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"Our 'Merit Palace Hall' can step-in to settle this dispute if you don't want to come forward!" the Merit Elder looked at Ye Xiwen and said.

Ye Xiwen came to know from the Merit Elder that a storm had been set-off in the True Martial University during his absence. Someone in the younger generation had stood up and claimed that they had broken through to the semi-sage realm. It had caused a sensation inside the University.

That person was none other than the guy with the titan body. He was regarded as a top-notch heaven's pride level expert in the younger generation.

However, it didn't limit to this only. The Titan guy had issued a declaration of battle to Ye Xiwen right after he made the announcement that he had entered the semi-sage realm. Moreover, it wasn't an ordinary declaration of battle. It was for a mortal combat — an intense battle of life or death.

This declaration of battle caused a huge sensation. Everyone was in uproar. Such battle only took place between two mortal enemies. This was going to be a mortal combat, and would only end with the death of any one of the two contenders. It was clear that the guy with the titan body held deep hatred towards Ye Xiwen to have desired such a deadly confrontation.

Thanks to Ye Xiwen's previous battles, it was too obvious to everyone that he possessed a 'gilded body'. In fact, he was also known as the 'Golden War-God'.

Ye Xiwen and that 'Titan' guy were well-known for their incredibly strong bodies among this session's heaven's pride level experts. It was said that the experts with the titan's body possessed the bloodline of the titan race. That's why he had such an intrepid body. The titan race used to be a famous godly race at one point of time.

Ye Xiwen's title of 'Golden War-God' was fierce. And, it had spread far and wide. After all, he had repeatedly used his extremely strong body to kill his opponents.

Many people were thinking - who among these two individuals possessed a more intrepid body? It was already determined that the 'Titan' guy possessed Titan's blood. But, nobody knew anything about Ye Xiwen's physique. They didn't know whose bloodline Ye Xiwen possessed. And, they didn't know why it was so tough. It was needless to say that they were unaware that Ye Xiwen's physique wasn't derived from his bloodline; its toughness was derived from the practice of a technique called 'gilded tyrant form'.

Everyone was excited. They were looking forward to it. This was the first collision between two heaven's pride level experts of this session since they had been named. Undoubtedly, this was the most anticipated battle in the eyes of many people.

And most importantly — the 'Titan' guy had challenged Ye Xiwen to a mortal combat. They would have no choice but to 'go all out' to kill each other in this battle of life or death. It was evident that one of these two experts would choose death over defeat. So, the fight was going to be intense; without a doubt.

Countless people were looking forward to this fight, and many of them were discussing about it. After all, the martial arts competition among the four forces was right around the corner. The general conduct should've been to keep these geniuses out of the harm's way since they were bound to become main contenders in the upcoming competition… Let alone, allowing them kill each other in a mortal combat.

Most people believed that the 'Titan' guy was extremely overbearing. Then, what was the need for such a battle?

Was it in order to obtain the title of strongest body?

"Is it the beginning of the conquest to become the strongest in the younger generation?"

'Does nobody in the higher authorities care about it?"

"Shouldn't someone stop this fight?"

Many people were discussing about this matter. Some were excited to see the battle between two heaven's pride level experts. Some didn't wish to see the fighting-strength of the True Martial University decline by losing a heaven's pride level expert.

This wasn't an ordinary fight. Victory and defeat wouldn't decide the result. A mortal combat ended very differently. No matter who would win or lose — the fight wouldn't stop until the 'loosing contender' had been killed. In other words, one individual — whether Ye Xiwen or the 'Titan' guy — was going to die. The death of an ordinary person was nothing. But, it would be a massive loss if one among these two experts would die since it would be tantamount to the death of a possible future great-sage expert.

Some people had opposed this matter. But, some people had also endorsed it. In fact, many people had even added fuel to the fire from the shadows.

Some people even hoped for Ye Xiwen and the 'Titan' guy to mutually eradicate each other.

There were several people who were somewhat worried. After all, these two experts could become the True Martial University's backbone in the future. So, they only wanted these two heaven's pride level experts to indulge in an ordinary match to decide a victor, and satisfy their curiosity with that much alone; they didn't wish to see a mortal battle.

Many senior experts from previous sessions were also excited to see the match between this session's new disciples.

"Doesn't the higher authority care about this matter? Would they blankly watch the death of a future great-sage expert?"

"No way; I've heard that some high-level experts are supporting this fight. The Chief of the Clear Sky Peak is going out of his way to support that 'Titan' guy. Otherwise, how could this fight have been approved in the first place?"

"Neither of those two experts can be taken lightly. That 'Titan' expert has become stronger after he entered the True Martial University. And, thanks to his special titan physique — he is capable of killing an ordinary expert of the semi-sage realm with just one slap!"

"Ye Xiwen can't be taken lightly either. He has completed many impossible missions in the last two years. He even penetrated deep into the lair of the Devil Worship Cult to assassinate his target, and managed to come back alive!"

"But that's useless now. Ye Xiwen hasn't stepped into the semi-sage realm as of yet… But, that 'Titan' guy has. And, he's impatiently waiting to kill Ye Xiwen. It seems that he harbors a great hatred for Ye Xiwen!"

"What kind of an enmity do these two have in reality?"

Every outsider had a different opinion.

