked as heaven’s pride level experts. So, they obviously wanted to advance even further. And, they could accomplish everything if they could get a hold of this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’.
However, Young Master Feng was the weak link among these three people. He only possessed 900 dao principles. And, Qi Feifan had already identified this weakness. In fact, he had even grabbed the opportunity to catch him off-guard, and had then beaten him. This had made Young Master Feng exceptionally depressed. He had arrived here as a lofty personality. However, many people present here were more powerful and ferocious than his own self. He had always thought very highly of himself. However, he had ended-up being considered as a ‘weak link’. How could he accept that?
"We won’t bother you if you let us go. We can even give you a portion of the sprout of that ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ after we have obtained it!" Pang Yang Bo became even more anxious as he saw Ye Xiwen’s aura was getting more and more tyrannical. He didn’t want to give away the sprout to anyone in the beginning since he felt that it belonged to him. So, he couldn’t allow others to even touch it.
Young Master Feng – who was standing beside him – had become even more anxious. The two of them had suffered defeat at the hands of Ye Xiwen in the past. So, they knew how dreadful Ye Xiwen was. Moreover, his aura was gradually becoming stronger. Therefore, they knew that they couldn’t delay any further.
Qi Feifan sneered. He didn’t reply. However, the long sword in his hand started to dance as if it were a dragon. He ignored Pang Yang Bo’s proposition, and persisted in causing delay. Ye Xiwen might wake up very soon. And, he could feel that Ye Xiwen’s aura was expanding at the moment. It had become exceptionally terrifying. In fact, it was just marginally different from the one a person exudes when they enter the sage realm. However, it still didn’t give the feeling of sage realm.
"The Sword Moves The Nine States!" Qi Feifan sneered. And, his long sword swept down. It emitted golden divine beams, and these seemingly incredible beams scattered in all directions. The sword attack went towards Young Master Feng, who was currently the weakest among these three individuals.
Young Master Feng retreated several steps. In fact, he had nearly been split into two halves by that sword light. His complexion turned exceptionally ugly. An arrogant guy like him had been targeted as the ‘weakest one’. Moreover, he knew that he would have no way to defend himself if the opposite party launched another attack on him. He was the weakest among those four individuals. In fact, Qi Feifan wouldn’t have required several sword attacks to kill him if he wasn’t being supported by the other two individuals. He would’ve b

een chopped into two halves a long time ago. Moreover, he would’ve died a very violent death. This realization had made him exceptionally depressed. However, he couldn’t do anything about it…
"Bang!" Pang Yang Bo took advantage of this opportunity, and swept out thunder and lightning. It struck Qi Feifan, and he began to stagger. His legs had nearly been broken by the tremendous force.
Young Master Feng was slightly weaker, but the other three individuals were almost-equally strong. Therefore, they had to be careful. The others could grab the opportunity if any one of them was found off-guard.
The blood slave dispersed under the attacks once again. It transformed into a large mass of blood, and scattered. And, everyone jumped in joy as they saw that the obstruction in front of Ye Xiwen had finally disappeared. So, several experts promptly rushed towards Ye Xiwen in order to kill him.
They could tell that the blood slave was being controlled by Ye Xiwen. So, the blood slave would automatically disperse… and wouldn’t come back if they could kill Ye Xiwen.
"Whoosh!" a loud metal clanging sound echoed. Several people had launched their attacks at once. However, these attacks couldn’t strike Ye Xiwen’s body. A scarlet barrier had appeared in front of Ye Xiwen. A plain looking mirror had begun to rotate over Ye Xiwen’s head in order to protect him.
The experts had gone all out, and had unleashed terrifying force. So, several of the experts had their hands broken by the rebound.
Everyone was dumbstruck. They were sent in shock as soon as they saw the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ hover above Ye Xiwen’s head. This was a sage tool. So, how could they beat it? They had never possessed a sage tool, but they had seen one before. So, they knew that this sage tool was dreadful as soon as they saw it. In fact, most of the sage experts didn’t possess a sage tool to protect their bodies. But, Ye Xiwen had a sage tool. This had left them to feel conflicted and aggravated.
"Bang!" Qi Feifan couldn’t resist the joint attacks of these three individuals anymore. And, Yuwen Hongzhou’s attack rumbled on his body, and he went flying upside-down. The might of the joint attacks of these three individuals was too terrifying.
However, nobody paid attention to Qi Feifan. Pang Yang Bo and the other two immediately rushed towards Ye Xiwen with large strides. They went straight for kill; especially Young Master Feng. In fact, he had displayed an astonishing agility skill. So, his speed surpassed the speed of the other two, and he managed to arrive near Ye Xiwen almost instantly. The wind spirit hand seal appeared in his hand. He needed to interrupt Ye Xiwen’s breakthrough. And, he needed to take the advantage of the situation to kill Ye Xiwen — only that could eliminate the hatred from his heart. Nobody in the younger generation had ever forced him into such a distressed state… except this man in front of him. But, the bitterness in his heart would vanish if he could kill this man.
