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This type of a white dwarf had previously been unattainable to some extent. After all, the universe was incredibly huge. There were many stars in the sky. However, every star was situated very far away; more so in the case of a dead star. One would obtain many benefits if one could grab it. In fact, the benefits were almost beyond one’s imagination. However, it was quite difficult for an average person to come across such resource.

The legendary realm was considered as ‘ordinary’ in the Heavenly Chaotic Territory. Legendary experts were treated as ordinary people. The semi-sage realm possessed the same status. However, the sage realm was different. The sage experts obtained everyone’s respect and attention wherever they went. Some were even the lords of some remote areas, and ruled their respective territories without any problem.

Sage realm was like a watershed. People below the sage realm were like ants, and were considered as ordinary existence. Only outstanding people could become sage experts by transcending their ordinary mortal lives. Their lifespans could also increase from 1000 years of the legendary realm to 2000 years in one fell swoop.

And, this inner core was the biggest opportunity to achieve that. There was greed in Young Master Feng’s eyes. He had spent 10 years of his life to make arrangements in order to obtain this inner core. He had to find several important materials which were required for putting up the matrix formation. Finally, he had managed to extract this inner core after a year’s time. He would transform after he had swallowed it. He would transform into a dragon from a fish, and hence become extraordinary.

The other old men felt somewhat envious as they watched him. However, their mood suddenly changed, and their feelings of jealousy disappeared. They knew what stuff they could dip their fingers in, and where they couldn’t. And, this was definitely not something they should covet.

However, just when Young Master Feng was about to grab the inner core — a big golden hand appeared out of nowhere, and stole the inner core in front of him.

Young Master Feng was left dumbstruck by this sudden turn of events. He couldn’t control his anger, and immediately became furious. He had struggled for 10 years in order to obtain this inner core. And, someone else had appeared and snatched it away when it was the time to taste the fruit of his labors. How could this not make him furious?

"Attack!" a loud shout sounded. Suddenly, a terrifying blood light condensed into a blood man. This bloody figure swept out its palm towards Young Master Feng to slap him.

"Bang!" this palm attack was devastating, and it seemed as if the world itself had been shattered. The void had been crumbled and eroded by the blood light. The terrifying force began to boil, and pressed down upon Young Master Feng’s body. It destroyed his protective energy barrier, and crushed the bones in his chest.

"Puff!" blood spurted out of Young Master Feng’s body as he was sent flying in the space. Nobody had seen what had really happened. They only saw him getting blown away by an explosion. He didn’t lose his consciousness. But, there was rage in his eyes since they could only stare helplessly as a stranger stole the white dwarf’s inner core.

Ye Xiwen had grabbed the white dwarf’s inner core. The white dwarf was extremely hot, but its inner core wasn’t. It should be mentioned that all the energy was condensed inside the inner core. It would discharge an enormous power if it exploded.

"Who are you?" the other four experts of the later stage of semi-sage realm asked. They hadn’t paid much attention earlier since they didn’t care much. They indeed seemed excited at first. However, that was just excitement; nothing more. After all, they knew that the inner core didn’t belong to them. They were merely protecting it by holding the barrier up. However, this sudden turn of events had left their minds vacant. They found out that Young Master Feng had been sent flying out before they could understand what was going on.

Those four experts of the later stage of the semi sage realm rushed towards Ye Xiwen. However, there was a large distance between them and Ye Xiwen. The white dwarf had already dried up. However, it had still spread over 10,000 kilometers. In other words, these people were separately seated over ten thousand kilometers away from the center since they were maintaining the matrix formation. They hadn’t anticipated that they would come across a surprise attack. Ye Xiwen had already killed the people who were guarding this place. Therefore, nobody was alarmed when Ye Xiwen arrived.

They had no way to catch Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen sneered as he looked at Young Master Feng and shouted, "Die!"

Young Master Feng had planned to cause trouble for him after he had become a sage expert. The best approach was to root out the weed before it could spread. Ye Xiwen could kill him by taking the advantage of the fact that the other semi-sage experts would take time to arrive here.

Even an expert of the later stage of the semi-sage realm would need a considerable amount of time to cover ten thousand kilometers. And, Ye Xiwen could take the advantage of this time gap.

Ye Xiwen shouted ‘die’, and turned into a golden lightning. He then flew towards Young Master Feng to kill him.

Young Master Feng began to burn with anger after he realized that Ye Xiwen hadn’t only snatch his inner core, but also wanted to kill him. He took a medicinal pill out of his spatial ring, and swallowed it. One could clearly see that the injuries on his entire body had been repaired quite quickly. It might be assumed that this was an extremely precious medicinal pill. An ordinary person would use one very carefully. They wouldn’t consume with without thinking about it first. They wouldn’t dare to use it so extravagantly like he had.

However, Young Master Feng was facing a life or death situation. So, he had to make a quick choice. He didn’t care whether it was being wasted or not.

