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"Badum Badum Badum Badum!"

Suddenly, the sounds of the drumbeats reverberated between the heaven and earth. Ye Xiwen came to know the meaning of this signal from the memories of the deceased disciples of Fire Cloud Cave. It was the Fire Cloud's Cave signal to gather their experts in a time of crisis. This signal was only used in extremely urgent and critical situations.

"Crap! What is going on?" Ye Mo looked towards the huge cracks that had started to appear in the sky and asked.

Ye Xiwen had just flown out of this mountain range when a large number of experts flew past him.

"Move fast. Dammit! This can't be happening. How is this possible? Those bastards of the Devil Worship Cult joined hands with the experts of the Hundred Barbarians Cave. Aren't the experts of Hundred Barbarians Cave afraid of facing the outrage and public indignation from the people of the True Martial World?" An expert bellowed.

"Dammit! They've already advanced towards the main altar. They must've found out that a lot of our experts aren't present here and have already left for the battlefront. Sh*t! They've certainly established a direct connection with the devil world!"

A group of formidable figures swept across from the sky. Experts of semi-sage realm, sage realm and even unfathomable experts of great-sage realm were present in the group.

Each of these experts went flying away. Their tyrannical auras swept across in the surroundings. The tyrannical devil energy was also spread in all directions at the same time.

"Damn. The Hundred Barbarian Cave was doing nothing but attracting our experts to the battlefront earlier. But, they wanted to launch their main attack from behind in reality!"

Ye Xiwen was also quite shocked by this. The Fire Cloud cave was one of the super powers that had stood erect in the True Martial World for thousands of years. How was a major force like this just seeing its people massacred before its eyes?

This was really a messed up situation.

Every sage realm and great sage realm expert of the Fire Cloud Cave immediately came outside. A startling conflict broke out between them, and the joint forces of the Hundred Barbarians Cave and Devil Worship Cult.

"Ye Xiwen, this is a very good opportunity. A majority of the experts of the Fire Cloud Cave have gone out to fight. Now, it's the best chance to obtain 'Flaming Sun Real Water'!" Ye Mo shouted with excitement. "The 'Flaming Sun Real Water' is quite amazing. A treasure like that doesn't appear often… maybe once in countless years. Even a major force like the Fire Cloud Cave deems it as a priceless treasure. Your 'gilded tyrant form' can have a breakthrough to the sixth layer if you can immerse your body in 'Flaming Sun Real Water'. You will become invincible among the experts who are at the initial stage of semi-sage realm. Ha ha ha!"

One's body could obtain incredible benefits with the help of the nourishment from 'Flaming Sun Real Water'. That was why it was considered the most precious reward by the people of Fire Cloud Cave.

"Moreover, you can take advantage of this chaos and kill Zhu Tian Zong. Then, you can get out of Fire Cloud Cave once the mission is complete. Staying here is extremely dangerous!" Ye Mo said.

Ye Xiwen nodded. The fight between all the sage experts and great sage experts of Fire Cloud Cave, and the joint forces of Hundred Barbarians Cave and Devil Worship Cult, was world-shaking. The space surrounding the Fire Cloud Cave had also started to collapse and shatter into small pieces. No one had expected that such a terrifying battle would break out.

One mustn't forget that the Fire Cloud Cave was a colossus force just like the True Martial University. They knew how to protect their lair. They had locked the surrounding space, and had made it impossible to open a direct portal to the devil world. Moreover, they had locked the space so tightly that the experts of below semi-sage realm couldn't break it. They could at most cause a minor damage in a radius of a few meters. The damaged part of the barrier would then restore itself immediately. However, even such an insanely strong spatial barrier had been smashed into pieces. Nobody had witnessed such a horrifying battle before; to the extent that its aftermath could scare a person to death.

This kind of battle appeared like a mortal fight among immortals… even to someone like Ye Xiwen. His 'gilded tyrant form' had been mastered to the fifth layer, but even that could disintegrate by a mere touch from the complementary waves that were being generated during this battle.

Ye Xiwen certainly wasn't interested in taking part in this battle.

Devil Worship Cult's name, as well as its existence, had annoyed the True Martial World since the beginning. They were usually the reason behind any major chaos. A majority of devil experts of the Devil Worship Cult had spread everywhere like forest fire. Their main motive was to create chaos in the True Martial World. And for that purpose — they could form alliance with anyone. The more chaos they could create — the more beneficial it would be for them. That was because it would create the opportunity to establish the dominance of the Devil World over the True Martial World.

Ye Xiwen decided to first kill Zhu Tian Zong without worrying about anything else. And then, he'd plunder the 'Flaming Sun Real Water'.

Ye Xiwen was very powerful. He could be considered at the peak of the initial stage of semi-sage realm. But, his 'gilded tyrant form' could smoothly reach the sixth layer if he could get his hands on the 'Flaming Sun Real Water'. Consequently, his fighting strength would increase by leaps and bounds. A difference of heaven and earth would come into effect by this one layer's increment.

Ye Xiwen restrained his breath, and quickly flew towards the 'Flaming Sun Temple'.

The 'Flaming Sun Real Water' was genuinely the most precious divine-liquid of the Fire Cloud Cave. It was stored inside the 'Flaming Sun Temple', which was situated in the depths of Fire Cloud Cave. Ye Xiwen was disguised as Shi Zhi Ming, but he still couldn't approach it that easily even if he used his identity as an elder's son. But, the entire Fire Cloud Cave was in chaos right now. They had been at war with the Hundred Barbarians Cave for so many years, but today's battle was unusual. There were often short skirmishes between them. Yet, they never went as far as to attack each other's nests since that could pose a threat to their entire existence. The entire Fire Cloud Cave was in mess. This was quite a heart-curdling spectacle.

