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There was a significant difference between Ye Xiwen’s and Young Master Feng’s cultivation levels. They were in different realms, and their real strengths also differed by a bit. However, Ye Xiwen ‘gilded tyrant form’ had minimized these differences to a certain extent. Moreover, Ye Xiwen had also integrated the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ into his body now. So, his defense had increased considerably. It certainly wasn’t an ordinary thing to have a sage tool protecting one’s body. Now, he could allow the enemy’s attacks to hit his body, and could use the opportunity to focus more on attacking. Indeed, it was quite difficult for an expert with the strength of the intermediate stage of the semi-sage realm to injure the expert of the late stage of semi-sage realm. However, how could Ye Xiwen be taken lightly? His one strike was equivalent to the combined attack of dozens of experts of the intermediate stage of semi-sage realm. Even an expert of the late stage of the semi-sage realm would have to avoid his strong attacks. Ye Xiwen’s strength had increased by multiple times after the ‘Heavenly Source Mirror’ had upgraded to become a sage tool. In fact, experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm who only possessed 500 or 600 dao principles had no means to deal with him. Even a semi-sage expert like Young Master Feng with 700 dao principles appeared like a helpless stray dog when faced with the joint attacks of Ye Xiwen and the blood slave.

"It’s impossible!" A look of panic appeared on Young Master Feng’s face. He unceasingly was stuffing medicines in his mouth. However, he was still being pushed back by the joint attacks of Ye Xiwen and blood slave. The blood slave was the creation and puppet of Ye Xiwen. Naturally, their minds were interlinked. They had a tacit understanding, and were coordinating their attacks to perfection.




Young Master Feng had fallen into a disadvantageous position. He had turned into a sandbag under the combined attacks of Ye Xiwen and the blood slave. He simply didn’t have the means to resist their attacks. He couldn’t even catch up with them. Ye Xiwen and the blood slave were using devil wings, and their speed was extremely fast. The other old experts of the late stage of the semi-sage realm saw Young Master Feng being blown-around like a sandbag between a golden light and a blood light.


Those elders trembled with fear as they saw this scene. They were afraid that Young Master Feng would get killed at this rate. That would be horrible.

"Bang!" Young Master Feng was again sent flying by an attack. The bones throughout his body had been shattered after getting bombarded several times. It was a very tragic scene. An incomparably ominous look appeared on Young Master Feng’s face. His handsome face had been already beaten into a pig’s. The grim look had distorted his face.

"Just you wait; I won’t let you off!" Young Master Feng roared. He wasn’t going to give up. He clenched his teeth to demonstrate his anger. Then, he took out a scroll from his spatial ring, and crushed it to pieces.

The scroll transformed into a pitch-black portal after getting crushed. It looked as if it was imitating the darkness of the void. A profound aura was wrapped around this huge portal.

Young Master Feng flew into the portal without any delay. And, the portal disappeared immediately after that.

Ye Xiwen was taken aback. He hadn’t expected that Young Master Feng would possess a transmission portal. It wasn’t surprising why that ominous and begrudged expression had appeared on his face. One must know that only the sage experts were capable of using their energy to split-open a crack in the space. However, it would be a dead end for them if they were to rush inside it. Only the great sage experts were capable of establishing a transmission array formation for travelling from one point in space to another. In fact, such a thing could only be done by those great sage experts who possessed a good understanding regarding these transmission array formations. Moreover, tens-of-hundreds of experts would be required to form an array formation in order to travel longer distances. The space was an extremely mysterious thing for any individual.

Even the peak level expert of great sage realm couldn’t create a transmission scroll. Ye Xiwen didn’t know how this Young Master Feng had obtained this transmission scroll. However, the appearance of that begrudged expression on his face clearly indicated that he wasn’t going to give up. He wouldn’t have used such a precious item if his own life weren’t in danger.

Ye Xiwen didn’t idle for another second. He collected the blood slave, and left treading on the rainbow light. Those 4 old experts roared in anger, and rushed after him. Ye Xiwen’s intention was very clear. He had succeeded in bulling a bully like Young Master Feng with the help of the blood slave. However, things would have become quite difficult for Ye Xiwen if those 4 old experts had interfered.

Ye Xiwen was very fast. He quickly disappeared from their line of sight. And, they could only curse him out of frustration since they didn’t have any means to catch him.

Ye Xiwen burst into laughter after he heard them curse behind his back. His mood became extremely jubilant. He was happy to have taught these guys a lesson… especially after they had openly threatened him by stating that they’d come after his life. He had also managed to steal the inner core of a star. He was certainly in a very good mood.

He rushed towards the Wind Dragon City as per the directions he had seen in the star map.

The Wind Dragon City was widely famous in the nearby regions. It was said that this city was built on the corpse of a huge wind dragon. However, this was just a rumor. Nobody knew whether it was true or false. This Wind Dragon City was established thousands of years ago. Its City Lord had also been changed several times. The ordinary people didn’t know much about the history of the city. They also didn’t know what the situations had been at the time of this City’s establishment.

