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Thunder and lightning tumbled and rolled in the arena. However, it was blocked from going outside the arena by the barrier. The Thunder God’s phantom was brimming with divine power. However, Ye Xiwen’s complexion remained unchanged.

"Ye Xiwen, you will die today!" Pang Yang Bo’s immature voice was filled with chill. It could scare people. His countenance had turned fierce and distorted. He advanced towards Ye Xiwen step by step. "Weren’t you famous for your ‘invincible’ body? I will crush your body!"

The Thunder God’s phantom also followed him step by step. The pressure it exerted on Ye Xiwen also increased bit by bit.

"You will crush me? Someone like you thinks he can do that alone? I will slowly drag you to death!" Ye Xiwen faintly laughed and spoke. He clearly wasn’t taking the kid seriously. It would be impossible for Pang Yang Bo to keep such a big move activated for a long time. Otherwise, he could’ve become invincible in this region.

However, Ye Xiwen wasn’t planning to wait until Pang Yang Bo had exhausted his ‘real elemental energy’. That would be too boring. He would rather defeat him in his most peak time. He could shatter his pride that way… Moreover, he could break his confidence, and also destroy his ‘dao’. This would be a lot better than ‘just’ killing him.

Ye Xiwen’s golden divinities surged up, and began to revolve around his body. He was brimming with self-confidence. Pang Yang Bo could be his match if-and-only-if he had already made a breakthrough into the late stage of the semi-sage realm. Otherwise, he didn’t stance a chance against Ye Xiwen.

Pang Yang Bo took out a tiny purple-colored dan. It was as small as a melon seed. Yet, a terrifying power was overflowing from it.

"Crap! That’s a ‘Thunder Seed’!" Ye Xiwen heard Ye Mo’s panting voice in his mind. "How has this child obtained such an item?"

Ye Mo explained, and Ye Xiwen came to know that a ‘Thunder Seed’ was an extremely rare item. Even the unceasing refining and condensing of lightening energy could only make a small amount of this seed. Moreover, a human being simply couldn’t make it. So, he must’ve obtained this item as an inheritance.

The surrounding area immediately transformed into an ocean of thunder and lightning after Pang Yang Bo swallowed the ‘thunder seed’. A seemingly endless amount of densely packed thunder and lightning flooded the entire arena. Ye Xiwen’s entire body was also covered by thunder and lightning. The endless thunder and lightning whipped Ye Xiwen’s body like a divine whip.

The height of the Thunder God’s phantom increased another 100 feet before Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if the Thunder God had received a huge stimulus, and had solidified even further. He rushed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him.

The onlookers couldn’t clearly see what was happening in the arena. The lightning had obstructed their vision. They didn’t know what Pang Yang Bo had swallowed. However, they knew that it must be an incredible thing that went against the heaven’s will. He was willing to sacrifice anything in order to kill Ye Xiwen. How much hatred did he possess for Ye Xiwen?

"Is this your strongest attack? Watch how I destroy you along with your attack!" Ye Xiwen’s ice-cold voice sounded from the sea of lightning.




A terrifying explosion occurred within the arena that was shrouded by that ocean of lightning. Intermittent waves of a dreadful energy storm swept out. These energy waves would sweep clear the lightning from time to time. Therefore, everyone would be able to see what was happening in the arena from time to time. However, the time period for which they could see the arena was too short. So, they only saw two figures fight. They could only see a purple and a golden figure fighting in midair. Ye Xiwen was fighting that Thunder God’s phantom unarmed. He wasn’t afraid of it. Moreover, he wasn’t even falling into a disadvantageous situation.

"Clang!" the loud sound of a sword being unsheathed resounded, and an extremely terrifying ‘sword intention’ was swept out. It began to overflow throughout the arena, and overwhelmed the spectators. It didn’t pass through the barrier of the arena, but the spectators could still feel its sharpness on their faces. It seemed as if it would behead them any moment now.

"Buried Person Sword!"

"Buried Earth Sword!"

"Buried Heaven Sword!"

The clanging sounds of the collision of metals echoed more and more intensely. The sword energy became even more aggressive. The sounds of Pan Yang Bo’s angry roars were also mixed among these ‘clanging’ sounds.

"Bang!" A startling ‘sword intention’ condensed in the void. Then, it further condensed into an extremely long sword… a sword so long that it extended as far as the eye could see. It was several hundred feet long. Then, it charged into the lightning to kill that fuzzy purple-colored phantom.

"Rumble!" a rumbling sound echoed throughout the arena. The arena was shattered into small pieces under the impact of this ‘sword intention’.

Everyone was dumbstruck. One must know that this arena was made of extremely hard materials. A battle between semi-sage experts couldn’t break it. However, Ye Xiwen’s sword attack had done it in an instant. This was unprecedented.

The lightning quickly dispersed after this attack, and a young figure was sent flying. He readily spouted blood. His blood contained traces of the power of thunder and lightning.

He ferociously collided with the pillar of the arena, and it broke. However, this had stopped the enormous force with which he was sent flying.

That extremely huge sword had nailed down the incomparably huge Thunder God’s phantom to the floor in the center of the arena. The terrifying power of this sword attack had even split the entire arena into two halves. One could only imagine that kind of strength.

The Thunder God was groaning and moaning with pain under the suppression of the huge sword. The purple-colored lightning was gushing out of his body like blood.

Everyone was stunned as they saw this scene. Could this be considered as slaying a God?