The Merit Elder lightly glanced at Ye Xiwen. The 'Merit Palace Hall' wanted to settle this matter for Ye Xiwen because he had assassinated Zhu Tian Zong, and they owed him a big favor for that. So, they wanted to seize this opportunity to return the favor.

"There's no need for that. I can settle this matter of my own!" Ye Xiwen lightly replied. Since that 'Titan' guy wanted a fight — he would give him one.

He also wanted to know whether his 'gilded tyrant form' was stronger than the titan body or not.

The Merit Elder looked at Ye Xiwen, but didn't speak further. He had anticipated that Ye Xiwen's fighting-strength had only reached the legendry's great complete realm… or quite possibly the initial stage of the semi-sage realm. But, Ye Xiwen was far-inferior to that 'titan' expert since the latter had likely reached the peak of the initial stage of the semi-sage realm. There was a difference of heaven and earth between the two.

However, the Merit Elder felt that he had underestimated Ye Xiwen after he realized that Ye Xiwen had killed Zhu Tian Zong without even being a semi-sage expert himself. Ye Xiwen wasn't as simple as he had anticipated. He could faintly sense that Ye Xiwen's aura carried the principles of the semi-sage realm. This had left him in even more shocked.

The 'Merit Palace Hall' had initially anticipated that Ye Xiwen wouldn't be able to settle this matter on his own. So, they wanted to help him in getting rid of this problem. On one hand, they wanted to help him because they owed him a big favor. On the other hand, they wanted to establish a good relation with him since he might become a great-sage expert in the future.

He became somewhat depressed after he heard that Ye Xiwen could settle this dispute on his own.

However, Ye Xiwen's statement had made it seem that it would be a direct collision between two outstanding heaven's pride level experts of the younger generation - and, a battle to death.

The atmosphere was already quite heated, but it had suddenly erupted with Ye Xiwen's return. Many people had thought that Ye Xiwen might be scared, and that's why he had gone into hiding. However, these rumors vanished along with his return. Ye Xiwen wasn't gone because he was afraid. Rather, he was completing a secret mission. Nobody knew about this mission earlier. However, the Merit Palace Hall confirmed it later when they stood out for Ye Xiwen.

However, the focus was no longer on whether Ye Xiwen was afraid or not. Now, it had shifted to the startling collision which could take place anytime-now since Ye Xiwen had finally returned.

Ye Xiwen returned to the 'Hidden Star Peak'. The Second Brother and Third Sister were still undergoing their closed-door training. The 'Hidden Star Peak' had received incredible benefits by obtaining the complete version of the 'Hidden Star Scripture'.

The entire 'Hidden Star Peak' was extremely quiet. But, it would be a huge mistake to look down on the 'current Hidden Star Peak'.

The Merit Elder also told Ye Xiwen that several heavens' pride level experts had already left for the 'Chaotic Heavenly Foreign Territory' to temper their bodies. This 'Chaotic Heavenly Foreign Territory' was situated far away in the remote starry sky. There was a lot of chaos there; just as its name suggested. Only the elites could go there. An average person couldn't enter the 'Chaotic Heavenly Region' - not even the experts of legendary realm could.

Several of the heaven's pride level experts had rushed to the 'Chaotic Heavenly Region'. They believed that they could advance by leaps and bounds within no time after they had tempered their bodies in the 'Chaotic Heavenly Region'. Ye Xiwen was no exception either.

However, this upsurge didn't stop after Ye Xiwen's return. Rather, it became more ardent.

A disciple of the Clear Sky Peak arrived to meet Ye Xiwen. His eyebrows were as sharp as swords, and his eye shone like the stars. He was floating in midair, and carried an aloof personality.

"The God will arrive to kill you half-a-month from now. Start making the arrangements for your funeral!" This disciple had already stepped into the semi-sage realm. He was also a new disciple of this session. But, Ye Xiwen and this man weren't the same. This disciple had already reached legendry's great complete realm when Ye Xiwen and the others had entered the True Martial University. He wasn't like the Titan guy or the other top-tier experts. The top-tier experts had chosen to struggle within the half-step legendry's great complete realm, and would then have a breakthrough to the semi-sage realm. However, this man had switched to the easy cultivation in the legendary realm, and had then stepped into the semi-sage realm.

That was why most people didn't pay much attention to him. The other heaven's pride level experts were merely at half-step legendry's great complete realm, but they still got more attention and resources than him.

Ye Xiwen's eyes flashed as he spotted the emblem of the 'Army of God' at the top of this young man's head… That's right… this disciple had the emblem of the 'Army of God' on his body.

This meant that that expert with titan body was one of the Gods. Ye Xiwen had already killed three Gods out of five. Therefore, the Titan guy could be either the First God or the Second God.

Ye Xiwen hadn't heard any news about the 'Army of God' for a long period of time. That's why he had forgotten about them. Ye Xiwen felt strange. The First God and the Second God had already arrived inside the True Martial University. Why didn't this matter make any noise up till now?

It seemed like there were no commotions earlier because he was waiting until he had stepped into semi-sage realm. He revealed his identity only after he became a semi-sage expert because he could kill Ye Xiwen now.

"I didn't expect that you'd still be haunting me like a ghost!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted and spoke.

(To be continued)

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