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Hua Menghan didn't insist after she listened to Ye Xiwen. She knew that Ye Xiwen would only say something like this when he was confident. Several people had said that Ye Xiwen was extremely arrogant and rampant. However, that was only true when he was attacked, and was compelled to counterattack. He wasn't stupid, and his thought process was also reasonable.

Ye Xiwen hadn't entered the semi-sage realm yet. However, Hua Menghan knew that Ye Xiwen wasn't inferior to her. In addition, he was far more suitable than her for these circumstances.

Ye Xiwen flew back without any hesitation after he had bid farewell to Hua Menghan. He had hidden his presence by operating the 'Restraining Breath Technique'. The golden divine beam on Ye Xiwen's devil wings had been shrouded by thick black fog along with his entire body. Therefore, he could move ahead unseen. He was perfectly camouflaged in this pitch-black space.

Ye Xiwen slowly approached that white dwarf. He saw that a massive matrix formation was covering that white dwarf. It looked extremely mysterious. Some incomprehensible energy was wandering inside it.

Four elderly experts of the later stage of the semi-sage realm were sitting cross-legged around that barrier. They were kneading with their finger to maintain a profound 'seal technique'.

A 20-year-old young man was sitting cross-legged over this formation. He looked quite handsome, yet strangely demonic. He was clad in a magnificent robe. The power inside the barrier was bubbling-up towards him. His complexion was extremely ugly at this moment. An extremely evil look was present on his handsome face.

"Dammit! Don't let me catch you — or I will crush your bones and burn you to ashes!" the young man said with an evil expression on his handsome face. He was the one who had launched an attack on Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen had managed to escape.

The tyrannical expression on his face had distorted his handsome look. He looked extremely frightening.

"I will find those two bastards after I'm done swallowing the inner core of the white dwarf and made my breakthrough into the sage realm. They must be killed because they've committed the crime of opposing our Feng Clan!" Young Master Feng roared like a lion whose tail had been stepped on.

"Young Master Feng, don't be impatient. I've already sent-out a message out. I've asked our Feng Clan's forces to look for the whereabouts of those two individuals. They can't run away. But, they are probably the disciples of one of the forces of the True Martial World. This matter can be troublesome later!" one of those four old men opened his mouth and spoke.

"The True Martial World! So what? It doesn't matter who they are… or where they've come from. Those who dare to provoke our Feng Clan shall be punished!" Young Master Feng roared. Fortunately, he was busy in maintaining the seal technique, and couldn't afford to cause any chaos right now.

"Young Master Feng will enter the sage realm once he swallows the inner core. Then, he will become the main focus of our clan's resources and nurturing. He will be able to mobilize more experts of our clan. Then, we can even make the True Martial World's heaven's pride level experts disappear without any traces if they oppose us!" another old man spoke.

Ye Xiwen pondered. He realized that this Feng Clan was probably a huge force in the Heavenly Chaotic Territory. Otherwise, they wouldn't have looked down on the forces of the True Martial World. However, Young Master Feng still wanted to wait until he had swallowed the inner core. Then, he would start to cause trouble for Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen sneered. How he could allow the opposite party to succeed? Ye Xiwen was hidden nearby, and wished to give them a big surprise. However, it might cause a huge problem for him if he allowed the opposite party to enter the sage realm. After all, a person would land himself in big trouble if a sage realm expert was dead-set on causing trouble for the said-person.

"Ye Xiwen!"

Ye Xiwen suddenly heard a shout. It came from the insides of his mind. This was Ye Mo's voice. Ye Xiwen was pleasantly surprised by this and said, "How did you wake up so soon? Weren't you upgrading yourself to a sage tool?"

"I've already completed the upgradation process. The 'Heavenly Source Mirror' has become a sage tool now!" Ye Mo laughed and said.

"That's great!" Ye Xiwen also laughed out loud and replied.

"Several limitations that had previously existed have vanished since it has become a sage tool!" Ye Mo spoke as he laughed, "We can now push the level of that blood slave to the later stage of the semi-sage realm. Then, nobody will be able to match the blood slave… unless a sage expert appears."

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt relaxed. He would have far more assurance if he had the assistance of a blood slave of the later stage of the semi-sage realm. He had previously planned that he would leave after he had stolen the white dwarf's inner core. But now, he didn't wish to leave without dealing a serious blow to these experts.

