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Chapter 425: Desperate Situation!
Ye Xiwen hadn’t anticipated that he would see Qi Feifan since the man had joined the True Martial University quite early. In fact, he had enquired about Qi Feifan after he arrived at the True Martial University. But, he hadn’t been able to find his whereabouts. After all, millions of people had joined the True Martial University at that time. So, it wasn’t easy to find one individual person. Then, he had come across several other matters afterwards. So, he had never gotten the time to find his fellow apprentices from the Yi Yuan School thereafter…
However, Ye Xiwen hadn’t thought that he would see him again here. Moreover, his cultivation had already reached to the peak of the semi-sage realm. And, his foundation was even stronger than Pang Yang Bo’s. Had he come across some fortuitous encounter of late?
However, Ye Mo wasn’t very surprised. Qi Feifan used to be an extremely powerful expert of half-step legendary realm back when Ye Xiwen had last known him. And, he had managed to practice to such extent in a small place like the Yi Yuan School. So, it was needless to say that it had been possible because of his innate talent only. Ye Xiwen had advanced by leaps and bounds in these several years. But, Qi Feifan hadn’t sat idle either.
However, Ye Xiwen had no other choice but to wait for this matter to end. He could only talk to Qi Feifan afterwards...
However, these four individuals weren’t the only ones who had arrived here. The ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ was far too alluring. And, the experts could distinguish themselves among their peers if they managed to obtain this branch of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. So, who wouldn’t wish to obtain it?
Hundreds of experts had arrived one after another after Qi Feifan’s arrival. And, all of them were at the late stage of the semi-sage realm. Moreover, each of these experts possessed 700 to 800 dao principles. They were extremely tyrannical young elites. And, nearly all of them were only one step away from entering the sage realm; only the number of dao principles differed from one another. However, the number of dao principles at the time of breakthrough would decide their level of strength once they would enter the sage realm.
Ye Xiwen became somewhat anxious. The entire cave might collapse if a fight were to break out among these experts. And, he certainly wouldn’t have any place to hide if that were to happen.
Everyone looked at each other. The quickly realized that only a fight could decide a winner among so many people.
"This ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ is mine!" Yuwen Hongzhou suddenly rushed forward. He trod with large strides. He transformed into a streamer of light, and flew towards that sprout of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ to grab it.
"In your dreams!"
"It’s mine!"
"Don’t even think about that!"
Yuwen Hongzhou’s sudden movement left the other young powerhouses to clamor. So, they desperately launched attacks towards him… and, all sorts of attacks swept across.
However, Yuwen Hongzhou was already prepared for it. He dodged these attacks, and continued to move towards the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’.
Everyone was agitated. And, they were unwilling to give up when they saw Yuwen Hongzhou gain an upper hand. They obviously couldn’t allow him obtain the advantage.
"Wind Spirit Hand Seal!" Young Master Feng effortlessly used a seal secret. Suddenly, an endless amount of spirit energy was absorbed from the surroundings, and got condensed into a dreadful seal. It then pounded towards Yuwen Hongzhou.
"Rumble!" the entire ground cracked and collapsed. But, Yuwen Hongzhou managed to dodge. He avoided the attack, but huge hole formed in the ground.
"It belongs to me. No one else can have it!" Pang Yang Bo became incomparably aggressive. He raised his eyebrow, and forged ahead as he shouted

. Then, a big hand made up of wind and thunder swept towards the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ to grab it.
Nobody could give up under this situation; nobody wanted to give up either.
"Clang!" a sound of the collision of metals resounded in the sky. A golden sword transformed into a huge mountain, and smashed down.
"Rumble!" the entire ground was split open by this attack of Qi Feifan.
Saying anything would be pointless under this circumstance. So, they could only depend on their individual strength. One could only force the other people into submission and grab this item if they possessed enough strength.
However, several more people still dared to rush into this chaotic war of hundreds of experts. They ignored the others, and merely aimed to get to the forefront. Their bodies got bombarded as a result, and turned into fine powder by the countless attacks from the other people.
Qi Feifan and the other three individuals were obviously more powerful than the others… so they dared to rush forward as well.
"Get lost! This ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ belongs to my Longevity Heaven!" Yuwen Hongzhou roared repeatedly. His complexion had become exceptionally ugly. He was the first one to arrive here. So, he could’ve left after he had obtained the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. However, he hadn’t anticipated that such a fight would break out when he had first arrived here. And, this had become the main reason for his presently angered state of mind...
"Crack!" a loud sound of the shattering of space sounded. Yuwen Hongzhou’s pitchfork moved on its own, and flew back to his hand. And, his fighting strength increased even more as he held his weapon again.
More than one hundred people were fighting in groups. So, one would come across the joint attacks of other people if they tried to approach the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’.
However, the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ suddenly began to run since it was no longer pinned-down by the pitchfork. And, Ye Xiwen became numb with fear because he realized that the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had started to run towards the cave’s direction.
He would be exposed if it continued to run in this direction.
"Humph, you think you can escape?" a loud snort sounded, and a big hand of wind and thunder pressed down upon the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’.
The ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ was running at a very fast speed. It even managed to dodge this sudden and violent attack of the big wind-thunder hand. However, this attack was immediately followed by the joint attacks of hundreds of experts. They had arrived here to obtain this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. So, they naturally couldn’t allow it to escape. Otherwise, wouldn’t it defeat their purpose to come here?
"Rumble!" Ye Xiwen’s hill-sized cave collapsed under this first sudden and violent attack. In fact, it was blown to pieces.
The smoke and dust dispersed and a figure sitting in a cross-legged position appeared in front of everyone.
