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Heaven’s pride level experts were exceptionally rare for any force. They were considered as treasures. These forces wouldn’t let them die under any circumstances.

Ye Xiwen could certainly enjoy such treatment as well.

"Sister, I have snatched the inner core from that Young Master Feng. We can easily make a breakthrough into the next realm if we absorb it!" Ye Xiwen spoke-up.

They immediately left for the inn where Hua Menghan had been staying all this while. They were far more secure inside the city than outside.

They didn’t waste any time, and immediately began to absorb the white dwarf’s inner core.

Time began to pass second-by-second while they absorbed the inner core.

Time passed day-by-day, and an astonishing rumor began to spread in the Wind Dragon City.

It was a well-known legend that the Wind Dragon City was established on the corpse of a giant wind dragon. However, this was only a rumor; nothing more. Nobody was sure about it. Everyone had slowly become used to it since it had been around for countless years. However, this legend and the rumor were closely related. An astonishing rumor had spread around this time. It said that the Wind Dragon City was genuinely built on the corpse of a wind dragon. It was obviously just a rumor; nothing else. After all, couldn’t one confirm it by merely digging a 3-feet-deep hole in the ground?

However, the genuinely amazing thing was that it was said that there was a lair of a wind dragon not very far from the Wind Dragon City. However, this lair would shift to different spaces with time. So, it was very difficult to find it. But, some great calculations had been made, and it was anticipated that this lair would soon be born in this space.

This rumor had excited countless people in the Wind Dragon City. There were many rumors about the dragon race. In fact, nobody could tell the exact number of these rumors. However, this one couldn’t be ignored. The dragon race was fond of collecting all kinds of treasures. And, this wind dragon was already dead. But, it must’ve left behind its treasures.

How could this not have made everyone excited? People would advance by leaps and bounds if they could obtain some of these treasures.

This rumor was getting more and more intense with each passing day. In fact, accurate coordinates had begun to come out as well. This had increased everyone’s excitement about the matter.

All kinds of large and small forces from various regions had hurried into the Wind Dragon City in order to get their slice of the profit.

Moreover, human beings weren’t the only ones. Even the star beasts that lived in the space and other region’s demon beasts had also rushed over.

Many sage level star beasts and demon beasts had attacked the Wind Dragon City in the last six months. The human experts were certainly interested in these treasures. However, those sage level star beasts and demon beasts had also shown keen interest in the treasures of the wind dragon. The appearances of these star beasts and demon beasts wouldn’t change much after they entered the sage realm. However, their wisdom was no longer inferior to that of humans. Moreover, many of these star beasts and demon beasts had lived for thousands of years. So, they were old and wise. An average person didn’t stand a chance against them when it came to schemes and tricks.

Human experts could advance by leaps and bounds after they had obtained this treasure. Similarly, these star beasts and demon beasts would benefit a lot if they could obtain this treasure. People would always go after the treasure trove of dragons. This was a historically proven fact.

This dragon had surpassed the great sage realm during the course of its life. Therefore, the items it had left behind would be extremely precious.

The City Lord had dispatched troops to repel the invasion of these star beasts and demon beasts.

Soon, half-a-year had already passed amidst these circumstances. Ye Xiwen was sitting cross-legged on a bed. He hadn’t moved in these last 6 months. The energy within that inner core had continued to flow into Ye Xiwen’s and Hua Menghan’s body at a steady pace.

Ye Xiwen had steadily absorbed the star power present inside the core. He had absorbed it continuously for half-a-year. So, the size of his universe had also increased significantly. It had almost expanded to become twice as large. The Sun inside his universe glittered even more brightly. It was illuminating the entire universe. It seemed as if it was the only star present in his universe.

Neptune was also gradually forming inside Ye Xiwen’s universe. His martial power had seen an unceasing promotion. But, the formation of Neptune had also neared its completion. In fact, it was only one step away from taking complete shape.

The scorching energy was unceasingly entering Ye Xiwen’s body. This energy wasn’t a problem for Hua Menghan. Her Heavenly Phoenix Body possessed exceptional acceptance ability towards this energy.

It wasn’t a big problem for Ye Xiwen either. His ‘gilded tyrant form’ and his meridians had been exercised to a very high extent. An average person would’ve burnt down and turned to ashes if he were in Ye Xiwen’s place.

The unceasing absorption of this energy for half-a-year had resulted in the formation of its own principles. Ye Xiwen’s dao principles had reached 499. It could reach up to 500 dao principles in just one step. This was a huge watershed. He would become comparable with the experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm after he had crossed this step.

A look into the situation inside Ye Xiwen’s body could terrify anyone since the principles within his body had become exceptionally thick. They were nearly 20-or-more-times thicker than those found in the body of an ordinary semi-sage expert. An average person’s body would’ve exploded by now. Only Ye Xiwen could hold it. This was the advantage of having a tyrannical body.