"You’re courting death. Don’t even think about getting away alive!" Young Master Feng bellowed, "Wind Spirit Seal Technique!"

Young Master Feng kneaded his fingers, and a seal technique suddenly appeared. The power of countless wind spirits gathered in the space, and formed a massive seal technique. Then, this attack charged towards Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" the ‘Wind Spirit Seal’ smashed down at a very fast speed. Ye Xiwen was unable to avoid this attack, and got hit head-on. He nearly collapsed by the impact of this attack, and blood gushed out from his body.

Ye Xiwen was in a shock. These experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm were very different; especially Young Master Feng. He clearly belonged to a big clan. He was an outstanding talent. He was extremely quick, and it had been very difficult to evade his attack.

However, Ye Xiwen didn’t know that Young Master Feng was even more shaken than him. He had inherited this ‘Wind Spirit Seal Technique’ from his Feng clan. He knew that it was extremely powerful, and also very quick and swift. This attack could have pounded an average person into meat sauce. However, only a golden sword light flashed when it pounded on Ye Xiwen. He sustained heavy injuries as a result of this attack; nothing more happened. It couldn’t make him collapse. Young Master Feng could tell that this guy had a very powerful body.

Young Master Feng was in shock, but his ‘Wind Spirit Seal Technique’ didn’t slow down one bit. It formed a huge seal, and pounded towards Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen’s response wasn’t slow either. He wasn’t going to fall for the same trick again. A ‘Hanshan Seal’ appeared. It transformed into a giant dragon, and rushed towards the incoming ‘Wind Spirit Seal’.

"Bang!" two great seal techniques collided incredibly in the space. The aftermath spread everywhere, and shattered the void. It seemed as if the entire space was crumbling. It looked very frightening.

Ye Xiwen’s ‘Hanshan Seal’ was a bit stronger than the ‘Wind Spirit Seal Technique’. However, Ye Xiwen’s martial power was far inferior to Young Master Feng’s. Therefore, Ye Xiwen fell into a disadvantageous situation in the end.

The terrifying gap in the power shook Ye Xiwen’s body. It slightly swayed his body despite his ‘gilded tyrant form’. An average person’s body would’ve disintegrated instantly. However, Ye Xiwen only felt a burst of vibrations in his body.

"Roar!" a blood dragon roared. The blood slave had finally moved into action by taking the advantage of the fight between Ye Xiwen and Young Master Feng. It shot its palm with a rumbling sound, and a blood dragon emerged out. It was a move of ‘Coiling Dragon Palm’. This move was called ‘Hidden Dragon Rises from the Abyss’. However, it was entirely different from Ye Xiwen’s grandiose golden dragon. The blood slave’s blood dragon was condensed from endless scarlet energy. It was as fierce and violent as Ye Xiwen’s golden dragon. However, this blood dragon was more ominous and evil-looking than a grandiose golden dragon.

The blood dragon roared loudly. The sound’s vibrations shook the entire universe. Its fierce claws ripped-apart the vast space as it arrived beside Young Master Feng and destroyed his defense. And then, it arrived in front of Young Master Feng.

"Bang!" Young Master Feng was sent flying in the space by the terrifying power of the blood dragon. His throat sustained injuries, and he spouted a mouthful of blood. He might not have cared about Ye Xiwen’s attacks much. Indeed, it was being quite difficult for him to kill Ye Xiwen. However, he hadn’t thought that Ye Xiwen would respond in this way. He couldn’t underestimate the blood slave’s attacks since it was at the late stage of the semi-sage realm; just like him. Moreover, he himself had merely condensed 700 dao principles, while the blood slave had condensed 750. In short, it was a bit more tyrannical than him.

He was still thinking about means to deal with these two when Ye Xiwen suddenly arrived in front of him. A ‘Hanshan Seal’ pounded towards him above.

"Bang!" Young Master Feng didn’t get time to dodge, and the ‘Hanshan Seal’ pounded on him. He once again spouted blood. His body went flying upside-down in the space.


"Brat, you’re courting death. Do you know who we are?"

"You have committed a serious offense by offending our Feng Clan. The people of our clan will wipe out your nine generations!"

Those four experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm were dumbstruck as they witnessed this scene. The situation had undergone an incredible change in just a few moments. Young Master Feng wasn’t weak. His strength wasn’t just for show’s sake. He was more powerful than any of them. However, he didn’t have the power to fight back when he came under the attacks of these two strange individuals. He had been reduced to such a desperate state in a mere matter of a few rounds of fighting.

This was impossible in their opinion. These people had reached the late stage of the semi-sage realm. They were only half-a-step away from entering the sage realm. They would then transcend their mortal lives. Therefore, they were well-aware of the limitations of their own strength. They would believe if someone were to say that he could kill them. However, they couldn’t accept the fact that someone could effortlessly beat them into a dead dog.

The joint attack of a young expert of legendary realm and a strange red creature had forced Young Master Feng into such a miserable state in a short period of time. They felt like they were witnessing a myth with their own eyes.

(To be continued)

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