Everyone was aware that this was only the phantom of the Thunder God. It was just a phantom, but it was still incomparably tyrannical. Nobody could contend against it… even if they were on the same level as it.

However, Ye Xiwen had nailed the Thunder God’s phantom to the ground. And, the phantom was groaning with pain. This scene had subverted the spectators’ sense of perception, and had made them accept that this was true ‘god slaying’. Even their perception of reality had been subverted.

They felt that there was no difference between ‘this’ and ‘god slaying’.

Ye Xiwen stood on the hilt of the long sword that had left the Thunder God’s phantom to groan. Everyone jostled to see this incredible scene upfront.

Hua Menghan was present in the crowd. Her face exposed a faint smile. However, her eyes appeared somewhat blurred.

"How is it possible? This can’t be happening!" Pang Yang Bo’s small face was covered with disbelief. He was very young, but he had reached here by defeating all his opponents. He had been always questioned because of his young age. So, he felt extremely annoyed whenever other people talked about his age. And, Ye Xiwen had poked his weak spot a moment ago. This had made him extremely furious.

However, nobody had been able to force him to summon the phantom of the Thunder God in the last few years of his expedition to become the strongest. The prospect of defeating the summoned Thunder God was obviously out of question. However, his Thunder God had been nailed-down to the ground, and was left to groan with pain.

He had always believed that he was invincible. However, Ye Xiwen had broken his unyielding confidence. So, he was forced to accept the fact that he wasn’t a match for Ye Xiwen even though he had summoned the Thunder God.

"Why did it have to happen like this? How can this be? Didn’t they say that I am the number one genius of all times? I should be invincible. Reaching the great sage realm should’ve been a piece of cake for me!" Pang Yang Bo had nearly succumbed to madness. The stronger one is… the tougher it gets to change one’s belief and accept the truth. He had believed in himself very firmly. And, this belief is the ‘driving’ force that lets one advance forward in most cases. However, this belief itself transforms into the biggest obstacle once one comes across a major setback. Then, this belief is what bars one from advancing further.

"Number one genius of all times?!" Ye Xiwen smiled as the corners of his mouth curled up. Pang Yang Bo had been literally praised to the skies. Several incredible experts had appeared in this world. However, none of them had dared to say that they were the ‘number one genius’.

The Thunder God’s phantom couldn’t endure Ye Xiwen’s suppression any longer. So, it dissipated into particles, and these particles were then swept away by the wind.

The long sword disappeared from under Ye Xiwen’s feet, and he calmly landed on the ground. He shot a glance at Pang Yang Bo. Then, he turned around and began to walk out of the arena. He no longer paid any attention to Pang Yang Bo.

Several disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall were present in the surroundings, and they couldn’t help but stare at Ye Xiwen. However, they didn’t dare to stop him. This fight hadn’t only quenched Pang Yang Bo’ arrogance… but it had also quenched the arrogance of those disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Two heaven’s pride level experts of the Xuan Yuan Palace had been defeated by Ye Xiwen. Therefore, the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s esteem would remain under the True Martial University’s as long as Ye Xiwen remained undefeated.

On the other hand, the faces of the disciples of the True Martial University exposed a proud expression. The last one month had been extremely suffocating for them. Pang Yang Bo had constantly looked down on the True Martial University. His intention was indeed to bring Ye Xiwen here. However, they still hadn’t been able to get over that humiliation.

They weren’t Pang Yang Bo’s opponents. So, they had to face miserable defeats whenever they had dared to challenge him.

However, Ye Xiwen had beaten Pang Yang Bo as if he was teaching a lesson to a child. This had made them feel exceptionally comfortable.

Ye Xiwen’s name resounded throughout the Wind Dragon City for the first time. He had gained importance in the eyes of all the forces that were present in the city.

"You taught him a good lesson this time!" Hua Menghan faintly smiled and said. Most of her anger also vanished after Ye Xiwen taught a ferocious lesson to Pang Yang Bo.

"A child mustn’t be so arrogant!" Ye Xiwen exposed a faint smile. He didn’t wish to kill Pang Yang Bo. The Second God’s case was different. However, Ye Xiwen didn’t have any reason to kill Pang Yang Bo.

And most importantly… Ye Xiwen had also felt the ‘divine sense’ of a sage expert floating in the surrounding. It was a sage expert of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. He had been watching this fight attentively. He wouldn’t have allowed Ye Xiwen to kill Pang Yang Bo… not in a place like this at least.

There was a complex and interlinked structure of forces in a place like the Wind Dragon City. Several forces of the True Martial World were present here. Hence, the power structure was quite complicated. They would often make covert moves. In fact, they’d even fight in the open at times.

Ye Xiwen was being cautious since several forces were active here. He had decided against giving some force a chance to annex him in order to maintain the fragile balance of power in the Wind Dragon City. Otherwise — considering the prowess of this city — any of the forces could annex him if given a chance… whether it was the True Martial University, the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall… or some other force.

That sage expert of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall must have established his presence among the experts of the Wind Dragon City. So, he wouldn’t have watched as Pang Yang Bo was being killed. He had been watching quietly till now because it was only a fight. However, he wouldn’t have waited on the sidelines with folded arms if it had become a fight to the death.

Similarly, the experts of the True Martial University wouldn’t have watched with folded arms if Ye Xiwen’s life was in danger.

(To be continued)

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