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Chapter 428: Kills Heaven’s Pride Expert!
Just one slap had killed an expert of the late stage of semi-sage realm. Nobody would’ve believed this if it hadn’t happened before their eyes. Therefore, everyone stared blankly in shock when this scene unfolded in front of them. Everyone was terrified. In fact, they got goosebumps. They felt as if they had seen the incarnation of an exceptionally fierce beast.
There had been no fierce struggle between the two experts. A mere slap had seriously injured him in the beginning. And, the second slap had killed him on the spot. Such fighting strength could genuinely scare a person to death.
Out of those four powerhouses — Young Master Feng had already been slapped to death! Now, it was time for another!
Ye Xiwen’s cold eyes swept across the crowd… like a blade or a sword. And, it seemed as if his piercing gaze could see through everyone’s mind.
"You finally made the breakthrough?" Qi Feifan felt his hair stand on end as soon as he saw Ye Xiwen. He didn’t know how Ye Xiwen had managed to become so tyrannical. However, he was feeling very joyful for some reason. Ye Xiwen had finally made the breakthrough. So, his struggle to protect Ye Xiwen hadn’t gone in vain.
Ye Xiwen hadn’t let him down at the most crucial time. He had finally made the breakthrough, and had come out successful.
"Brother Qi, are you all right? Thank you so much for helping me this time. The consequences could’ve been horrible if you hadn’t stepped in!" Ye Xiwen said.
"I’m okay… just sustained some bruises; that’s all!" Qi Feifan shook his head and replied with a laugh. A bright smile had appeared on his face. And, it seemed as if he didn’t care about his injuries anymore.
Pang Yang Bo and the other two individual had been in a hurry to kill Ye Xiwen. He had been sent flying by their attacks, but the attacks hadn’t hurt him in a serious manner because of this.
"Everyone listen — he’s indeed a ferocious man. However, he’s alone. He can’t kill all of us!" an expert spoke-up since he was still unwilling to give up. These people just didn’t wish to give-up on the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. Ye Xiwen had displayed strong strength. However, they believed that he couldn’t kill all of them on his own. That blood slave had also displayed very strong strength in the recent entanglement. However, it was still blown-away many times over by these people. So, a real person would’ve already died if they were in its place.
That expert had exclaimed openly, but nobody wanted to go first. They believed that he couldn’t kill all of them on his own… in spite of being incredibly powerful. In fact, they weren’t even afraid of sparking a bloodbath as long as they could kill him. However, the person who took the lead was sure to get annihilated.
And, these people weren’t foolish. So, they wouldn’t wish to sacrifice themselves for the success of others!
However, Ye Xiwen’s imposing aura was becoming smoother and richer with the passage of time. And, Ye Xiwen was unceasingly consolidating his inner realm while everyone was merely watching him. He was taking advantage of everyone’s hesitation. And thanks to that… he was becoming more and more ferocious.
Everyone was very anxious at present. So, they weren’t launching any attacks on him. However, it would be too late if he managed to consolidate his inner realm…
Pang Yang Bo’s ‘killing intention’ was seething the most among these people. Many people had rushed towards the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ a moment ago. The sprout of the tree was behind Ye Xiwen. But, he had rushed towards Ye Xiwen instead. Ye Xiwen had tidied-him-up quite miserably in the past. And, that had left an indelible mark on his heart.
Pang Yang Bo brandished his thunder blade. Nobody around him dared to approach him. Then, a boundless ocean of lightning rushed towards Ye Xiwen as his dreadful ‘killing intention

’ overflowed in the sky.
Then, Pang Yang Bo immediately summoned the phantom of the Thunder God without any hesitation. It ripped open the sky, and rushed down towards Ye Xiwen with a thunder blade in his hand.
The Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’s entire body had started to shiver behind Ye Xiwen. These peak experts of the younger generation had collectively launched an attack a moment ago. So, their dreadful ‘imposing auras’ were still overflowing in the sky. A timid person would’ve been frightened to death by now…
The thunder god’s thunder blade tore the sky open. And, it arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in order to kill him in the blink of an eye.
"Humph!" Ye Xiwen snorted. This sound of his snort wasn’t too loud or anything. But, it maliciously knocked against everyone’s chest like a sonic blast.
Ye Xiwen soared up, and flew straight to the edge of the horizon. His formidable aura blotted-out the sky and covered the earth as it swept all across. He had released this imposing aura for the first time after having made the breakthrough to the 1000th dao principle. And, he had unleashed it completely in this first time itself.
Several weak experts were swept away, and were sent flying by his imposing aura alone.
His hands were glowing with a golden light, and had illuminated the horizon. Then, his hands transformed into a pair of dragon’s claws. And, it seemed as if they’d rip the sky open. A seemingly endless power began to rampage in the sky. It seemed as if the Thunder God – who had rushed towards Ye Xiwen – had been caught by something. In fact, he had seemingly been bound with a hoop in midair, and wasn’t able to move even a bit…
"Rrrrip!" an unpleasant ripping sound resounded. And, the phantom of the Thunder God roared as this sound reverberated. He had soon been ripped-apart in midair. And, purple-colored blood started to drip down from his body.
