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"Ye Xiwen, don't you dare act arrogantly before me. You'll be killed by the God this time. No one can save you!" the young man looked coldly at Ye Xiwen and said. He was looking down on Ye Xiwen. He would've killed Ye Xiwen right now if the Second God hadn't decided to carry-out the task personally. The experts under the sage level were like ants. This sentence might seem like a joke. But, there was some truth in this ages-old saying. Of course, this young man wasn't yet at the sage realm. However, he was at the semi-sage realm. This meant that he had touched the threshold of the sage-realm.

As far as he was concerned, there was no difference between ants and a legendary realm expert like Ye Xiwen. And, this ant had dared to talk-back to him. His complexion had suddenly turned ugly because of this.

"Someone like you isn't qualified enough to talk to me like this!" Ye Xiwen replied indifferently. His complexion turned cold. He wasn't taking this semi-sage expert seriously.

"Humph! I would've taken your head myself and sent you on your way to the afterlife if the God didn't wish to kill you with his own hands…!" The young man looked coldly at Ye Xiwen. "Don't think that the higher-ups can save your life. They've already agreed to the fight between you and the God. You can't avoid this fight now. Nor can you escape!"

Hatred flashed in the eyes of that young man. The Army of God was well-regarded on the ancient road. They were like the kings of the world. However, it had declined because three of the gods had been slayed by Ye Xiwen. Several members of the Army of God had left afterwards. This had led to their collapse. The God had tempered his body, and had obtained the title of 'titan body'. However, that couldn't eliminate the fact that Ye Xiwen had killed three Gods, and brought about their gradual decline.

He felt that Ye Xiwen had earlier disappeared because he wanted to escape from the God's wrath.

"You members of the Army of God really wish to throw-away your lives!" Ye Xiwen sneered. "You're all just a bunch of idiots!"

"Do you wish to die right now?" The young man looked coldly at Ye Xiwen. He didn't restrain his 'killing intention' as he continued to stare at Ye Xiwen. He was dying to kill Ye Xiwen on the spot.

"Do you think you're a God or something? …That you can decide who will die and who will not? Unfortunately, this world isn't under your control!" Ye Xiwen sneered and spoke.

"Do you think that you can kill me for him? That's really funny!" Ye Xiwen grinned and added. "He wouldn't have waited till now if he was confident that he could kill me!"

"The God is invincible. He has an outstanding personality. Killing you will be a piece of cake for him. He wouldn't have tolerated your arrogance for this long if not for the closed-door training that he had to undergo in order to fulfill our peak's requirements!" That young man simply disregarded Ye Xiwen's provocative words.

"Idiot!" Ye Xiwen didn't harbor a favorable opinion of people who blindly worshipped someone. People like this young man couldn't see the truth clearly because of such blind worship.

Ye Xiwen stood up. He didn't wish to argue with this man any further. He flew towards the sky.

"Where do you think you're going?" the young man shouted.

"Chaotic Heavenly Territory!" Ye Xiwen replied lightly.

"God has challenged you to a fight here. Didn't you hear that? Are you deaf or what?" the young man asked loudly.

"Your God is too full of himself!" Ye Xiwen sneered and spoke, "Doesn't he realize that the world doesn't revolve around him? He wants to fight with me? Tell him to come to the 'Chaotic Heavenly Territory'. I would gladly make his wish come true if he wants to die so badly!"

"I can see that you're afraid. You've been running since the time the God challenged you. You've just arrived, and now you're trying to escape again. You're a coward. And, an incompetent person!" that young man retorted sarcastically.

Ye Xiwen ignored his barking, and flew straight towards the sky.

"I will kill you if you bother me again!" Ye Xiwen declared with a cold expression on his face.

Ye Xiwen didn't mind fighting with that 'titan body' expert. But, he didn't feel like waiting for it to happen. So, he suddenly didn't seem interested in the fight. Anyway, that 'titan body' expert wouldn't let him go that easily. But, why was he willing to wait for so long to kill Ye Xiwen?

"Stop right there!" That young man couldn't help but launch an attack as he saw Ye Xiwen running away. His entire body got covered in bursts of fiery red light. They looked like a group of flames as they went straight towards Ye Xiwen.

The huge sound of explosion attracted the attention of many surrounding disciples. Ye Xiwen's return had already attracted the attention of many people since they wanted to see how Ye Xiwen would face that 'titan' guy's challenge. However, he was now engaged in a conflict with that young man.

Ye Xiwen didn't say anything. The 'Hanshan Seal' smashed down from above. It seemed as if a large mountain had transformed into a giant dragon as it swept down. It also carried traces of the 'earth-attribute principles'. They were seething incessantly, and looked exceedingly gorgeous.

"Bang!" a loud explosion resounded as the two parties ferociously collided into each other. That young man's red flames got crushed by Ye Xiwen's 'Hanshan Seal'. His red flames weren't a match for the 'HanShan Seal', and had been crushed into light particles. The young man frantically retreated upon seeing his attack being defeated in this manner. And, he tried his utmost to get-out-of Ye Xiwen's 'Hanshan Seal' attack's range.

