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The confrontation between these two individuals had transformed into a confrontation between two forces. Moreover, these two forces belonged to the ranks of the 'Top 100' Inheritances. And, the confrontation between these two inheritances would be a startling event.

Bai Jian Song's eyes were ice-cold. His recently-attained fearful strength of the great-sage realm was boiling. His 'real elemental energy' was extremely terrifying. He could shoot down the stars and grab the moonlight by merely lifting his hand.

Several people exclaimed in admiration. Bai Jian Song used to be at half-step great sage realm. But, he had finally stepped into the great-sage realm after two years of closed-door training. He was an outstanding talent of his generation. So, many people knew about him. However, he had been stuck at the half-step great sage realm for decades. But now, he had finally crossed this step, and had opened boundless future prospects for himself by becoming a high-level expert of the True Martial University.

Bai Jian Song had sword cultivation. He was a sword expert with tyrannical strength. In fact, he was far more tyrannical than the martial experts of his realm.

"Humph!" Bai Jian Song sneered and brandished his sword; this caused an explosion. The startling 'sword energy' streaked across the vast sky for dozens of miles. It rushed towards the Second God to rip him apart.

"Bai Jian Song, you're too presumptuous!" the expert who had been waiting at a distant place couldn't help but roar out at this time. Then, his figure finally appeared. The sword attack carried such a terrifying power that it couldn't be stopped from afar. So, this expert had to appear in person to stop it.

A slightly thin figure appeared in the sky. His 'real elemental energy' surged-up in the void and began to boil. A big hand grabbed the 'sword energy' and stopped it from hitting the Second God.

"Bai Jian Song, you're repeatedly attacking a disciple of our Clear Sky Peak. Are you planning to start a war between the two peaks?" Wei Guang Yuan shouted. He had grabbed that 'sword energy'. However, his white hair was still fluttering under the impact of the formidable energy.

Bai Jian Song sneered and spoke, "This disciple of your Clear Sky Peak is going too far. You're the one who agreed to this bullsh*t 'mortal combat'. You're such a moron. If this will lead to war — then it's better to start the war. Our 'Hidden Star Peak' has very few people. But, it's not easy to bully us!"

Bai Jian Song and Wei Guang Yuan clashed as he finished speaking. They forced their way up into the blue sky while they remained engaged in a fight with each other. They tore open the void and went inside. Their battle was extremely terrifying. After all, two great-sage experts were engaged in a hand-to-hand combat. It could destroy the nearby peaks.

The sky was shattered and broken into small pieces. Endless amount of chaos rolled-down from the debris. Several sage realm experts abandoned the Second God's side and rushed into the void to keep up with Bai Jian Song and Wei Guang Yuan. Even the sage realm experts rarely got to witness a fight between two great-sage experts.

Wei Guang Yuan was a peak-level expert of the great-sage realm. He had been famous for over a thousand years. Bai Jian Song was a matured person as well. He too had lived for hundreds of years. These two experts didn't belong to the same generation, but their power could easily overwhelm their opponent. They possessed outstanding power and prestige in their respective generations. Not to mention that the pure 'sword cultivation' of these two was incredible and contained formidable attack-power. It was indeed a wonderful duel that wasn't just exceptional… but rarely seen.

The clash between two junior disciples of the same sect had given rise to this heaven-shaking battle.

"Humph! Ye Xiwen, come out to die. Nobody will disturb us now. Let's fight!" the Second God sneered. His bronze-colored face exposed a somewhat evil grin. A sonic boom dissipated in all directions, and left the entire 'Hidden Star Peak' to tremble violently.

Many experts in the surroundings were excited by this. Finally, this day had arrived. They had waited for three days. This was the first collision between two heaven's pride level experts of the younger generation. The expedition to rule this generation was going to begin from this point.

The Second God's cold fighting power spread in the void. His tall figure began to exude cyan-colored energy, which started to surge up. He appeared like the reincarnation of an ancient Titan. The cyan-colored 'real elemental energy' wrapped around his body like armor. He held a half-broken lance in his hand. It could be seen that this half-broken lance must've been patched-up by an outstanding expert. However, it didn't look like the original one. He had inherited this ancient lance from his ancestors. It was said that this lance had been used as a weapon by a real Titan once upon a time. The Second God had inherited it from the ancestors of the Army of God countless years ago. The lance he had inherited was broken. Later, he had asked the best 'Godsmith' to craft the rear part of the lance and patch it. It was still far short of its original power. However, it was still very difficult to endure.

The space unceasingly collapsed and restored wherever that lance went. This continuous destruction and construction of the space left everyone to tremble with fear.

The Second God was without any protection besides that. His body itself was his best defense!

Many people looked at the tyrannical figure of the Second God from behind, and started to whisper amongst themselves. The Second God was extremely tyrannical. It was evident from his aura that an ordinary expert of the semi-sage realm wouldn't be able to block his lance, and would be stabbed to death by the lance in one shot. In fact, no one knew how strong he really was. Nobody knew whether the other expert could resist this lance or not. After all, none of the other heaven's pride level experts had fought with him yet. So, people could also only speculate the extent of his strength. And now, they could obtain clues from this battle between him and Ye Xiwen.