Ye Xiwen approached the 'Flaming Sun Temple' gradually. At this time, the Fire Cloud Cave no longer looked like the wonderland it used to be. It no longer had the 'immortal aura' lingering in the air. Instead, the atmosphere was loaded with various kinds of vicious energy, ominous aura and devil energy. The spectacle seemed like something that would appear on doomsday. Various kinds of roars and shrieks of devil experts could be heard. It seemed as if the barrier between this world and the devil world had been torn open, and a large number of various sorts of devils had barged into this world.

Many disciples of Fire Cloud Cave were fighting with the devil experts. It seemed as if the entire territory of the Fire Cloud Cave had been encompassed in this tremendous battle.

The Fire Cloud Cave wasn't prepared for this sudden enemy attack; in spite of fact that they had used several defense-type matrixes. So, they had been forced to retreat by the allied forces of their enemies; little by little. They were being pushed inwards from the peripheral region. Several of their palaces had fallen into conflagration. Great numbers of disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave had been killed or swallowed by the devils. It was an exceptionally tragic spectacle - like a scene from purgatory itself.

Ye Xiwen continued to fly towards his destination. On the way, he saw a large group of devils not far from him. Their strange laughter was proliferating everywhere, and sounded extremely scary.

In fact, some of the experts of the Hundred Barbarians Cave and devils had even made their way inside the main altar. There was no way to stop them because of their massive numerical strength. These experts were on a killing spree inside the altar.

Ye Xiwen also came across some of these experts on his way. He didn't hold back, and killed these evildoers.

Ye Xiwen didn't hold a good opinion of the devils anyway. He had been fighting against the devil race for a long time.

Soon, Ye Xiwen arrived at the 'Flaming Sun Temple'. This place was also somewhat chaotic; but not as worse as outside.

At this time, a few disciples of semi-sage realm arrived there. One of them shouted, "Stop! Who are you? This is an important place of the Fire Cloud Cave. No one is allowed to come here without the Cave Lord's permission!"

Ye Xiwen didn't act politely. He shot the Fire Cloud's Sky Falling Hand, and grabbed them all at once.




These semi-sage experts were no match for Ye Xiwen, and were 'insta-killed'. They hadn't anticipated that one of their own would arrive here, and attack them in this manner. They had arrived here to protect the 'Flaming Sun Temple'. They were naturally elites among elites. An ordinary expert of semi-sage realm shouldn't have been their opponent. Even Shi Zhi Ming might not have been their match. However, it was such a pity that they had come across Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen entered the temple without any hesitation. He saw a spacious and empty hall as soon as he went inside the temple. In the hall, he saw a pond whose perimeter was less than 100 meters. A red-colored liquid was boiling inside the pond. He sensed some kind of tyrannical energy seething inside the liquid. This was what Ye Xiwen was seeking for - the 'Flaming Sun Real Water'. The Fire Cloud Cave had been accumulating this 'Flaming Sun Real Water' since times immemorial. It was very hard to accumulate so much. One could accumulate only a bit of this magical liquid. And, that too after saving-up for countless years!

Ye Xiwen dived into the 'Flaming Sun Real Water'. He felt incredible once he was in the water. The pores in his skin, and the capillaries in his body, immediately started to open-up. He went all out, and started to absorb the 'Flaming Sun Real Water'.

This 'Flaming Sun Real Water' possessed a strong concentration of the positive 'yang' energy. This energy had been accumulated in abundance for countless years to form the 'Flaming Sun Real Water'. Hence, it possessed endless power.

Ye Xiwen felt the influx of a majestic power emerge inside his body as he absorbed the 'Flaming Sun Real Water'. It was intensely hot. It burned his meridians as it circulated through them.

The trace of a painful expression appeared on Ye Xiwen's face. An ordinary attack couldn't injure his body; thanks to his 'gilded tyrant form'. Even his meridians were extremely strong. An ordinary energy shouldn't have been able to harm them. However, he felt as if his meridians were going to explode. But, he didn't dare to stop the absorption midway, and began to operate his 'gilded tyrant form' in order to completely absorb this power.

This power was different from the energies that Ye Xiwen had absorbed in the past. It had started to transform the structure of his body after it had drilling into it. Even his 'gilded tyrant form' had begun to transform in some unknown direction.

Ye Xiwen certainly knew that his body was soon going to transform into the real body of the Barbarian God if he didn't do anything. He wouldn't have minded if he were a barbarian. Rather, a barbarian would've been extremely happy if that had happened. However, he was dead-set on practicing his own version of body-tempering technique. Therefore, he couldn't allow his body to transform into the real body of the Barbarian god.

He could only restrain the decomposition of 'Flaming Sun Real Water' inside his body, and redirect it towards the nourishment of the sixth layer of 'tyrant body technique'.

Golden divine beams began to flicker frantically inside Ye Xiwen's body. He began to operate his 'tyrant body technique' at its best since he wanted it to have a breakthrough to the sixth layer.


It was hard to tell after how long… but a terrifying aura broke out of his body.

The 'tyrant body technique' had finally been practiced to the sixth layer.

(To be continued)

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