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Ye Xiwen had finished absorbing the 'Flaming Sun Real Water', and his 'gilded tyrant form' had finally made the breakthrough to the sixth layer. His whole body was glittering and emitting golden rays of light. Red drops of water were gradually dripping from his golden body.

Ye Xiwen had felt as if his body was about to be torn apart once he started to absorb the 'Flaming Sun Real Water'. He could feel his body transforming on a cellular level. He could feel his cells being torn open, and then reconstructed.

Ye Xiwen had suppressed the transformation of his body. After that, he had focused all the accumulated energy into reaching the sixth layer of 'gilded tyrant form'.

He had consumed only one-tenth of the 'Flaming Sun Real Water' from the pond during this breakthrough. No wonder it was considered Fire Cloud Cave's most hidden and precious treasure. The big pond was full of 'Flaming Sun Real Water', but everyone wasn't allowed to use it. In fact, only one or two experts from a generation were allowed to use it to attain the real body of the Barbarian God.

Only a few people had the authority to use this magical liquid. But, the entire 'Flaming Sun Real Water' had fallen into Ye Xiwen's hands. It could be said that this was his biggest harvest on this mission. Now, he wouldn't have to face difficulties in having future breakthroughs; thanks to this 'Flaming Sun Real Water'.

"Ha ha ha, Ye Xiwen, you've developed quite a lot. And, the 'Flaming Sun Real Water' has fallen into your hands! So, you won't have to face difficulties in perfecting the 'gilded tyrant form'!" Ye Mo laughed out loud.

He couldn't have obtained this opportunity if it hadn't been for the sudden outbreak of this battle, and chaos that had ensued thereafter. In fact, he wouldn't have even thought about this impossible task.

"Who are you?" a man's loud shout was heard. It came from outside the temple. He wasn't clad in the common barbarian attire. He was dressed-up as a mediator of the Southern region; he was clad in white clothes. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He looked different from other barbarians.

Ye Xiwen immediately recognized that person. He turned out to be his target - Zhu Tian Zong!

Ye Xiwen stepped out from the 'Flaming Sun Real Pond'. He laughed mischievously. Then, he looked at Zhu Tian Zong and said, "I am Ye Xiwen. Nice to meet you, Brother Zhu!"

Ye Xiwen collected the remaining 'Flaming Sun Real Water' from the pond as he said that.

Zhu Tian Zong's complexion suddenly changed. He said, "You're Ye Xiwen?"

Zhu Tian Zong had obviously heard Ye Xiwen's name. After all, Ye Xiwen was very famous among this session's disciples. Zhu Tian Zong had never seen him before, but he could tell that this guy was indeed Ye Xiwen.

"It's impossible. I know everything about the people the True Martial University has sent after me. And, I know for sure that you're not one of them!" Zhu Tian Zong's complexion looked ugly as he said that.

Ye Xiwen realized that the Merit Elder had indeed been right. Zhu Tian Zong had genuinely established a big information network during the many years he had spent in the Merit Palace Hall.

"Those people were sent only to attract Big Brother Zhu's attention!" Ye Xiwen spoke with a light smile on his face. "It is I who will take your head!"

"You want to kill me? You're very reckless!" Zhu Tian Zong sneered and said. "I know that you're a heaven's pride level expert. But, you've brought about your own destruction by coming here!

"Haha, today I get to personally strangle a heaven's pride level expert!" Zhu Tian Zong burst into laughter. Then, his eyes turned fierce and revealed a somewhat cruel look.

Zhu Tian Zong sneered. His hands emitted majestic golden lights. This was his secret technique - 'Golden Cicada Sage Beheader'. He appeared like the incarnation of a giant 'Cicada God' from ancient times. He streaked across the horizon as he flew forward. There were 'dao principles' wrapped around his body. He was an expert of the semi-sage realm!

Ye Xiwen's complexion remained unchanged. He knew that the Lord of the Fire Cloud Cave must've helped Zhu Tian Zong with his practice. That was why his cultivation had increased so sharply within such a short time. The golden divinities began to surge within Ye Xiwen's body. His hair was blown upwards.

Ye Xiwen launched his counter-attack. He didn't need to keep the disguise of a 'Fire Cloud Cave' disciple in front of Zhu Tian Zong. Suddenly, a dragon's roar reverberated. His palm's shadow covered the entire sky like dense rain-clouds, and went towards Zhu Tian Zong to grab him.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's palm shadow ferociously collided with the Golden Cicada's phantom image. The phantom image of Golden Cicada was torn to pieces, and scattered. Zhu Tian Zong's real figure had been hidden behind it. It was revealed once again. Ye Xiwen's figure suddenly rose up in the sky. He brandished his palm, and displayed the move 'Hidden Dragon Rises from the abyss'. Suddenly, a golden dragon rushed towards Zhu Tian Zong, and struck him on his chest.

Ye Xiwen's 'coiling dragon palm' had been practiced to an extremely profound level. Its power had also increased countless times after Ye Xiwen had deduced all its nine moves.

That golden dragon faced upwards, and let out a long and loud roar. Suddenly, this entire place seemed like the country of the dragons. Ye Xiwen had integrated everything he ever comprehended in this simple move. This one move could even rip apart the entire world.

Zhu Tian Zong was caught off-guard. Ye Xiwen had already arrived in front of him. Zhu Tian Zong had looked down on Ye Xiwen since he himself was a semi-sage expert. However, he had never thought that Ye Xiwen would turn out to be so terrifying. Ye Xiwen possessed the fighting strength of semi-sage realm. The might displayed by his move was on the level of semi-sage realm.

