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Ye Xiwen’s glowing golden hands emitted waves of golden light. It ripped apart the space, and advanced ahead. Suddenly, one of the thunder dragons opened its big mouth, and rushed towards Ye Xiwen to bite him.

Ye Xiwen’s big hand grabbed and then pinched the neck of that thunder dragon. Its neck instantly snapped. Its body transformed into a bundle of energy, and this energy was then absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

"Humph! Babies shouldn’t act so arrogantly!" Ye Xiwen sneered. Then, he straightaway dashed into that group of thunder dragons.

"Pang Yang Bo is indeed outstanding. But, it’s not easy to deal with Ye Xiwen either. The rumors say that Ye Xiwen has killed a heaven’s pride level expert of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. This has attracted the attentions of many of their people towards him!"

"It’s not surprising why the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall has suddenly gone bonkers to take Ye Xiwen down!"

"It’s far from being ‘just’ crazy. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the True Martial University aren’t on friendly terms. These two wouldn’t have acted kindly towards each other even without this underlying matter!"

"Both of these individuals are extremely ferocious. An ordinary semi-sage expert can’t even withstand a move from these two; he’d get blown away by their attack!"

"Pang Yang Bo can be regarded as an evil genius at such a young age. Nobody will be able to dominate him when he matures. Even that Ye Xiwen – who is said to have killed two heaven’s pride level experts already – may not stand a chance!"

Those thunder dragons swept down towards Ye Xiwen like huge mountains to crush him. The space crumbled wherever they went. However, Ye Xiwen dashed straight into them without caring about anything.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s one kick exploded a thunder dragon. An ordinary expert of the late stage of semi-sage realm would’ve regretted facing these thunder dragons head-on. However, Ye Xiwen was treating them as if they were no big deal.




Each time a dragon got slayed by Ye Xiwen – it was accompanied by the loud sound of an explosion. Ye Xiwen gradually began to comprehend the so-called ‘Dragon Slayer Technique’ as he killed more and more thunder dragons. It was a supreme and terrifying secret technique. Its brilliance used to prevail in the ancient world. However, this secret technique had eventually drowned in the river of time, and had completely vanished.

"Humph! Ye Xiwen, nobody will be able to save you today!" Pang Yang Bo shouted. Then, he also broke into the group of thunder dragons. He held a thunder blade; this blade had a purple glow to it. The surrounding air defused as he brandished his thunder blade. The space got shattered into small pieces. The thunder blade fell towards Ye Xiwen’s head.

This was a fierce and ruthless attack. This child was arrogant. Nobody had ever humiliated him like this. So, he wanted to use Ye Xiwen’s blood to wash off his shame.

"Clang!" it sounded as if two metals had collided. Ye Xiwen’s ‘sword intention’ had rushed up from his hand, and had welcomed Pang Yang Bo’s attack.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen’s long sword swept down, and beheaded a thunder dragon. It might’ve been the most rampant type of dragon in the world. However, it appeared like a docile sheep in front of Ye Xiwen. He continued to kill the thunder dragons one by one without facing any difficultly.

"Rumble!" the long sword and the thunder blade collided ferociously in the void. A terrifying force swept out from the center of the collision, and shattered the entire space around the arena.

A horrific storm swept across and obstructed everyone’s vision.

"Bang!" the loud scream of a young voice sounded, and a figure went flying upside-down from inside the storm. Everyone looked attentively. It turned out to be Pang Yang Bo. His young figure went flying up in the space with blood gushing out from his body. He had been sent flying by Ye Xiwen’s mighty strength.

The storm dispersed. Ye Xiwen stood in the center like an ancient god. A chill ran inside everyone. The truth of Ye Xiwen’s incredible body had appeared before the people of the Wind Dragon City for the first time. It was just as the rumors had stated. One could only defeat Ye Xiwen by suppressing him with the help of some supreme magical power. Otherwise… fighting against his body was next to courting death. Even the Titan Body didn’t turn out to be his match. Ye Xiwen had killed him after he had scared him to the point of madness.

Ye Xiwen brandished his sword again, and it killed several thunder dragons which were wandering about in a group. Then, a ‘Hanshan Seal’ appeared above. A huge seal – made up entirely of stone – swept down from above like a huge mountain.

"Bang!" Pang Yang Bo was still flying in midair, but the ‘Hanshan Seal’ caught up with him. It smashed down on his chest, and broke quite a few ribs. Then, he was pounded into the arena’s floor.

The impact formed a giant hole in the extremely hard floor of the arena.

Pang Yang Bo had been smashed into the arena. This had splattered the dust and gravels everywhere. The flow of battle had changed enormously. Everyone was dumbstruck at this sight. They hadn’t anticipated that Pang Yang Bo would be smashed into the arena by a seal technique.

However, mere one mistake in his decision had given Ye Xiwen an opportunity to display a brilliant counterattack. No… this couldn’t even be regarded as a mistake on Pang Yang Bo’s part. An average person wouldn’t have been able to deal with Pang Yang Bo’s surprise attack. However, it was his misfortune that Ye Xiwen was his opponent. He was far inferior to Ye Xiwen — whether it was in fighting strength or the toughness of his body.

