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Yuwen Hongzhou took the initiative and rose in revolt. His pitchfork emitted unrestrained murderous aura; just like a fierce black dragon. It instantly shuttled a distance of over a hundred meters, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

It didn’t appear like a pitchfork. Rather, it seemed like a dreadful object made up of ominous energy that was overwhelmingly sweeping over towards Ye Xiwen with endless imposing aura.

"Stop!" Qi Feifan moved into action at this time. His long sword swept out boundless aura. The ‘sword energy’ rushed over, and swept down in a slash.

"Bang!" the ‘sword energy’ ferociously crashed upon that pitchfork. That pitchfork trembled violently, and got nailed-down to the ground. The explosion opened a huge crack in the ground. The ‘sword energy’ swept across after the crack opened.

Yuwen Hongzhou’s complexion turned somewhat ugly. He coldly looked at Qi Feifan since the man had turned out to be a very difficult opponent. A huge and chaotic war had erupted, but Qi Feifan had a relatively higher degree of self-control among these 4 people. So, he hadn’t gone all-out from the ‘get set go’ mark. However, this move was enough to prove that Qi Feifan wasn’t an ordinary person.

Yuwen Hongzhou had underestimated a world hero; Qi Feifan could very-well be regarded as the top powerhouse in the younger generation.

However, he didn’t wish to give-up because of one man alone. So, he shouted, "This man is stopping us. Will you guys keep staring blankly at this? Let’s get together and do it!"

Pang Yang Bo and Young Master Feng rushed towards Qi Feifan to kill him as soon as they heard this. They had realized that they must eradicate Qi Feifan first in order to kill Ye Xiwen since he was blocking their way. Otherwise, they couldn’t even think of getting near Ye Xiwen.

A ‘spiritual seal’ fell down towards Qi Feifan. It had the power to overturn the sky and trample the ocean.

"Clang!" a long-sword attack was unleashed. And, the released ‘sword energy’ filled the entire sky.

"Rumble!" the ‘spiritual seal’ was cut into two halves. However, Pang Yang Bo had brandished a thunder blade at the same time. He rushed towards Qi Feifan like a thunder god.

Qi Feifan’s complexion was calm. He hadn’t fallen into a disadvantageous position even while facing the joint attacks of three experts. His sword skill was at its best, and was giving him an all-round protection. Even a drop of water couldn’t approach him… let alone these people.

Ye Xiwen was emotionally moved by this. Qi Feifan didn’t have to take such a risk for him, but he still did… and that too on his own accord. This man genuinely deserved deep respect. However, Ye Xiwen also knew that he must focus on the task at hand right now. The problem would be solved if he could make the breakthrough in time. Then, he wouldn’t have to be wary of these people.

Right now, Ye Xiwen luck was both good and bad. The ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had chosen him its master. However, he had also come across a big crisis because of it. So, even making an escape wouldn’t be enough after this isolated matter had been resolved. A group of sage experts… and even great-sage experts would come looking for him once they found out that the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had fallen into his hands.

"Guys, he’s being constrained at this moment. So, let’s take the advantage of this opportunity to plunder the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’!" one of those over hundred experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm shouted. And, it seemed as if the others had been woken-up by this idea of taking advantage of the fight between these 4 ferocious experts. So, they rushed towards the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ to grab it since it wouldn’t be a good thing for them if it fell into the hands of those four individuals.

That expert was the first one to react. He also ran faster than the others. And, he arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in a flash. His long blade slashed down, and it seemed as if it would cut the entire world open. The space was split-open wherever the blade went. And, endless astral winds swept out. It possessed endless might. These people were also the peak experts of the semi-sage realm even though they weren’t a match of those other four individuals. So, they still couldn’t be underestimated.

"He he… this belongs to me!" that expert laughed out loud since he realized that Ye Xiwen was unable to move. He could grab the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ right away, and then he would escape faraway. Who could chase him then? Even the heaven’s pride level experts would then become mediocre before him; at least in his personal opinion…

"Bang!" an endless blood ocean suddenly swept towards that expert to shroud him. His blade energy was blocked-off, and repelled outward. A bloody figure had appeared at Ye Xiwen’s side to protect him.

Young Master Feng’s eyes opened wide as he saw this bloody figure. This bloody figure and Ye Xiwen had collaborated to thrash him pretty baddy the last time they had met. So, he had been left with no choice but to run away in panic at that juncture. In fact, the last three of his subordinated had to be executed after that incident.

However, he was engaged in a fight with a top expert. How he could relax even a bit? Qi Feifan got an opportunity because of this momentary distraction on Young Master Feng’s part, and broke his ‘wind spirit hand seal’. Then, he found an opening, and suddenly arrived in front of Young Master Feng and kicked him.

"Bang!" Young Master Feng was sent flying by Qi Feifan’s kick. Several bones in his body had been broken by the kick.

The pressure was greatly reduced from Qi Feifan after Young Master Feng was temporarily kicked out of the fray. These individuals had been fighting a fierce battle until now, but the bravest among them had suddenly obtained the winning position.