Ye Xiwen’s accumulation had already reached a terrifying level. It had become even more profound than those old experts of the legendry’s great complete realm who had accumulated energy for hundreds of years.

He had already reached a big crucial point. He could enter the semi-sage realm after he’d cross this point. He would truly transcend from the legendary realm after he had stepped into the semi-sage realm. He could then begin to stride towards the sage realm.

He would only surmount the half-step legendary realm in this process. However, he would no longer be comparable with his old self after that. Moreover, he would completely detach himself from the binds and limitation of half-step legendary realm after he had stepped into the semi-sage realm. His life span would increase to one-thousand years in one fell swoop. And, it would increase even further after he had stepped into the sage realm. This was the advantage of being well-prepared. Ye Xiwen felt as if his life-span might increase endlessly to an unspecified period.

The first step of becoming a sage would be completed after he had crossed this step. However, he would be stuck here for lifetime if he couldn’t complete this step. This wasn’t a rare thing. Several experts of legendry’s great complete realm had remained stuck at this step. And, they had never made it through in their lifetime.

Of course, nobody had heard that any experts of the half-step legendry’s great complete realm had gotten stuck at this barrier. However, Ye Xiwen still didn’t wish to take any chance.

He had absorbed the required amount of energy from the inner core in this half-a-years’ time. So, it was the time to cross this threshold.

The stars inside Ye Xiwen’s body began to revolve while he operated the ‘Observing Person Scripture’. The star power got condensed little by little, and attacked the inner barrier of Ye Xiwen’s realm. This barrier to the semi-sage realm had been eroded unceasingly like a dam in the last half-a-years’ time. So, it was already heavily damaged.

Ye Xiwen was focused. He didn’t need to worry about the sudden arrival of the ‘Heavenly Tribulation’ this time. It would be unique this time since the ‘Heavenly Tribulation’ wouldn’t arrive. This was because he had detached himself from the half-step legendary earlier, and had comprehended the principles of the semi-sage realm. So, the ‘Heavenly Tribulation’ would arrive again when he’d enter the sage realm. In fact, Ye Xiwen would’ve chosen a desolate place to cross the ‘Heavenly Tribulation’ if this wasn’t the case. It would have been extremely conspicuous if he had chosen to cross the tribulation inside the Wind Dragon City. People had forgotten about him in last six month after great difficulties. And, that too because the matter of the Wind Dragon’s lair had suddenly come to light… He didn’t wish to attract people’s attention again.

The barrier had indeed been damaged rather heavily by now. However, it was still difficult for Ye Xiwen to cross this natural moat.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s entire body’s power condensed into one mass and began to bombard the barrier in order to cross it.

A long time passed. Ye Xiwen heaved a sigh. However, his facial expressions conveyed that he hadn’t relaxed yet. He had failed, but he wasn’t dejected. So, he continued to attack that barrier.




Ye Xiwen had lost count of how many times he had attacked that barrier. He himself became somewhat numb to the rebounds of the impacts, but he still continued to attack the realm’s barrier. He was clinging to the idea that he might succeed if he continued to attack the barrier to no end.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s ‘real elemental energy’ somewhat dried up after another routine of attacks. He was thinking whether or not to replenish his energy with the ‘Primary Spirit Dans’. However, that majestic barrier – which had remained un-budged even after facing ceaseless attack – suddenly opened up. It seemed as if Ye Xiwen’s ‘real elemental energy’ had finally broken through a huge threshold, and had forged ahead into a new and vast world. And then suddenly, it began to flow smoothly.

Ye Xiwen’s aura also rose incredibly. There was nothing around him except his new semi-sage aura, and it continued to revolve non-stop. Countless principles rushed into his body, and his body began to transform.

Ye Xiwen could distinctly feel that his body was undergoing an unfathomable transformation. It seemed as if his body was transcending and approaching towards becoming an even more advanced form of life. It seemed as if an ant was transforming into a human being. It was obviously an entirely different level of feeling. However, the transformation stopped midway.

Ye Xiwen frowned at this. He felt as if he had been enjoying inside the cool seawater in the summer, but someone suddenly dragged him to the shore and exposed him to the sun.

He knew that the rest of the transformation would be completed when he’d enter the sage realm.

Ye Xiwen frantically began to absorb the surrounding principles without any delay. They condensed in the form of magical symbols, and entered his body one by one. These principles then condensed into talismans with magical symbols on them. These were far thicker than the ordinary semi-sage talismans; in fact, they were so thick that they could scare a person to death.

The bottleneck of 500 dao principles no longer existed because Ye Xiwen had now entered the semi-sage realm. Ye Xiwen continued to condense the dao principles like a mad-man.






Ye Xiwen finally stopped after he had condensed 800 dao principles.

Then, he suddenly opened his eyes.

At last — the semi-sage realm.

(To be continued).

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