Ye Xiwen went inside the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' after he had made the decision. The world inside the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' had suddenly expanded by ten times after it had become a sage tool. It appeared endless. In fact, it appeared like a small continent. It certainly wasn't the size of the world in-itself. However, it was big enough for Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen arrived at the edge of the blood pond. That Star Colossus was still boiling inside the blood pond, but it had become very weak. The suppression force of the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' had grown after it had become a sage tool. So, it didn't even have enough power to struggle.

Its entire body was bound in a chain of magical symbols made up of principles. Its strength was being sucked away; little by little. It could only stare at Ye Xiwen with hatred; nothing more. It didn't even have the energy to roar.

Ye Xiwen could now do many things since the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' had become a sage tool. And, the first thing he would do — was to forcefully level-up the blood slave.

Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged over the blood pond. He stretched-out his big hand, and grabbed several principles. He condensed magical symbol out of the principles, and instilled them inside the blood slave. The dao principles flooded into the blood slave. Its aura started to become more powerful. It became more and more formidable with every passing moment. The 'Primary Spirit Dans' were unceasingly burning inside the 'Heavenly Source Mirror'. The transformed 'spirit energy' was being instilled into the blood slave.

Two Hundred!

Three Hundred!

Four Hundred!

Five Hundred!

The time passed in the outside world… second-by-second, minute-by-minute. Almost a month had passed in the blink of an eye. The unceasing extraction of the white dwarf's inner core was still taking place. This was a very big task. Therefore, nobody was acting impatiently in this regard.

Ye Xiwen was still lurking nearby. He was constantly condensing principles in order to instill them into the blood slave. The blood slave could even be promoted to the sage realm since the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' had become a sage tool. However, Ye Xiwen didn't have enough energy to make that happen.

Therefore, he could only condense approximately 800 dao principles. There was no way to make the blood slave break through to the sage realm. However, it was temporarily good-enough for the current Ye Xiwen. It was enough for him to give them a big surprise.

Time passed slowly. Ye Xiwen felt that the white dwarf was getting hotter and hotter. It slowly began to disseminate enormous amounts of heat.

"Bang!" a loud explosion occurred. Endless amount of lava began to erupt from that white dwarf. The lava soared into the space for tens-of-thousands of feet.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen had a cold feeling in his heart. He realized that these guys had genuinely managed to force-out the inner core.

Then, the inner core began to condense by absorbing the essence of the entire star. The terrifying force caused an endless amount of lava to erupt and disperse in the space. This was an extremely frightening scene.

However, a cheerful look appeared on the faces of those experts of the Feng Clan. Young Master Feng was also jubilant at the sight. After all, he had finally begun to see the result of his long-drawn efforts. He could rise to great heights once he swallowed the inner core and became a sage expert. He would obviously become very different from his present 'mere' semi-sage expert then. There simply was no comparison between the two. His present status in the Feng Clan couldn't be compared with the one he would relish at that time.

This white dwarf had taken birth after its parent star had died. It was the same as the other things in this world - it also went from the time of its birth to that of its flourish… and then, to its death. It couldn't escape from the laws of life and death even though it was a star. However, the lifespan of these stars was much greater than that of an average person's. They could easily last for billions of years.

These stars were a source of light in the universe. This star had died and turned into a white dwarf, but it still contained incredible power. Young Master Feng had used a special method to condense that power into the extracted inner core. And, the core contained enough energy to help him step into the sage realm in one fell swoop. One could only imagine the kind of energy contained in it.

The white dwarf exploded. It suddenly emitted incredible light and heat. It seemed as if it had suddenly reached the peak of its prosperity once again. It illuminated all directions. One would only assume it to be daylight when they'd gaze at the sky from the True Martial World. This special flash of starlight was precisely the dying-flash of this star. The accumulated energy had burst out in a flash. And, this was only the inner core of a dead star. It was simply impossible to imagine the amount of power the inner core of a mature star would possess… Let alone the inner core of a massive world like the True Martial World.

The inner core of the white dwarf contained a massive amount of energy. However, the inner core was merely the size of a fist. A tiny inner core like this one possessed such enormous energy!

Young Master Feng couldn't resist anymore. He rushed towards that tiny inner core of the white dwarf.

He had wanted to obtain the inner core of this white dwarf since long. He had been waiting here for several years in order to find an opportunity to obtain it. This inner core had finally emerged. So, it was finally the time to obtain it. An overjoyed expression appeared on his face.

Ye Xiwen had remained hidden for quite a long time. However, he finally moved into action at this time. He stretched-out his big golden palm towards that inner core to grab it.

(To be continued)

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