"Ye Xiwen!" Pang Yang Bo roared. A horrifying power surged out from his body, and began to boil around him. Even his appearance had changed significantly. He no longer looked like a well-dress youngster. Instead, he looked exceptionally miserable. His eyes had turned bloodshot. It seemed as if he was dying to kill Ye Xiwen, and would separate his bones from his muscles.

His ominous facial expression frightened many people. One must know that this child wasn’t internally the same as he appeared on the surface. He had never suffered such a defeat in his whole life. In fact, he had always bullied other people. How could’ve other people bullied him? His innate talent was on a whole different level. His cultivation speed was extremely quick. He had voyaged a pleasant journey thus far. He had obtained everything he had ever desired for. However, this time he had been defeated by Ye Xiwen, and this had shattered his ego. His frustration had transformed into anger, and it seemed if his rage would burn the heaven itself.

A thunder dragon came out of his body. It roared and rushed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him. Its long tail opened a huge crack in the arena.

Ye Xiwen saw that thunder dragon coming towards him. He snorted and said, "It’s best for a child to be obedient and stay at home!"

An endless amount of golden light emerged from Ye Xiwen’s hand. Then, this golden light went up to grab that thunder dragon.

"Bang!" that thunder dragon’s head was caught and crushed by Ye Xiwen’s golden claw. The dragon transformed into a mass of energy, and was then absorbed by Ye Xiwen.

It might’ve seemed like an extremely terrifying entity to the others. However, it was nothing in Ye Xiwen’s eyes. After all, his ‘gilded tyrant form’ had been gradually tempered by the ‘Heavenly Tribulations’.

Ye Xiwen could casually walk into the group of thunder dragons, and could butcher them one by one with grace.

Ye Xiwen suddenly heard Pang Yang Bo’s ferocious voice as soon as he killed this thunder dragon.

"Ye Xiwen, die!" this immature voice was filled with bitter resentment. Ye Xiwen turned around, and saw that Pang Yang Bo was condensing a secret seal technique in his hands at a very fast speed. He was concentrating the endless power of thunder and lightning in the middle of the arena.

An extremely tall figure appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. He appeared like an ancient god, and his entire body was brimming with lightning. It seemed as if he had been born in a sea of thunder and lightning. The thunder and lightning were at his beck and call. The endless power of thunder and lightning was being unleashed with each step which he took. He was spouting an overwhelming and godly power.

"This is Thunder God. This supreme magical power has been mentioned in the ‘Nine Temples Five Elements Thunder Book’. It has been mentioned in the folklores that one can summon the Thunder God. I didn’t expect that Pang Yang Bo would’ve comprehended the ‘Nine Temples Five Elements Thunder Book’ to such extent at such a young age. This book has fallen into his hands, and has made him even more powerful!" a knowledgeable expert recognized it, and spoke in astonishment.

"That’s not right. It’s not the real Thunder God. However, it’s still quite dreadful. The Thunder God was one of the most terrifying gods in the ancient times!"

Ye Xiwen looked calm, but a solemn look had appeared on his face. He could feel an unprecedented suppression emerging from the phantom of the Thunder God.

One must know that the ‘daos’ practiced by everyone had basically been established by 3000 chaotic devil gods in the ancient times. These were known as 3000 ‘main daos’. And, they eventually led one to the ‘invincible dao’.

Therefore, there were many power techniques — which when practiced to the peak — would allow the practitioner to summon the associated Chaotic Devil God. These techniques were considered ‘ultimate’ because the original Chaotic Devil Gods used to be powerful-enough to deter the ten thousand worlds in the ancient times. They used to be extremely terrifying. The Chaotic Devil Gods would’ve conquered the ten thousand worlds if they hadn’t fallen in the ancient past.

This secret technique basically allowed one to condense the spirit, essence and energy of a particular Devil God. The phantom condensed would be extremely tyrannical even if it contained only a wisp of the original.

The Thunder God used to be ranked near the top among the many Devil Gods. The Thunder God’s thunder principle was considered unparalleled and incredible.

"Rumble!" The Thunder God grew bigger and bigger in front of everyone. It grew more than 100 feet tall. It looked a bit blurred and unclear. However, it possessed a kind of incredible majesty. It held a thunder blade in its hand. Endless thunder and lightning condensed together, and swept down towards Ye Xiwen. It seemed like a mighty torrent of endless thunder and lightning had poured down.

Ye Xiwen’s left hand condensed a startling ‘sword intention’. He immediately swept out the ‘Buried Earth Sword Technique’. He simultaneously used his right hand to brandish the ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’. He used the move ‘Hidden Dragon Rises from the Abyss’. His right palm gave birth to a giant golden dragon. It roared and rushed up. Ye Xiwen had promptly exhibited two secret techniques, and had unleashed them thoroughly. Ye Xiwen’s aura became exceptionally terrifying. This left everyone in astonishment.

"Bang!" the two terrifying forces collided into each other. That ancient Thunder God’s offensive was successfully blocked. Both of Ye Xiwen’s secret techniques had collaborated to fight against the lone Thunder God.

"Rumble!" a dreadful power swept across. The surrounding space couldn’t withstand it, and collapsed.

(To be continued)

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