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Chapter 41 - The besieged disciple

The most important thing was that this 'Special Space' was capable of deducing the missing original parts of the power techniques. When he had first obtained 《Celestial Step》, it contained only the first layer. Since then, he had been practicing 《Celestial Step》 and had become very skilled in it.

During this month, he had deduced the second layer of 《Celestial Step》, however, he had just barely scratched the surface of this second layer. He had just taken a short peek at the next realm and the amount of information it contained was so vast that he could not even proceed a single step. However, just from scratching the surface, his understanding of the 'Celestial step' had improved by leaps and bounds. Now, his current speed had increased by two times. While using Celestial Step, whenever he moved, he would split into two identical figures, although only for a moment then it would disappear. But if he successfully practiced the information that he learnt from peeking into the next realm, then this figure could be maintained for a longer duration.

After a month of insane practice, now, Ye Xiwen could easily beat any master of the Houtian ninth stage.

The Zhen Qi inside his body had become far more vigorous than the masters of the Houtian ninth stage. Whenever his long blade chopped down, it would produce blade shadows which together would look like a large blade screen and each of these blade shadows could easily chop down the air into fragments, while emitting a burst of crackling explosive sounds. (NT: Imagine 'Chidori' made up of Blade-Qi)

After getting stronger, he intended to return to Yi Yuan School to participate in the core disciple competition. This time's core disciple competition was very important, because by participating in it, there was a possibility that he might become one of the direct disciples of Yi Yuan School's ancestor.

Ye Xiwen left the inn and heard from some people that the city was still in uproar thanks to the major auction of Xiantian pellets, which took place almost a month ago. After practicing the Xiantian pellets, the City Lord Palace had produced two Xiantian level experts and including the City Lord himself, now there were three Xiantian experts belonging to City Lord Palace. This might have become a major disadvantage for the City Guard Government but fortunately, they had also bought a Xiantian pellet and had trained a Xiantian expert of their own. Like this, the balance of power was still intact.

But Ye Xiwen knew that if there were no external interventions, then one day, the Tianyuan City will eventually fall into the hands of the City Lord. But, the good news was that Ye Xiwen and Tianyuan City Lord Palace had no enmity, on the contrary, he had helped a lot during the escort mission. So, he was on good terms with the City Lord Palace.

Ye Xiwen soon left the Tianyuan city and headed in the direction of Yi Yuan School.

Since his strength had improved several times, now, his speed had also increased dramatically. He was so fast that it seemed as if he was literally flying towards the Yi Yuan School.

Ye Xiwen was dashing through a mountain forest when he suddenly heard the sound of intense fighting.

Ye Xiwen rushed all the way inside the forest and saw that a fierce Zhen Qi was fluctuating violently, while creating a loud bustling sound.

He saw more than a dozen sturdy looking warriors, clad in uniforms, who were being led by a noble-looking youth dressed up in splendid Chinese clothes, and all of them were together attacking a black-clothed woman.

Ye Xiwen took a good look at this black-clothed woman and was totally dumbstruck. She was a beautiful girl who had the appearance of 17 year old. She had a pair of black curved eyebrows which complemented her beautiful face and snow white skin which seemed to be made up of jade, a pair of beautiful bright eyes like the ocean itself which could drown anyone into its depths. She was divinely beautiful like a celestial beauty that had descended into the mortal world, a truly unattainable masterpiece! Ye Xiwen had never seen a beauty like her before, even though he possessed the memories from two different worlds.

These ten or so sturdy warriors were all at the peak of Houtian ninth stage, but they didn't seem like the other warriors he had seen before in the Tianyuan city. They were all wearing uniforms and gave the impression of outstanding professionals.

The young lord and the black-clothed woman were constantly fighting and whenever they clashed against each other their fierce Zhen Qi would collide and spread in all directions. Unexpectedly, they were both the masters of Xiantian realm.

Ye Xiwen immediately concealed his presence and hid behind a tree.

The young lord was using all of his strength and his attacks were causing air explosions one after the other.

However, the techniques used by the black-clothed woman were giving a familiar feeling to Ye Xiwen.

“Luo Tian, you really are a brave guy. You not only poisoned my food, but you also conspired against me. Are you not afraid of getting punished by our Yi Yuan School?” The black-clothed woman said in a sharp voice.

Yi Yuan School!

Ye Xiwen was suddenly shocked. So this black-clothed woman was actually a disciple of Yi Yuan School, but he had never seen her before. Not to mention, it was nearly impossible for the disciples to break through to the Xiantian realm at the Yi Yuan School. Then the only possibility could be that she was a Yi Yuan School’s disciple of the ‘Main Sect’.

“Ha ha ha!” The young lord Luo Tian laughed and said, “You are under my poison, so it is absolutely impossible to escape from my hands. With you out of the picture, my elder sister will be able to receive ancestor’s full attention. Then our Luo clan will have a meteoric rise.”

“You’re delusional!” The black-clothed woman clenched her teeth and her long sword chopped down. The sword light produced from the long sword instantly enveloped the horizon, which caused a massive air-explosion reducing everything in the vicinity into dust.

Several warriors, who were in the range of this attack, were killed in an instant. Even if a Xiantian master was poisoned, his strength would still be far more than the masters at the peak of Houtian ninth stage.

“Hua Menghan, stop resisting!” Luo Tian laughed loudly and rushed forward with a long blade in his hand from which the Daoqi was spreading wantonly. (NT: 'Daoqi' means 'Bladeqi')




These two Xiantian masters continued to fight a terrible battle.

“Young lord, before you kill this girl, allow us brothers to have some fun with her, ha ha, an arrogant woman from Yi Yuan School, none of us have ever enjoyed such a superb little beauty!” A warrior, Yin Xiao, said with an obscene look on his face.

“Ha ha ha, when my Luo clan has a meteoric rise, then you all will get any woman you desire!” Luo Tian said with a loud ​​laugh.

“Die!” Hua Menghan clenched her teeth. If only she was not poisoned, then these people were nothing more than ants in front of her strength.

Hua Menghan's long sword struck and a terrible Swordqi shined brightly and rushed towards that obscene warrior like a lightning and instantaneously split him into two halves.

That obscene warrior did not even have a chance to scream and was directly split into two halves.

Luo Tian, without caring about the warrior, just laughed and said: “Fight if you want to, but, the poison spreads even faster whenever you use your Zhen Qi”

Hua Menghan's pure white skin had begun to glow with a faint blue color and she didn't look in good condition.

She bit her lips and shouted: “Even if I die, I will not let your conspiracy to succeed!”

Her voice spread out in all directions and her long sword made a strike, the Swordqi spread out with terrifying force and rushed towards the young lord. She had squeezed all of her remaining power in this final attack.

Luo Tian also had no other choice but to go all out and he chopped his long blade to welcome this sword attack.




This collision had set even the air on fire.

“Phew!” A shrill piercing sound suddenly came out of nowhere, as if coming from the void itself. A sword flashed and directly stabbed into the chest of Luo Tian.

“Ah!” Luo Tian screamed and collapsed on the ground. His face had suddenly turned pale and blood was gushing out of the stab wound nonstop.

At this time, on the other side, Hua Menghan's situation was also getting worse. Her snow white skin had completely turned blue which was quite scary to look at.


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