"Bang!" the wind spirit hand seal crashed down. It ferociously pounded on the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’, and set-off violent energy waves. It seemed as if a huge stone had dropped into the water.
Young Master Feng had already arrived in front of Ye Xiwen to kill him. And, he just wanted to kill him; no matter whether Ye Xiwen possessed a sage tool or not.
"Bang!" an invincible and imposing aura burst out of Ye Xiwen’s body. His golden divinities formed a divine ocean, and began to surge about. Unrestrained waves of divinities blotted-out the sky and covered the earth as they advanced towards Young Master Feng to engulf him.
Young Master Feng was greatly startled. He hadn’t anticipated that Ye Xiwen could use so many methods even when he was undergoing closed-door training. He had even arrived in front of Ye Xiwen, and was about to kill him… but Ye Xiwen still possessed such a means.
However, that was only for a while.
Young Master Feng moved left-and-right inside the golden divine waves in order to escape. He exerted the entirety of his strength. However, he was surprised when he saw a big golden hand coming out of the curtain of those divine waves. The big hand tore-open the curtain of golden waves, and slapped towards Young Master Feng.
"Bang!" Young Master Feng was sent flying by the slap. In fact, the tremendous power of that slap had nearly beheaded him.
Everyone was sent spiraling into a huge shock as they stared blankly at this scene. What kind of power was this? They obviously knew that Young Master Feng was strong. In fact, he was only marginally inferior to Pang Yang Bo and the other two. Basically, his fighting strength could be considered at the peak. However, that big hand had effortlessly slapped him, and he was sent flying. Just how formidable was the wielder of that big hand?
A figure came out of that torn golden divine curtain; it was treading on the rainbow light. Could this be the Ye Xiwen who was undergoing the closed-door training a moment ago?
Everyone looked-on, and noticed that Ye Xiwen’s divine aura appeared restrained… like that of an ordinary person. His aura had become smooth and riche. It seemed as if it had returned to its original form.
Ye Xiwen’s cold eyes stared at everyone. His ‘killing intention’ was overflowing. Everyone was terrified to see his transformation. However, only he knew that he had finally made the breakthrough to the limit of 1000 dao principles. World-shaking sounds had been issued during his previous breakthroughs. However, this breakthrough was noiseless… similar to the manner in which the spring rain moistens an object. There wasn’t any noise. It wasn’t a noisy breakthrough with brute force. It was merely a logical breakthrough. He could still feel the change though. He had just condensed one more principle this time. However, his power had become ten times stronger than what it used to be at the time when he possessed 999 dao principles. He had just condensed just one more principle, but all the matrix formations within his body had been perfected. The circulation of ‘real elemental energy’ had also smoothened up. So, he could blow his own past self to pieces with just a punch with this present strength.
He had changed innately. In fact, he could vaguely feel that he was at the doorstep of the sage realm. An average person might feel the sage realm existence after they had condensed 500 dao principles. The more dao principle one could accommodate in one’s body… the later they felt the presence of sage realm. However, Ye Xiwen had finally been able to touch it.
His realm was still some distance away from the sage realm. However, his strength had been able to touch a thin film near it. However, this thin film was still as solid as an iron wall. Ye Xiwen had tried to break it, but it simply didn’t break open.
Young Master Feng had gone flying upside-down. However, Ye Xiwen didn’t let him go. He took a step forward, and appeared in front of Young Master Feng the very next instant. In fact, he had moved so fast that no one saw it happen.
"No, you can’t kill me!" Young Master Feng shivered. He shouted in fear. He was genuinely very afraid in this moment. He had hated Ye Xiwen to the extremely. He knew that Ye Xiwen was quite ferocious. However, he hadn’t been very afraid of him. That was because Ye Xiwen had collaborated with the blood slave back then. And, they could kill him if they had worked together. However, he wasn’t afraid if it was only Ye Xiwen alone.
However, this attack had made him realize that he was mistaken. Ye Xiwen was insanely strong. Most of the bones inside Young Master Feng’s body had been shattered by a causal slap. In fact, more than half of his body had become paralyzed. This Ye Xiwen had surprisingly become like a peerless god killer after he had made a breakthrough.
However, it was already too late for Young Master Feng this time. Ye Xiwen didn’t hold back. A palm fell down from the sky. It transformed into a very big golden hand, and pressed down.
Young Master Feng was slapped into the ground by Ye Xiwen. His entire bones, internal organs as well as his soul… got crushed.
(To be continued)

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