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Ye Xiwen awakened Ye Mo; Ye Mo had been busy cultivating the Asura Blood Rice inside the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’. Ye Xiwen had merely taken a part of the seeds of the Asura Blood Rice. But, he hadn’t obtained the spiritual arteries yet. Therefore, he couldn’t cultivate it on a large scale. And, he could only cultivate the seeds to a small extent. He had already harvested the rest of the Asura Blood Rice, and had stored the crop. The Asura Blood Rice wouldn’t be of great use to Ye Xiwen if cultivated on a small scale. And, he could only get enormous benefits if it was to be cultivated on a large scale.

However, he was accustomed to multitasking. He had constantly been doing multiple things at a time since the beginning when he had first obtained the mysterious space. So, he had grown so used to it that it came naturally to him.

"Ye Xiwen, this is a big opportunity, ah. You’ve guessed it right. This is a sprout of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. However, it’s still in infancy!" Ye Mo exclaimed loudly in excitement. "This is a treasure that even the Devil King didn’t possess. In fact, not many people possessed the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ even if we were to believe the folklores. However, every person who has come to possess the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ has become a world-shaking expert. Your cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds if you had this sprout of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ in your hand!"

This divine item was exceptionally precious. One could well imagine how precious it was from the fact that even the Devil King hadn’t possessed one. Ye Xiwen’s cultivation would advance smoothly if he could have the assistance of this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. He wouldn’t need to worry about the growth of his mind as long as he was able to cultivate under this tree. And, there obviously wouldn’t be any hindrance.

It would’ve obviously been very difficult to deal with it if it were a fully grown ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. In fact, even a great sage realm expert could be thrashed to death by a single branch of a full matured tree.

Ye Xiwen had seen this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ fall from the sky. It had sustained cuts of all sizes on its entire body. And, multicolored divine fluid was flowing out of its wounds. It seemed as if it had gone through a threshing war. But, its roots had suddenly penetrated into the ground, and had begun to absorb the ‘spirit energy’ from the grounded dragon’s vein. And, the cuts on its body gradually began to repair with the unceasing absorption of the ‘spirit energy’.

"This sprout of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ isn’t stupid. It knows that a dragon’s vein is present underground. That’s why it has escaped, and arrived here. It can be assumed from its appearance that it’s being chased!" Ye Mo said. The so-called ‘spiritual trees’ possessed a soul inside their body. Moreover, this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ was an ancient variety of the spiritual trees. So, it was bound to have one. But, it was still in infancy. So, its spiritual wisdom might be immature as well. However, it nevertheless possessed spiritual wisdom, and knew where it should go and where it shouldn’t. Moreover, it was impossible for this kind of spiritual tree to stay rooted at one place till death. So, it wasn’t easy to catch it since it could always run away when under the threat of getting caught.

The news about the appearance of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ had spread throughout this huge planet. So, several people were covetously eyeing this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. And, it was hard to tell how many times it had been intercepted by them until now. In fact, this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ could expect to run into countless experts in the future since many people would arrive to cut-off a portion of it.

Let alone other people… even Ye Xiwen was drooling over it.

"It’s not good. Ye Xiwen, this tree may draw other experts here. That would be too bad!" Ye Mo suddenly responded. Ye Xiwen could’ve avoided the big problem by walking away in normal times. And, he could’ve even taken away this sprout of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. However, he was undergoing closed-door training right now. So, he had put the entirety of his strength into making a breakthrough. Therefore, he couldn’t go anywhere else. And, it would be too bad for him if he was discovered. After all, those people out there weren’t the ‘friendly’ type.

Ye Mo’s voice hadn’t even faded away when a figure arrived treading on the rainbow light. And, he burst into laughter when he spotted the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’, "Ha ha, I — Yuwen Hongzhou — am really lucky. I will undergo the closed-door practice for several hundred years after I’ve obtained this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. And, I will become invincible after that!"

Ye Xiwen swept out his divine sense. It was an over 20-years-old heroic young man. He was clad in purple-colored magnificent clothes. His stature was tall and straight.

Ye Xiwen became aware of this young man’s origin as soon as he heard him call his own name. Many top heaven’s pride level experts of the younger generation had revealed their talents in this last more-than-a year’s time. And, their fame had spread throughout the planet as a result. This Yuwen Hongzhou was one such expert; apart from Pang Yang Bo of course. It was said that Yuwen Hongzhou was from the Northern region. In fact, he was from the Northern Desolate land’s biggest force ‘Longevity Heaven’. He was a heaven’s pride level expert of the young generation, and been specially nurtured by the Longevity Heaven. So, it was hard to find his rival in the younger generation of the Northern Desolate land. He was the one of the most active ones among all the top experts of the younger generation who had arrived at this huge planet.

His strength had reached the peak of the late stage of semi-sage realm. And, he had already condensed 999 principles. So, he was only one step away from entering the sage realm. This was sufficient to be revered as a top expert in the younger generation.

Yuwen Hongzhou held a pitchfork in his hand. And, he rushed towards the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ without any hesitation in order to catch it.

However, the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ began to flee. It pulled out its roots from the soil. And, its roots started to appear like countless legs. It then began to run at an amazing speed.

"Where do you think you are going?" Yuwen Hongzhou brandished his pitchfork. It flew forward like a roaring black dragon, and ferociously nailed the two stems of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ to the ground in an instant.

The entire body of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ started to quiver. And, multicolored divine fluid gushed out of its body. It was evidently in extreme pain.