He enjoyed an outstanding reputation. However, Ye Xiwen's reputation was even more incredible. He had killed the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall on his very first day after he had entered the True Martial University. Millions of disciples had arrived in this session, but only Ye Xiwen could dare to deal with such a matter.

The Second God's 'killing intention' turned ice-cold. The pain of losing his brothers had made him extremely ferocious. Even his 'killing intention' had turned exceptionally strong. Nobody dared to approach him since his intense 'killing intention' would tear them apart. In fact, his 'killing intention' wouldn't just kill the body; it might even kill the soul.

Several experts of the younger generation felt greatly disappointed with themselves since they had been secretly comparing themselves with the Second God. They had thought that these heaven's pride level experts were just extraordinary; nothing more. And, it was just their own bad luck that they couldn't become one. However, they had come to realize that they would've never been chosen as heaven's pride level expert even if they had a better luck. They had now witnessed the incomparable tyranny of the Second God, and they had realized that it was impossible to reach that level.

The heaven's pride level experts couldn't be taken lightly. Ye Xiwen had also passed through many intense battles like any other heaven's pride level expert. And, he had won them all in order to be ranked as a heaven's pride level expert. So, people had no choice but to acknowledge him.

"Bang!" the golden divinities condensed into a pillar of energy and pierced through the void. It cut across the sky and surged-up violently. It scattered in all directions like a golden ocean. It seemed as if a golden country had been formed - the very country of gods.

A figure appeared in front of everyone. It was surfing on the golden waves. He had bright and piercing eyes, and the golden energy was surging around him. It was none other than Ye Xiwen.

The Second God had moved at a surprisingly fast speed. But, Ye Xiwen's speed wasn't too slow in comparison. He rushed forward and arrived in front of the Second God.

"Ye Xiwen, I didn't think that you'd dare to appear before me!" The Second God's eyes turned bloodshot as soon as he saw Ye Xiwen. He shouted as he continued to stare at Ye Xiwen.

"Come to die! I must take the revenge for the Third, Fourth, and the Fifth brother!" the Second God spoke in a low voice. It seemed as if the faces and voices of the deceased Third, Fourth, and Fifth God had appeared before his eyes. It aroused even more hatred for Ye Xiwen in his heart.

"You're the same as those idiots. You're as eager to throw away your life!" Ye Xiwen replied. His eyes looked straight at the Second God. They seemed motionlessly glued to him.

The Second God became even more furious after he heard this. He couldn't tolerate to hear Ye Xiwen talk bad about his dead brothers. This was a huge insult to their name. It was simply unforgivable.

The silence suddenly perished as the Second God moved into action. Two greenish-black lights were emitted from his ice-cold pupil and rushed straight into the sky. His vision was firmly locked on Ye Xiwen. He certainly didn't wish to allow Ye Xiwen to escape at any cost. Then, he trod forward. The surrounding space bounced, and it was reduced to fragments. The Second God swept out a cyan-colored sea of energy. It blotted-out the sky and covered the earth as it swept towards Ye Xiwen to engulf him.

The world itself lost its color in the wake of such a terrifying attack. Most onlookers immediately retreated. They didn't dare to come close. They were afraid that the force of the aftermath would kill them.

Ye Xiwen refused to admit being the weaker one. So, he immediately rushed forward. An endless sea of golden divinities was unleashed in the forms of giant waves, and swept out towards the Second God.

"Boom!" the Cyan sea of energy and the Golden sea of divinities knocked against each other in the void. It appeared as if two gigantic oceans had collided in the sky. The surging waves of dreadful power were unleashed unto the surroundings after the collision.

The two experts stepped upon those waves of energy, and arrived in front of each other. They could almost see each other's facial expressions.

"Die!" the Second God roared. The entire space collapsed around his body, and broke into small pieces. He discharged all his power, and it reached the pinnacle. He looked like the reincarnation of an ancient Titan. His tyranny had reached the pinnacle. It was as if he was the ruler of this country… as if the entire world belonged to him.

His lance swept down from the sky at a lightning speed like a long black snake. It shattered the space on the way as it arrived in front of Ye Xiwen.

However, Ye Xiwen's extremely terrifying 'sword intention' soared into the sky, and formed an incomparably huge 'sword intention'. He gave a loud shout, and the golden divinities throughout his body began to surge. Then, the 'sword intention' fell downwards.

"Bang!" the lance and the 'sword intention' ferociously collided in the void. A big section of the sky collapsed and turned into fine powder. The pitch-dark surface of the universe was revealed in the aftermath of this collision. The chaotic energy had started to boil on the other side. In fact, some of it leaked out and split open the nearby space.

The first collision between them had turned out to be very stunning. The two of them retreated several steps. Both individuals seemed somewhat amazed by each other's power. Ye Xiwen and the Second God were in good condition. Their bodies were their biggest defense. They had never come across any expert with a physique that could rival theirs'. Yet, they didn't feel surprised… nor were sympathetic for each other. On the contrary, a fiercer 'killing intention' as well as 'fighting intention' scattered in all directions.

(To be continued)

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