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Returns to the True Martial University!

The blue sky appeared clean for thousands of miles. There were no clouds, no wind. A figure was approaching swiftly from far away. He was anxiously rushing over from a distance. But, the speed of that figure made it was very difficult to see it with naked eyes.

His lustrous body emitted golden light. He was over 20 years old. He was clad in ragged clothes. Blood dripped from his body. He was clearly in a very difficult situation. A pair of golden wings was crazily flapping behind his body.

"Boy, you can't get away. I will dismember your body into thousand pieces just to vent my anger!" a loud rumbling sound came from behind. It sounded like a thunderclap.

This person was over 10 feet tall. He was an incomparably sturdy and old barbarian. He held a bone club in his hand. He was pursuing closely, and getting closer and closer by taking large strides. A terrifying power was wrapped around his burly body. One could clearly see that he was a terrifying expert of the great-sage realm.

Ye Xiwen cursed his misfortune. He had escaped after he had killed Zhu Tian Zong. But, he didn't expect to find a great-sage expert chasing after him just when he had come halfway to the True Martial University. He would've long been caught if he weren't Ye Xiwen. Moreover, the 'devil wings' was the world's top-notch agility technique. Without it, Ye Xiwen would've been caught and slaughtered by now. However, even then, Ye Xiwen had occasionally sustained the old man's attacks.

An average person would've died if they had sustained such injuries. But, his 'phoenix regeneration technique' was operating frantically to repair the wounds. Otherwise, he would've died a long time ago.

The collapse of the 'Flaming Sun Temple' had caught this old barbarian's attention. He had become furious, and had rushed towards Ye Xiwen after finding out that the 'Flaming Sun Real Water' had been stolen. Ye Xiwen believed that a group of great-sage experts of the Fire Cloud Cave would've come looking for him if they weren't being hindered by the allied forces of the Hundred Barbarians Cave and the Devil Worship Cult. The old man's agility technique wasn't as profound as that of Ye Xiwen's. However, his martial power and cultivation were far more profound than Ye Xiwen's. He was constantly speeding up as he closely pursued Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen cursed. He would get caught soon if the things were to continue like this. At this moment, he faintly saw the True Martial University up ahead.

However, he was completely exhausted. He felt tired even though he was being supported by his 'gilded tyrant form'. His 'real elemental energy' had been consumed way back. So, he had consumed an incredible amount of 'Spirit Dans' in order to maintain his current speed. The 'Spirit Dans' and the 'Primary Spirit Dans' were frantically burning inside the 'Heavenly Source Mirror' to supplement some energy to his body.

The automatic regeneration of 'real elemental energy' would've been of no help. After all, the 'devil wings' was an outstanding agility technique of the Devil King's. Only he had been capable of using the devil wings to travel back-and-forth across the world. He could travel thousands of miles in the blink of an eye.

That old barbarian became anxious when he saw the True Martial University getting closer and closer. He brandished his bone club. The bone club rose against the wind and went straight towards Ye Xiwen. It got bigger and bigger in size. Now, it appeared like a dragon-bone as it advanced towards Ye Xiwen to tear him apart.

Ye Xiwen accelerated. The devil wings started to flap behind him… non-stop. The intense howls of departed souls sounded from that bone club just when it was about to pound upon Ye Xiwen. The howls were the sounds of the people who had been killed by this bone club.

The space in its path got shattered. It gave birth to an extremely horrifying scene.

A loud shout originated from the True Martial University at that critical moment, "Who dares to be presumptuous in our True Martial University?"

The void was torn open, and a big hand swept down from inside the crack. And, it grabbed that massive bone club.

"Bang!" the terrifying collision swept out terrible energy storms. Layer-upon-layer of storm was swept out; like the waves of the sea. They shattered the space, and caused the chaos to leak-out from the other side.

Ye Xiwen suddenly felt a terrifying aftermath hitting his body. His bones got crushed. However, he didn't dare to stop. He flew swiftly, and broke into the territory of the True Martial University.

That old barbarian looked bitterly towards Ye Xiwen as he saw him enter the territory of the True Martial University. He couldn't do anything. He wouldn't dare to enter the territory. He would die miserably if he dared to enter this territory - in spite of the fact that he was an expert of great-sage realm.

He bitterly turned around, and left.

Ye Xiwen heaved a sigh of relief as he saw that old barbarian depart. He looked up and saw 'Ying Xin city' up ahead. The person who had saved him turned out to be the Old City Lord of 'Ying Xin City'. Ye Xiwen was grateful to the Old City Lord for saving his life. He was in a very critical situation prior to his entry into the True Martial University's territory. He relaxed only after he had entered the city.

"What have you done to make a great-sage expert pursue you for ten thousands of miles from the Fire Cloud Cave?" the teasing voice of an old man came from the void. An old man clad in black clothes slowly walked towards Ye Xiwen; he had wrinkles on his face.

He appeared to be taking short steps, but his speed was very fast. He arrived in front of Ye Xiwen within a moment.

"Greetings, City Lord!" Ye Xiwen cupped his hands in obeisance and greeted. He grimaced in pain because of the wounds on his body.

"You still need to heal!" The Old City Lord said, "Why did he chase you here… all the way from the Fire Cloud Cave?"

