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Chapter 43 - 《Changing muscles Shrink­­ing bones technique》

In the past few days, Ye Xiwen had been constantly healing Hua Menghan and now he was mentally very tired. Zhen Qi could relieve the fatigue, but he had lost a considerable amount of Zhen Qi in her treatment.

“Thank you!” Hua Menghan said in a weak voice. Hua Menghan felt that her clothes had not moved and her body also contained a foreign Zhen Qi which belonged to Ye Xiwen. She soon realized that he must have performed the healing using his own Zhen Qi to suppress the poison inside her body. So he was definitely not a bad person.

“Check Luo Tian's storage ring, there should be an antidote inside it.” Hua Menghan said intermittently.

“Which one?” Ye Xiwen poured a bunch of bottles from Luo Tian's storage ring. These bottles contained a variety of medicinal pills and their quality was far better compared to the pills he had found in the storage rings of An Yunpeng and Zhao Qiyan.

Hua Menghan finally found the antidote. From her words, Ye Xiwen came to know that this poison was called Qixing Haitang. It was a colorless, odorless and a highly toxic poison. If a warrior of the Houtian realm got poisoned by Qixing Haitang then he would die immediately. Even Xiantian experts would find it difficult to handle such a highly toxic poison which directly attacked the Zhen Qi. If Ye Xiwen had not come to her rescue and suppressed the poison using his own Zhen Qi, then she would definitely have died.

After taking the antidote, she began the detoxification of poison present in her body. Slowly and gradually, she drove out the poison from her body. Now, her complexion had changed for the better, and her face had slowly gained vitality and looked livelier increasing her beauty even more.

Ye Xiwen realized that Hua Menghan was safe now. After so many days of constantly worrying about her safety, now he could finally take a breath of relief. He felt relaxed and fell into deep sleep.

After a long rest, Ye Xiwen finally woke up only to find that Hua Menghan had already left leaving behind a note for him. The note said that she was extremely grateful to him for saving her, but today, she had something important to care of, so she had to leave first. Later, if he ever needed her help with something, he could keep her jade pendant and look for her in the ‘Main Sect’.

Ye Xiwen picked up the jade pendant. This ornament was icy cold to touch and a phoenix was carved on it. It was a result of fine workmanship and gave out a very vivid feeling. While he was admiring the vividness of this jade pendant, suddenly, he felt that a cold lump had made its way straight into his forehead, and filled his mind with pure brightness.

This was definitely a rare treasure! When a person would wear this jade pendant and cultivate then the cultivation would surely be more effective because the wearer would achieve twice the result with half the effort. Also, he would not be afraid of getting the backlash, caused by cultivation. (NT: corrected and suggested by Yurinnurai)

This treasure was far more precious than the inner armor because while cultivating, experts feared the most that they might face a rebound. But, if the person was wearing the jade pendant while cultivating, then he didn't need to fear the backlash.

This rare treasure was certainly very precious. Of course, Ye Xiwen also knew that it was a kind of repayment from Hua Menghan in exchange for saving her life.

Hua Menghan had left, but since she was also a disciple of Yi Yuan School, then sooner or later, there would come a day when they meet again, certainly!

For this term's core disciples competition, Ye Xiwen would also have traveled to Yi Yuan School to participate.

Sooner or later, they were bound to say goodbye to each other!

Ye Xiwen finally looked inside the storage ring of Luo Tian. He was indeed worthy of being a Xiantian master, because, compared to Houtian realm masters like Zhao Qiyan and An Yunpeng, he was filthy rich! Inside Luo Tian's storage ring, there were no low-grade spirit stones but some other kind of stones. After thoroughly exploring the ring, he was totally speechless, because, these were not low-grade spirit stones, but spirit stones. One spirit stone could be exchanged for one thousand low-grade spirit stones. Since the ring contained five hundred spirit stones, when converted to low-grade spirit stones, the total amount would be a full five hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones. This figure was absolutely astronomical even for the masters of Xiantian realm.

These spirit stones would become very useful to him when he would become a Xiantian master, although, spirit stones could be converted into low-grade spirit stones, but there was a catch!

Converting spirit stones into low-grade spirit stones was very easy, but, converting the low-grade spirit stones into spirit stones was difficult.

However, Ye Xiwen was not stupid enough to do such a thing.

It could be said that he had made a huge fortune this time. In addition to these spirit stones, he also got his hands on many high quality medicinal pills which were capable of restoring the Zhen Qi by a great amount.

But the most important of them all was a secret book called 《Changing muscles Shrink­­ing bones technique》   .The biggest use of this power technique was to change a person’s appearance. When one reached the profound realm of this technique then even the size of the bones could be changed to adjust the height. In other words, one could easy change his own appearance into another person.

Of course, this change consumed a lot of Zhen Qi, however, once he would break into the Xiantian realm then he would have a huge amount of Zhen Qi. Then, the consumption of Zhen Qi for using this disguise power technique would not be a problem for him.

If an expert had not reached the Xiantian realm, then as long one would swallow the medicinal pills on regular intervals, the disguise could be maintained for a large interval of time by using up the Zhen Qi produced from medicinal pills. Of course, it was rare for Houtian realm masters to possess so many medicinal pills and even if they did, they would never waste it on a disguise technique, because, these medicinal pills could save their lives in critical situations. However, for Ye Xiwen, these medicinal pills were dispensable. Although, he had exhausted all of the pills present inside the storage rings of Zhao Qiyan and An Yunpeng, but, Luo Tian's storage ring contained a lot of high quality medicinal pills.

However, right now, Ye Xiwen had no time to spare on practicing 《Changing muscles Shrink­­ing bones technique》 because the core disciples competition was going to begin in just two days.

After more than two hours, Ye Xiwen had finally returned back to Yi Yuan School. Compared to three months ago, the school seemed a lot livelier thanks to the core disciples competition. Many years ago, all of the core disciples had gone to meet the dragon head, and now, they had finally returned to the school to take part in the competition.

Normally, the inner sect disciples were considered the high-level disciples, but at this time, all of the core disciples had come back and considering their strengths, they could be considered the elites and far more superior to inner sect disciples.

When Ye Xiwen entered the school campus, suddenly there were many disciples who recognized him and paid their respects by saluting to him. Ye Xiwen was no longer an unknown weak inner sect disciple. Now, he had gained a new identity of a core disciple! Ye Xiwen had also become the dark horse of Yi Yuan School's inner sect competition who had triumphantly won the championship by defeating Dongfang Bai.

Ye Xiwen was not a haughty person. Whenever the other disciples would salute to him, he would politely nod to them.

He was walking through the campus of Yi Yuan School and was about to go home, but suddenly, he heard an insolent loud laughter.

“Dongfang Bai, I’ve heard your name! They say you are the notorious genius of Yi Yuan School, but now it seems that it was just an exaggeration!” A frivolous young voice said in a loud voice, “It seems that the level of this term's core disciples is quite low in Yi Yuan School!”


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