Zhu Tian Zong's Golden Cicada had been ripped apart in a flash.

However, Zhu Tian Zong wasn't an ordinary character either. He wouldn't have been sent undercover to the True Martial University for so many years if he were an ordinary person.

"Great Heaven Catching Cover!" Zhu Tian Zong had learnt famous martial arts in the True Martial University. His entire body was enveloped in a massive cover of iron. This cover shielded his body; there were no chinks in his cover. In fact, it seemed as if he had practiced this technique to the peak level.

The same martial art could display different might in the hands of different people. And, the 'Great Heaven Catching Cover' had unleashed superb might when wielded by Zhu Tian Zong.

Some experts were able to fight a dozen experts of their level at once; even with their own strength suppressed. This entirely depended on the degree of one's understanding of martial arts. It depended on whether one's understanding was profound or not.

Perhaps an ordinary expert of legendry's great complete realm wouldn't be able to budge Zhu Tian Zong's 'Great Heaven Catching Cover'.

However, he had bumped into Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen's innate talent might not be considered as top-notch. Yet, he was second to none in the younger generation… especially when it came to one's degree of understanding of martial arts and dao principles.

"Bang!" the golden dragon opened its strong claws, and grabbed Zhu Tian Zong's iron cover. Suddenly, it seemed as if the world had lost its color. A loud sound of the collision of gold and iron resounded. The dragon's claws smashed the iron cover into pieces. After that, the golden dragon rushed towards Zhu Tian Zong to grab him.

"Bang!" the dragon's claws struck Zhu Tian Zong. His body was sent flying upside-down by the huge force. Bits of his flesh and blood splattered in all directions.

Zhu Tian Zong's body got knocked against a pillar inside the main hall… and finally came to a halt.

Zhu Tian Zong had been nearly struck to death by Ye Xiwen's attack. There was a look of utter shock in his eyes. Ye Xiwen had become so terrifying that even a top individual who had especially been nurtured by the Cave Lord wasn't worthy of being his opponent. The divine power unleashed by his palm-attack was enough to overwhelm the heaven.

Zhu Tian Zong's complexion turned pale. He had anticipated that he'd be able to run amuck in the young generation once he had stepped into the semi-sage realm and had attained the real body of the Barbarian God. However, he had never imagined that he'd come across a freak like Ye Xiwen.

"Ye Xiwen, you must know that you won't be able to get out of the Fire Cloud Cave if you kill me!" Zhu Tian Zong spoke coldly as he clenched his teeth. His vitality had begun to gradually restore itself. His face had turned bright-red. He was clearly using some type of healing technique to speed-up the healing process of his injuries. But, this healing technique was far inferior to the 'phoenix regeneration technique'. Ye Xiwen's 'phoenix regeneration technique' healed very quickly — at the very least. In fact, it was so fast that its speed couldn't be tracked by an average person.

Ye Xiwen didn't seem to care about Zhu Tian Zong's unusual threat. So, he walked towards him step by step.

"Die!" Zhu Tian Zong roared loudly. His entire body transformed into a giant Golden Cicada and rushed towards Ye Xiwen to kill him. It was rumored that this huge Golden Cicada had once slaughtered a Devil God in the ancient times.

Ye Xiwen transformed into a golden streamer of light and rushed towards Zhu Tian Zong. A fight broke-out between the two.

"Bang!" their attacks were extremely terrifying and quick. The Golden Cicada and the golden dragon collided ferociously, and began to strangle each other to death. Their collisions unleashed a burst of endless divine beams. These beams spread-out and cracked the surrounding space into small pieces. The temple was made-up of some unknown yet hard stone. But, it couldn't withstand the impact of such horrifying attacks, and collapsed into pieces.

The 'Flaming Sun Real Water' was a precious treasure of the Fire Cloud Cave. So, the sudden collapse of the 'Flaming Sun Temple' immediately attracted the attention of several powerhouses.

"Ye Xiwen, you can't delay any further. The experts of the Fire Cloud Cave will rush-over any time now!" Ye Mo hastily reminded Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen nodded. He could feel several divine senses probe this place. He knew that several experts would arrive soon. So, he couldn't drag this fight any longer — otherwise, he'd die for sure.

"Ha ha ha, Ye Xiwen, you'll die today!" Zhu Tian Zong had understood what was going to happen. So, he had started to laugh out loud. His countenance also turned somewhat hideous. Ye Xiwen would be done for… as long as he could last until the arrival of the other experts.

Ye Xiwen sneered. Zhu Tian Zong's plan was good. But, did he have the ability to compel Ye Xiwen into dragging this fight?

Ye Xiwen brandished his palm. This palm attack was invoked with the roar of a dragon. A golden dragon appeared, and tore the space into small pieces. Ye Xiwen didn't plan to delay any further. So, he had integrated the entirety of his martial power into this one palm-attack. He had basically turned it into a peerless attack.

"Bang!" Zhu Tian Zong's Golden Cicada was defeated once again. Then, the palm attack went forward and fiercely crashed into Zhu Tian Zong's body.

"Puff!" Zhu Tian Zong spouted a mouthful of blood. His chest caved inwards. He had used his hands to resist this palm attack. However, his hands had been broken in the process.

Air started to leak out of his punctured chest as he suffocated to death.

Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate. He immediately collected Zhu Tian Zong's corpse. Then, he turned into a streamer of light and disappeared beyond the horizon.

(To be continued)

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