However, Ye Xiwen launched another attack, and stretched out his big golden hand to grab him. The big hand appeared just like a golden cloud. It blotted-out the sky and covered the earth, and ultimately pounded upon that young man.

The young man wanted to escape. However, Ye Xiwen's big golden hand didn't allow him to. It swept down like an inescapable net. It formed a golden cage as it landed on the earth. It suppressed him with immediate effect.

"No!" That young man screamed, "Fire Lotus Brilliant Sun Beheader!"

The young man stretched out his hand and shouted. A flaming lotus emitted incredibly terrifying rays of light towards Ye Xiwen's big golden hand; it seemed as if they could burn the entire world.

However, that turned out to be useless. Ye Xiwen casually stretched-out his big golden hand, and it crushed that flaming lotus. That flaming lotus which could burn the world didn't turn out to be a match for Ye Xiwen's attack.

Ye Xiwen's big golden hand rolled down… as if to suppress a rebellion.

That flaming Lotus had been crushed in a flash. Ye Xiwen slapped that young man. He went flying into the sky like a shooting star, and crashed into a mountain. The bones in his body got shattered as a result of the impact, and blood splattered.

That young man of semi-sage realm had been defeated quite quickly. In fact, he didn't have the power to fight-back. His offensive had been crushed by Ye Xiwen in an instant. Ye Xiwen hadn't even made any major movements. He had merely raised his hand to suppress him.

This scene had stunned the onlookers. They had been attracted by the battle between Ye Xiwen and that young man. However, they hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would effortlessly suppress that young man by merely raising his hand.

"How is this possible? That young man is a semi-sage expert. But, he couldn't even take Ye Xiwen's one move, and was sent flying…? Just how terrifying is this Ye Xiwen?" Many people were left in shock as they saw this scene. They simply couldn't believe what they had just witnessed.

"Now I understand why that 'titan guy' waited for his cultivation to reach the semi-sage realm before he provoked Ye Xiwen. He might've become Ye Xiwen's food if he hadn't cultivated till the semi-sage realm!"

"This battle shouldn't have been so one-sided even if Ye Xiwen were at semi-sage realm. That young man is a semi-sage expert. But, he still failed to be Ye Xiwen's opponent. These heaven's pride level experts are extremely frightening!"

"Ye Xiwen's naming as a heaven's pride level expert didn't happen by fluke. Each of these heaven's pride level experts has their own trump cards. I had earlier anticipated that Ye Xiwen would get screwed. However, it seems that I was wrong. Ye Xiwen turned out to be so powerful that he casually defeated a semi-sage expert. I'm afraid this Ye Xiwen may turn out to be a headache for that 'titan body' expert!"

"It seems like the battle between them won't turn out to be boring after all. It will evolve into a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents!"

Ye Xiwen calmly arrived in front of that young man… who had been nailed into the mountain peak. Then, he said, "Three days; I'll wait for him for three days. I'll leave after that. I'll wipe out your entire Army of God if anyone of you comes to bother me thereafter!"

Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid of fighting with that 'titan' guy. However, he was very annoyed with these flunkies of the Army of God.

The news about this battle spread-out within no time. Many disciples who had been eagerly waiting to watch the fight between Ye Xiwen and the Titan guy were left shell-shocked. Most people hadn't been optimistic about Ye Xiwen's chances. They figured that he'd die this time because Ye Xiwen hadn't stepped into the semi-sage realm… unlike his opponent. There was a difference of heaven and earth between a semi-sage expert and a non-semi sage expert. In fact, most people had figured that Ye Xiwen might not be able to fight-back when faced with a powerful expert of the semi-sage realm.

Everyone was waiting for the members of 'Hidden Star Peak' to step into stop this fight. This was supposed to be mortal combat. However, both the experts were like precious treasures for their respective inheritances. There wouldn't have been any problem if this match was only about 'learning by exchanging pointers'. But, they were expected to come forward to stop the battle if their disciples' lives were in danger. Moreover, there was a difference of one whole step between Ye Xiwen and the 'Titan' guy's respective levels. Therefore, Ye Xiwen wouldn't lose face even if he were to back down or lose. After all, he wouldn't be losing to an expert of the same realm.

Moreover, a short term failure was simply nothing. After all, they would grow stronger in the future… possibly ten thousand times or even more. This wasn't the time for these young experts to stir-up troubles, or put their lives on the line. So, a short-term failure had no consequence in anyone's opinion.

Moreover, there would be many competitions on this road to invincibility. That would help them in understanding oneself clearly. It shouldn't be the strength — but the heart — that should be invincible. Only those experts who possessed invincible hearts would be able to walk on this road till the very end. …no one could dare say that they were above everyone else. After all, there would always be someone stronger. But, possessing an invincible heart would give one the power to surpass others.

Ye Xiwen might not be a match for that 'titan' guy right now. Even so, nobody would belittle him for that. After all, Ye Xiwen was an outstanding talent; irrespective of the level of his current strength. Most people didn't say it out loud. But, everyone had sharp eyes, and they had noticed this much for sure.

(To be continued)

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