"This is just like ‘disaster approaches from the sky while the person sits at home’!" Ye Xiwen secretly frowned. The appearance of this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ in this vicinity wasn’t a big fortune for him; it was an absolute disaster for him on the contrary. The ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ would attract numerous experts here. In fact, it might even attract sage experts from the depths of the planet after some time. And, that would be too bad for him.

There were many sage realm and great sage realm experts present on this huge planet. These experts had rushed towards the wind dragon’s lair after it had been suspected to be found. However, this didn’t mean that they wouldn’t return.

Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree was too big an attraction to resist. It was merely a small sampling, and it would probably take ten-thousand years or even hundred-thousand years to mature. But, it was still a priceless treasure.

Ye Xiwen wouldn’t have been wary of this Yuwen Hongzhou on ordinary days. In fact, he wouldn’t have cared even if many experts had arrived. However, he was undergoing closed-door training. Moreover, he was at the juncture of making a breakthrough. So, he couldn’t bear any disturbance at the moment since he could experience a rebound, and accidently turn into a devil. However, he was capable of multitasking. An average person wouldn’t even have the time to think about something else if they were in his place…

Ye Xiwen became somewhat anxious in his heart. However, his mental state was in order, and there were no ripples in his mind. He didn’t allow his mind to fall into turmoil. He knew that it was necessary not to become anxious in this time of urgency. Otherwise, it would be counterproductive.

"Ha ha, I’m genuinely the child of destiny. I will become the top expert of the ‘Longevity Heaven’ with the assistance of this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’!" Yuwen Hongzhou laughed out loud. He stretched out his big hand. It transformed into a big hand made up of energy, and covered the entire sky as it advanced towards the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ to grab it.

"Don’t even think about that!"

A loud shout came from behind Yuwen Hongzhou. A terrifying lightning ripped open the space as it swept down from the sky towards Yuwen Hongzhou to chop him down.

Yuwen Hongzhou’s reaction wasn’t slow either. He immediately stretched out his palm. And, he pinched and scattered the lightning attack.

However, he was surprised to see a small figure not far away from him. This figure was coming towards him treading on the rainbow light. Ye Xiwen swept out his divine sense, and realized that it was that Pang Yang Bo whom he had tidied up quite miserably almost a year ago. In fact, this kid had become even sharper from what he used to be a year ago – like an unsheathed sword.

"Yuwen Hongzhou, this ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ belongs to me. No one else is worthy of this tree!" Pang Yang Bo had the vigor of a dragon, and the ferocity of a tiger. He took mighty strides, and arrived in front of Yuwen Hongzhou. He didn’t have any scruples in facing the powerful Yuwen Hongzhou.

The ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ was about to fall into Yuwen Hongzhou’s hand. However, Pang Yang Bo had suddenly interfered. Yuwen Hongzhou’s complexion had turned exceptionally ugly because of this. He coldly said, "You are just a baby who still sucks his mother’s milk. How can you deserve such a precious treasure?"

Yuwen Hongzhou had spoken rather bluntly. And, Pang Yang Bo’s little face sunk as he heard this remark. He didn’t like when someone said anything about his age. An immense hatred emerged inside his heart for Yuwen Hongzhou. Pang Yang Bo and Yuwen Hongzhou had fought several times in the past. And, both the individuals were on the same level. Therefore, he had already disliked him. His ‘killing intention’ had become even more obvious. And, it went all-out towards Yuwen Hongzhou.

Yuwen Hongzhou was also infuriated with Pang Yang Bo since the kid had ruined his chance. In fact, he had even hoped for Ye Xiwen to eliminate Pang Yang Bo in the past.

"Neither of you deserves this valuable treasure. Only, this Young Master does!" a clear and bright voice sounded. A figure arrived treading on the rainbow light. He held a folding fan in his hand. He appeared like a handsome and elegant Young Master.

Ye Xiwen became surprised when he saw this man. This man was none other than Young Master Feng. If one would compare this man with his past self whom Ye Xiwen had brutally beaten a year-and-a-half ago — one would see that his injuries from that time had already restored. Even his cultivation had made a huge progress. He had condensed 999 dao principles. He was at the peak of the late stage of semi-sage realm. However, such kind of progress in more-than-a-years’ time wasn’t surprising.

These experts had arrived thick-and-fast. And, all of them were covetously eyeing that sprout of the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’. In fact, they were literally drooling over it. So, they all wanted to get hold of it. Moreover, Ye Xiwen perceived the ruthlessness of their nature, and was convinced that they would destroy it if they themselves got defeated, but they wouldn’t leave it for the others.

"I heard that this huge planet is a lair of the wind dragon. But, I didn’t expect that I will get to see the ‘Enlightening Mind Ancient Tree’ here. This is a rare treasure. I — Qi Feifan — am really lucky!" a golden light came flying from far away along with a burst of clear and hearty laughter. The golden overflowed everywhere, and illuminated the surroundings. A human holding a spear arrived from faraway. He trod on the rainbow light like a Golden God of War.

Ye Xiwen’s eyes opened wide. The man who had arrived just now was a close acquaintance of his’. However, he hadn’t seen Qi Feifan in a long time. He saw the manner in which Qi Feifan held a spear in his hand. He looked invincible… just like the Golden God of War. His aura had become vigorous and profound. The profound dao principles were wrapped around his entire body. He had already reached the peak of the late stage of semi-sage realm. His body had 999 dao principles. These dao principles were incomparably thick. He had certainly become several times more tyrannical than he used to be in the past.

(To be continued)

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