Ye Xiwen flew at a fast speed for one day, and eventually arrived at the Wind Dragon City. The Wind Dragon City appeared like a city that stood on a small island in the space. It appeared exceptionally special in this silent and dark universe.

Ye Xiwen stopped to rest for a while. He saw several martial experts roaming about in the city. Many of these experts were at the legendary realm. However, the semi-sage experts were also present in abundance; several such experts could be seen from time to time.

Ye Xiwen could also spot disciples of the True Martial University. Even disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and other forces of the True Martial World were present.

Ye Xiwen contacted Hua Menghan immediately-after he reached the Wind Dragon City. However, she was at the City Central Arena at this time. Ye Xiwen received Hua Menghan’s message, and promptly rushed towards the City Central Arena.

This arena was very famous in the Wind Dragon City. People would often go to this arena to challenge the experts who arrived in this city from various places.

The Wind Dragon City was merely one city. However, its citizens had come from the True Martial World, and various other regions of the Chaotic Heavenly Territory. It was a small city, but one could find all sorts of experts here.

Therefore, experts would often emerge in this arena.

Ye Xiwen hurriedly proceeded towards the arena. He saw two figures fighting in the arena. One among them was tall; he was approximately 30 years old. And, the other one was a child; he was approximately 11 or 12 years old. This child’s skin was as fair as snow. He appeared exceptionally adorable. However, his face was covered with a brutal expression.

Ye Xiwen spotted Hua Menghan in the crowd; she wasn’t far from him. Ye Xiwen promptly went towards her and greeted, "Sister Hua!"

"Ah, you are here. Are you all right?" Hua Menghan asked somewhat concerned.

"Of course, I’m all right!" Ye Xiwen told her everything about how he stole Young Master Feng’s star core.

"Sister Hua, our cultivation will advance by leaps and bounds after we absorb the inner core. We will make huge progress. Well, why have you come here?" Ye Xiwen asked somewhat puzzled.

However, he didn’t wait for Hua Menghan’s reply since the arena had suddenly undergone tremendous changes.

That 30-year-old man retreated several steps after facing that child’s attack. In fact, he couldn’t find a foothold.

"Bang!" a palm struck that man’s chest. His ribs broke, and he was sent flying upside down.

Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but gasp. He could see that this child didn’t belong to some dwarf race or anything. He was only an 11-or-12-year-old kid. However, he possessed shockingly tyrannical strength. That middle-aged man possessed the strength of the intermediate stage of the semi sage realm. However, he was no match for this kid. One palm attack of this kid had knocked him out of the arena.

Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but be shocked after he witnessed a young teenager demonstrate such tyrannical strength.

"This Pang Yang Bo is extremely strong. Even a semi-sage realm expert has lost to him!"

"He’s far more than ‘just’ strong. He’s an evil genius. He’s just 11 years old. These so-called ‘geniuses’ should die with shame since they are all bullsh*t in front of this child prodigy!"

"Any one will die from anger and frustration if they compare themselves with him. How can there be such a peerless genius among so many geniuses that exist in this world?"

"Yeah! No one can find Pang Yang Bo’s match among the younger generation disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. We can trace back to hundreds-of-thousands of years to make the comparison, but we still won’t find someone as talented!"

"He doesn’t appear that incredible to me. I have heard that he had obtained a mysterious inheritance at a very young age. Otherwise, it is impossible to become so powerful so quick. Some people also say that he’s the reincarnation of a great figure from ancient times. That’s why he can cultivate so quickly. But, he is a peerless disciple of this generation!"

Everyone’s discussions reached Ye Xiwen’s ears. He found out that this kid was a disciple of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. It could be said that the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had picked up a gem this time.

Pang Yang Bo’s face exposed a somewhat bitter expression. He shouted, "Is this the level of True Martial University’s disciples? How pathetic! I’m very disappointed. They are just trash; nothing else. Why hasn’t that Ye Xiwen come out yet? I will wait for another three months in this arena. If someone knows him… then tell him that this Young Master has summoned him over for a fight. Just see how I blow him off to oblivion!"

Ye Xiwen finally understood why Hua Menghan had arrived here. This kid’s hatred was actually directed towards Ye Xiwen.

A bitter expression appeared on the faces of those surrounding disciples of the True Martial University as they heard Pang Yang Bo’s words. Several disciples of the True Martial University were present in the arena. They obviously felt very agitated upon hearing these words.

Several disciples of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall were also present here. They simultaneously clamored on the contrary.

"Tell that Ye Xiwen to come out!"

"That’s if he has the guts to take on this challenge!"

Ye Xiwen figured that the disciples who belonged to different forces hadn’t begun to establish contacts with each other yet. So, his name mustn’t have reached Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. And, these disciples of Xuan Yuan Palace were clearly hostile towards him. This must be because he had killed Fan Ming.

That fight between Ye Xiwen and Fan Ming could be regarded as the collision between the top disciples of the younger generation of the True Martial University and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. And, Ye Xiwen had killed Fan Ming in the end. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall’s people certainly weren’t willing to accept this…

(To be continued)

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