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Chapter 42 - Treatment

“Kill her!” Luo Tian said in a weak voice. Hua Menghan's long sword had pierced through his heart severing several arteries, and he had no strength left to shout. If he did not get the treatment sooner, then he would surely die.

Luo Tian suddenly heard a burst of sharp piercing sound. Nine large blade shadows appeared and obscured the entire sky with white dazzling light.




. . . . . .

Almost instantaneously, most of those warriors of the peak Houtian ninth stage had been slaughtered.

Luo Tian had not expected such a massive attack from Hua Menghan. He immediately realized that there was someone else behind this attack.

“Who dares to make a sneak attack on my subordinates?” Luo Tian said angrily.

“It's me!” Ye Xiwen strode out from behind a tree carrying a long blade in his hand.

“Boy, who are you? Don't you know how powerful our Luo family is? You are courting death!” Luo Tian said in a grim voice.

“It's you people who are courting death, not me! You have attacked a disciple from my Yi Yuan School, and it seems that you are really tired of living.” Ye Xiwen said in a cold voice.

When Hua Menghan came to know that he was actually a disciple of Yi Yuan School, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“You are going to die! A petty expert like you, who has not even reached the Xiantian realm, dares to meddle with our Luo family? Just you wait and see how I massacre your entire family!” Luo Tian clamored, “However, it's not too late yet. Kill Hua Menghan for me and I’ll let you off!”

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen's eyes flashed with killing intent because Luo Tian had actually dared to threaten his family. In this world, he cared the most about his family and he would do anything for their safety. When he had come to this world, his family had given him warmth and the reason to persevere. His family had also encouraged him to break through the shackles of weakness and explore this big-bad- world with courage.

“You think you can threaten my family?” Ye Xiwen shouted. His blade flashed and dazzled the sky with brilliant white light, and his long blade instantly chopped down.

“You dare …” Before Luo Tian could finish the sentence his head had already been severed from his body.

He would never have thought that, one day, he would actually die at the hands of a kid who was not even a master of the Xiantian realm.

After witnessing the brutal death of their young lord, immediately, all of the remaining warriors had started to escape one after another while shouting loudly.

“Do not let them escape!” Hua Menghan reminded Ye Xiwen.

There was no need to remind him because he had already planned to eradicate all of them. He did not want any future troubles so cutting the root itself was his best option.

Although, all of the remaining warriors were at the peak of Houtian ninth stage, but unfortunately, they had met a killing god like Ye Xiwen. Except for the Xiantian masters, he could easily defeat anyone.

After seeing that Ye Xiwen had successfully beheaded all of the warriors, Hua Menghan heaved a sigh of relief and fainted.

Ye Xiwen hastily searched for a storage ring on Luo Tian's body. He found a storage ring but he didn't examine it now, because at present, Hua Menghan's safety was his top priority.

He ran up to her and looked at her condition. She had been thoroughly poisoned and her condition looked very serious, but Ye Xiwen could not just sit idly and do nothing. After all, they both belonged to the same school and on top of that, she was a girl. He held her in his arms and rushed through the forest. After a while, he found a cave and stopped there. Although, bringing her back to the Yi Yuan School was the best way to save her but looking at her condition, he knew very well that she didn't have much time left and needed immediate treatment.

There was a dim light inside the cave. Ye Xiwen made her to sit on the ground and he affixed his palms on her back and began to send his own Zhen Qi into her body.

His Zhen Qi probed inside her body and he came to know that her body was already a mess. This poison was endlessly suppressing her Zhen Qi, which was the reason why she had fallen unconscious. However, this poison was quite amazing because it was capable of suppressing the Zhen Qi of a Xiantian level master.

Ye Xiwen's Zhen Qi was probing her body and finally encountered the poison. But, with a buzzing sound, his Zhen Qi was directly melted by the poison.

Ye Xiwen was totally shocked. Just what kind of poison was this? It could even corrode the Zhen Qi. It was a good thing that Hua Menghan was a Xiantian master, otherwise, it was practically impossible for Houtian realm warriors to persist against this poison for such a long time.

However, right now, he didn't have time to think about all that. He just continued to supply his Zhen QI to help her in suppressing the poison in her body. The 《Bright Jade Power》 also had a strong inhibitory effect on the poison.

However, he was only a master of the Houtian realm. His Houtian realm Zhen Qi was quickly getting exhausted and the recovery rate was far behind the rate of consumption.

Not long after, his Zhen Qi had finally depleted. And now, he could only rely on the medicinal pills which he had seized from the storage rings of An Yunpeng and Zhao Qiyan. Since both of them were the successors to famous schools, the quality of the medicinal pills in their storage rings would definitely be high.

Ye Xiwen also did not want to consume too many. He just took a handful and stuffed into his mouth and quickly converted them into Zhen Qi. After that, he continued to supply his Zhen Qi into Hua Menghan’s body.

Time passed minute by minute, and in a blink of an eye, three days had already passed. Ye Xiwen had not relaxed even for a moment for the last three days and had constantly supplied Zhen Qi into her body to heal her and also suppress the poison.

By this time, he had already consumed most of the medicinal pills present inside the storage rings. He was a little anxious because the treatment he had performed using his Zhen Qi was only temporary and it was possible for the poison to relapse at any moment.

In the last three days, Ye Xiwen had benefited a lot. All this time, he had continued to deplete his Zhen Qi and had consumed an insane amount of medicinal pills to restore it. By repeating this process of depleting and restoring the Zhen Qi countless times, his meridians had actually grown three times thicker than before. However, it was all possible thanks to his insanely strong body. If an ordinary expert had followed this treatment process then his body would have exploded from inside.

Thicker meridians implied increased power!

Moreover, at this time, Ye Xiwen was directing his own Zhen Qi into Hua Menghan's body which now contained both Xiantian Zhen Qi and Houtian Zhen Qi to fight side-by-side against the poison. Also, thanks to this treatment process, his understanding of the Xiantian Zhen Qi was also increasing rapidly. After a long period of continuous healing, his understanding of the Xiantian Zhen Qi had increased by leaps and bounds. He had also started to condense his own Houtian Zhen Qi into Xiantian Zhen Qi. However, a lot of Houtian Zhen Qi was required to form just one strand of Xiantian Zhen Qi. It was simply a qualitative change in the Zhen Qi.

This was only a temporary treatment because the poison would definitely relapse sooner or later. To save her from this poison, his only option was to bring her back to the Yi Yuan School and ask his father to save her.

At this time, Hua Menghan suddenly gained her consciousness and woke up slowly.

“You’re awake!” Ye Xiwen said in a pleasant tone. Now that she was awake, things had become easier for him.

“Where are we?” Hua Menghan was so weak that she collapsed into his arms and asked in a weak voice.

“This is a Cave. I brought you here to treat the poison.” She fell into his bosom, a sweet fragrance entered his nose, however, at this moment, Ye Xiwen was not in a mood to have foolish thoughts.


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