Everyone was stunned as they witnessed this scene. They hadn’t anticipated that Ye Xiwen could be so powerful. Everyone had clearly felt the Thunder God’s phantom’s strength even though they were very far away from him. In fact, an ordinary expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm would’ve gotten killed, and would’ve been reduced to mere dregs by just one attack of this phantom. Thunder God was Pang Yang Bo’s trump card. So, how could he be ordinary? However, even he couldn’t withstand a single move of Ye Xiwen’s…
Many people suddenly started to despair. They would’ve had an opportunity to make a comeback if Ye Xiwen were a little stronger than them since they could’ve relied on their numerical advantage to overwhelm him. However, Ye Xiwen had surprisingly become so powerful that they couldn’t take him down by merely relying on excessive manpower. And, this feeling had driven them to despair…
Even Pang Yang Bo was in utter shock. He and Ye Xiwen had fought over a year ago. However, Ye Xiwen hadn’t displayed such terrifying fighting strength in that fight. Even the fight between Ye Xiwen and his Thunder God’s phantom hadn’t been this relaxed and easy in the previous instance. However, Ye Xiwen had unexpectedly become so frightening in just one years’ time.
Most importantly, he didn’t sense the specific fluctuations of a sage expert on Ye Xiwen’s body. In other words, Ye Xiwen was still a semi-sage expert; nothing more. But, how could a semi-sage expert be so frightening?
He himself was at the peak of the semi-sage realm. But, he didn’t possess any margin to fight-back against Ye Xiwen.
Several experts immediately began to turn around and retreat. Such a person was extremely dreadful. These people were undoubtedly greedy, but they weren’t foolish. Moreover, they didn’t wish to throw their lives away.
"Inverted Ocean Seal!" Ye Xiwen’s inverted ocean seal attack crashed down. And, several experts – who were escaping away at an extremely fast pace – were crushed to death by the seal in an instant.
Ye Xiwen’s eyes had turned ice-cold. He didn’t wish to let anyone get away. Qi Feifan had also stood up. He had picked up his weapon, and was staring at everyone.
The ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had a great reputation. It was quite possible that many sage experts and great sage experts would arrive to cause trouble for Ye Xiwen if the news were to spread out that the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had fallen into his hands. In fact, it might even give rise to a violent sensation in the True Martial University. And, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be able to have any peaceful time if that were to happen. In fact, he might come across sneak attacks from the sage and great sage experts… anywhere and anytime. And, he obviously didn’t wish to lead the rest of his life like that…
Many people didn’t respond slowly since they immediately understood Ye Xiwen’s intention as soon as they saw him crush the escaping experts to death.
Therefore, someone shouted-out, "He doesn’t wish to let us leave alive. So, we must fight with him!"
Many people reacted this time… not for some precious treasure, but for their own survival.
Ye Xiwen sneered. These people had been scheming against him a little while ago. In fact, they had acted to kill him without mercy.
Pang Yang Bo was the first one to react. He had no other way out this time. So, he could only rush towards Ye Xiwen.
"Rumble!" a big golden hand smashed down at an incredibly fast speed… just like a golden cloud. And, it pounded on Pang Yang Bo’s body in a flash. Pang Yang Bo’s defense was instantaneously routed by Ye Xiwen. His armor was a defense-type treasure, but it was instantly shattered by Ye Xiwen’s slap. He simply couldn’t resist the power of Ye Xiwen’s palm. And, his body was immediately crushed by the slap, and was then turned into a mass of flesh and blood.
Everyone present on the scene turned quiet — only Pang Yang Bo’s dying screams echoed. Everyone was stunned. They hadn’t anticipated that Ye Xiwen would turn out to be so powerful. Pang Yang Bo was the strongest among them. Yes, he was very young. However, nobody thought that he was weak. What would they call themselves if they called him ‘weak’?
However, even a powerhouse like him didn’t have the power to fight-back against Ye Xiwen. Could it be that Ye Xiwen had already achieved invincibility against contenders who were below the sage realm?
Qi Feifan was also dumbstruck when he saw this happen. His fellow younger brother had become outrageously powerful. He couldn’t help but recall the rumors he had heard about Ye Xiwen. This was the third heaven’s pride expert to die at his hands. Moreover, all three of them had been well-known and dreadful experts. In fact, Pang Yang Bo was far stronger than the other two. So, it seemed as if the disparity between these people and Ye Xiwen had widened further.
Ye Xiwen wasn’t even in legendary realm at the time he had stepped on the ancient road. However, he had just killed a semi-sage realm expert… as if the youngster were a piece of cake.
Yuwen Hongzhou’s complexion had turned ugly on the other side. He didn’t harbor a sentiment of deep hatred for Ye Xiwen like Pang Yang Bo and Young Master Feng had. However, he knew that Ye Xiwen wanted to kill every last one of them. How could he not have guessed the reason? How could he not have become frightened and furious at this?
However, he didn’t get much time to think. Ye Xiwen’s eyes turned ice-cold and ruthless as he suddenly dashed towards Yuwen Hongzhou like a Golden God of War.
Yuwen Hongzhou was the only one who could pose threat to him among these people; the others were nothing but mediocre.
Therefore, Ye Xiwen had rushed straight towards Yuwen Hongzhou. His footsteps shattered the space. And, his incomparable imposing aura swept across and engulfed everything in its path. Yuwen Hongzhou was barely able to prevent himself from being sent flying away.
"All of you — do you wish to sit still and wait for your death?" Yuwen Hongzhou roared as he saw Ye Xiwen charge towards him; he wanted to divert Ye Xiwen’s attention.
However, Ye Xiwen didn’t give him the opportunity to continue with his speech. His palm seemingly ripped the sky open, and instantly broke Yuwen Hongzhou’s defense. After that, he arrived in front of Yuwen Hongzhou, and attacked.
"Bang!" a loud bang sounded, and the bones in Yuwen Hongzhou’s body got crushed by the massive force of the attack. The bone fragments swirled in the air, and blood gushed out of his body.
"Bang!" Yuwen Hongzhou’s tall body loudly crashed head-first into the ground. His eyes had turned lifeless since his soul had been crushed by Ye Xiwen.
(To be continued)

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