Moreover, the blood slave had suddenly appeared on the other side, and had stopped that expert. The blood slave had reached the peak of the semi-sage realm in this over a years’ time. Moreover, it had condensed 999 dao principles. So, it wasn’t one bit inferior to Ye Xiwen from the time the latter had sat for breakthrough. This was the real reason why Ye Xiwen had dared to undergo such a deep closed-door training in such a dangerous place; there wasn’t much difference between him and that blood slave.

Moreover, the blood slave seemed in a hurry. Its master’s consciousness had submerged completely in the process of condensing the 1000th dao principle.

Therefore, blood slave’s hands transformed into a pair of dragon claws. And, it crushed that approaching blade energy.

That expert was flying in the air, and his imposing aura was surging and boiling. He certainly wasn’t an ordinary person.

That expert unleashed the world-shaking blade energy once again. And, a dozens-of-feet-long blade energy swept down towards Ye Xiwen.

The blood slave couldn’t avoid this attack since Ye Xiwen was sitting like a statue behind him. So, it moved forward — treading on endless waves of blood — and welcomed the incoming attack.

Everyone guessed that the battle between that expert and the blood slave had arrived at its conclusion. Suddenly, a blood light swept out in a flash. A blood sword emerged out from the endless blood waves, and cut that expert in half without any delay.

Then, the blood slave came to a halt. It was still riding above the blood waves. It seemed as if it was standing above all, and was looking disdainfully at the entire world from the corner of its eyes. It coldly stared at those people and rushed towards them. Its gaze appeared as electrifying as two streaks of red lightning. Its facial features weren’t clearly visible. However, its energy covered the entire surroundings.

Qi Feifan had become anxious when he had seen that Ye Xiwen might get killed. However, he relaxed after he saw that Ye Xiwen had a backup plan for his protection. Qi Feifan realized that Ye Xiwen had taken genuine precautions, wasn’t akin to a lost fellow. Qi Feifan couldn’t clearly see the ‘blood-man’, but this blood man’s energy core was enough to indicate that it wasn’t inferior to him. In fact, it was also a peak expert.

More than hundred people had rushed towards Ye Xiwen. But, they had been scared-away by the blood slave’s severe attack. However, they were more than hundred individuals in number. And, each of them was an elite from a particular region. So, how could they be scared away so easily?

The murderous auras of more than hundred people swept across the sky.

Ye Xiwen’s motionless body also began to emit a heaven-shaking aura. It gradually expanded, and became stronger; little by little.

Everyone’s complexions changed as they saw this. They could feel that Ye Xiwen was trying to make a breakthrough. They didn’t know what kind of breakthrough it was, and to which level it would take the practitioner… However, everyone knew that they mustn’t allow him to make the breakthrough; especially those people who held grudge against him. Everyone knew that they would come across a huge disaster if he came out powered-up after he had made the breakthrough.

"Kill!" those experts bellowed, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen. They launched their strongest attacks on the blood slave.

The blood slave also counterattacked. The dreadful blood waves condensed into a huge seal – ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’. It appeared like an unrestrained sea that would crush anything in its way. It swept down, and ferociously collided with the attacks of those experts.

This was the second type of the ‘Overturning the Heavens Seal’ – the ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’. Ye Xiwen had strived to improve his martial arts techniques in the past more than a year’s time. The ‘Hanshan Seal’ had progressed to become ‘Overturning the Heavens Seal’. So, the power of ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’ had also increased several times.

It might be an extremely strange and extraordinary technique for other people. However, it was just a terrifying and truly disastrous technique for Ye Xiwen. It exploded in the sky. Then, the terrifying power pressed down and shattered a vast chunk of space.

The terrifying energy waves spread across the world. The blood slave unleashed a terrifying power, which then transformed into a blood pond. Those several experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm launched attacks with the entirety of their strength. It carried a terrifying power. The blood slave couldn’t block such a large scale attack, and got exploded into fragments in the end.

However, those experts also had half of their bodies exploded into fragments by the Blood slave’s ‘Inverting Ocean Seal’. They screamed endlessly.

However, these experts hadn’t even begun to feel happy when they suddenly saw that the blood slave had regenerated little by little.

Everyone stared blankly in shock. Such an attack had made them harbor a sense of despair. This battle continued without any result. The blood slave wasn’t a match for all of them together. However, they couldn’t kill the blood slave either. How would they be able to go past him if they continued to fight like this?

"Everyone, let’s keep attacking him together. I don’t think that this thing can continue to regenerate at this rate!" an expert shouted at this time.

Even other experts thought that this man was right. How could this blood slave continue to regenerate again and again? It certainly had its limit. And, they would have to break that limit to break through, and go past.

Everyone was engaged in a bloody battle. Qi Feifan and those 3 experts were fighting in one group. And, those hundred or so experts were fighting with the blood slave in another group. The battlefield’s situation had become exceptionally intense in the war between the two sides.

The consequence would be extremely serious if Qi Feifan and the blood slave could drag this battle until Ye Xiwen was done with his breakthrough. On the contrary… the result would be completely different if these experts managed to kill Ye Xiwen before he could make the breakthrough.

A violent collision occurred between the two sides.

(To be continued)

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