Ye Xiwen smiled mischievously, and replied in somewhat embarrassed manner, "I stole their 'Flaming Sun Real Water!"

Ye Xiwen felt that he had met with an elder of his own family. Such was the Old City Lord's impression on his psyche. In fact, Ye Xiwen felt as if he had bathed in the spring breeze. The True Martial University was very big. Several people found him unpleasing to the eye, and often tried to eradicate him. Only a few people treated him nicely.

Ye Xiwen thought that he should tell the truth. It would've been okay to conceal it if nobody had found out since they wouldn't have found any evidence that he was the one behind the missing 'Flaming Sun Real Water'. However, they had already found out about it. And, he had also been chased down. This matter couldn't remain hidden for long. People would come to know about it; sooner or later. However, he didn't care much.

He wasn't worried about the higher authorities. The 'Flaming Sun Real Water' was undoubtedly extremely precious. But, only for the Southern Wasteland's forces. They could use the 'Flaming Sun Real Water' to cultivate the real body of the Barbarian God. In fact, they could use it to create a generation of disciples who could become the future pillars. No wonder it was extremely precious. Only the most outstanding geniuses, or the person with maximum contribution to their Sect, could obtain this reward. But, it could only be used as nourishment for practicing the 'tyrant body technique' for an outsider like Ye Xiwen. That's because only a few forces of the Southern Wasteland knew how to use the secret technique of 'Flaming Sun Real Water'. This hadn't been revealed to the outsiders.

Moreover, the higher authorities would never plunder the treasures of the disciples. After all, these disciples would have to be entirely depended on the True Martial University for their cultivation if they didn't come across such fortuitous encounters. And that… would be simply far insufficient for their progress. It could be said that the people in the higher authorities wouldn't have made it to the top if they hadn't come across such fortuitous encounters in their young age. Moreover, it would ruin the reputation of the True Martial University if the higher-ups were to start extorting the disciples.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen scrapped the idea of using this as a hidden trump.

"Ha ha ha ha!" the Old City Lord burst into laughter after he listened to Ye Xiwen's reply. He spoke in a carefree manner, "Good, well done! You've done a good job!"

The relation between the True Martial University and other forces wasn't very good. The Hundred Barbarians Cave, Fire Cloud Cave, Eagle Cave, and several other forces of the Southern Wasteland had consistently tried to invade the Southern region. One couldn't tell how many times they had attacked the True Martial University. They were considered as the arch rivals of the True Martial University.

"I must say that you're very courageous!" the Old City Lord looked at Ye Xiwen and said. He shook his head and continued to laugh.

Ye Xiwen's injuries had been repaired over the course of their conversation. He was nearly back to normal.

The Old City Lord's complexion suddenly turned solemn after Ye Xiwen told him about the Devil Worship Cult and the Hundred Barbarians Cave's joint attack against the Fire Cloud Cave. These colossus forces held incredible influence in the True Martial World. The consequences would be inconceivable if the Fire Cloud Cave had genuinely been attacked by the allied forces of the Devil Worship Cult and the Hundred Barbarians Cave. This would've been a trivial matter if the Hundred Barbarians Cave had attacked alone. However, they had persuaded the Devil Worship Cult for help. The Hundred Barbarians Cave must've offered great benefits to them in return. However, thanks to that… the Devil Worship Cult would seize this opportunity to expand its influence. This wasn't good. In fact, it was very bad.

The Old City Lord didn't stay for long. He hurriedly left after he listened to Ye Xiwen's words.

Ye Xiwen didn't mind. He advanced towards the 'Merit Palace Hall' to submit the finished mission of Zhu Tian Zong's assassination. He had thoroughly completed this mission.

Countless disciples began to talk among themselves as soon as Ye Xiwen entered the 'Merit Palace Hall'.

"Ye Xiwen has arrived. Oh my god, this is going to be a startling clash!"

"Didn't you say that Ye Xiwen was afraid and wouldn't arrive? But, he's already here. Perhaps, the fight will break out shortly!"

Ye Xiwen's arrival had set-off an uproar.

"We can see a battle of life or death between two heaven's pride level experts. One doesn't get such an opportunity very often!"

"I don't think that Ye Xiwen will agree to participate in this mortal combat. The opponent possesses titan body. His body is incredibly strong!"

Ye Xiwen was somewhat baffled. What life or death battle? However, he wasn't interested in pondering over this matter. First, he wanted to submit the completed mission.

Ye Xiwen went into the depths of 'Merit Palace Hall'. The Merit Elder had already obtained the news of his arrival, and was waiting for him. He smiled as he saw Ye Xiwen carrying a person's head. He said, "We weren't wrong about you!"

He examined Zhu Tian Zong's head, and was amazed to realize that Zhu Tian Zong had already reached the semi-sage realm at the time of his death. However, Ye Xiwen had still managed to kill him. A whole new level of respect emerged inside his heart for Ye Xiwen.

"Anyway, our 'Merit Palace Hall' owes you a big favor for this mission!" the Merit Elder spoke.

"Elder is being modest!" Ye Xiwen smiled and said.

"However, you seem to be in a lot of trouble now. You may not know this… but that titan guy is looking for you!" The Merit Elder looked at Ye Xiwen and said, "Our 'Merit Palace Hall' can step in to settle this dispute if you don't wish to come forward!"

(To be continued)

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