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There was no scope of sympathy here. Rather, it was inappropriate in this situation since these two opponents only had the desire to kill.

"Your gilded body is worthless. I'll kill you like a dog!" the Second God squinted as he spoke coldly. His eyes shone and emitted a sharp beam. This beam almost condensed into a solid beam of light. It could frighten a person's soul. "It's ridiculous to compare your gilded body with my titan body!"

The speed of the lance didn't decrease. It transformed into a black snake, and set-off an incomparably powerful and terrifying aura. It pierced the void, and the sky got shattered into pieces as it rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen's 'sword intention' condensed into a long sword in his hand.

"Buried Earth Sword!"

The sharp sword beam sent out an incomparably frightening force. A long dragon was unleashed, and it moved forward to face the incoming attack.

"Bang!" horrifying waves of energy were swept-out from both sides. The energy waves swept across crazily in the surroundings, and made cracks in the void.

The two experts clashed in midair. They were trying their best to not affect the True Martial University… as much as possible. Otherwise, the one to survive the battle would have to face the criticism of the high-level experts.

"Your titan body is also worthless. The so-called 'Titan God Race' has nothing more than an undeserved reputation!" Ye Xiwen replied coldly. "You started to clamor about challenging me only after you broke through to the semi-sage realm. That clearly shows that your cowardice, and also your lack of confidence in your titan body. Your titan body is nothing but a joke. I would've crushed you like an ant if we were in same realm!"

Ye Xiwen had spoken this very calmly; as if this matter wasn't even related to him. The crowd heard this, and was sent in an uproar. He had dared to speak such insulting words in front of the 'Titan' guy. No other heaven's pride level expert would've dared to speak such words. In fact, no one would've believed these words even if a heaven's pride level expert had dared to say such boasting words about being superior to the 'Titan Body'. However, some people had believed in Ye Xiwen's words. They didn't know whether any of the other heaven's pride level experts had reached the semi-sage realm or not. But, they knew that Ye Xiwen hadn't. In fact, Ye Xiwen hadn't even reached the half-step legendry's great complete realm yet. To say that 'I could've crushed you like ant if we were in same realm'… perhaps wasn't just boasting.

Ye Xiwen was merely at half-step legendary ninth stage. However, he could easily suppress an ordinary expert of the semi-sage realm. He would become far more dreadful once he had advanced to the semi-sage realm.

Saying that he would kill him like an ant clearly showed his confidence and boldness. This was the reason why the other heaven's pride level experts hadn't dared to look down on Ye Xiwen even though he was at a lower level compared to them. In fact, some people even considered him as the strongest heaven's pride level expert. This was because he was still at a lower level. No one among his peers would be able to suppress him once his level would match theirs.

Of course, one must also consider the fact that Ye Xiwen was making a constant progress. However, the others were also making progress, and it wouldn't be easy to surpass them.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" the Second God looked upwards and laughed out loud. The 'killing intention' in his eyes had turned even more intense. He was always aware that Ye Xiwen was a threat. So, he had decided to wait and gain confidence by having a breakthrough to the semi-sage realm before he set out to kill Ye Xiwen. That was because he knew that Ye Xiwen's cultivation would be lower than his own by several levels once he had made the breakthrough to the semi-sage realm. So, it would be impossible for Ye Xiwen to catch up with him in such a short time. Perhaps, Ye Xiwen could jump several levels within the legendary realm, but he wouldn't stand a chance against him once he had stepped into the semi-sage realm. How could the 'sage' word be taken lightly? 'Jumping level' didn't mean much at a later phase because the key point was to condense principles. Otherwise, the fighting strength would remain stuck. However, he hadn't anticipated that he had made a massive miscalculation. He was sure that his plan was foolproof… and figured that he was absolutely safe. However, he found out that he had made a blunder after the fight started. Ye Xiwen was far more powerful than he had imagined.

The 'killing intention' frantically surged-up inside his heart because Ye Xiwen always turned out to be contrary to his expectations. Therefore, he desperately wanted to strangle Ye Xiwen in the cradle this time.

Several people exclaimed in amazement. The combat between these two individuals had indeed turned out to be a fierce struggle between two evenly matched giants. Neither of the two was ordinary.

The Second God emitted cyan-colored rays of light from his body. These rays of light began to boil. The sound of his loud shout proliferated far-far away in all direction, and shattered the heaven and earth. It was an exceptionally terrifying scene.

The Second God had taken the initiative and attacked. He advanced with large strides. It seemed as if his steps were shattering the void to pieces. He looked unusually brilliant as his cyan-colored figure dashed-about. His massive 'imposing aura' seemed like a huge mountain as it advanced towards Ye Xiwen to kill him.

Ye Xiwen's countenance turned serious. He had said that he could kill that 'Titan' guy like an ant if they were in the same realm. However, he mustn't spare any effort since they weren't in same realm at present. Moreover, he didn't have much of an advantage of having a superior physique like always since the 'Titan' guy also had an invincible body; …and an outstanding one at that. One… which had been famous since ancient times!

He shouted loudly. The golden divinities surged up within his body. Then, the divinities swept-out in the sky, and wrapped around Ye Xiwen's entire body. Ye Xiwen brandished his long sword with a 'clang'. He issued a sword beam. And, it seemed as if the universe itself would collapse at any moment. The energy swept across in all directions… as if to sweep away the entire world. The sword attack took the shape of a sword dragon, and rushed forward.

