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Ye Xiwen wasn't unfamiliar with the sword-cultivation power techniques. In fact, the 'Buried Sword Secret' was a supreme sword-cultivation power technique. One's strength could level-up to an incredible extent if it was comprehended to its fullest potential. The sword-cultivation power techniques had always been known to possess superb attack-power.

However, Ye Xiwen hadn't used them. He had certainly experienced quick advancement as far as his sword-cultivation was concerned. But, it had been too quick. He had indeed witnessed a sharp rise in his sword-cultivation, but it had been difficult to lay a solid foundation.

Ye Xiwen must walk on the road of martial arts. And, sword art was merely a part of martial arts. This was the reason why Ye Xiwen always followed the norm of preferring martial arts over sword arts.

However, it was an undeniable fact that sword cultivation was superior in terms of attack-power.

Ye Xiwen unleashed the sword skills against his enemy. The long sword pierced through the cyan-colored energy waves, and arrived in front of the Second God. Ye Xiwen had only brandished his long sword; nothing else.

"Bang!" the most terrifying collision took place. It was a startling clash between Ye Xiwen's long sword and Second God's lance. Endless divine beams were emitted in a flash. Their weapons had collided, and this collision had produced incredible rays of light. A frightening figure emerged from the lance. It was a very tall figure. It seemed as if it was the tallest figure in the world. It was the giant phantom of an ancient titan. It was extremely horrifying.

He held a long and incredible lance in his hand. It was emitting incredible divine beams. These beams pierced the vast sky, and swept down towards Ye Xiwen to stab him.

Ye Xiwen's eyes flashed brightly. That lance had a fragment of the ancient titan's soul inside it. It had been resurrected from the lance. Its incomparably dreadful aura firmly locked on Ye Xiwen. The murderous aura was swept out. It was as scary as its mentions in the legends.

This lance had been the weapon of an ancient titan. It was certainly half broken. However, it contained the conscious soul-fragment of an ancient titan. The Second God had used his titan blood to stimulate the lance, and that had led to the ancient titan's resurrection.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen's long sword released an incredible 'sword intention', and it rushed straight into the sky. The sword intention condensed and took the shape of an old man in the void. It was the figure of that strong sword expert whom Ye Xiwen had earlier seen. He held a long sword... very tightly at that. His sleeves were fluttering about. He carried an aura so imposing that it seemed as if he was looking down on the world. His eyes seemed as sharp as a sword.

The world has no choice but to follow my way!

The dao principles of the world swept-out along with the incredible rays of light emitted by that sword expert. The sword expert suppressed all other dao principles. Everyone had a scare; apprehensive feelings had started to rise in their hearts. They felt as if they had no choice but to submit to this sword expert, and follow his invincible path.

This was an invincible path. Everyone had to walk alone on this path. And to do so, they couldn't walk on their ordinary cultivation route. Not to mention that they would have to start their cultivation on this path from the beginning.

That ancient titan figure had once suppressed the entire universe of gods with his power. However, no one knew that the sword expert was a great personality of the ancient era. He had never shown any signs of weakness. He would merely use his world-crushing sword to destroy his enemy's martial ways.

The two extremely terrifying and ancient forces ferociously collided in the void. Their powers began to boil together. Both of them were utilizing the power of principles.

The surrounding experts of the younger generation were covered in cold sweat. What kind of terrifying power was this? Both of these individuals were ranked as heaven's pride level experts. However, many people hadn't been convinced of that. After all, these experts themselves were geniuses from different regions. They couldn't have entered the True Martial University otherwise. There were many inner disciples present among them as well. However, they didn't have any choice but to admit that those two were extremely formidable after they had witnessed their terrifying powers. Was it even possible for a semi-sage expert to discharge such power?

This kind of an attack would be too exaggerated for a sage expert… even for a senior sage expert. In fact, this wasn't just pure strength. Perhaps, these two would be lacking when compared with sage expert on the basis on strength alone. However, an ordinary sage realm expert wouldn't come close to them when one would take the level of this battle into account. It could be said that these two individuals had grasped some incredible secret techniques.

Both of them had come across unimaginable fortuitous encounters. The onlookers learnt this as they witnessed the wills of these two men collide so fiercely in the void.




The lance and the long sword collided countless times in a split second. The 'titan' lance contained extraordinary strength. It vigorously smashed the vast sky into pieces. That old sword expert's long sword was incomparably sharp. And, he cut open the vast sky with just his long sword; nothing else.

The confrontation between these two had surpassed everyone's imagination. It was like the confrontation between two mythical characters. One of them was merely a leftover wisp of soul. It wasn't as scary as the real thing. And, the other was a simulation based on Ye Xiwen's experience. Ye Xiwen had started to question the origins of the mysterious space. That was because his mysterious space had managed to simulate the three elements - Essence, Energy, and Soul to mold the clone of the sword expert. And, this clone was almost like the real one. The strength of the simulated clone was certainly far below that of the old sword expert. However, it was still very dreadful.