"You are…" two individuals shouted in unison. These were Pang Yang Bo and Young Master Feng. These two individuals possessed immense hatred for Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had taught a lesson to Pang Yang Bo in the past. And, Pang Yang Bo had lost his face as a result. Whereas, Young Master Feng had been chased and beaten like a dog by Ye Xiwen. In fact, he would be long dead had he not used the transmission scroll back then.
Therefore, they looked at Ye Xiwen as if they had come across a mortal enemy. They were exceptionally envious of him. So, they simultaneously glared at him.
"Young Ye?" Qi Feifan was also very surprised as he saw that figure sitting in a cross-legged position. He could tell that this person was Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had been surprised to see the speed of Qi Feifan’s progress a moment ago. The same had happened with Qi Feifan at this moment. After all, Ye Xiwen’s progress was far too quick. In fact, his own progress speed couldn’t be compared with Ye Xiwen’s. That was because Qi Feifan had already become an extremely powerful expert of the half-step legendary realm several years ago. And, Ye Xiwen hadn’t even reached legendary realm at that time. So, there was a difference of Heaven and Earth between him and Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen had caught up to him in the past few years.
This speed was way faster than his own. In fact, his speed was nothing in comparison to Ye Xiwen’s.
However, he was surprised to see that the sprout of ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had already arrived behind Ye Xiwen. In fact, it had rooted itself behind him. And, it had stretched-out its entire leaves and branches, and had shrouded Ye Xiwen. In other words, it had chosen Ye Xiwen as its master.
Ye Xiwen suddenly felt a brightness of enlightenment inside his heart. Myriads of bustling emotions, and conflicts came floating like cloud in front of his eyes. These were visual representations of his conscience. And, they had suddenly cleared-up to appear before him. He immediately sensed a huge desire to step forward. He had constantly been thinking of a method to condense the 1000th dao principles. However, he had suddenly obtained the solution. This ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ was truly magical. It had indeed lived up to its reputation.
However, this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had mysteriously recognized its master. So, this had obviously made Ye Xiwen everyone’s target. He was at the center of the struggle. Only Young Master Feng and Pang Yang Bo possessed immense hatred for him a moment ago. However, each one of those hundreds of experts had started to harbor sentiments of hatred towards him in a breath’s time. And, each of these individuals was a peak expert of the semi-sage realm. Moreover, each of them had condensed 700-800 dao principles. Ye Xiwen wouldn’t be worried if there were one or two experts. However, there were so many people present here.
Ye Xiwen wouldn’t have been afraid to snatch it if it was an ordinary day. How could they have stopped him? However, he couldn’t rush off at this time because he was trapped. He was in the middle of something important, and the trouble had literally knocked on his door.
Countless experts’ imposing auras swept towards Ye Xiwen from afar, and swept away everything like a vast sea. Each expert present on this site was an elite in their own merit. And now, Ye Xiwen was forced to face the pressure of so many experts at once.
"Gentlemen, this so-called spiritual treasure has its own soul. So, we have no choice but to leave since the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ has recognized its master!" Qi Feifan came to a halt at this time. He then spoke as he laughed. However, he was firmly holding the long sword in his hand. In fact, he would’ve attacked and plundered the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ if it had fallen into someone else’s hand. However, he couldn’t do so since it had fallen into Ye Xiwen’s hand.
Ye Xiwen was surrounded, but he still paid attention to Qi Feifan’s action. He knew that Qi Feifan had taken the practical approach to protect him.
Only a small action… just a little bit… but that could make enough room for him to get out of this mess. Then, he wouldn’t need to be scared of these people.
"What you just spoke is very pleasant to hear... but, do you think it will be enough to send us away? I am determined to obtain this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ today. And, I will kill anyone who dares to get in my way!" Yuwen Hongzhou coldly said. He was the first one to find this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. So, he had already decided that it belonged to him. How could he allow it to fall into someone else’s hand?
"Today is the day you die! You actually dare to steal my stuff again!" A sinister look appeared on Young Master Feng’s face as he looked at Ye Xiwen. This was the second time that Ye Xiwen had snatched the victory from his hands. In fact, he had been chased and beaten like a dog by Ye Xiwen the last time. And, this enmity was irreconcilable. So, he couldn’t possibly give-up on his revenge.
Pang Yang Bo also hated Ye Xiwen. So, he too wanted to kill Ye Xiwen this time. Ye Xiwen had used invincible power to defeat him. But, Ye Xiwen hadn’t killed him. However, Ye Xiwen had left him in a broken state. So, Ye Xiwen had left an intractable problem behind for him. Therefore, this matter would continue to gnaw at Pang Yang Bo’s mind, and wouldn’t be resolved as long as Ye Xiwen was alive. And, he wouldn’t feel happy till Ye Xiwen had died. Pang Yang Bo could use this opportunity to eradicate Ye Xiwen, and his cultivation wouldn’t come across any obstruction in the future. Moreover, he would be also short of one major enemy in the future.
He might be young and immature, but he was an extremely vicious and merciless person.
The other people had faced many difficulties in search of this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. So, they didn’t wish to give-up halfway either. However, they could only look at this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ helplessly since they were being told they couldn’t have it even though they wanted it. The folklores recounted that someone had cultivated under an ‘Enlightening Ming Ancient Tree’, and had surmounted the great sage realm after practicing for less than 10 days. The said-person had then become a dreadful expert; an individual who used to be feared then… and now…
Moreover, this was just a small plant of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’, and had sprouted only recently. So, it would take a hundred-thousand years… or even several hundred-thousand years for it to mature. However, it was still a priceless ancient treasure. Therefore, it was impossible to let-it-go at this point.
"Boy, you can only blame your misfortune that this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ has recognized you as its master!" Yuwen Hongzhou took the lead to rise in revolt. He then brandished his pitchfork…
(To be continued)

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