"Bang!" the sound of the explosion resembled the collapse of a galaxy. The space got distorted; it then cracked-open with a loud explosion. Then, the chaos leaked-out from the crack.

This was purely a collision of bodies… and not skills. This frightened the spectators even further. Their strong bodies were the biggest assets these two individual had in their arsenal. They were colliding ferociously, and these clashes were setting-off frightening shock waves of unimaginable proportions. These shock waves could crush anything that stood in their path. They were wreaking havoc by launching such vast attacks… they hadn't even used any exquisite martial arts yet. In fact, each of their attacks was ten times more powerful as any 'martial art based' attack. In other words, they could merely use their physical abilities to crush ten martial art attacks at once.

A clash with these two would be disastrous for the experts of the same realm. That was because their attacks wouldn't work on those two. An ordinary attack couldn't even sway them. So, inflicting injuries to them would be simply out of the question.

Ye Xiwen's body had left many people in shock. Ye Xiwen was well-known as 'Golden War-God'. However, nobody knew what kind of physique he possessed in reality. It seemed that there was no information about such a physique even among the well-known tough physiques. The 'titan body' had an outstanding reputation since ancient times. However, for some reason… Ye Xiwen's body hadn't fallen into a disadvantageous position while competing with the 'titan body'. This had stunned countless people.

Ye Xiwen faintly felt that his arms had turned somewhat numb. This was the first time he had come across such a tough opponent. He remembered that the legends that had said that the Titan God enjoyed great reputation for possessing an incredibly strong body, and strength-enough to lift a mountain without any problem.

The Second God was also amazed by Ye Xiwen. He hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would be able to resist his strongest blow. This was collision of bodies, but the most important point to note was that Ye Xiwen also possessed extremely huge strength.

The Second God had the 'titan' body. His body was naturally going to be strong. But, what kind of a body did Ye Xiwen have? Could it be that he possessed the bloodline of some ancient Devil God? He quickly searched through the names of several ancient Devil Gods in his mind. However, he didn't find any similarity between any one of them and Ye Xiwen.

However, he didn't have much time to think due to the criticality of this juncture. He sneered and said, "I don't know what kind of physique you possess. However, it was the biggest mistake of your life to provoke me!"

Ye Xiwen coldly looked at the Second God. He smiled and replied, "I guess that you only find your own physique to be worthy of a mention. But, your 'Titan Body' is crap in my eyes. Even if the Titan God were to stand before me — I would tear him apart with my hands!"

Ye Xiwen's hair was flying in the air. His eyes were as sharp as knives. His 'fighting intention' was boiling. He wasn't merely 'talking big'. A practitioner could easily tear-apart the gods and devils with their hands once the 'tyrant body technique' had been practiced to the highest layer. Even the Titan God wouldn't be a big deal. Ye Xiwen was extremely confident that even the real gods and devils wouldn't stand a chance against his 'tyrant body' — let alone someone human who possessed their blood…

The people in the surroundings started to gawk at this. What was Ye Xiwen trying to say? Did he mean that the 'Titan Body' wasn't an extraordinary physique?

Countless people felt their eyes popping-out at this revelation. The physique of an ordinary person couldn't be compared with those special physiques as far as they were concerned. The special physiques might have some weaknesses, but they were certainly stronger when compared to the physiques of ordinary people. Otherwise… they wouldn't have been regarded as 'special physiques' in the first place.

Moreover, the 'titan body' was the most famous of all the well-known 'special physiques'. Those with 'special physique' basically had invincible bodies. So, it was even more shocking if Ye Xiwen didn't possess some 'special physique' since that would mean that a person with an ordinary physique had been able to last this long in a fight against the Second God. Nobody would believe this.

Perhaps, Ye Xiwen had practiced some kind of an extraordinary body tempering technique. This wasn't impossible. Not every ancient sage had possessed special physiques or some incredible bloodline. Rather, some outstanding geniuses had founded various kinds of body tempering techniques. And, the practice of these techniques could enable one to challenge the gods and devils. This wasn't false. However, those power techniques had disappeared in the ancient times. And, there were hardly any such invincible power techniques left now.

"You're extremely arrogant and ignorant!" The Second God sneered. Ye Xiwen was fearless because of his ignorance in his opinion. The Titan God had an illustrious prestige. In fact, he still enjoyed the name of a fierce god. However, Ye Xiwen had dared to say such demeaning things about him. That itself showed that he was fearless.

"I'll send a heretic like you on your way to hell!" the Second God sneered and said.

"Bang!" The Second God trod forward. The sky itself fragmented due to the impact. He released an imposing aura… as if to prove that he held the superior monotheistic. Cyan-colored energy waves blotted-out the sky and covered the earth as they swept towards Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen grasped his long sword, and countered the incoming attack. Ye Xiwen displayed a remarkable sword skill… it seemed as if he was a 'sword' cultivator. 'My single sword-move can unleash ten thousand principles'. His 'real elemental energy' no longer fluctuated on his body alone… it rushed ahead. The long sword in his hand was made of condensed 'sword intention'. It darted-out with a 'swoosh'.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's long-sword transformed into a sword-dragon. It pierced through the cyan-colored energy waves in a flash. It then drilled its way into the waves, and rushed inside.

(To be continued)

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