Everyone looked stupefied. The powers of those two weren't that terrifying. However, the spectators could easily make out the exquisiteness of the martial arts being employed during the battle. They were looking at the battle between those two giant phantoms, and felt as if they were witnessing a battle between two dao principles. The two phantoms certainly didn't have living consciousness. However, their pure and unadulterated fighting-spirit had made everyone even more dumbstruck.

It took long to describe the whole thing, but everything happened in a short period of time. And, these giant phantoms had already exchanged more than a thousand blows in this short time. Almost nobody was able to see the exact number of blows that were exchanged between them.

Such power had surpassed everyone's imagination. But, the loss of control over the phantoms was also apparent. Ye Xiwen felt that the old sword expert had nearly gone out of his control. It was as if the old sword expert had been awakened by the insane 'fighting intention' of that titan.

It seemed as if a trace of consciousness was still left in the 'sword intention'. And, it seemed as if it had been aroused due to the collision with this fierce opponent.

"Bang!" the two giant figures ferociously collided, and then collapsed into pieces. Countless collisions had taken place by this time. That had left the two giant phantoms covered in various kinds of cracks. And, this final collision had shattered them.

Ye Xiwen and the Second God rushed towards each other to kill. There was no trace of hesitation in their actions. The lance and the long sword streamed across the horizon, and went towards their targets.



Blood splashed, and broken bone fragments were sent swirling in the air. Both of them staggered and dropped down since they had sustained terrible injuries. The lance had opened a huge hole in Ye Xiwen's stomach. The cyan-colored energy was crazily devouring Ye Xiwen's wound. Else, he would've recovered instantly.

The Second God had also sustained a serious wound. The wound had gone down to his bones. His bones could be seen from the wound's opening. He was cut from the shoulder, and down to his stomach. It was obvious that this sword attack could've cleft him in two. However, that hadn't happened… thanks to his tough 'titan' body. His body was just like a titan's. Even so, this injury had turned his complexion pale. After all, he had nearly been split into two.

Countless surrounding disciples were in shock. They felt their hearts tremble. They hadn't anticipated that these two would end-up wounding each other in this first-ever head-on collision. These two individuals with incredible bodies had finally entered the stage of melee-style fighting. They wouldn't be drenched in blood if this were only a practice match for exchanging pointers. However, these two were engaged in a vicious battle.

Ye Xiwen's long sword had almost cleft the Second God into two. And, the Second God's lance had nearly stabbed Ye Xiwen's heart. They weren't holding back; not one bit. These were precisely the so-called moved of 'life or death'. A couple of ordinary individuals wouldn't have survived if they were to exchange places with these two. One individual would've been stabbed to death. And, the other individual would've been split into two halves. Both individuals would've died together.

Even a minor difference of strength between two experts can decide the victor of the fight. However, these two apparently had same strength. They both stood at the peak of the initial stage of semi-sage realm. Moreover, the most important thing was that they had extremely tough bodies. Any other opponent would get killed in just one move when faced with either of these two. However, these two had merely sustained severe injuries when pit against each other. Not to mention that these injuries hadn't affected their vitality.

If someone had dared to replace these two individuals — they would've died long ago.

"I didn't expect that the 'Titan' guy would sustain injuries. This must be the first time he has suffered a loss. I've never heard of him getting injured before. He always relies on his invincible body to bully others. He has finally suffered a loss this time!"

"That Ye Xiwen is abnormally strong. He doesn't seem to claim that he possess some special physique. Don't tell me he has obtained the body-tempering technique of some ancient sage?"

They had guessed it correctly. However, they didn't know that Ye Xiwen had only obtained the first layer of 'tyrant body technique'. He had patched the rest by himself. He had created his own technique to suit his needs. He hadn't relied on the ancient sage alone.

Ye Xiwen took the initiative and began to recover. He used his own energy to expel the cyan-color foreign energy that surrounded his wound. Then, he began to operate the 'phoenix regeneration technique', and started to repair his wound. Afterwards, he looked coldly at the Second God, and rushed towards him again.

The long sword in his hand transformed into a long dragon, and swept down. The Second God didn't get much time to think. He could only brandish his lance to defend himself.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's long sword bombarded waves of incomparably terrifying force. They struck the Second God, and sent him flying for a few meters. He was indeed sent flying for only a few meters. However, he had already fallen into a disadvantageous position.

His 'titan' body did recover quite quickly. But, it couldn't possibly match the regeneration speed of Ye Xiwen's 'phoenix regeneration technique'. Ye Xiwen was continuously maintaining himself at his peak condition. Meanwhile, the Second God's condition was getting more and more serious with every passing moment. He had been slowly suppressed and pushed into a disadvantageous position by Ye Xiwen.

(To be continued)

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